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Making Mom Happy

Growing up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Graham had always looked forward to spending the summer at the beach with his f****y. The Jersey shore may mean big hair and Guidos everywhere else but for him it meant the boardwalk and miniature golf, pure f****y fun. Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May were indelibly burnt into his c***dhood memories. However, this year it looked grim for any f****y fun.

Sitting on the couch, the evening news played in the background as he ran things over in his head. His father had told him over his winter break from college that he was divorcing his mother to ... Continue»
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Exchanging T-Shirts Cost us our Virginity. Thanks

Exchanging T-Shirts Cost us our Virginity. Thanks to My s****r

My s****r has a hot eighteen year old friend. When the girls walk anywhere they cause grown men to stare and stiffen. They even cause my shorts and Dad’s to tent when we see them sunbathing in our garden. Dad says that their bikinis are too small. I don’t think a bikini on a stunning body could be toooo small. I’m Dave, little b*o
Just before my s*******nth birthday I have an almighty bust-up at home and storm out almost knocking Julie over as she calls for my s****r. “Sorry” and not even looking back I huff away to go to m... Continue»
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My Ex Wife Turned Me

I got the shock of my life when I woke up one morning. I found out that my wife had walked out on me. A short note lay on the kitchen table telling me that she would not be coming back. And I had no idea that she had been unhappy with our marriage. I was devastated I thought we had the perfect marriage I started hanging out in bars and honky tonks. Then one night I ran in to my ex-wife she was dressed like a slut and acted like a whore, she came over to me and started talking about how she had changed into a sex pervert and that she liked to fuck men and women.

This made my cock very hard t... Continue»
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Newlywed school nurse helps student

"Ow!" Tony grimaced, twisting on the bed as the school nurse rubbed his back. "Be careful! That really hurts!"

"I'm sorry" Veronica sighed. She sat straddling his hips, kneading her thumbs into the aching muscles paralleling his spine. "I'm doing my best. I'm afraid you're just going to have to get used to this kind of pain if you keep playing football."

Tony said nothing. He lay naked on his stomach, a towel modestly covering his bare ass, a tall, lean, handsome teen who wanted nothing more than to be the star wide receiver on his varsity football team. In practice that day, he'd hurt h... Continue»
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I Wanted It Gay

I have always wanted to try this. And here I am actually and finally experiencing it.

His cock was wet with a mixture of pre-cum, lubricant and my own saliva. What I loved most about his cock was the big head. How it swells as I suck on it. How it gets wet with crystal drops of his salty, tasty pre-cum.

I'm sitting on my knees, with my arms stretched to support my weight. I must look like a Japanese geisha waiting to serve her master. The view of my (well lubed) round ass right next to his hard throbbing cock (threatening to invade it) must be amazing. I arch my back, both to prepare my ... Continue»
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Hi all this story is all about my faithful wife giving me cuckold experience and then my daughters giving me i****t experience.

I am 42 yrs old,my name is ALBERT,married to a very attractive and sexy woman,her name is DIANA,we got married when i was 20 yrs old,she was one year older than me.

Since our first day of marriage,i found out that my wife loves sex,she wants it any time,any where and type,we had sex three times a day,afternoon sex is for anal sex,eveni
... Continue»
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Alone In Her apartment

Hi all, My name is raju from Bangalore. I am basically from bangalore Well, let’s come to the story. I stay with my friends in a rented flat and I used to go for jogging every morning at the corporation stadium, which is near to our apartment. It is so nice to do exercise in the foggy mornings; so lot of people including ladies used to come for morning walk and jogging.

Days were passing; I used to enjoy the appearance of young women in tight track suits as well…So one fine day this incident happened. I had finished that day’s
... Continue»
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Alex's First Time (with a man)

I have been writing about Alex for a couple of weeks on my blog but since I love the support that you members give me, I thought I’d keep this experience just for you guys.

A little bit of an introduction: since I’ve moved back to Aussie I’ve been swimming at the Gosford Pool probably 3 times a week on average. WIth my schedule being pretty open I go during the day when the pool is quiet and I don’t think I’ve had to share a lane yet.

Everyone who is swimming laps is wearing speedos or jammers at the most which is awesome (it wasn’t like that in Colorado last winter – I didn’t see a sing... Continue»
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What do you want, Baby?

I had been married 27 years and my sex life had been pretty pitiful, being rejected by my sex addict husband who didn't want me. When we split up I hadn't dated since the late 80s. I was feeling pretty rough, unwanted and and not sure if I'd be desirable. I met a guy online and we started talking, this 29 year old gorgeous intelligent personal trainer who happened to be black. I'd never been with a black guy before, not because that mattered, I'd just never had the opportunity. When I finally gathered up the courage to meet him, I was floored by how sexy and easy he was to be around. We sat i... Continue»
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A first encounter in Austin, Texas - Part 1 (8:05

5:35 p.m.

