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34 Year Old Stepdaughter...Part 11


So its been awhile since part ten! With all the covid crap going on and k**s and healthcare jobs all combined we've had to stay apart for awhile, until this past weekend. We both were tested last week for work and negative, we'd been texting carefully over the past month and most of our interaction was that way. As we couldn't be together we had some great text conversations in which I told her about my posting stories on an x rated site and also a dozen or so pictures from screen grabs of the videos she made for me of her in the bathroom and shower. I sent her the photos I used along with th… Read more

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Natalee Tells Me About Her First Blowjob

First Time

Natalee Tells Me About Her First Blowjob Natalee was 20 when we first got together and an amazing cock sucker. I was always curious about her sexual experiences from before we met and would ask her to tell me about them but she would never give me any details. As the years passed and we got more comfortable in our relationship she finally relented and gave me the story of how she gave her first blowjob. This is written as she told it to me one night as we lay nude in bed together while she stroked my cock. "One Saturday Shelly and Patricia took me to what was supposed to be a party but whe… Read more

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Inside Maple Grove, Chapter 3

Interracial SexMature

A story about one families bid to conquer Boston’s Elite A Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van. Chapter 3 Dear readers, the story continues of a black family's bid to conquer Boston's white middle classes. Please read pervious chapters here for maximum enjoyment. Hopefully this tale is being well received. Some feedback would be nice. Inside Maple Grove Chapter3 - Penetration time. Michelle Jackson had been joined in the hot tub by her daughter Abbey and Stella Harris and they were casually chatting and drinking champagne. Stella Harris was still feeling sexually… Read more

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Cherry popped

AnalFetishShemale Porn

The man from next door Mr Tremain became a regular visitor to my shed where I would slip into my mothers mackintosh and ether wank or suck him to completion, on one of these visits he suggested I should go to his and try on one of his macs, I agreed and arranged it for the following Saturday. Slipping into my mothers bedroom with the idea of taking a pr of her pants to wear I came across her suspender belt and black stockings plus a pr of red very shiny knee boots she had worn for a 60s night out with the girls, slipping this into a bag I trotted off next door.    &nbs… Read more

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Getting to know Isabel - Pandemic 2020

Lesbian Sex

Read the Spanish version here: https://xhamster.com/stories/conociendo-a-isabel-pandemia-2020-10074850 I haven't always liked women. After one of my female friends opened my eyes to the pleasure of making love with a woman, only two years ago, I was really lucky to find some very sweet and caring women who taught me a lot. I've never thought of a man again ever since when I'm horny. This story begins at a wedding party in February this year, where I met Isabel. She is 28, slender but curvy, with black hair, gray eyes and 5'4" tall (I am 62 and 5'8"). We were introduced by some friends… Read more

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Dance of sex

VoyeurGroup SexInterracial Sex

At 30 years old I married Beth, a cute little girl of 18yrs. My main worry was that she would get tired of me and want 'friends' of her own age. Well that didn't happen, and after 2 years we are still very happy. Though the worry of her wanting younger guys played so much on my mind that it became a fantasy, which grew and grew till I wanted it to happen. I kept imagining her being fucked by other men and would get off on it whilst we fucked. The images in my mind were like a movie show of her letting strange men use her body. We used to go out dancing once or twice a week to a loca… Read more

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Interracial SexMature

A story about one families bid to conquer Boston’s Elite A Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van. (Please read previous chapters to get maximum enjoyment). Chapter 3 - Penetration time. Michelle Jackson had been joined in the hot tub by her daughter Abbey and Stella Harris and they were casually chatting and drinking champagne. Stella Harris was still feeling sexually aroused after her very brief dalliance with Abbey and even though absorbed in conversation in her head she replayed the event and the comment by Abbey that “she would be satisfied this evening” and her mind… Read more

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He Owns Her


I saw you for the first time a little over three years ago; and I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous you were. Then, I met you, and I got to see you were just as nice. Now, every time I'm at a race, I always make up some excuse to see you; swinging by the trailer, getting things I don't want or need. It's all done with a feeble hope that somehow, someday; I'll work up enough nerve to make conversation, something beyond a shy hello and a smile. Most nights, when I'm lying in bed, alone, I fantasize about you… Read more

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Now a bull- my first cuckolding experience

First TimeHardcoreMature

My introduction to the world of swinging actually started with a change of circumstances- working away from home for long periods of time. So whereas engagement with swinging sites earlier had been largely academic due to lack of freedom to meet (married and wife unaware), suddenly I was away from home a number of nights a week and left to my own devices. I embraced the sites with alacrity imagining that one ad would have women queuing at my door. Like all excited men joining those sites I soon discovered that men outnumber women probably 10 to one, and with so few women about getting chattin… Read more

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Bachelor party

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

Wife helps plan a bachelor party. The stripper can't make it, so she has to take her place Bachelor Wendy and I are both in our late twenties. She's 5'6, 110 lbs., 34c, light blue eyes, and a natural redhead. Wendy has these beautiful soft thick lips... just perfect for blowjobs. Being a Natural redhead, her pubic hair is red and very soft. We've been together about 4 years, married a little over 2 years. She's had a few boyfriends before me, but I could tell she was very inexperienced Sexually speaking. Wendy is a very modest woman. She wears a one-piece bathing suit in public. I'… Read more

