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Back the next morning to change the tap washer par


I go back to change the tap washer the next morning, knocks on the door & she opens it with a big smile on her face, So what can I do for you today she says, its more like what am I going to do to you, Cheeky she smiles, I know you enjoyed yesterday yes I did my pussy purred all night, So you going to ask me in or should I take you here? No come in the kettles on, kettle I says I'm going to me you boil, she laughs & walks in the kitchen & go to the kettle, I walk up behind putting my hand on her bum I turn her round & we kiss I put my hand on her legs & mores it up unde… Read more

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My Fuckbuddy WorK Colleague

AnalHardcoreFirst Time

I had worked in my current job for about 4 years and from the first day I fantasised about the receptionist. She was attractive to look at and was only 4 feet 11 inches tall (I’m 6 feet 1 inch). She also had a knock out figure. Actually my crush on her started before I began working there. I was smitten with her when I attended an interview for the job and she was so sweet and helpful, putting me at ease. If I wanted the job before I now had another reason to work there. However, I was in a long term relationship and I knew that she had a steady boyfriend. I knew of her boyfriend because I ove… Read more

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Champa’s Homecumming


A middle-aged woman wearing a black and blue sari stepped out of the house with her little daughter and small baggage. It was very early in the morning. The sun had not come up yet. She seemed to be in a hurry as she pulled on her daughter every time she felt drowsy. “This is our only option. We must be there on time,” said Champa as she walked to the bus depot. When she was close she heard the roaring of bus seeming about to leave. The moment she saw the… Read more

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Dena Dominated 2


Dena was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee and going over all that had happened the night before in her mind when Brady came up from the basement wearing only his gym shorts and carrying his laptop. "Good morning." He mumbled running his hand through his hair. "Good morning dear." Dena's mind was running in overdrive as she continued to struggle with what had just happened the night before. The little boy she had given birth to had just come home from the military. She knew he had changed from all his experiences over the last ten years. She played the events of last night ove… Read more

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Ana avoiding a fine from a black cop

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My wife had gone out of town driving my car; one of her loving girlfriends living in a near town had got divorced and she claimed Ana if she could pay a visit there to get her some relief. Three days later, my sexy wife came back home. I greeted her at the front door as she parked at our driveway and I noticed she had a sparkling radiant smile in her face. It was strange to me, since Ana always lost her humor during driving… She kissed me deep, saying she had missed so badly during those days; but I noticed some strange salty taste in her wet tongue… I asked her why she looked so happy an… Read more

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Enjoying a show during lunch time


My sweet wife had convinced me to drive her to the shopping mall. She wanted to purchase some sexy outfit for the night; since she told me she was horny and in a very good mood to have sex with me… When I heard this, I got instantly aroused and said she was right… we should go to a lingerie store. Once there, Ana insisted I should witness her modelling for me some stuff she had chosen. My hard dick started to ache inside of my trousers, while I watched those sexy tiny pieces of clothes that my wife would wear late night in our bed… It was a warm Saturday summer; so Ana asked me to have lun… Read more

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My sweet Victor tied to the bed...

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That Tuesday night my loving hubby had returned home after a business trip that had taken him out of town for a whole week… Both were horny; but Victor looked even hornier than me. He advised me to get ready for the night fun and wear something sexy, while he went to have a warm shower. I was nude in no time, putting on my sexiest black stilettos and just some bangles in my arms and ankles. I stood in front of the mirror, as I locked a tiny gold chain around my waist. I then saw in the mirror’s reflection that a couple eyes with a cap covering the head were watching me through the window…… Read more

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It took him only 30 minutes to get me

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This man had been messaging me on and off for close to six months. He had seen my photos and videos and expressed that he really wants me. Despite how much he desired to have me and that I was attracted to him, he just was not showing the kind of aggression that really turned me on enough to ever be able to land a date until now. What finally did it for me was that he not only showed me a video of him cumming to my videos, but he printed out some of my photos and left them at an adult theatre. That was really erotic and sweet so I agreed to meet him and thank him for his trouble, but it would… Read more

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Leashed and Used Part Two

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Laying in my bed at last with Mistress, feeling the warmth from her as we sipped champers her hand stroking my thigh feeling my self getting hard again her pantyohed legs hooking mine. She whispered that was sooo amazing tonight, moving her hand up my thigh raking my balls with her nails had me so horny again now my heart raced a dream come true for me Mistress in my bed at last. I put my glass on the bed side table and said to her oh it was the best night ever, letting my hand find her wetness i slipped in two fingers her pussy still wet and sticky from her juices and my cum working my finge… Read more

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Becoming a hooker

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

this story is written by Molly Day, it is autobiographical. I'm just pasting and copying it here. ################################ Sometimes, in the middle of doing it, I find my mind drifting: trying to figure out how the hell I got here. I’ll be on my knees in an alleyway, or squeezed into the footwell of a car that’s far too small for what the owner intended to do in it, and I’ll think: when you were 14, Molly, is this how you expected things to turn out? Tongue flat under a stranger’s cock, moaning and rubbing myself, about to cum as… Read more

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The night that grandma had a stroke

