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Uni with Sandra, part 4

Group SexLesbian Sex

My name is Danni, I'm 27. This is the fourth story based on my diaries and memories from when I was 18. In my first story Sandra introduced me to girl on girl sex which was wonderful. In my second, Sandra included me in a threesome with her boyfriend, Pete. That was wonderful too. In the third story I started going out with a boy called Martin and had sex with him while continuing sex sessions with Sandra. I then had a threesome with Martin and Sandra. Martin and I didn't have much opportunity to have sex apart from weekends. We did go to the park again at the weekend. We found the same quiet… Read more

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The best season :-P


It's during the best season that you peek always with a little more attention, especially if you have the sis very good, like in my case :-P. It was a beautiful sunny day of summer, end August i remember, when I got home, there are my parents and a relative and there is also my sister who wears a beautiful adherent heavenly tunic, the same one that, little time before, it had provoked at me the best erection of my life, (situation, in brief, of that time there that i have already recounted in the previously stories = I had entered the room from lunch and my sis was sitted on a chair, with fron… Read more

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Wife asks me to give her mother oral! Part 6


read first 5 installments to understand. As my wife and I drove to her mother's house the following week, I had butterflies in my stomach. I honestly started to wonder if I would be able to perform in front of her. The entire things was still so surreal to me. We hadn't spoken much about it this week. I think neither of us wanted to jinx anything, or seem like we went there with a plan. So as we pulled into the driveway, I still had no idea if my wife planned to just watch, or actually participate. As before, my sexy mother in law greeted me at the door. She gave her daughter a quick kiss… Read more

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Woman's Best Friend - Crucifixion


Chapter 5 Seyla tears through the tangled dark woods: naked, save the ill fitting pair of shoes she found as she crept silently through the barn. Sweat drips through the dirt and leaves clinging to her blonde hair. She hears her pursuers crashing through the brush behind her, "Maybe seven minutes behind now." She guesses, as she pours on speed, carelessly crushing the forest floor in her terror fueled escape. Suddenly she realizes her mistake, "Too obvious and he'll know." She warns internally, seemingly oblivious to the whips and lashes of saplings, vines and small branches slapping her bar… Read more

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FIRST REAL SEX (best friend, mom, taboo)

First TimeTabooHardcore

A few months after turning 18, now a freshman in college, I attended my first frat party. It was late October, on a Saturday night, when I and my high school friends, male and female, all attended, even though some of us were not in the same college. Needless to say, I and my group got smashed at the bear bash. We stumbled out of the frat house around 11:00. I had to drive a few friends home. (We all lived within blocks of each other.) I made sure, Kara was the last. Kara lived a couple of blocks from me. So, as we approached her apartment building, I asked if she'd like to stop by my house f… Read more

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A meeting in Leather - Part 15.

FetishHardcoreGay Male

"Try anything once." #English translation - A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-14-946003 - Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923 We dropped off Erik-Jan at his home that Tuesday evening, and Dave and I said goodbye to Carl. "I have to say Robby, I didn't think I would ever experience this. Sex at your home, and then with the both of you at the same time... I hope you enjoyed it too.", Carl said. "If you are ever looking for a part-… Read more

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Sue's First Visit


The first of my UK friends to visit me in Spain was Sue, we have been friends since I was 15 and she was 17, we met because I was at school with her brother, my best friend. I picked her up from the airport as agreed and I had some light tapas prepared for when we got back to my place as it would be after 10 in the evening. Not a problem if you are used to the Spanish way of life but if you’ve just flown over from the UK it’s a little different. I showed her to her room, showed her where her bathroom was and left her to freshen up. She found her way back to the kitchen when she was ready and… Read more

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Living with my Aunt Jane


What a great year this was turning out to be. I had just completed my internship with a company and was offered a full time job with a sister company in another state. I was excited about moving to a new city, but because of my reckless spending I did not have much money in the bank to afford a big move like this. It was depressing to know that after just turning twenty-five, I did not have much to show for my hard work. I was scheduled to begin my new job at the beginning of the next month so time was certainly a factor. I racked my brain trying to think of a solution but just was not coming… Read more

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How I met my 67 yr old married sex partner. true s

TabooFirst TimeMature

The first time I formally met 67 year old Mrs Boyd, she called my cell and asked me to look at her leaking water heater, its a very small town and I am known to help with home repairs. We made arrangements to look at it and I went over early morning before it got too hot and humid. Mrs Boyd was the only one home, her husband was out fishing and she had "just got out of the shower" she said. She was wearing sort of a medium length white almost see through nightie, maybe it was because it was warm and humid? Mrs Boyd had known my ex-wife from a quilting club they both belonged to, Mrs Boyd was a… Read more

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Porn Top 10: Mutual Masturbation Edition


This time, I want to offer you some clips of mutual masturbation. I define the genre as simply any video where one man and (at least) one girl are jerking off together without too much touching each other AND they must finish off by themselves. 10 - Brunette at the peep show We start with a nice one, who also has some "plot" or at least, some interaction. The girl is really beautiful and into it. You don't see much of the dude except at the end, but it has a cool atmosphere. 9 – Girl plays with herself while voyeur o… Read more