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Lockdown with Little Sister


I have been staying at my parents' house since I lost my bartending job after the restaurant I worked at shut down for good two months ago. I've been pretty lethargic, sleeping most of the day and hanging out in a tiny little bedroom. I'm 26 and accustomed to having my own space. Suddenly having to share space with my mom, dad, and little sister was a big readjustment. To make matters worse, my sister Ava moved into my bedroom when I left the house five years ago, so I am stuck in her old one. Ava just turned 18, and she's starting her senior year of high school. She has been home all summer… Read more

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A third visit


Angela’s eldest, Rebecca, was being unbelievably selfish. It was one thing not to put the washing away, quite another not to take half an hour to visit the young man hospitalised while saving her life. “Yesterday you walked round to see your friends, then the rest of the day you used your hands to text them. You’ve just finished eating your lunch at home. How much does a little kindness take from that busy schedule?” Rebecca shrugged. “That’s it? You can’t even muster a couple of words to explain?” “You know…” Angela waited a moment to see if what she knew would be explained to her. Her d… Read more

Posted by ccj29 4 hours ago 371

My first anal experience Part One

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

My first anal was very exciting, and only a couple of weeks after I’d had my first ever threesome! The threesome was more about being shared with Ade’s best friend, than them both using me at the same time. I was 44 when I next had 2 cocks, and with just Ade fucking me in between, and although I didn’t know it, I was just entering menopause and my body decided to get real horny, as did my mind. My first time however, I was drunk and very horny, Ade had been fucking me for 3years bu then, my only lover, and I knew how to suck cock and had tried a lot of positions already. I did love cock! We ha… Read more

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The Punishment Continues


I pulled Sharon back up to her feet and she stood in front of me with her arms behind her back while I decided on what was next, her puffy little bee stings stood out from her chest and her stiff nipples looked larger than normal and begged for a suck and as I looked down her smooth body seeing her flat toned belly and tuft of light coloured pubic hair that ran down between her legs my cock throbbed back to full erection, I leant forward and flicked my tongue around each nipple in turn giving them both a little suck which cause Shaz to softly moan, “Oooh sir, that tickles sir” she said as she… Read more

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Swinging session 2

Group SexLesbian SexMasturbation

So after about a fortnight, we got an email from Simon asking us if we were free that coming weekend? we replied yes and a meet was arranged to go back to there’s for 4.00 sat afternoon, we were fucking long and hard thinking about all the fun we would have and by sat morning were as horny as fuck and couldn’t wait to get there. Simon texted us and said that Linda was friends with a couple from work and would we mind if they came over to? we text back saying as long as they were fit and horny the more the merrier,(and god when they turned up they were fucking sexy) She was about 5ft 8 (roughly… Read more

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Please make my fantasy come true! (Femboy fantasy)

Gay MaleInterracial SexAnal

Today is the day I meet my grindr daddy! I met daddy a few days ago as I was scrolling through grindr. I didn’t get any pictures or even his name even though I sent him tons. All I knew was that he had a cock and that was good enough for me. We agreed to meet at this sleezy hotel across town. He told me to dress in my sluttiest outfit and prepare to be strapped down and fucked. Strapped down? I didn’t quite know what he meant by that, but it sounds sexy. I did as he said and put on a slutty outfit. A sparkly collar that says "CUMSLUT", an extremely tight black satin corset, red leather mini sk… Read more

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Real sex story of a college boy and married girl

First TimeMasturbationHumor

It was 2002 I was an intermediate student. I used to watch porn movies in tv channels. Sometimes me with friends used to visit cinema halls. There we watched two movies in one ticket. The first one was action movie and then adult movie was played. Most of the movies of that time were vintages. We enjoy hairy pussy and monster dick. Whatever, the movies attracted me a lot for real sex. So, I was searching for having sex with someone. Luckily, I met with a matured girl who was married. Her husband was not able to give her satisfaction for sex. So she used to pass time with me. I most often visi… Read more

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Come to Life TV News Fantasies (Part 1)

MasturbationLesbian SexCelebrity

Meghan enters a simple apartment, home from work. She has on a business dress that comes down to just below her knees. She turns on the large TV on the wall as she walks into her bedroom. We see a news show on TV, very Fox-like. Two attractive women are sitting on stools doing an interview. The sound is off. The woman on the right is identified as Ainsley Lee. The women on the left is Jenna Kelly, author of the best-selling book The Alluring Executive. They’re each wearing a single color, one piece dress that comes mid-thigh. Meghan reenters from the bedroom carrying a basket of dirty clothes… Read more

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My Wife and Slut Katie, I love you

AnalGroup SexHardcore

My Wife and Slut Katie, I love you It was a Saturday night my wife and I had finished eating dinner when she told me her girlfriend Patricia was coming over to pick her up so they could do a little shopping together before going to get a coffee to talk a bit and they would be back about 9 o’clock. About half past six when Patricia showed up and we invited her in were we talked for several minutes before they both left. I myself went ahead finished cleaning up the kitchen along with the dishes before I turned on the television finding a movie to watch which kept my attention. But when it was o… Read more

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Happy Thanksgiving


I was at work, the day before Thanksgiving down in the count room. I walk passed the door to the counter and see Emily on the other side of the bars that cover the counter window. Emily is 45-50 ish, and sturdy. She has a wide firm butt and average breasts, her face is like a 5. Her messy curly hair gives her a bit of a trailer trash vibe, but in a good way. She seemed like the girl next door. Very approachable. Like she would willingly put out and then brag about it to her friends. I said, "Are you ready for Thanksgiving?" She bent to over to get my paperwork and said, "Yes how about you?"… Read more

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