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Upskirt pussy display- lucky voyeur spot

In a nightclub years ago I had a holy grail moment and caught my one and only pantiless upskirt. There was an outside smoking area with heat lamps and some seating. If you weren't lucky enough to get a stool you sat on the floor. It provided no end of upskirt shots later in the night when girls were pissed or whatever.

We were sat in a group of 3, my friend his girl Lou and me. She was new on the scene and while none of us wanted to admit it her plain face was overshadowed by a hot body and a overall aura of filth.

Tonight she was wearing a black tight top and was bra less. I had s... Continue»
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Totally Helpless

It all started about 10 years ago. One Friday night I was in a bar in the city where I live, when I noticed that the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen was looking at me across the room. I could hardly believe it, but before I knew it she walked over and started talking to me. I was still thinking "What's wrong with this picture?" when she suggested we go to a nearby hotel.

Once we got to the room, she offered to get me a drink from the mini bar. Suspecting nothing, I drank the whiskey and asked her what her name was. "No names," she laughed, "it's better this way." I remember feeling dis... Continue»
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I stood in front of the Greyhound bus station and watched her
walk away. In the three years since I turned 18 I have tried four
times to get sexually involved with a woman I was dating. Sylvia was
the fourth to spend a week with me making love. She was also the
fourth one to tell me I was a lousy fuck.
I tried to accommodate them and do what they wanted, but
whenever I tried to 'eat pussy', I just gagged and choked on the
smell. As far as fucking was concerned, well just the idea of
sticking my nice clean dick into a sloppy loose slimy cunt generally
turned me of... Continue»
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Leather kink: good deeds, bad results

My old school mate Kev and my work partner in our plumbing business was always a tearaway and when he got 'sent down' for a 12 month stretch in prison, i promised to keep things running for him. The first month was tough for everyone, not least of all his recent wife, Tracey, so i went around and helped with general issues around their house. After a month or so when the weather improved, so i went around on the Harley and as usual, we sat in the kitchen over a cup of tea planning work and helping with her issues. Today was different and her mind was elsewhere but i sensed that her eyes were... Continue»
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Dans la peau d'une esclave.


Chapitre 1 – Léantos est déprimé.

En cette fin du 25ème siècle, on est revenu à une vision simplifiée de la Société.
Le but est de prévenir les guerres, les famines, les inégalités dans la mesure du possible. Pour y arriver, il a fallu refaire des classes sociales sur un modèle antique. C’est ce que le philosophe Tien Long, appelle « Une société en forme de pyramide. »
Tout au sommet, il y le Consortium Suprême, qui nomme les Gérants des Régions.
En dessous, mais toujours au sommet, il y les riches ou citoyens Alpha. Ils sont environ... Continue»
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Danielle is a SLUT (Day Two)

Danielle had no idea what she was doing as she let this stranger lead her through the dark streets, completely naked save for the heels on her feet. Her footsteps echoed all around them as she was guided out of the rich, gated community she'd known her whole life. The man finally stopped in front of an old, towering apartment block, the sandstone bricks, once a vibrant mix of yellow and cream, had worn down to a dirty grey. He turned to look at Danielle and looked at her with pure lust before making his way up the steps to the entrance. Danielle paused for a moment, conflicted, before followin... Continue»
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My name is Clinton Crayle, and I'm a very different kind of Private
Eye. I specialize in untangling the kinky sex problems of the very rich.
My fee is One Thousand Dollars a Day, and I'm seldom out of work. My
clients know that my discretion is absolute and I guarantee my results.
So if you're rich and in a jam, come to my office. Harold Belt did....

"Mr. Belt," I said, "Your problem sounds interesting. Blackmail
from a professional Dominatrix is, fortunately, rare. But from what
you've told me, it's very real in your case."

"I guess I was a fool to write... Continue»
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Sissy Tammy

It all started back in the 60's, 1967 to be exact, when I
was 13 years old. As a c***d I was a bit small and frail,
taking longer to develop than most boys my age, and as a
result I ended up playing more with the little girls on my
block than the boys. This was also a problem of geography,
not having any boy friends living near us, and that was
probably just as well because all they did was tease me and
beat me up, never letting me play any of their games.

My only real play friend was a pretty 11-year-old girl
living next door to us, and her name was Jacqueline Taylor.
W... Continue»
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I was not aware that my girlfriend had begun studying hypnosis,
nor that she harbored ambitions of petticoating me. But I soon
discovered that the combination of the two was dangerous to my
masculinity. One afternoon I was sitting in my living room,
listening to the stereo through a pair of headphones. It was a
warm, sultry day, and after a while I drifted off to sl**p. (Much
of what follows my girlfriend--now my mistress-- explained to me

Seeing that I had dozed off, Jennifer saw her chance. She
replaced my music tape with one she had prepared in advance.
Through my d... Continue»
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Mrs. Townsend

It is our anniversary and I sit naked on our bed. When I awoke
this morning I was told to shower and to shave every inch of my body, to
rub lotion and powder on myself so that every inch of me was soft and
caressable. I have done as I was told; I am very obedient. By now the
cherry red polish on my toes and my fingers are dry and shiny. My lips are
glossed the same color. My eyebrows are plucked and shaped, my lashes
curled, my face powdered, my cheeks blushed, my shoulder-length hair
combed. I am so excited I want to touch myself, to give myself some
relief, but I dare not.... Continue»
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I teased and egged him on, to fuck his daughter

I had agreed to spend the Friday and Saturday nights with my girlfriend and her father. It was getting late and we were sitting in a small exclusive Italian restaurant, that choose to ignore the drinks law forbidding u******e drinking, as we both shared a bottle of 'Valpolicella Ripasso', which had us both feeling grown-up and looser in moral ideology.

