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Weekend of Fun

My wife and I were invited to a party at a friends house about two hours away so we booked a Motel in the town. The party would have alcohol so I didn't want to drive too far. I am 72 and my wife is 68 so we are not young by any means. My wife is a little overweight as am I but we look much younger than we are. I have been told that I am not over 60 which makes me feel good. On this fine summer day my wife had on a tank top and shorts. Her top had a built in bra so I talked her into going without an real bra so I could rubagaoinsther36 C's when I got a chance an I also took my liberties with f... Continue»
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Tessa and Teri are Bound by Love

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Flying into upstate New York in December may not have been the best decision, but I couldn't wait 'til spring. So, after a few flight delays, I was finally landing. Finally ready for the very last part of this journey, before I would begin my greatest journey.

I got my rental car and drove to the hotel, checked in and sent the text message I was instructed to send. Then I waited. There was no response, just silent waiting. Like I was told there would be.

I sat on the edge of the bed, my short skirt... Continue»
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De opvoeding - 1

Ze kwam hem tegen op een tuinfeestje van haar vader. Hij was een vage kennis van haar ouders (iets met de tennisclub, dacht ze). Hij stond een beetje achteraf in het halfdonker en hij leunde nonchalant tegen de schutting.
Ze verveelde zich, een maand geleden was ze 17 geworden, nu nog een maandje naar school en dan eindelijk vakantie! Ze hoopte dat ze dan wat meer tijd zou hebben met Johan, haar vriendje sinds een maand of twee. Ze hadden al twee keer geneukt, en het enige wat ze wilde was meer (en meer, en meer, en meer… zo was ze een beetje aan het dromen). Bij de gedachte aan Johan speelde... Continue»
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note: part of this story has been published as a blog entry on this account.

there was a moment of awkward silence as the three people  wondered to themselves what  was about to happen. max stood fully dressed at the bedroom door. the five foot eleven inch tall,  kal wore only fake boots from a halloween batman costume, and yummy pumpkins sat naked on the queen-sized bed .
the big beautiful redhead spoke first. ''max, why don't you make sure the camera is ready to shoot?''
max's face reddened. ''you want me to film you getting fucked by ...that!---by him?''
kal looked at both of them... Continue»
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EIS schlecken !!!

Meine Frau , 45 Jahre alt, 85 F, Kleidergröße 42,und kleinere Tattoo `s,
hatte mal wieder die von mir ersteigerten Pumps, schwarze klassische Gabor mit 5 cm Absatz, mit halterlosen Strümpfen und durchsichtigem Kleid angezogen und kam damit ins Wohnzimmer. Ein Hauch von „Sun“ ströhmte mit herein.

Mein kleiner Freund war sofort steif und voller Vorfreude. Saskia kam zu mir an den Laptop, drehte sich um, dabei beugte sie sich so vor, das sich das Kleid hochschob und ich ihren nackten Hintern bewundern konnte.

„Na, hast Du Lust ?“ fragte sie und lächelte mich verführerisch an. Dann steckte sie ... Continue»
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Dee takes on the football supporters coach

We had booked two seats on a coach to see our local football team play away. We had chosen the non f****y coach as everyone on this one was over eighteen (pub stops on the way to the match) and the other coach was for families. The game was one of the furthest trips of the season and the trip would take about an hour or more depending on how many stops were made.
We arrived at the football ground and Dee was quickly checking out the other passengers as we waited for the coach to turn up. There was a mix of people, mostly guys, I guess from about eighteen to around forty with a couple of girlf... Continue»
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Meine Frau , 45 Jahre alt, 85 F, Kleidergröße 42,und kleinere Tattoo `s,
hatte mal wieder die von mir ersteigerten Pumps, schwarze klassische Gabor mit 5 cm Absatz, mit halterlosen Strümpfen und durchsichtigem Kleid angezogen und kam damit ins Wohnzimmer. Ein Hauch von „Sun“ ströhmte mit herein.

Mein kleiner Freund war sofort steif und voller Vorfreude. Saskia kam zu mir an den Laptop, drehte sich um, dabei beugte sie sich so vor, das sich das Kleid hochschob und ich ihren nackten Hintern bewundern konnte.

„Na, hast Du Lust ?“ fragte sie und lächelte mich verführerisch an. Dann steckte sie ... Continue»
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A Run and a Fuck in the Park

I had always liked Adam. I had known him since high school. He was one of Maxx's boyfriends and they had this on and off relationship over a period of almost 15 years. He knew, like all of us did, that our options after school were very limited so he joined the army as soon as he left school. He would be away for months at a time then come back and hook up with Maxx until he went away again.

He was one of those strong, silent men I adore and kind of worship. When I was young my father used to watch old western movies on TV. He loved them. He used to always turn the volume up whenever the... Continue»
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wife surprises me with something new

My wife(J) and I have been married for 33 years and during that time we have experimented five times with another guy. Each time my wife(J) has only agreed to it if she did not know or see the guy. The last time this happened was six years ago just after she turned 50. J is 5'3” tall with 34c breast and carries a little extra weight around her midsection after having 3 c***dren. She is very self conscious about her 160lbs. At 56 there are whisps of grey and white in her hair but still looks like she is in her mid 40's. As a school teacher she is very confident and sure of herself but very ... Continue»
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Mom liked me to watch (4)

The day my dad left on his trip, mom and I fucked that whole night. We also talked about what turned us on and how we might try to make these things happen.
Moms most favorite thing to do is to be able to tease guys by showing off her body. At first doing it so they think she has not idea that they are getting a nice look at her. Then later slowly let them know that she wants them to watch.
I guess I was like my dad, I liked to watch her teasing guys then watching them fuck her good. It really got to me if they were men that knew her or my dad.
She also said that she got wet when young ... Continue»
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Katrins Abenteuer

Katrins Abenteuer

Hallo, ich bin Katrin. Diese Geschichte hat sich nicht exakt so zugetragen, ich habe viele kleinere Erlebnisse zu einer größeren Story verknüpft. Die einzelnen Szenen haben sich aber so oder so ähnlich abgespielt. Auch die handelnden Personen haben Vorbilder im realen Leben.

