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I first met Kevin on Squirt several years earlier. He's a well hung 40s tattooed muscular guy. The pictures of his big hard cock certainly caught my eye. We chatted online numerous times over a few years but never hooked up. We seemed to have a few things in common, besides a penchant for hot horny guys. We both rode motorcycles, which was a big plus for me. My sexual experiences with men had been very limited at that point. After chatting on and off, and trying to schedule a meeting around both our busy schedules, we finally setup a meet. Kevin offered to host at his house. Being married, I'm… Read more

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A Fantasy in Three Parts Oral/Straight/MFM/DP


(comments always welcomed) Part One As I enter the room, it is shrouded in darkness, except for a pool of light cast by candles encircling the bed. She lies in the middle of the light, a pale goddess, perfectly naked, shining in the darkness. Soft and warm from her bath, her perfume flares my nostrils, lighting the fuse to my libido, and causing a stirring in my jeans. She sees me standing on the edge of the light. Softly, almost in a whisper, she says, "Take me". I need no further encouragement and am quickly out of my clothes. I lie beside her on the bed and feel her hand on my back drawi… Read more

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Can't sleep - too hot

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Hot afternoon, I met one of my neighbor's daughters Valerie from Florida. Tall, lean, a bit wild, not really my type, but I wouldn't turn it down. After a few drinks and snacks I'd had enough, said my pleasantries and went home to go to sleep around midnight... About 2AM I woke up, couldn't go back to sleep so I stepped on my screened porch with a cool drink and a smoke. The evening being rather humid and a fair amount of privacy I was completely naked. Not unusual for me to do that in the early AM. I was watching a good porn vid on Pornhub and stroking my dick when was startled as the door op… Read more

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Getting mom to pose pt4

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'OH fuck Gwen, OH fuck... this is so dirty... lick my pussy honey' Then she hungrily returned to sucking her son's cock again. I sat the camera on the TV stand.. facing the couch. It was on automatic for the second time in its kinky life. I stripped naked. Only Sean saw me doing it, and he smiled at me as I walked behind my mother. She was kneeling. Licking Catherine's pussy. I lifted her up to the same stood up bent over position as Mrs. Kelly. The same position I had had her in before. She kept her mouth and tongue on her bitchy friend's clit. And I knelt behind her and did the same. She wa… Read more

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, all the men in the world had small dicks. Willies were just two inches limp and three inches stiff. In those days a man’s dick didn’t hang past his balls and all the boys wanked using just two fingers. White, black, Asian, Oriental, all had small cocks, but nobody minded because everybody was the same and besides it was the perfect size for the men to bum each other. And they did, morning, noon and night because it was such fun. The king in his castle fucked his courtiers, the courtiers fucked the servants and the servants fucked each other. A courtier’s botto… Read more

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Erotic Rumours About Musician Regine Chassagne

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For quite a long time now, there’s been some wild erotic rumours about incredibly beautiful lovely famous singer & multi-talented artist Regine Chassagne. With them saying things got vastly sinful & depraved, after a performance with her band Arcade Fire. As true goddess & total queen Regine demandingly invited 50-hand-picked Swedish guys from the audience, to meet her backstage, at Grona Lund, Stockholm. Giving them a much unexpected, but real happy surprise. As they went to a private hidden dressing room, where a super-horny Regine, was eagerly waiting for them. Shocking them… Read more

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If you read the 1st part of this story you know I had just cum in the car traveling with the guy I just had sex with & 3 of his friends. What I hadn't noticed was that either someone or maybe me had put my left leg over the passengers leg next to me. I also was not aware of the fact he had taken out his cock & had been masturbating while I was being fingered to an amazing climax. He was actually rubbing his dick against my leg. I guess that after I came my senses started coming back. Next thing you know he pops his load all over the side of my leg! WTF!?!? Another first. I was insulted… Read more

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Now it was my time to see the lovely Emiko. She firstly removed her dress and stood resplendent before me in bra, panties, stockings and suspenders. She turned her back on me and I unclipped her brassiere letting it fall to the floor. Now she teased me by taking off her stockings and suspenders leaving the panties to last. I fully expected the Japanese ladies in 1964 to be natural and covered in thick pubic hair as few females bothered to shave their lady gardens back then. Okay eating a bald pussy is nice, but I preferred the ones with their lovely juices strained through pubic hair, the main… Read more

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Helping My Sister In Law

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How this all happened I will never fully understand, but I'm not going to gripe about it. I'm married to a wonderful woman, and into a great family. We have always gotten along with each other, we have out fall outs now and then, but what family doesn't? Having been married for 15 years, it's needless to say our sex life had died down tremendously. It isn't that we don't still love each other, but with the k**s in school and other activities we are all involved in, there just never seems to be enough time in the day for us. My wife Karen, is heavily involved with her work, the c***dren's s… Read more

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Open Your Eyes

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Marie and I were having a night on the town. We got a hotel room and a sitter and were planning to dress up, have dinner, some drinks, and then some serious fucking all over the room without the need to be quiet. Driving into the city, I couldn't keep my hand off Marie's leg as I drove. We were getting dressed up for the night, but at the moment she wore a simple sundress that was easy to slide up her thigh. I took full advantage to caress her soft pale skin while periodically dipping my hand between her thighs to brush against her pussy. She was squirming in her seat as we pulled up to the lu… Read more