TabooFirst Time

I was pretty young then, (how young I can't say), but I was a young teen who had been masturbating for a couple of years, and as a result of genetics, or excessive wanking, had grown a sizable cock, and was able to shoot a good handful of cum once or twice a day. Anyway, the story begins with a visit to grandma's house, where I was due to spend a few days whilst my parents sorted out one of their frequent crises ..."It'll be good for you to spend some time with your nan, she get's lonely out there on her own" they said. I reluctantly arrived, and after she had shown me to my room, adjoining he… Read more

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Abandoned in the woods

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One day I was very horny. I say 'very' horny... ...I was...So horny I couldn't hold a thought in my mind...(Except extremely dirty ones). ...My mouth was watering from thinking about cocks...and feet...and assholes and boobs...and nipples and balls and men...And just about anything to do with sex. I went online to a meeting place for subs like me and put it out there that I wanted used bad. I wanted used rough. ...I wanted to be turned into the dirtiest, filthiest whore I could be. Well...Someone responded...A man in his 50's. - Shaven head and handsome. "I am up for it bitch. But you do E… Read more

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The Sissy boy test

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I fail their test miserably....or i pass it as they told me I didnt know what they were saying before i had a hand in my speedo spreading my ass until his finger starter marking circle on my cherry looking around if people could see but evryone were doing there stuff ''please stop it please'' ''dont get hard , its a test , Mike here think you are a sissy'' under the water my lil cock lost the fight i was having , focussing not to get hard ''he wont last 5min i think yo are right mike'' jeff holding his hand over my crotch looking at me helpless, between the 2 black guy i just met today… Read more

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Business Trip Hooker MMF

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A guy I work with, Lee, had become a good friend and we’d regularly have a beer after work. The other year we’d been sent off to mainland Europe for a few days to look at some machinery our company had installed. The town we were sent to was a dive - rows of identical houses, a basic hotel and a couple of bars. It was just a new development built to house the workers from the big industrial plant. We were staying in the hotel. Anyway, on the day we were due to fly home, there was an Air Traffic Control strike so we were forced to stay for another couple of nights. After a day watching films… Read more

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The Carpet Cleaner


I had a quiet day planned and while looking around the house I decided that my carpets could do with a clean as there were some stains that were appearing, I guess I could hire a carpet cleaner but that would mean a lot of manual labour and I remembered seeing adverts in Craigs for this sort of thing. I fired up my old PC and decided to have a look through, there were a few but one advert struck my eye, ‘Discreet house and carpet cleaners’ was the heading so I clicked on it, the advert was very short basically saying that it was a family business and would discreetly clean stubborn stains from… Read more

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The Best Kind of Rehab part 5

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After a few big days of being constantly being naked and fucking everything in sight, I am looking forward for a day of being dressed and having lunch with the sexy beautiful woman across from me. I had to tell Jamie how beautiful she looked, not that I had a problem how you looked in your running clothes, just different. She says with a wicked smile thanks and I must say you are looking very handsome, not that you look bad wearing almost nothing in your exercise clothing. I didn't know how to answer that so I just smiled. We spent a great conversation about our lives, family, hobbies and w… Read more

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Lucky and sweet friendship

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

Let’s get into the story. I got a job in Bangalore and reached there on Saturday morning. I searched for a room and got one in the evening. Sunday I shifted to the new room and on Monday I joined the office. Bangalore was pretty cool and I loved the city. It was nearly two months since I joined and life was going normal without any spice. I was missing many things here and sex topped in the missing list. It was nearly 8 months without sex. My hand was the only sex partner I had for 8 months. So, I decided to find a partner for sex. I was a bit hesitant and shy to approach girls working with… Read more

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Shemale Claire

AnalBDSMShemale Porn

Claire a beautiful blonde sexy shemale with an 8 inch cock really knew how to seduce both men and women for her own pleasures. Seducing and choosing Janine as her close companion Janine had the perfect body for accommodating Claire's cock enjoying both vaginal and anal intercourse. Janine also enjoys the company of women having an insatiable thirst for performing oral sex both vaginally and anally. Claire and Janine became our close friends, companions, and lovers. Claire even though she was a beautiful woman and lover had a Darkside and sadistically enjoyed being a dominatrix. I learned the… Read more

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Where it began

First TimeFetish

We are a very happily married couple, met as teens,married young. Mine was the only cock she had ever known, or even seen before we married. We led a very vanilla life, had c***dren, Enjoyed our sexlife. As teens we had same room sex many times with other teenage couples. Not like swinger sex, no swapping, just a bunch of teens trying to get theirs in the same darkened rooms. That, occasional public sex, and roadhead were about as kinky as things got. Im much more adventurous than her< shes actually conservative for the most part sexually< but we've had our moments. i was very jealous wh… Read more

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Trip With Friends And Deflowering My Half Girlfrie

HardcoreFirst TimeInterracial Sex

I am Subbu. There were only 12 girls in our class and only 4 were good in terms of figure, shape, color, character etc. I am friends with those 4 girls and we are a gang of 8 (4 boys and 4 of those beautiful girls). I was close with Manaswita, who was fair in color, having a tight body than any other, lengthy hair that reaches till her butt and which dangles while she walks in synchronizati… Read more

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