So, I've gotten to your place and you ask if I want to see the town, check out the sites, which I do. So we go out, your taking me here and there giving me the low down on everything, but what you don't realize is that every time you look away, to explain what this or that is, or your eyes are adverted, I'm looking u up and down, and I'm liking everything I see and the more I get to check you out, the more my hearts thumping faster and harder. I say "you know what I need, some country air" so you start to drive out of the city, field after field pass by us, and your grinning and I... Continue»
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the massage

Jenny adjusted her hair in the mirror before popping a fresh piece of chewing gum into her mouth , her belly was filled with a thousand butter flies as she waited for her client to get ready for his massage in the next room .
At 19 she was on her first attempt of university and after discussing it for weeks with her friend Shirley she had decided to do massages to help cover costs . He was only her third client and she had surprised herself how easily she had taken to it and even enjoyed it . For someone who enjoyed her own company a lot she still considered herself a people person and enjo... Continue»
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My favorite sitter.

When I was quite young, my Mom wouldn't leave me at home without a sitter. She got this young college girl from the neighborhood to stay with me on weekend nights so she could go out partying with her friends. I thought I was a big boy and could stay by myself, but she wouldn't have any of it.
Anyway the girl watching me was named Heather. She didn't really look like an adult but Mom trusted her because she was really mature and trustworthy.
We usually got pizza delivered, watched tv, and I usually fell asl**p on the couch with her next to me, and wouldn't remember anything until, she woke... Continue»
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boy first time

As a result of interring puberty, I started into something all new to me. When puberty came over me I started have strange new thoughts and urges that I didn't understand. I had a drive and an urge that I could not explain. It was constantly on my mind and I was getting erections several times a day and I had a strong urge to stick my penis into something but I didn't know what. There was a girl at the camp the first week who way a camper in the sixth grade and she drove me crazy. She was from my church and her name was Lori. Every time I would see her I felt like I would explode. She aff... Continue»
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My Mother in Law's 40DDD

My mother in law she is 5ft 2 about 140 pounds very good looking blonde I have always wonder about her boobs I will see her in clothes and could tell she was busty but hide them under clothes.She came over to our house to go swimming with the grandk**s I was in the pool and she walk out I about drowned when I seen her walking to the pool her boobs where bouncing everywhere in her swimsuit.I watch her get into the pool and swam over to us all I could do is look at her massive cleavage her tits where so dam full and wide.I was thinking to myself where the hell did they come from I new she was bu... Continue»
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First Time at a BBC party, and First time seeing m

To appreciate this story, it helps to check out how my wife and I got this far. You should read those first as you can really appreciate this one a whole lot more by seeing where my wife came from and how she ended up here in DC with a bunch Black Fraternity Guys, celebrating there reunion.

By now my Filipino wife of 20-plus years has already broken the Taboo boundaries and experienced amazing sex with a Black man, and since her first adventure, she was actually seeing this one guy who I introduced her to that I met on another web site that I'm not sure I can say the name but I can tell yo... Continue»
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First and second experience with an older man.

This is a true story of my first and second experience with an older man.

When I was 18 back in the early 1970s I use to hitchhike a lot to save money on bus fares, I would hitch a lift most days.

On one cold, wet and dark winters night I was trying to get home I had hitchhiked in the same spot for about 20 minutes, the road seemed busy and I started to think I was never going to get a lift home. then all of a sudden a car came from around a corner and stopped, I was so relieved.

I had been picked up by this man a few times before so I kind of knew him; he was a man in his mid to lat... Continue»
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Karen and the Sauna

True Story

This happened many years ago, names have been changed. Let's just say things were different in the 70s. I know the '909' didn't exist in the 70s. Just trying to make it more relevant to today.

I headed down the freeway to see my girlfriend. I had not seen her in a couple of weeks since we lived about 30 miles apart. How I got so lucky to have a girl like her was way beyond my comprehension. She lived at the beach, Huntington Beach, Surf City, USA. I was a 909er. I lived inland, in the valley. Not the cool valley but the 'other valley'.

I had plenty of pot for the w... Continue»
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Not knowing (the wife side of the story)

I had an incredibly hard day at work on that day. It wasn't the work itself. That was mundane and repetitive as always. It was more my mind racing, my heart pounding, my body trembling and a constant, burning, almost desperate excitement that consumed me all day. I lost count of how many trips to the bathroom I had made, drying myself off as the excitement got too much for me. I even had to go out at lunchtime and buy a pack of fresh panties, five pairs, and by 3pm, I only had two pairs left. The others were all soaked through and had to be disposed of. So I sat at my desk, thighs clamped toge... Continue»
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The Stock Boy Fucked Me

I’ve been work at the themed restaurant for about two years now and I became a manager after about 6 month there. I really enjoy working with my co-workers. They are really fun to work with. One of our biggest policies is not hanging out with co-workers unless they are on your level of management. Well a lot of guys hit on me all the time. Many of them get fired for harassing the girls.

Well there is this one employee who never really hits on me and I thought he was gay. But boy did I find out he wasn’t. He is overweight but that never bothered me. His personality is fun and that’s what a... Continue»
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Money Earned and Lost Gay

Marty pulled his gray vest in tighter, trying to keep out the chill October wind. He had just finished up an eight hour shift at work in the local convenience store and was looking to get home to relieve a little 'pressure.' Working with attractive but unattainable women all day was starting to grate on his calm. What's more, he had to take the brunt of frustration from a few hundred people looking to get their chocolate fix each day.

The instant he got home he planned to march straight up to his room, find some internet porn, and tease out a good load.

Even as he tried to distract himse... Continue»
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