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Business meetings

Another fantasy story, written some time ago.
Not sure if it's ever been on an adult site, but it's been on my laptop for ages.
Entirely my own work

‘I’m sorry, sir,’ the desk clerk looked up from her monitor, ‘there are no more single rooms available for your conference. The only rooms left for your group now are twins.’

‘You should have got here earlier, buddy,’ laughed my boss, as he picked up his key card and made for the bank of elevators.’

‘Looks like we’re roomies for the week, Pete.’

‘Yeah. I hope you don’t snore, Tom.’

‘My wife hasn’t told me if I do.’

‘Mine ... Continue»
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The Good Girl

The Good Girl
Going down memory lane, aka the spank bank, I remember a girl I dated as a young man. She was a clerk in a store and we struck up a conversation as she rung up my purchase. We set up a date when she got off from work and I picked her up at her car behind the business. Let me tell you about Andrea. She was about 4’11”, blonde with green eyes. She had the fairest skin. She was around 104lbs so she was a well-shaped petite woman. She was working between her senior year of high school and starting college in the Fall. The reason I titled this story the “good girl,” is because... Continue»
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But I'm Not Gay Wife Wager

I stared blankly at the television. It was a chip shot. A gimme. My favorite football team had just missed a 22 yard field goal that would of won the game. Hell my 14 year old neighbor could of made that kick.

What rubbed salt into the mental wound was my girlfriend, who was dancing around the living room with glee. We had made a little wager on the game and she had won. Why did she pick the winning team? Not because of any in-depth analysis. She picked the winning team because she liked the color of their uniforms.

The bet she won started out as a penny. It built to cooking dinner whi... Continue»
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The Break

Heather stood on the balcony of her room taking in the fresh air from what was a perfect evening. Sipping a glass of wine, she felt joy from the enriching evening on the town she had with Gabriel. Still in her evening gown, red, with a sexy yet not too revealing slit in the legs, she sipped her wine and couldn't think of how the evening could get better.

Suddenly she turns and sees Gabriel looking at her. Looking into her (or so it feels). He's removed his blazer and tie, but the button shirt and slacks are still in place. He doesn't even flinch when Heather catches him gazing at her. A rus... Continue»
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The Saga Begins: First Threesome

This is the beginning true story of a married couple. This story started is how John and Linda became swingers. How their sex life changed from this moment on. A continuing series of meeting couples, singles and having just all out sexual fun. Both lives changed after this initial tryst. Neither could get enough of what awaited in the future. So it begins.
John and Linda married very young. Sex was always hot and smoking. Nothing a married couple normally do was off limits. They fantasized together while having sex. Often using visions of people they knew. Talking about threesomes, being wat... Continue»
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Our xHam Story

It started over 4yrs ago before Summertime around April or so that this account was promote more pussy diversity on the Internet and for the pornograpHY connoisseur. It was a long day of searching and uploading and saving into drives, files, and on computers, from such such as anon Asians and ScanLover and Hot Hmong Girls sites, Plus personal pictures and videos made and Trading and sharing back and forth...
[/image]https://xh... Continue»
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Mermaid - (non-porn)


Have you ever seen a mermaid? I have. And near Cork, too. It was on a lovely sunny Sunday morning last September. I went out the country, near Macroom, to pick up two girls and go to a kinky bondage rope tying workshop together, near Limerick. They were not ready, as usual, so I drove over to my favourite location in the whole world……..the beautiful Mullinhassig Waterfall, (so much better than Niagra Falls, where the view is obscured by the souvenir shop!). The area is a beautifully secluded, moss covered and magical ancient forest. The sun alwa... Continue»
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Gail and Jonathan , new cuckold

Gail and Jon are a typical white couple. She is thirty two , five four and one hundred pounds. Cute thirty two B cup tits and fantastic legs. She has started collecting tattoos and she has been modeling for a few clothing lines. Jon is six foot one , two hundred fourty pounds his cock measures just over seven inches when erect.

After fifteen years of marriage things in the bed room seem to have gone stale. Jon has a friend with a well stocked farm pond and and he invited them to go fishing one Saturday. So before heading out they began to make bets on biggest, most, first fish caught. Jon ... Continue»
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working offshore.

for years now i have worked away and i have always gave my wife freedom to enjoy life whilst i'm away within reason. she goes away with the girls and has weekends away with them having drinks and spa days. i work hard but when i come home we play hard our sex life was great she gives me everything but lately i have noticed she doesn't cum as much and she is isn't as active. just before i had to back offshore for 3 weeks i sat Jane down and said was there something up cos this last trip home our time together wasn't as good as normal, Jane said cos you work away so much i have my own routine no... Continue»
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Cheating Together - Part 1 of 3

Jenny looked over at her husband as they left the airport in the rental car. She could not believe how much she loved this man but she sure hoped that they were both ready for what was about to happen.

"So are you excited or nervous?" Ken asked.

"Both! Are you sure you want this to happen? It has only been a game till now." She asked but she knew she would be disappointed if he backed out now.

