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Moni with her xhamster friend

I had another request from a internet friend for and evening out. I was not sure so I discussed it with my hubby Marc. He said I have enough friend already. So I showed him the many messages, from Dave my XHAMSTER friend. He is quite enamoured with you Marc says. Yes I tell him he seems like such a nice guy and saw no harm in meeting him and see how it goes. Ok he said but he has to come here to pick you up so I can meet him., Oh thank you dear you are a gem.

I was so excited I sent Dave a message shortly after explaining to him that it was ok to meet me and that he had to pick me up at o... Continue»
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Sometimes in life we become so lonely that we are willing to do most anything to fill the void. Frequently we do things that are risky and foolish. Often our high risk actions come with unexpected consequences.

Clair Davis woke late that Saturday morning. As she sat up she looked at the digital clock sitting on her nightstand.

The red numbers displayed ten thirty.

"Richard?" She called out.

There was no response.

Clair remembered that her husband of fifteen years had left the evening before to play golf with his buddies.

Richard and his friends had been planning the weekend... Continue»
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Doctor - She must pay well for treatment

Karl peered out of the window, casually enjoying the excellent view in the distance and the steady flow of people along the road outside his Budapest apartment. As he did so he clutched a tight handful of Serena's thick, black hair and rhythmically pumped his long, stiff dick into her throat.

With her cuffed wrists linked behind her back, Karl's firm grip on her head and the weight of his body pressing her against the wall, Serena didn't have the luxury of taking a break for air or trying to ease her strained throat for a moment or two. The rhythm and the air restriction were causing her to... Continue»
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The clouds hung low in the distance as Karen Parker rushed out the back door to bring in the laundry off the clothesline. The wind had picked up considerably in the last five minutes, and lightning was beginning to flash through the evening sky.

As Karen began to remove her clothes from the clothesline, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky.

Two seconds later a thunderclap caused her jump in fear.

"Damn storm," Karen snapped as she began to work faster. "I hope Benny gets here before that storm does."

Benny Mann is Karen's eighteen year old nephew. Marge, his Mother and Karen are s**... Continue»
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One Night Stand With Plump Mature Barmaid

I was away on a three day training course by myself, miles from home and had been put up in this swanky hotel by the company that had no life or sole to the place, not for a working type guy like me anyway.

On the second night after eating there, I decided to walk in to town seeing it was a nice summer’s night to find a more, my type of pub and sat at the bar after ordering a drink. The barmaid who served me looked like a throwback to the eighties the way she looked and dressed, she has to be twice my age, at least in her sixties but it was the dense blue eye shadow that drew you to her wri... Continue»
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Life's a Beach

Chapter One: On the beach

The weather had finally cleared, a week at the beach and it had taken until Thursday for the sun to come out.

Bill dropped his towel onto the hot sand, kicking of his shoes and shorts he slid his T-shirt off before lying face down on his towel.

"Better put some sun cream on Billy or you'll burn"

He turned his head to look at his mom who was spreading a towel beside him.

"I guess"

"Here I'll do it"

With that Mary Price knelt beside her teenage son, squirting sun cream onto his back she worked it in. Not for the first time she found herself feeling ... Continue»
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Innocent s****r In Her Dreams Of Top Film Actress

Hi, this is Neethu again.

After reading my previous story one of the readers came to chat with me.

After few days of chat, he said he has one girl and she is also looking for some good deals to make some huge money in need. I initially don’t know who she was and I referred her to some of my known sources.

This went for a couple of weeks and she was there around for 5 nights in 10 days and I got a very positive feedback from all those who fucked her.One among the men who fucked her was my husband, the deals were to satisfy my husband in return of the sources I shared.

My husb
... Continue»
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3rd Session, First Oral

Hello all, and thanks for your continued reading and comments. Again, this is a continuation of “that” summer, our 3rd session.

Well, I decided to hold true and not cum again until Steve & I got together. But I admit I did come close to losing it the 2nd night. With Steve gone I was bored and went and got the porno mag, promising myself I would only play a little. I was looking at one of the scenes where the girl is giving blowjobs to the 2 guys and really noticing the look on her face like she was really enjoying it. And remembering how it felt in my hand when Steve’s hard cock shot h... Continue»
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Chrissy Male Teen e****t – Episode # 1

This is the first episode of a new series and a continuation of the ‘My Teen Hitchhiking Experience’ series:

It isn’t required, but it might help you better understand the series if you read the following:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:


My First Super Chub

I had been out partying late Friday night and was not expecting what would happen wh... Continue»
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If Only, Part 2

OK, quick recap to our story before I go on:
*went to bed after watching Weird Science on TV (glad to know someone else knows what it was), and you have to admit, some of us single guys and girls have always wanted to have a woman like that at one time or another
*woke up next morning to find this beautiful redhead Irish girl waking me up
*”accidentally” spilled water on the front of her nightgown ;)
*watched her, in secret, shower and lusted to myself over her naked body
*finally made up my mind over her name, Kerry, after a little “buttering up”. If you didn't get the name reference rig... Continue»
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Taking back my First Hot Friend. Part 2

This post is based on a dream I had about my First Hot Friend A bit of backstory, she was a hot slut but a bitch. She told me to fuck off after her horrible boyfriend told her too. Part one was about how I would take her back if she ever decided to break up and ask for my forgiveness. Spoiler, I would fuck her brains out and make her work for it. This is what I would do to her so she could earn my forgiveness.

