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He sits on the couch in the living room, legs pulled up comfortably. Wearing nothing but his boxers and his jeans, bare foot and topless. Browsing through the movies on the pay per view channel. Looking for a movie for them to watch. Just how they like spending a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s raining outside, and the rain is ticking against the window. He looks outside, and feels glad they’re inside, no reason to go outside, just enjoy their day off together. He hears the door open, and looks up from the TV and sees her standing in the door opening to the upstairs. A smile spreads across his fa… Read more

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The Underground


He holds the door open for her, and he smacks her buttocks playfully as she walks by him. They’re leaving the bar where they just had a few drinks. She giggles as she felt his hand touching her buttocks. He just smiles and walks after her. It’s dark outside, it’s the middle of the night as they head back home. The moon is full and it’s warm. He just smiles as he sees her standing there waiting for him. She’s wearing a short black skirt, with no panties. It excites him, knowing that he is the only one who knows what isn’t under that short and sexy skirt she’s wearing. Her black sheer stockings… Read more

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Twin Souls


As he enters their bedroom, he stands still in the door opening. He wears nothing but his boxers. It's dark outside, the lights are off. But he can see her quiet naked form in the pale moonlight. Just enough light, to see her beautiful shape. She kicked the sheets off of her, he smile as he watches her. He thinks to himself, "How did I ever get this lucky. So lucky to have her, my one true love, my twin soul. So beautiful..." He stands there for a few more minutes, watching her. She looks so beautiful, so enchanting. The stranger, who never was a stranger, and enslaved his heart. She may call… Read more

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He walks into the room to her, approaching her from behind, silently. She didn't notice him coming towards her, and jumps slightly as he wraps his arms around her from behind. He smiles, and softly kisses her neck. "Hey baby" he whispers in her ear. "His prince!" she replies as she leans her head back into him. "Have his told her how much his want her lately? How much his desire her...?" He whispers in her ear. "Mmmmm.... Tell me!" she whispers softly... "his'll show her..." He whispers back. He can feel her smiling in his arms. He releases his grip on her slightly, his left arm slides up an… Read more

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It’s a nice warm summer afternoon, and he slowly walks from the house down to their camper. Wearing nothing but his leather pants and boots. He sees her in the distance near the river bank, and decides to sneak up on her. In a slow and careful soundless run, he sneaks up behind her. And before she realizes he is there he wraps his arms around her and holds her close to him. Softly kissing her neck. “Mmmm… hellooo baby…”, she says slightly surprised. “I love you sweetheart…”, he whispers in her ear, still holding her close to him. He feels her putting his hands on his arms and her head leani… Read more

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Classy Cumslut Kate (Part 3).

FetishGroup Sex

...I reached under Sonia's swollen tummy (she was seven months pregnant) and I began to furiously rub her clit with one finger and simultaneously, I slid the middle finger of my other hand into her puckered anus! She gasped and moaned, "Oh yes!" as I came to the point of no return and began to pump my first load of warm cum into her twat! My tongue flicked over Kate's hard bud as I emptied fountains of spunk into Sonia - I always cum a lot, but I think that as it was about a week since I'd last shot my load, there was more - much more! I made sure to only leave my cock half in her moist fuc… Read more

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My Husbands friend


Marco was only supposed to stay a couple of weeks. He is a friend of Mike’s from his old school days. Marco is French and comes to England every now and then to see mike. They both take it in turns, with Mike going to stay in France on the return visit. Marco is fairly well off and doesn’t need to work, unlike Mike and I, who still have to make a living. During his stay we would both go off to work during the week and leave him to his own devices, getting together on the weekends and evenings to catch up. Marco is a very handsome man. He is tall with dark hair, brown eyes and a golden tan. His… Read more

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[FM] Caught masturbating naked and fucked by my ro

VoyeurMasturbationFirst Time

Freshman year of college, I lived in a dorm with 4 girls. There were 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom that we all shared. I had gotten pretty close with all the people I lived with so at a certain point I would just walk from the shower into my room without any clothes or a towel. Some of my roommates would occasionally do the same. I think I saw all of them naked at least once during the year. Near the end of that year, my roommate told me that her cousin would be visiting on Friday, but by the time that day rolled around, I had completely forgotten. So on that Friday afternoon, I went to take a sh… Read more

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Wife at the office


Mrs at the office, Well with warm weather of late. I had been asking the Mrs C to wear skirts to work as I know she loves the attention from guys. I kept joking as well about not wearing knickers. But she kept saying no not at work. Anyone a new young lad had recently started and she kept going on about how fit he was. A few days later she comes home from work wear a skirt and one of her see thought tops. Puzzled I asked her was it hot at work. She smiles and said kind of it got hot from lunch time onwards. And winked at me. Turned round bent over to take her shoes off. And flashed me her… Read more

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Helen's view

Interracial Sex

This is the story of Helen’s black man experience s I have pieced it together from what she has told me. We had been fantasising about Mike for a few weeks before he arrived. When she met him she had already been fantasising about him. He was handsome and fit and she was immediately wondering whether he had a big cock. She said there was a churn in her stomach when they shook hands. He was charming and funny and they got on well. Every time she saw him she was looking at his ass or crotch and wondering...., but she says she had no intention of following up on anything. They went out for… Read more

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Slutty night out with the Mrs