Jenny remembered how it all started as just a joke. She and Ken had always loved watching porn and fucking each other to exhaustion. Ken had set up a profile on X-hamster to look for interesting... Continue»
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Black Wager

"Really! So you're telling me that any woman can be seduced regardless of her morals or situation?" I was amused by Reggie and thought that maybe the beer and size of his penis had given him an extremely inflated sense of his prowess with the women.

"Well stereotyping can be such a bad habit but, yea, I'm 99% right on that one." Reggie smiled at me rather pleased with himself.

"So you could walk right over to Lis and pick her up just like that?" I had the two of us laughing now.

"No no way man! It would take a few days to get your girl to fall for me." Reggie grinned.

"How would ... Continue»
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Be Careful What You Wish For !

This is a True Story that happened to me back in 2008 while I was on a business trip to Virginia. I was attending a Seminar that was to last an entire week during the daytime, which left me with plenty of Night Time on my own.
I drove down there on a Sunday and checked into my normal Best Western Hotel that I have stayed in for other meetings. I spent the rest of the day and evening going over notes for the meeting the next morning.

I got awake on Monday morning took my shower and left for the Seminar. when I arrived it was the usual group of people that attends our meetings . I went over... Continue»
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First Time Pegging

She grabbed me by the ear and directed me to the bed.

She has done this many a time before, however, she has been quite tired lately so I figured it would be some heavy petting the just a quickie before sl**p.

Oh how I was wrong. I was not ready for what happened next.

On our way to the bed she took my shirt off, NO, she ripped my shirt off.

Lay me on my back on the bed and started to suck and chew at my neck and chest.

Before I knew what was happening I was blind folded and she was preparing the restraints for my wrists, my hand secured behind my head.

She was wrapping somet... Continue»
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My first bi-guy (pt 4) – do I get to fuck him?

We finished part 3 of my true story, with us both well and truly spent, and with Simon cuddled up with me, his head resting on my chest and my arm around him holding him close to me.

I had certainly enjoyed the evening so far, and my mind was racing as I thought what else I would like to do, which basically was to fuck his cute arse, how I should approach it, and how gutted I would be if he wasn’t up for it.

You’ll find the previous 3 parts linked under the ‘About me’ section on my profile page:

Please excuse any bad grammar and spelling mist... Continue»
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Sissy world chapter one the start of a new world.

It's 2019 things ain't the same anyone, near the end of 2017 there was a huge violent outbreak of a disease that is called the female disease. More and more females started getting the disease there is no cure for it at this moment in time if you have it you die, men seem to be immune to it. Only a rare female bl**d type can servive the disease. The few remaining females are all in a secret underground base and are being tested and used to keep the human race alive, so the world we know today is a mans world what does this mean you ask well I'm going to tell you.

The first month after all ... Continue»
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My Obedient Wife Made My Dreams True

My wife is very beautiful and has got a very attractive figure. Many a times I have noticed people eyeing the sexy figure hidden inside the thin materials of clothes. She usually wears sari or salwar suit. She is conservative in nature. So she never tries to wear sexy outfits. But even in traditional dresses she looks very hot. Her fair skin, big boobs and perfect ass always makes her the center of attraction.

Recently I changed my job. We changed the city and moved to a new city in Gujarat. I took a rented house in a society. It was a little bit out skirt of the city. Our house was the fir... Continue»
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I had always fantasized about a big black man with a big thick cock fucking my lovely blond wife Elaine. She is 6 years younger than me, just 29 years old with short bottle blond hair and a very shapely 34 24 34 figure. Although she is only 5’2” tall she is well “stacked” with big soft breasts and nice pink nipples. I had sometimes asked Elaine if she ever fantasised about having sex with a big black guy, she said yes but showed no interest in making it reality. In fact she didn’t seem too fussy about sex, we had been married for 8 years and had settled down into a “once a week” pattern for se... Continue»
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Talking with my daughter in law

I found out something last Saturday while visiting my son's house. He wasn't home and both of his girls were spending the night away so his lovely wife and I had time to talk. I've known this little spitfire for sixteen years and I didn't even know her I found out.

I can't recall exactly how we got on the subject but she informed me that she and my son have been " shopping" for a guy to have sex with her. I was extremely supportive of her as she told me about one couple they had chatted with on Facebook. But for some reason it didn't feel right so they decided to cut that off.

Later as... Continue»
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My First Woman

My First Woman
***Chapter 4 of my sexual memoirs following on from
4. The Girl
As I have mentioned before, I had started talking to a girl I got in contact with via a yahoo group (yes this all happened in the early 2000’s and a lot of the internet that was around then has gone!!! FUCK YOU FACEBOOK!!!) Her name was Corrine. She was British, not that you would know it to listen to ... Continue»
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My First Experience as a Bi Woman

FYI: Names are changed to protect privacy but the story you are about to read is absolutely & 100% true, so enjoy!!!

It was a hot steamy & sultry summer night, I was an exotic dancer & was hanging out with one of the other dancers, Cherry (not real name) at her personal home with her husband, a few good friends & I was single at the time.. As the night passed, we were all smoking weed, carrying on like teenagers laughing our heads off at things, as well as slamming back some fantastic drinks that my friend had made..

Mostly everyone had left at this point, & I knew I was spending the ni... Continue»
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