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My chat with Mom


I hear comments constantly about the shortcomings that go with being raised in a single parent environment, and I can't for the life of me determine where these know-it-alls get their information. I qualify as one of those poor unfortunate victims, but I cannot identify with the misfortune I keep hearing about. In my case, my parents split up because they couldn't get along with each other. c***d custody was not an issue; I'm 20 years old and a senior at the local university. One of the main issues for the divorce was that my mom was more successful than my dad, and he was too macho to accept… Read more

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My pregnant Sis

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My sister's real name is Laura, but I've been calling her B. J. which stands for Big Jerk for almost as long as I can remember. It's all in fun because Laura is not a jerk, and I love her dearly. It's just something that evolved out of us growing up together with her four years my senior. She is twenty-two now which makes me, ready or not, eligible to vote and screw up just like an adult if I so desire. I don't feel any different than I did a month ago, but everyone is insisting that I am now a man. Big deal. The really big deal in our house is that B. J. is pregnant - six months pregnant a… Read more

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Sneha And Her Son Sachin


Cast for the Story Sneha a 44 year old Curvy Typical Indian woman with good share of fat in much needed places. Sachin a normal 18 year old guy. Background:Sneha is a carefree woman living in Bengaluru and feels nudity isn’t taboo.She has always been okay with her son Sachin seeing her half naked and after he crossed 18,all the inhibitions she had were left away. “Good Morning Sachuu.” Sneha said as she passed her son in the front of her room.She looked like a 44 year old Vidya Balan, but only with a curvy figure and kinda big breasts and ass.Sneha had just come from the bathroom and a tiny… Read more

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One Rainy Saturday with Aunt Bea

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I have to admit that I am the product of a single parent mom who does quite well by me. She has the help of her sister, Beatrice, and between them I am one pampered c***d if you want to consider late teens in the c***d category. To add to these unique circumstances, both my dad and Aunt Bea's husband were casualties of the Vietnam conflict. Much to my misfortune I never met either of these men so yours truly, Roger, was raised from birth by these two lovely and wonderful women. Behind two lovely sets of boobs I had a mother and father, and an aunt and an uncle. For example, my mom has finally… Read more

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Moonlight Dip


Another one I found, a long while back , I liked it and saved it Hell no, I'm not a hero. I was invited to a get-to-gather in the Persian Gulf, but it was more a political power ploy than it was a necessary engagement of a life-threatening dictator as Washington claimed. I was luckier than some. I'm home now and all of my vital parts are working well. I can definitely declare that all of my working parts are indeed working. My neighbor helped me confirm that… Read more

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Even Mom Can't Resist

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I found this story some time back, saved it. My family doesn't qualify as poverty level Americans, but we certainly don't rank among the wealthy either. We get along, but still most of the parents' spats are over money or the lack thereof. That's why it was so baffling to all of us when I learned that my Uncle Seth had left me an inheritance. He wasn't much better off; if as well off, as our family. He was still single at age fifty-four when he went off to never-never land due to natural causes so the coroner said. Most of the family considered him to be an old grouch and mal-content. The… Read more

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XHamster addict

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I initially came on here to write a fictional story and to please the requests I'd received from some of my readers. Instead, I'd like to write about what keeps me coming back to this site like a junkie to the crack house every day (mostly). I first came on here for nothing more than to masturbate to porn. Initially, straight porn. Then, in one of the suggestions, came some 'shemale' porn. I never went back to the 'straight' section after seeing that! I realised I'd made an XHamster profile page when I wanted to check out the Hammy 'girls' (who were in the possession of a penis) one night, cur… Read more

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Dad's happiness.

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Jackson called me. Dad's sister. She's actually my Aunt Jackson but she doesn't like to be called aunt or Jack. Jackson said, "Sally." It's an old family name, don't sing the songs. She said, "Your dads got a lot of good years left. You get in there and get him going again. Don't let him go to waste. You'll be proud of yourself for the rest of your life. If you hit some rough spots call me. I'll come a running and it'll be fine." Jackson is 84. She goes out with her guys all the time. So I did. I'm home again. A small town outside Kansas City on the Missouri side. I stayed two years in my job… Read more

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Back in the 1970s Sarah decided finally to go to her local doctor to see why she Wasn,t pregnant. I mean we actually fucked every chance or when Sarah was supposed to be more fertile yet she was Not getting pregnant! I mean I had literally pumped gallons of what I took to be potent semen in her womb, but nothing happened. Eventually I was asked to go to a local hospital for a sperm count. I was handed a boring soft porn magazine and a sample bottle. “Please return the magazine and sample when you, e produced a specimen” the mature nurse told me in indifferent style. It Didn,t make any differen… Read more

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Wife Sarah,s brother had lost his house due to financial problems and Sarah allowed him to move in with us as Sarah,s father had died, her mother Susan was now in an old folk,s home and with Rick away in Manchester working there was spare room in the house. It was a very hot summer spell with the temperatures in the 80s and our patio furniture had come in for a lot of use. Christina Didn,t like Lewis much as he was a bit of a loud mouth with drinks problems and had tried it on with her, he being a divorcee being a serial cheater on his ex wife. When Lewis was around my daughter always did her… Read more

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The Sponsor Part 3

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The Sponsor Part 3 "Why don't you two beauties go take a dip in the pool and cool off" offered Bill.        Ann and Babbs slowly got up and walked nude toward the pool. They were worn out from the romp they had just had with Bill. For his part Bill sat in his chair and watched as the two women wiggled their asses out the door. All he could think of is how lucky he was. At 39 Ann was in great shape. She had learned over the years how to please and tease men. She was a great entertainer and when it came to the bedroom Olympics she was an all around gold medalist… Read more

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The Awakening


Watching from her office just after noon Kate could see the huge crowds of people on their lunch break in a hurry tripping over one another. They were so involved in their pathetic wasted lives, busily watching their feet or just keeping distance with the person in front of them that they failed to live. They were like robots programmed to wait for the little red hand to fade and the little white man to appear before crossing the street. Kate really hated her boring new day job but it paid the bills but she enjoyed her more private night life a lot more and could not wait to get off work to un… Read more

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- Relaxing with Mom.

