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Our encounter with submissive female.

It all began when I was searching the internet for a female playmate, usually it was easy to find a man online to persuade to have sex with, but a female is a totally different breed. Being accustomed to the lifestyle of swinging and experience as a dominatrix I’ve learned what I’m comfortable with (sexually) and what I liked that turned me on. My bisexual experiences with men and women created earlier in my life shaped the sexual creature I am today. Having a high sex drive compiled with risky behaviors practiced made me a little reckless at times, but I liked the danger and thrill of meetin... Continue»
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An evening out at sex cinema (hopefully alone) Why

I wanted to have an evening of excitement in a sex cinema. I was hoping no one noticed how nervous I was and that my stomach was turning and at the same time filled with butterflies hoping that no one realizes under my jogging pants i was wearing strapless black fishnetz stockings,a small red thong, and a really short, tight black skirt. Although I'm straight man, for some reason over the past 6 months i have been dreaming about and now I am fantasizing daily over Crossdressing and being a Sissy how good it feels to wear Girls cloths. So after secretly trying on different cloths , i d... Continue»
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Story about how we were gangbanged!

It happened few months ago. My wife and I were on the birthday party of our friend. We were in one bar, there were a lot of beer and whisky. There were 3 girls in our company. My wife and two more girls. There were a lot of people in bar. We were dancing and drinking whisky and then dancing again… Time passed wery quickly and some of our friends left including these two girls,so my wife was one girl among 6 men. Also there were some other guy's in the bar. In the middle of the night I went to toilet and when I came back I saw that one guy is standing near my wife and trying to kiss her… h... Continue»
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Husband Training CockSucker

Tonight is the night. All my training has led to this. I am about to suck my first cock – and my wife will be cheering me on. But let me tell you how it began...

My wife Kate is a very sexy lady. She has great breasts, an ass to die for and legs that don't seem to quit. I am lucky to have her and I know it! So does she! What she likes about me is my willingness to do whatever she wants me to do sexually. We were married for only a short while when I realized that I was going to be dominated in bed. And I loved the thought. I had always wanted a women (or a man as I was to find out later) to... Continue»
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My Wife Gets Trained

Looking back now, I think I realized as we stood outside the door to the hotel room that it was my last chance to change the course of events. If I did, it was a fleeting thought - and one I had no intention of following up on. The door loomed large - and to this day it seems a perfect metaphor for our lives before and after. Even as my hand was reaching out to knock on the door, I couldn't believe I was going to hand my wife over to the two young studs for what the three of them were laughingly calling "sex training."

I looked over to my wife, scarcely believing that the woman beside me, m... Continue»
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A Dare is a Dare (Fair is Fair part 3)

Hi, my name is Steve and this is the story of why my friend Tim and his girlfriend Amy are my best friends.
Tim and I grew up in a sl**py retirement town in Florida called Ormond By The Sea, really the only thing that it had going for it was the beach but most of the tourists preferred Daytona Beach, just to the north. We met in elementary school, and both of us being nerds, we became good friends. The downside of being nerds in a town that was eighty percent blue hairs and the other twenty percent surf rat is that there is zero chance at a social life. That was until a few months ago when T... Continue»
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Good morning all u sexy girls hope u are all good. Went out 2 work last nite not really thinking about fucking some pussy (4 a change) i got this hire and out of the pub came this sexy as fuck looking babe short skirt not skinny and not fat just perfict a nice liitle bit to hold on to. So str8 away i thought to myself i really wouldnt mind having a go at that yumyum. As she got in the car i turned round to say hello as i turned i got an eye full of bare flesh at the top of her nylon black stocking that always does it for me my cock started twitching str8 away but at 1st i didnt think she was r... Continue»
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Seduced And Fucked Hot Widowed Mother In Law

I recently got married and my wife 25 is the elder one from a below middle class f****y in my village. My father in law passed away recently due to stroke. mother in law was a perfect housewife that is she hasn’t traveled much or been out of her home and homely work all her life and she is 47. I Knew her before my marriage found her be very sexy and when marriage was approaching i was thinking about how i will control my urge to have her or should i need to really control it?she was the most stunning older lady in my marriage a... Continue»
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A Ride in the Country

It was a beautiful day in the middle of summer, and my husband (of 30 years) and I went on a motorcycle ride in the country. We eventually ended up on what appeared to be a deserted one-lane road, with a quiet little creek running alongside it. I couldn’t believe I was really here, in the middle of my fantasy, the fantasy where we stop and have sex at the edge of the road! Lost in my daydreams, and wondering how to get hubby to actually go along with my plans, he suddenly braked the bike hard. Damn, I think, he must have read my mind! No, not quite, there is a motorcycle parked on the edg... Continue»
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The word maybe has become the single word that ignites extreme passion in me. Let me explain, my wife is a sexy one hundred pound , five foot four hot wife. I made her that way by suggesting that she have sex outside of our marriage. It actually started one night after a bunch of friends that had come over to swim and drink had left. One of my friends was over served and I took his keys, I told him to crash in the guest room. As my wife and i where picking up around the pool I told her that Id finish up if she wanted to go and have sex with Mike. She told me that maybe she would. I said do it.... Continue»
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Wife, stranger, bar......blowjob