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Unique Masturbation Session


Unique Masturbation Session By: Londebaaz Chohan When Martin Glick told me this story, he claimed that it happened actually with him and it was true. I do not want to judge anybody and just enjoyed it as a nice chronicle. I hope you like it too. After high school, when Martin left home for college, he knew, he was going out of this home for good and his parents may not let him return to live there once again as a family member and he had to be on his own except of course for visits during the vacations until his education was done and he got a job and his own living arrangements. Fo… Read more

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The Slave with the BBW


I think on here that BBW stands for Big Black Woman or Big Beautiful Woman and in the particular case I must relate it was neither. Unless perhaps it was to be Big Brawny Woman. My Mistress had summoned me one afternoon. This was how it worked with her. I had to check in with her every morning and afternoon by SMS to tell her what I was doing. She didn't always answer but it was her way of checking up on me to make sure that I wasn't being stolen by any other Mistress. Any other woman that she didn't approve of that is. After all, I was part of her income stream. The other thing is that she… Read more

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good night in


This is short story & it true. My wife & I do have good sex life but do not NO why maybe but maybe because I been the chatting with guy & what they get up to with other guys, so I decided to taste my own cum. So on Saturday night like we do have a bath get our night stuff on & order something & wait after we eat we would watch a movie & I would play with my wife by rubbing her tits & pussy & going down between her legs to lick her pussy & sometimes I would play with magic wand which I did that night. We went to bed about 10 I ask her if was ok to tie her up… Read more

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A Pornosexual's Revenge

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<i>I don't condone any of the criminal acts in this story. It's all just a bit of fun and nothing more than a fantasy. But we can all have a bit of fun in our minds, eh?</i> ***** I took a final drag on my cigarette, then stubbed it out into a pot-plant on the patio. It was getting on for late afternoon, and I probably only had a few hours before Jackie would arrive home. Boy oh boy, did she have a surprise waiting for her when she got back. I'd been planning this little 'treat' for my line manager Jackie ever since she caught me watching porn at work. She'd reported me to the bo… Read more

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Wife Screws Boss to Seal Promotion

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Disclaimer All credit to original author. As a fan I have merely corrected multiple names and am posting as one of my favourites with no intent to gain monetary benefits Enjoy! Hello readers my name is Sudhir. My wife Rajshree works in a MNC at Delhi. I will tell the story how my wife got banged by her boss for job promotion. The story starts the month after I lost my job due to recession and Rajshree had to work hard to make our expenses meet. I used to stay at home and she used to go to work. Recently I got a new job so asked her to quit her job and stay at home but she r… Read more

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My life changed for ever - Part 2, The 1st evening

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After the episode in the airport and then in the car on the way to the apartment, I was a little dazed and confused but had started to understand my position, or lack of position. I had hired an airbnb apartment, it wasn’t too expensive at all, and it was private, decent rooms, plenty of space, and clean. We walked in, looked around and he nodded his head in approval. ‘Good choice slave, I like it, come with me.’ I followed him and he lead me to the bathroom, he pushed me into the shower and pushed me to the floor, he stripped of his clothes and wow, he was even hotter naked. His tanned, dark… Read more

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Chav life 2


Chav life part Two. To make sense of this story please read part one first. Comments welcome After drinking half of the bottle of the wine I had taken upstairs with me, I must have passed out, coupled with the effects of the d**gs, and the exhausting sex I had indulged in. I looked at the clock and saw it was seven am. I must have slept through the evening and straight through the night. I ran a bath and made myself a coffee and grabbed my laptop. I was planning to go shopping with Dean in a few hours time and thought I would look for a few ideas first. I slipped out of the denim mi… Read more

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Incestuous Act Part2


It wasn't until one day that I found some videos on my sister's computer that were shocking, to say the least. At the moment, I didn’t feel like I was snooping, even though I was. My sister had left a little icons on her laptop to be found very easily. They were homemade videos of my little sister, Joan, and my son having sex, giving the head and other private sex acts. I will admit that I hated when I saw Joan and my son committing i****t, but seeing her take a load to the face with a smile was awesome! There were three videos in total, and the first thing that I did was to play the first vid… Read more

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The weekend part 1

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This is a multi part fantasy. Reason I say multiple is cause as of right now I dont know how many parts it will be. I like to be detailed in my stories. This is a simple fantasy involving numerous people having a weekend long trip, hang out and course fuck fest. Now you know the jiff of this lets get to it. My girl (Heather) and myself (Zack) have been planning this trip with 2 other couples to go have some fun at a condo by the lake. For over a month now. It was going to be a swinger resort we called it. No rules no real boundaries, except Steve has said the other pussy he will be fucking i… Read more

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Fucked by Hope

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This is a story about a guy and his playful, but dominant, t-girl girlfriend. It involves blowjobs and fucking, where the guy receives the dick. The story also includes spanking, cum-eating, foot-worship. If you're not into the idea of a cute girl with a dick inflicting all this on a guy, it's probably best to avoid this one. The vibe is playful, consensual, and loving dominance... but with some reluctance from the male character. * * * * Hope jumped onto the bed and straddled my body. Warm, morning light filtered through the half-open curtains and reflected on her long, damp, dark-brown… Read more

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