Group SexVoyeurFetish

It had been a few months since the Mrs and I had been out having fun. So we decided that we would go out Friday night to let off some steam. All week we had been sexting each other. So by the time Friday came round we were both hyper horny. While getting ready C asks what should she wear. And pulls out this really short skirt. And a thin black see through top. Instant hard in from me gives her the green light. Ones she is ready she comes down stairs, 6 inch heels holding her high. And the skirt seemed more like a belt. She spins in the spot and says what do you think. The fact that as sh… Read more

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Uncle Eddie Vol. 6

First TimeHardcoreMature

Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m about to share with you guys what happened with me in the last week. My family left me when I was 10 years old, after that, a guy named Eddie Found me and is taking care of me ever since. He has a big round belly fat guy, 5’10’’ and he is a nice guy for most of the time, except when I get my grades down. Whenever I get bad grades in any subject I get a hard spanking from him. Normally it’s supposed to be a punishment but I think I’m starting to enjoy it now, and I have a feeling he is always just looking for a reason to get into spank mode. That might be because… Read more

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Donna the slag

Group SexHardcoreAnal

When Donna was about 24-25 we started going to a pub in a nearby town that was a bit rough. Our reasons for that was that they usually had a decent band on and the beer was really good and cheap. We'd go over on Saturday most weeks and she'd get pissed and have a laugh with the locals which usually meant her getting her tits out which the lads there loved. I was working right by the pub one day so unusually I popped in for a quick one on that afternoon. The pub is split into 2 rooms, the bar and the lounge at the rear. I was stood in the lounge having a beer when I overheard a couple of the lo… Read more

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Jacking Jacky with Food Porn


Jacky was a 55 year old blond Yorkshire lassie, 5ft 8”, nice and busty 36B, I guess, a little bit of middle age spread but great legs. She was once good looking but her face was wrinkled and framed in a pair of oval glasses. She used to try and dress 20 years younger which revealed bits and pieces a little too much. She was the careers co-ordinator in our college. She was also a bit talkative and overbearing. Once she engages you, you want to run. She was not very popular with the other staff. Most of us avoided her like the plague. However, we needed to pop in to her office to check on ava… Read more

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Europe Holiday Part 1


I took my 2 slaves on a trip to Europe where we visited Germany and Spain. The 3 weeks away was just what we needed to recharge our batteries, as work has been flat out for the 3 of us. On arriving in Berlin, we took a day to relax, catch up on sleep before heading out to see what the city has to offer. I had done some research on places to see, the old wall and the history on the Nazis. That was all well worth seeing. We were staying in the center of Berlin, so the night life wasn't far away. The weather was warm & I had my slaves wear the Black Leather Collars, heels & a new Sumeri… Read more

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A brother and sister get closer.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Jay woke up and swung his legs over the edge of his bed. Reaching down, he picked up the blue basketball shorts off the floor and slid them over his toned, cocoa-brown legs. He stood up and shuffled the garment over his morning wood, trying to shift his cock so that it wasn't poking out too much. Looking down, he saw that his efforts were pretty futile. He left his bedroom and went down the hallway into the kitchen. As he turned into the doorway, he saw the refrigerator door open, and a woman's shapely ass poking out as she was bent over looking for something. He stopped and stared, the round… Read more

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Became a Boi Part 3


The next morning I awoke to the sounds of the sanitation trucks on the street below our apartment. My wife was already up, and I could smell coffee brewing in the kitchen. Stirring from the bed, I heard a clicking sound from under the sheets. Looking down at my crotch, I saw the chastity cage and it all came back to me in a rush. Had last night really happened? Yes. Yes it had. I got out of bed and began to walk to the bathroom. My asshole was sore. And loose. I started to lift the toilet lid to pee then thought better of it. I lowered it and sat down. Afterwards, I took a shower. It felt odd… Read more

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Dad's visit


It has been a long time since the last time I wrote. Things didn't work out the way I planned. My Mom passed on about 4 years ago. Sad for me especially since I was never able to be with her the way I wanted. But time marches on. My Dad is now 84 but in good health. He visits with us every Christmas. This last Christmas eve turned into something special. After everyone left Dad, Terry, and myself sat drinking in the den. We were all feeling a little drunk, Dad especially. Terry went into the kitchen to clean up. Terry now walks with a cane. At 60 still a very pretty lady and like most of us se… Read more

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CelebritiesGroup SexHardcore

DAWNIE GROWS UP Part of her blamed the monks. They’d created her, shaped her, wrote her whole life: and they were, well, monks. Dawn had no sexual background whatsoever, especially compared to her friends. If that weren’t enough, she seemed to be everybody’s younger sister; the monks had apparently decided to include chastity when she’d put memories of her into everyone else. Her mind had been made curious, though. It was a curiosity that had only grown: and now Sunnydale was almost abandoned by every human, now the Scoobies were distracted by the threat of the First, she decided it… Read more

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My uncle fucks me

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

When I opened the door, I could hardly believe my eyes. My niece Maria was standing there looking up at me with a expectant smile on her face. What I couldn’t believe was how she had filled out and blossomed into the small, perfectly proportioned, sexy young thing before me. I was almost instantly aroused at the sight of her. Always a small shy girl, Maria would almost shrink into the background whenever her Uncle Al would visit. Which is not to say, I didn’t notice her. Despite her shy ways, and her diminutive stature, there was always a sparkle in her eyes hidden behind her glasses. That an… Read more

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