So, after fucking my friend for the very first time and not forgiving her she was a little upset. I had fucked he... Continue»
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Double or Nothing

Double or nothing

That summer afternoon I had a nice surprise when I got home from a hard day at my office.
My loving husband was already there; with the company of two black studs.
After a quick refreshing shower, I came back to the room and found those nice huge, muscled and well hung black guys, ready for me…

Both guys, Marco and Jeremiah did not need any encouragement as they were staring at me lustfully and stroking their thick black cocks.

Victor walked to me and untied the camisole’s ribbon exposing my hard nipples for my studs to play with.
Inside I could feel my pussy g... Continue»
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cruise vacation

It was there dream vacation, Jim and Becky had been married for 14 years, now both in there mid 30's were finally taking that dream cruise , they had worked and saved for this and wanted to enjoy it, for the past 6 months they both dieted and got in bathing suit shape, Jim was still a pit chubby but Becky looked fantastic, 34 ,dark hair down just past her shoulder blades, 5-6 , 130 lbs, very shapely legs and a great ass, Jim was loving what he saw everyday, she had her flat tummy back again and you could even see a hint of a six pack, all this and her 36 d breasts look even better, she was pro... Continue»
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I often say this when writing about Christine - if you haven't previously read about my encounters with her then it will probably help to go back and read some.

Christine isn't a fictional character created for the benefits of these pages - she's 100% real and all my stories are completely true, told as accurately as I can recall and without any embellishment whatsoever.

Folklore would have you believe that there are women out there who guys can call on at any given time for sex and I'm sure that's true in some cases. You would imagine from the things me and her had done on that very fi... Continue»
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My trip to the UAE

Recently I was travelling to the UAE for work.

I decided to try Tinder while there.
I started talking to a local girl, I introduced her to snapchat,
She enjoyed the idea of text, video and pictures dissapearing.

I think that made her comfortable chatting openly,
she told me she had never kissed a man, held hands with a man let alone been physical with a man.

We talked for a few days, exchanged snaps, she was inquisitive about sexual things which I happily tried to explain as well as I could. Few days before I had to leave we where texting and I invited her to come see me at my hote... Continue»
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Swinging Vacation

The four of us, two couples, have exchanged correspondence for three years; after we had replied to an advertisement by them on a contact internet website. We became firm correspondence fiends as we exchanged letters, erotic stories and intimate photos. All four of us over time certainly came to trust, like and understand each other. Cherall and Bill are in a similar age group to us; mid to late forties. Our interests are similar, such as being nudists, voyeurs and exhibitionists. Our various differences placed no imposition on the others. The warm and friendly relationship developed to th... Continue»
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I seduced my WIFE into a threesome.

At this stage in life, married twenty years to the same woman. She had an affair. I found out later. I have always been able to get women. They like me. I treat them with respect. I never cheated. Even after finding out. So many opportunity's. She denied it both times. So life went on. Our sex life was great. She is in her forties. I am older. I usually want it more than her. We fuck three to five times a week. Sometimes she'll just suck my dick and make me cum in minutes. She is good. Sometimes she'll suck me and swallow twice in one day. She always cums. I rub her clit and pussy hard. She c... Continue»
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-Lexi- chapter 02

-Lexi- chapter 02

I was handcuffed and blindfolded with a ring gag in my mouth, dressed like a schoolgirl slut, trapped in a service building in the park near my house, sitting on this stool and sucking my first cock ever. It was barely past 10am, and my mystery blackmailer had the day to play with his new toy...

"That's good, swirl your tongue around the head more. Mmm yes, you've gotten some good practive with your dildo, I've seen how much you like to slobber all over it. Not bad for your first time on a real one."

I blushed as I licked around his cock, doing my best to suck... Continue»
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THE BUS MAN chapter 1 part 2


In my dream, I am walking through a lush forest. I can hear a light wind stirring the branches, and feel it breathing cool on my bare skin. Bare skin? I look down, and, yes, I am pretty scantily clad, in a kind of Native American Rocky Horror outfit - thigh length boots in fine, soft chamois, held up with a suspender belt of leather thongs, and a chamois g-string, pulled tight between my buns. My top is bare, but for some beads around my neck and wrists. It's tacky pseudo-ethnic, but it feels great. The breeze kissing my nipples, thighs and butt-cheeks, is making my dick swell up in ... Continue»
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Orgasms by Machine

I had the opportunity to try a fucking machine a while ago and ever since then have been addicted to watching videos of fucking machines. If you have hot videos of women being fucked by machines (especially if they are bound) please send them to me. Makes me so damn hot to watch other women being fucked by machines.

Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy a fucking machine in person once again. What a night! So many leg shaking, mind blowing orgasms.

I was invited to a dinner party. There were about a dozen people there, an even mix of men and women. Dinner was great and there was plen... Continue»
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