We ate Pizza and coffee flavoured tiramisu, with alcohol, a delicious sweet meant to melt the elastic of a girls underwear, even more so when we agreed to try a couple of cups of Caffè corretto, by which time I could not feel if I wearing any... Continue»
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The Intruder

Jeff fucking loved girls. Okay, so a lot of guys are horn dogs, but this was at a different level. He obsessed about their skin, their hair, and their eyes, as least as much as he loved their legs, tits and butts. He loved young girls, career women in power suits, Barbie women, nerdy students, mothers, mature women. He loved skinny girls with boyish figures. He loved curvaceous women with flesh you could lose yourself in. He knew that wherever he was; on a train, in a restaurant, anywhere, there would be a female in sight that would have some feature that could earn his fascination, even if it... Continue»
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Helping Mom,s Friend Out.

My name is xhiva this is my first story so enjoy!
She was beautiful, I had never seen a women with such an aura, with such a sexy look. Problem was, she happens to be my mother's best friend.
They had been friends since they both started working at the same company, on the same day. And ever since, Mrs. Thompsen and my mother have spent most of their social time together.
Mrs. Thompsen's first name was Pamela, she let my teenage self call her Pam, and I was more then will to do as she asked. Who wou... Continue»
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What Could Be Better Cocksucking

It was my Sophomore year in College and once again my girlfriend was too busy with homework to spend time with me. We hadn't done anything sexual in a while so I was feeling deprived and extremely horny. I needed to jack off like crazy but my roommate was in the room so I went to the bathroom in the food court building.

It was a quiet place. There was only one guy in there and he was at the urinal. I figured he would leave soon so I sat on the stall and took my six-inch erection out and started to jerk it quietly. Then the door opened and some other guy walked towards the urinal. I could ... Continue»
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Accepting The Clean-Up

I saw her get out of the car, 1:30 am. She had been going out with friends for years a couple times a week. I stood there in the dark, cabin
light comes on and a kiss between friends. I get back in bed and pretend to sl**p, I don't know what to say. She comes in quiet and goes straight to the
bathroom in our bedroom. No shower tonight. She slips into bed and falls asl**p. I hear her softly breathing. I love her so much. I knew she had an active
sex life before we met. Living with her exboyfriend when we met. I wonder who was in the car. I have to pee so I go to our bathroom. She like... Continue»
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My Wife's Bitch

The best way to explain my relationship I have with my wife is to explain how I became a slave to my wife. My wife is 5'2 and 115 pounds and has a nice curvy figure. Basically she looks damn hot. I am 6' and 185 with an athletic swimmers build. Not to sound conceded, but I consider myself fairly nice looking man.

My wife and I married when I was 21 and she was 19, everyone said we were to young but we're in love and we're both ready. It is now been 10 years since we married and are still very happy with each other.

But our marriage hasn't always been bliss. About 4 years into our marriag... Continue»
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First Strap-On with my Girlfriend

The door opened before me, and I quickly stepped in, my heart racing. Dave gave me a big hug, which somewhat calmed my nerves. I gave him the bottle of wine, and suggested a glass might settle me. I sat in the recliner, and took a healthy sip when Dave gave me a glassful. I felt the warmth as it spread from my stomach.

Dave showed me the strap-on he had bought. I handled it gingerly, and examined how it worked. Dave sat on the edge of the bed in his robe as I did. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him down his wine and get up for another glass. I took another drink, and found mine was gone... Continue»
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Why I got addicted to BBW''S

This story is fiction, it didn't actually happen, but I wish it would have!

It seems I always had this thing for bigger, full figure women. I don't know where is started but I seemed to fantasize about them all the time. My step mom was a bigger woman. My dad divorced and remarried when I was very young. He was away quite a lot with business so it was just me and Sally, that's my stepmom, at home most times.

I always thought Sally was quite attractive even when I was young. As I grew older I started to notice her more. She had put on a few more pounds over time and this seemed to add t... Continue»
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My First doll

   Ever since the first burst of hormones in my life, the one that turn an innocent boy into a horny teen, I've always had an affiliation with dolls, I don't remember what started it but I do remember stealing dolls from my s****r's room every so often. I never did anything too bad with them, I would get them undressed them and then panic and run them back to their room as I imagined the things I would do with the dolls.
   I remember when I bought my first doll. When I first laid my eyes on her, I was 18. I managed to sc**** up enough money to buy one working at Long John Silver's and was ex... Continue»
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The Elevator

Jo had finished a lovely lunch with her husband Dave. But now it was time to head back to the office as she had a 3 o’clock meeting with the board. Dave had some things to pick up from Jo’s office so they both headed through security and toward the lift.

It was an impressive building rising over thirty floors. Jo found the rest of the board were also returning from lunch too. Everyone waited for the elevator to arrive.

With a loud ‘ping’ the elevator announced it’s arrival.

Jo and Dave followed everyone in. It was a tight squeeze. dave stood just inside the door and everyone faced h... Continue»
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