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Wife's Intro to Pussy, My Intro to Her Girlfr

My wife's curiosity about being with another woman began several yeas ago when she was being hit on by a friend of hers. By the time she got the nerve the woman moved out of town but her curiosity lingered. Then came February 2015.

She and her divorced friend Suk loved shopping together and they would ask for my opinion o clothes they bought, including lingerie.. One evening, as I was checking the fit, I "accidently" brushed my hand against Suk's pussy. She did not say a word until later that night when she and my wife were in a separate bedroom watching a Korean soap opera. Suk told my wi... Continue»
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Never Trust a Handsome Man

My wife married (and divorced) young, and she was very prim and proper when we first met. Thankfully, she’s loosened up a lot since then, but I recently asked her if she had ever done anything naughty when she was young. This is the story she told me.

The year the TV show MASH ended, a local bar had a farewell to MASH bash. My friend Janice and I went. This was a rare treat for me, I never went to places like that.

It was Feb 28, 1983. I was 22 years old, and weighed around 150 at that time. Probably a 36C, my hair was long. I was actually much more social then than I am now, so I didn... Continue»
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How I became a Black Cock Addict

I've always been a pretty girl, short at 5'5", 123 pounds with long flowing strawberry blonde hair. My full lips dark blue eyes and long eyelashes as well as my alabaster white skin were great attributes to have, but my long legs and sizable breasts were always what got me noticed by the boys. I could never blame the boys for staring though, my breasts are 36DD's and I always wore some type of short skirt to school showcasing my shapely legs. Because of those good looks, all through high school I was afforded many dates from many different boys. But by the time I was 19, I'd still only had sex... Continue»
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CFNM with complete stranger

Ok thank for the comments on my first CFNM experience. I know that it was for a gf and that some consider not a stranger, so here's one with a complete stranger. I had just moved into a new apartment community. It was a combination of town homes, condos, and apartments. I was lucky and got a place in one of the two eights story towers. The community also had a convenient store, a bar (that served food), 3 ski hills, 4 lakes with boating and sailing and a 60 team sand volleyball league. It had only two entrances, so once you were home you felt like you were at a resort. Well getting on a team w... Continue»
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My first cfnm experience

My first CFNM experience was in my senior year in college. I had been dating this hot brunette for a couple of years. We had had sex and I had done a striptease for her, but never a true CFNM experience. It's something I'd always wanted. I was packing for a trip and she was over. It was early May and hot. The dorm did not have air conditioning. I was wearing shorts and did not have a top on. She was wearing a modest tank top that showed off her awesome breasts and shorts that showed off her awesome legs. We were talking as we normally did and the TV was on. In the process of packing I was taki... Continue»
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Straight Man Taught a Hard Lesson GayMaker

I was working from home when the doorbell rang. It was Ken, a friend of my oldest son, a guy he'd played basketball with in high school. He was wearing a suit and tie. I wasn't sure what he was doing here. My son had his own place now.

"Hey Ken," I said. "You looking for Brian?"

Ken shook his head. "Came to talk to you, actually."

"OK," I said, and opened the door. He walked right past me like he owned the place, went into the living room, took off his suit coat, tossed it over the couch and sat down in the middle of it. Weird. I sat down in a chair across from him.

"So, what's up?... Continue»
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Math Fuck 101

Long after the last bell rang through the vast halls of F.W. Harmony High School, Joanne Didier stood just outside room 326. She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder from time to time. Her heart felt like a pair of delicate hummingbird wings, fluttering erratically from random bursts of nervous adrenaline. She figured she'd waited long enough, laying low while dozens of hormone-addled teens pushed and shoved their way towards the first available exit. It was Friday afternoon, the start of another weekend. Joanne did her best to stay focused as she reflected on what she hoped was soon to com... Continue»
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Fucking Wife While Her Husband Tied

Hi im Rena, married to David, whose f****y owns 6 jewellery showrooms across the state, after marriage we moved into a posh locality, so we can spent our happy times alone, and away from our parents. David is quite good in bed and we both have a good sex appetite. Unfortunately David has to travel to 2 other jewellery showrooms that are quite far from our city. Sometimes he will be gone for two weeks and I would really miss him and his cock.

As we are very active in sex, David had brought us all kinds of sex toys and material... Continue»
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]The Last Weekend before School Sample

The Last Weekend before School Sample

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. This is the beginning of a new story….be sure to look through My List for all the other parts. Also, check out my other stories which will be posted soon.

--------- Chapter 1
Early Friday Evening
Pamie and Billy wrestling……

The last weekend of Summer had Kim feeling good; school would be starting on Monday….Yeah! She hadn’t waited to the last minute to prepare for the first day of school like she had so many times before….she had their schoo... Continue»
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How I became a dick sucker.

Nine years ago my wife left her email account open on our computer and I looked through her emails and seen a man she worked with had sent her a email with the title "our video". I opened it and watched the video he sent her. I could not believe what I was seeing there was my wife sucking his dick while he sat back on the couch like he was some sort of king with her between his legs. It then got worse as she got up and took her clothes off and got on the couch on her knees with her hands on the couch back and let him start fucking her pussy and she really seemed to like it. I was boiling mad, ... Continue»
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The Cuckold Test

Danny drained the remnants of his beer from the bottle, his eyes and thoughts on his attractive blonde wife standing at the beach-bar a few yards away. A sudden breeze opened her wrap-around skirt briefly allowing him to get a flash of her tanned thigh and panties. There were others sitting around tables as the evening sunset began to take hold but no-one else seemed to notice the sudden flash of naked flesh.