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I had appeared for CET and its result were to be declared next morning. I couldn't sleep due to anxiety. I stepped in to balcony for fresh air. I was surprised to see my Mom in the balcony of her bed room. She was in just a full sleeve transparent shirt with top two buttons open. She wasn't wearing any bra underneath her shirt. I could see her left breast almost naked. She was wearing flower-printed panty. I could see her beautiful naked legs in the building's compound lights. She was smoking a cigarette. Oh my God! How sexy she is! Mom didn't notice me. She exhaled a cloud of smoke and move… Read more

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Dad's girl

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I said, "Daddy, you're not skipping out on hosting the Halloween party." Even though I was eighteen, I had resumed calling my father 'Daddy' after my mother passed away of cancer in June... a week after I graduated high school. It had been a long six months from learning she had terminal cancer two days after Christmas, to watching the failed experimental treatments that made her a facsimile of her former self, to her death. My daddy, once the most outgoing and fun loving man I knew, became withdrawn and depressed. Although I was devastated too, I tried to be strong for him. My nana staye… Read more

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My Brother's Boy

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I am a G**** Farmer, have 5 aches and the summer between his junior & senior year my nephew Ed came to work for my-he was 17 and turned 18 in July so don't feel like I was Robbing the Cradle. He was on the HS Wrestling Team and worked out beautiful young man 5'10", about 160 LBS, blond very curly hair, green eyes worked out like a champ very well defined. Will give you his important measurements when I take them. I wanted him that's for Damn Sure but made no really open moves or said any thing. That next day up and 5 am and we headed to the northern edge of my property to start repairing… Read more

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Daddy Washes My Hair Chapter 1

TabooFirst Time

Daddy Washes My Hair Ch. 1 This story began a number of years ago. It was a time when middle-class homes did not have central air-conditioning and most had only one bathroom. For as long as I can remember my Daddy washed my hair every Saturday night because our bathtub did not have a shower. It became something of a ritual. Sometime Mom would come in sit on the toilet and watch and chat with Dad and me. Mom often talked about how pretty I was and how I was going to break a lot of boy's hearts. I would ware only my panties so I wouldn't get my top wet. Likewise, Daddy would take his shirt off… Read more

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My Boss insists with my wife


That Tuesday afternoon I had asked my Boss to leave the office early. I was feeling a bit tired and wanted get home to spend some time with my lovely wife. I was surprised arriving at home; when I found my Boss’s car parked at our driveway. The bastard had been talking last weeks about Ana and how he would fuck her in front of me… I felt then Ana would be sucking him in that moment, or something even worst… But I was wrong. After grabbing a beer from the kitchen I went to the main bedroom; but I could not find them there. Then I saw they both were at the back yard, close to the pool. My B… Read more

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Early Morning Neighbor

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Early Morning Neighbor ---------- It had been a most incredible day! From start to finish, everything seemed to be going my way. An early riser, I had awoken well before dawn. As is my habit, I climb from bed, pull my terrycloth robe over my naked skin and head for the back porch. I stepped out into the cool morning air. Still dark I wait for the sunrise to appear in the east. The robe was warm, and I like the feel of the cool air, so I untied my robe belt, and let the robe hang open. Many a morning I've spent walking in the back yard in near darkness walking with my robe open and my breasts… Read more

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Blessing of the Saint

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Associate professor Cassandra Marsh stomped into her office, tossed a plastic folder of notes on to her desk and groaned in annoyance. She had just (finally) gotten rid of an insufferably persistent gentleman by acquiescing to his request for a date. Cassandra, or Cassie, as those she was closest to called her, sat down in the comfy leather chair that had been an office-warming gift from her grandfather and turned her eyes to the ceiling as she mulled over the prospective night ahead. Not to mention the thousands of unwritten dating 'rules' that she could make neither hide nor hair of. Cassie… Read more

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Cousine Heikes Besuch Teil 3

First TimeTaboo

Ach du scheisse, denke ich. Was hat dich nur geritten deinen Schwanz nicht rauszuziehen, warum musstest du ihr reinspritzen? Ich war schockiert, aber irgendwie machte mich die Vorstellung gerade in meine Cousine gespritzt zu haben auch geil. Es war schon super sie zu ficken, und mich fest an sie zu drücken als es mir kam, zu fühlen wie ich mein Sperma in sie pumpe, wie ihre Möge gezuckt hat, egal was sie gesagt hat, ihre Möse wollte besamt werden. Ich stand auf und ging langsam in richtung Badezimmer, öffnete die Türe und schaute hinein.
Heute saß auf dem WC und wischte sich sauber, sie schau… Read more

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