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Janna 4


She was looking at the sea leaning to the railing next to the beach.She was wearing my wife's thin black tulle shawl.She hadn't noticed me.Janna's ass was so notable because she was leaning on the railing. The Janna's sexy bikini was being seen easily under my wife's black tulle shawl.She was wearing a white bikini under this black shawl's.There hasn't been much between us and Janna in a long time.It was summer time last year. My wife,my wife's sister Janna and me were staying at a hotel in Sochi.We would stay at this hotel for one week. I had my breakfast at hotel and went to the coast.I saw… Read more

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Business Trip Pt. 4

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

The night had gone on and i had lost track of time but my body ached and i was covered in sweat by the time Marcus told me to stand up and led me to the bathroom turning the shower on and kissing the back of my neck while we waited for it to heat up. The shower was large and took up the entire corner of the room with a bench under the head. Marcus told me to go sit down and my legs nearly gave out while the hot water splashed over my naked body. My ass felt warm and open underneath me and strangely i felt very sexy and sensual in that moment, having spent the last who knows how long having my… Read more

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Punished by Silver Bear (True Account)

Shemale PornMatureHardcore

His hand wraps around my throat as soon as he’s in my door. “Don’t you look pretty…” He’ll maintain contact almost the entire time he is in my living room. We don’t leave this room. He starts by turning me to face the wall. “There it is.” He gropes my ass through my dress. It’s short and I feel his fingertips graze my bare thighs. He unzips and drops his pants. “You gonna be a good girl for me?” One of his hands reaches around and slides into my mouth. He makes me nod, but I’m with him. Intoxicated immediately. He’s older than me by a few decades. So perfectly aged. Rough in all the right p… Read more

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Group SexHardcoreTaboo

CHAPTER 9: PACK BITCH The experience at the hands of Harrison didn’t entirely leave me. The guys were all very supportive and by all appearances, I got over the trauma of the experience very well. It wasn’t the trauma part of the experience that weekend, though, that I didn’t entirely forget. What I couldn’t get out of my mind was the delicious experience I had when their dog, Ivan, mounted me as I was bound and helpless. It certainly wasn’t the way I would ever want to have a first impression of something new when I… Read more

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My Wife sets me up for first M/M

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

** This story contains male on male sexual contact ** My wife has had a regular boyfriend for the past year. He is a great guy who enjoys pampering her and doing those things I don't like to do such as shopping for clothes. He can get into fashion as much as my wife on those trips. While Keaton enjoys helping my wife with her hair and can spend hours talking about things most men avoid he also has a healthy libido and my wife enjoys their frequent sexual escapades. Keaton has also enhanced our marriage, the sexual energy he and my wife explore has definitely increased my wife's sexu… Read more

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Taboo Road Trip

TabooFirst TimeAnal

Word came around that my grandfather wasn’t doing real well and I also caught wind that my cousin was going to drive out to visit him. Now this particular cousin I’ve had a crush on for as long as I can remember but being four years younger he never looked at me that way which is understandable. But now in my young twenties and he in his mid I figured if nothing else now he’d stop calling me little Cuz. It’s been about five years since we were in the same room as each other but photos back and forth between our moms proved to me my attachment is still there. As for him I’m sure he still thi… Read more

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HardcoreShemale Porn

As you may have been following my sexual adventures when younger(another lifetime it seems yet it happened to me) I hark back to 1964 and my being stationed with Uncle Sam,s Air Force At Tachikawa Air Base not far from Tokyo, Japan. Working as an air policeman, equivalent to a military policeman I worked a nine days on three off rota of eight hour shifts and couldn,t wait for my days off. Having been taken for a ride when I went looking for pussy in the bars near Base I,d followed the advice of a friend who was due to return to the USA almost having served his two year tour and looked further… Read more

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The First time I knew I was born gay

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

It started out I never had any interest in girls I loved hanging out with my friends we’d sleep in the same bed in our briefs and I used to tell him I loved the way his body looked in it. We were standing up and he’s twirling showing me the front and the back I pushed so it showed his ass cheeks tell him this is way better and roll up the front of it he tells be lick my penis and lick up and down my ass crack I’ll do it to you I took his briefs off and began licking his cock I look at him and say it taste amazing lay down he asks why because imma keep licking it I like it. He tells me it feels… Read more

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Dont get hard boys!

Interracial SexTabooAnal

It became a game for her after she help the first pair of young boy , how cute it was to see school friends became lover her computer had now a couple of video in her collection , wondering if tonight meeting will go right I rang the door at 9pm like she told me to if i knew jake was naked in the other room on the couch tied i would have run but miss Izabel was way too experience at convincing young boy to eat her out tied up hands in the back i coudnt believe her , tits out holding cuffs for me she was mature but so beautifull , the 19 yrs boy we were had never seen such big titties J… Read more

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Why my boyfriend ask for my underwear...


Why would my boyfriend ask for my underwear? Once I caught an ex-boyfriend stealing my panties. He swiped them off the floor and tucked them into his coat pocket on his way out the door. I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted something to remember me by. He said he wanted to take my panties because they inspired "flashbacks" to our sexual adventures together. I thought that was rather sweet and romantic. Romantic is a good word to describe an entire bracket of panty fiends. A friend of mine explained it to me by saying, "Panties are the item closest to a woman's body. They hold… Read more

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