Also: Flashback, Anfang der 90er, kein Internet, keine Handys, … und viel mehr Langeweile als heute. Aber nicht für uns! Los geht’s!

1. Das erste Mal mit Vera

Hi, ich bin Katrin. Mittlerweile habe ich die 40 schon überschritten, aber die Geschichte, die ich euch erzählen will, spielt Anfang de... Continue»
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A Hot Evening Part 3

A Hot Evening Pt.3

(This episode was previously lost and fills in a gap in the events)

I was preening and strutting my stuff in front of the two women like I was God's gift to females. Well, hadn't I just helped bring them both to shattering orgasms? Hadn't I taken part in bringing their deepest sexual fantasies to fruition? Of course I had - and they would obviously now recognise my full worth! I had left Stella with her legs in the air, bald pussy agape and still pulsing as I withdrew my swollen penis from her depths. Liv, lying next to her so that her eyes had been close to our mel... Continue»
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Molly tricked into gangbang

Molly (left) and Josee (right) were taking 2 courses together in their undergrad degree. Josee was a well-known slut on campus but Molly was unaware of it. She asked Molly to go with her to a night party with her. This party was arranged by Josee's sugar daddy hijablover3 and he asked her to bring a friend next time. Molly and Josee went together to this party that soon turned into a gangbang for Molly.

Molly tricked into gangbang

hijablover3 welcomes them both to the party with a double shot of tequila to get the party started.... Continue»
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Morning Woods

I awoke to the delightful sounds of morning birds, singing their early music and the quiet lapping of water on the rocky shore. When I opened my eyes, I was staring up at the beautiful morning’s sky, the tree tops glowing in the rising sunlight. Chris and I had slept under the stars, beside our campfire for the last night of our camping trip. The food bag hung high in a tree well out of sight, and our tent still fully soaked from all the rain we’d been having. We finally had some amazing open skies the previous day and wanted to take full advantage of it to make up for the terrible weather all... Continue»
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für regentage und so

Camping m.d.Fam. eines Schulfreundes (Netzfund) [ könnte ich noch mal bearbeiten...]

Andreas war seit gestern mit der Familie seines besten Schulfreundes auf Urlaub. Fast 3 Monate hatte er seine Eltern bearbeitet, damit sie ihn mitfahren ließen. Erst Marthas Intervention hatte seine ängstliche Mutter endlich umgestimmt. Sabina war nur deshalb mitgefahren, weil sie sich gerade von ihrem Freund getrennt hatte. Da alle ihre Freundinnen auf Urlaub waren, wollte sie nicht alleine zu Hause bleiben. Sie ließ aber keinen Zweifel, dass sie Gegenwart von 2 Grünschnäbeln, wie sie Andreas und Markus beze... Continue»
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Beginnings of a Voyeur

I was 13 years old when I noticed the 2 older girls who had moved in across the street from my parents house growing up. At that age, I was just hitting puberty, my hormones raging and jacking my dick was becoming a favorite past time. I was a shy k** growing up, still am to some degree. I was an awkward teen at that time and had yet to have a real girlfriend. I was fascinated with the normal type porn of the era, my friends dad had a extensive magazine collection that he shared, and of course the late night movies on"skin o max" were always a favorite.

But when the two 20 somethings moved ... Continue»
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In my friend's mouth... Part 2

Recap of Part 1: The hot girl of my group of friendly nerds took me to the woods to give me a blowjob and swallow my load.

After that, Sarah and I dated for a couple of months. Our group of friends easily accepted it and everyone was happy. Oh, and sex was god damn amazing. Even after everything, I could never get bored of her round, curvy and firm ass. She knew it, and loved to tease me all the time... We'd fuck in my car, behind buildings and even in a park once. Kept things interesting!

I even got the meet her incredible f****y. Everyone was super fun and happy. We would play board games,... Continue»
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A Little History.

Even back in college she had a reputation for being easy. There was even a rumor she had done a gangbang. Not the kind of girl you would typically want to marry but I was confident she would change once she had that ring on her finger. Turned out to not be the case. Once a slut always a slut. She is a beautiful sexy Asian American woman. Had all the qualities I was attracted too, and I do kind of like dirty girls in the bedroom so we married.
Fast forward to 2012. Married 16 years. My wife would have been 38 years old. I started getting suspicious. I had that feeling only those that have e... Continue»
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Gift From Mom

Normally a picture of poise, the older, attractive woman paced. Patty Maguire swayed as she walked back and forth, and her hands kept running through her thick, brown hair. She couldn't stop worrying over questions about her son. Something was wrong, and she had to know what. She wanted better for him.

Patty glared at her cell phone. 'Where was his call back to her?' She wanted to hear from him as soon as possible. She had spent enough time wondering about him, and now she wanted answers. Her heels clicked about on the tile of her expansive kitchen, in a house much too large for just hersel... Continue»
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Mother in Law Submits Again

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.

Fiona shows little resistance as I take her again.

When Fiona arrived home from work we acted as nothing had happened this morning mainly because Alan was at home from another heavy session down the boozer. He as normal gave Fiona a load of shit before eventually stumbling up the stairs where we listened to him crash into a few things before bombing out on his and Fiona's bed.

After about five minutes Alan was snoring so loudly we could both hear him downstairs, it was at this poi... Continue»
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