The barman who was serving her didn’t get a look either; it was difficult from his vantage point. Danny had no doubt though that the barman would have liked to have seen what he... Continue»
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Syepmom's ex boy friend fuck sissy boy

From my c***dhood I liked dancing very much. So I selected dancing as a subject in my school. I loved traditional danceing. I was attending to a boys college. First day at my dancing class. I so some of my senior students's dance. It was awesome. It was a traditional dance. Some of them dress as girls and danced. When I saw them, I feel that I want to try it some day. After a 2 year of attending to class and practising more traditional dance.. I use to some girlish activities. At that time I got chance dress as girls and dance.. I did my best at that time. Beacause of my hard work my teacher ... Continue»
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My first time with her

I was sitting beside her, talking and listening to her, I looked deep into her eyes, admiring them, admiring the life within them, admiring her soul, then I gave a quick kiss to her cheek and smiled, reached to her hand and held it, gave a kiss to the back of her hand. Feeling a strong attraction to her and wanting to feel her, taste her, hear her, feeling a burning ache for her touch. I started brushing her arm, caressing it with my hand and feeling my way up, till my hand is on her shoulder and I pulled her closer to me and kissed her neck, kissed and nibbled on her with my lips, sighing. I ... Continue»
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Ex-Girlfiend's Revenge

I dated Denise for about a year. She was four years older than I was. She didn't have the perfect body, but was still hot. She was about 5'2", 130lbs., 36D breasts, curly blond hair and sexy brown eyes. She used to tell me, I was lucky anyone would stay with a guy who was a premature ejaculator. I should have listened to her, because she was in love with me. I broke up with her to go out with a younger and 'I thought' hotter girl, named Nikki. The new girl dumped me after a month and by then Denise had some fuck buddies, including a friend of mine, named Joe. I begged her to take me back but s... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [1]

Stella starts to tell Saskia the story of her humiliating sudden surrender early Summer as soon as she submits to us.
Saskia still kneels between the long legs of Stella who orders her to play with her pussy while listening very carefully.
Stella closes her eyes, as if she replays the video of that day in Spain with me, which completely changed her life.
Saskia sees how Stella first fondles her firm tits, soon slides down to her slit, still wet from all orgasms by Saskia.
Stella demands Saskia to come on command for her, everytime she will conclude a sub-story line from our love life.
... Continue»
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My friend - Part 4

My friend - Part 4
A sense of accomplishment, I felt after the change room. That afternoon I just chilled, ignoring everyone's calls. I was in 7th heaven.
All I could, think off was her gorgeous body and the way she moaned, deeply and softly. I had not heard anything from my friend since this morning. Curiosity got the better of me. I called, no reply. I tried the house number, no reply. I checked her fb status and w.a. no activity since the morning. Hmmm, I wondered.
I realised that I have to take it full circle. A gorgeous sensual woman like that can't be left wanting. No matter what hap... Continue»
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My first foursome - BF brought his friend.

After seeing is fine huge cock in Adam’s pants my heart start pumping high, all my restrictions and nervousness fly away. I couldn’t believe that I was about to live my fantasy of double penetration with these two huge cocks. I was alone in my home with these two men, who were here to fuck me while my husband was away for office.

NS and Adam were in sitting in front of me on sofa while Adam’s eye glued on my boobs. He doesn’t seem as nice guy as NS is. While we are talking he came near to me to stand beside me and took my boobs in his hand. I found it a bit weird but couldn’t stopped him. ... Continue»
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Anal Sex With My Sexy Maid When Home Alone

This time narrating my experience with my beautiful and sexy maid Sanika (I call her Sonu), who I had anal sex with. She is 5’3, little stout, fair, friendly, milky boobs and the figure is 34/32/34. A brief background,we were looking for,a maid as our previous maid left us for reason which only she noes,also parents were leaving for usa in 10 days ,so we were desperate and had informed all maids in my area, at last we succeeded and one evening a girl in her late 20’s walked in with her 4-5 year old c***d,and rang the bell.

... Continue»
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I Seduced And Fucked My Cousin b*****r While Learn

This is my true i****t story of me and my cousin b*****r and how we fucked each other’s brains out! I’m belongs to middle class f****y and live in Mumbai. This is my first story which turns my life from a simple girl to a slut. I’m in my graduation 1st yr when this incident took place. Without wasting any time I’m directly come to my story.

I’m very hot from my figure 36-30-34 in my college when I enter everyone start looking at me give comment and tried to impress me but I ignored. Usually I wear suit or jeans and top or jean
... Continue»
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I Switched Team's Gay

As I was on my way to get fucked, I reflected, once again, what I was up to... I was a married guy, happily married, who liked getting another guy. It wasn't love, yuck. It was an extremely pleasant diversion that no one except a guy could provide. It messed with my mind when I thought about it, but in spite of my best intentions, I couldn't stay away.

Tommy was the first, last, and only guy to ever fuck my ass. He was 35, 15 years younger than I, whom I had come to meet somewhat accidently. He was recently split from his wife, and worked at the University near me. He mentioned... Continue»
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