I received a call from my wife while she was sitting at a bar in Sarasota. She told me that this older guy was hitting on her. She is 38 and he was 50-60. She said he wouldn't leave her alone. He told her he needed to get off and all it would take is for her to suck him with her great full lips. He kept whispering to her to go to the parking lot and suck his cock. My wife is very submissive and loves to be told what to do. She called me again and said this guy wouldn't leave her alone. I asked her if she wanted to suck this guys dick? She said she would and it kind of turned her on and that sh... Continue»
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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Forest of Despair

(The tale of a Muslim princess that finds her English knight in shining armor)

Story by Alhena

1462 A.D.

I ran as fast as I could; trying my best to avoid the dark brown tree roots that seemed to be springing out of the dark green forest floor. I must have been in this place for at least 2 hours. The night within these woods seemed to be never ending. But the woods didn't start coming to life (quite literally) until a few minutes ago. I must have turned som... Continue»
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Call Center Blowjob

Story by Priya

Tonight was the final night of my work week here for my call center job at the office in Kolkata, India. I essentially answer the phone to answer consumer questions for an American company that was outsourced to this city.

To describe myself; I am a 32 year old Indian woman named Alicia. I look pretty decent, with pretty black hair and D cup breasts. Breasts that I only enjoyed flaunting to one person in the office. And that person is Mike; our office manager. Mike was the only white guy in our office; but ... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation

Growing up in a small town, we lived on a farm, so the only erotic stimulation was from fantasies created in my mind as there was no Internet and I did not have access to any pictures or videos. I remember when I found my older b*****r's magazines hidden in his closet while looking for something else. Imagine the warm sensation I felt and the erection as I started looking through the pages of these beautiful women in their sexy poses. I believe they were a couple of Penthouse and Playboy. Obviously, the pictures were arousing, but I also recall being equally stimulated by the stories. One of ... Continue»
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Our first Threesome adventure - Wife took deeptroa

There is a slut in every girl and luckily I get it out with my wife ( how I done this is different story)
Luckily also I have a c***dhood friend who is very nice with 8 inch cock ( not circular cock but wide one)
Once my friend suggested me that he is interested in my wife and that line stuck in my mind so after 3-4 years, I decided to have threesome
Currently he (Mr NS) is working guy with a wife in different city and I convinced him too to have fun with my wife he agreed. In this process I have convinved my wife and friend for this and it was lengthy process and require strategy and pati... Continue»
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Hotel Room With Two Bi-Curious Buddies

My story involves a lifelong infatuation with my best friend. For many years we have both fantasized about jerking off together. We have also talked about jerking each other off, and maybe even a little oral. We had many times to act on this fantasy; however, we never really got around to it for one reason or another.

We planned a guys' weekend. We have talked about getting a hotel with a hot tub suite. We got some beers and some stuff to snack on and lock the hotel door. We watch each other pull out our cocks and let the good times roll. We are both about seven inches long, very thick a... Continue»
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Saskia's Sweet Seduction #4

Saskia still shivers from coming, while her mind makes loops of all the lust and love, which have happened to her.
She had this perfect plan to seduce me, which turned sour, or sweet? She isn't sure yet, but in fact she surrendered.

Saskia is happy to be his sub and even enjoyed to eat out some woman for the very first time! She wonders whom?
She suddenly feels shy and ashamed, as I remove the blindfold and she looks up, seeing Stella's triumphant smile.

Saskia is completely confused! She had hot hopes of being my girl for long, but never tried, as I had a steady girl.
She g... Continue»
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Kimmie & Tim, OUR life together womb to prese

Hi, Kimmie and I have written our story before on here but it has vanished some how.
Please have patience with this first part of our story. We want to give you the background
information that will make the followup sections of our life much easier to understand and
enjoy what is told. The "juicy" stuff that everyone on here enjoys will be in the later parts.
We are going to attempt to retell what our joint life has been like, be it the GREAT times
or the really bad times. At this present time we are approaching our 28th birthday.
Our parents and f****y are the very best. Kimmie and... Continue»
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The Virgin and the Gloryhole

The Virgin and the Glory Hole

Synopsis: Young girl looking to loose her virginity finds a gloryhole.

Being unpopular and ugly in high school was difficult to say the least for Kim. It seemed all that anyone talked about these days was sex. Everyone at school was fucking like rabbits but her and they made sure she knew it. Every day she got teased for being a prude virgin on top of having frizzy red hair, big thick glasses, and having mosquito bites for tits.

Kim’s self-esteem plummeted after the ugliest guy in the entire school turned her down. She had never even had an orgasm. When... Continue»
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Fist time Bisexual experience

I can't believe that I, the consummate heterosexual male, am writing to you about something that I never would have thought even remotely possible.

I am married (happily) and enjoy a great sex life with my wonderful wife. We do all the "normal" sexy things that two people of the opposite sex can do together. We have even gone so far as to have sex in the car while driving (oral only, thank you), and had intercourse in a public park at night, and a few other risky activities, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would have done anything with another guy.

My wife and ... Continue»
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