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My hot busty neighbor is a real nympho !

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I always wondered what my neighbor would be like if her husband wasn't around and I finally found out ! I was just sitting on my patio on a hot summer day when I heard the neighbors come out the door of their apartment next door to sit on their patio and I could tell by the conversation that they didn't realize I was sitting within earshot and could hear every word that was said. I had loved the awesome busty body of the wife from the first time I saw her sunbathing a few years ago but we have not really met officially . So I heard her saying to her husband that she was planning to get caught… Read more

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A mother's dilemma.

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Joan Simmons was a 48-year-old mother of two, who had been married to John Simmons for the last 22 years. In the beginning they had a wonderful sex life and frequently made love two or three times a night, although over the last five years it had been more like once a week. Joan was not one to complain although she did miss the physical contact from her husband. Both are c***dren were now in their late teens Robert being the oldest at 19 and James Younger by three years. Reasonably comfortably off, the Simmons family lived in a large four-bedroom house; the master bedroom and ensuite bathroo… Read more

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Huge Milk Maid Part 1


When I was about 13 years old, and entering the raging hormonal phase of my life, my parents hired a woman named Trisha. My family was wealthy, and employed many housekeepers. Trisha was hired as the fifth housekeeper at our house/mansion. Like the other four housekeepers, Trisha was a “live-in” maid. She had her own room in a particular wing of the house that facilitated the “help” regarding our house. There was, however, something that was much different about Trisha from the other four housekeepers. Although all five of them were about the same age, (almost 30 or so) Trisha was the only on… Read more

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Daddy's Doggie Girl (teen, incest, beastial


Daddy's Doggie Girl **Yasmine stays home from school sick. Daddy comes home early and finds his daughter with her dog and realizes he's jealous of the dog.** Yasmine was Carl's beautiful daughter. She was fifteen years old and a pure daddy's girl. She had grown up a lot in the last year, her five foot two inch body was supporting wonderful 32B cup breasts. Yasmine's long brown her fell just short of her waist and Carl was always telling his daughter to get it cut. She wouldn't though and secretly he was happy about that. Carl had been married for 16 years now and lately his wi… Read more

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Taking what i want 6

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Mr Dorking, 50 years old, dean of the year 12 students, stood watching two of the schools most notorious students smoking cigarettes, sunbathing in their underwear on a grass bank down the far end of the sports field. Alicia and Danielle had known that Mr Dorking followed them , pretending to watch the senior boys play football in the hot sun, as he walked around. The two girls were 18 years old, 5' 4" tall brunettes athletic tanned bodies from the rugby , cross fit training , swimming, and touch rugby had removed their bras now lying prone ,on their stomachs, wiggling their g string clad bot… Read more

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Full Physical Exam


I am a 45 year old male. I am part Asian and White. I was engaged to a beautiful white girl with an amazing body. She left me just before we were to get married. When she did contact me she told me she just had the fuck of her life from three young men all with massive cocks. She told me my little dick wasn't enough to please her or any woman and that she had been cheating on me the entire time we were together. Well...I was devastated! I never realized my cock was small...no...it's tiny according to most women. My dick is 4" by 5.5" when hard. When soft...it is under an inch. My ex said a lit… Read more

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The reader on the bus


Today I got on the city transit, at the city center. I recently lost my license, DUI, and now public transportation was my ride home. I made my way to the back even though almost all of the seats on the bus were open. Nobody I bothered me and I kept to myself most of the time. I liked it that way and tried to make sure the other passengers knew. Several people got on after I did and a group of older ladies got on at the first stop. I did not see her waiting to get on the bus, but at the next stop she did. I guess I might have been playing on my phone because I normally don’t miss checking out… Read more

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Claire two

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from one [She sat back on the sofa and opened her legs, exposing her womanhood. I knelt between her thighs and gently eased my cock into her vagina. I pushed ever so slowly. She was breathing fast. I moved in and out and then had to pull out and I stroked myself and came globs of cum onto her tummy. “Why did you stop Sam?” She said, looking hurt. “I don’t want to get you pregnant. “Oh!” Claire said, almost crying. She sat up and hugged me. “I won’t get pregnant I’m on the pill; have been for a year”. “You knew this would happen all the time!” “Yes, I hoped it would.” I leaned over and… Read more

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Fucking my gay neighbor, with my wife's permi

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My fiance and I have a partially open relationship. We’re both bisexual and exclusive within our relationship to members of the opposite sex. However, each of us travels for work regularly and we decided our trips would be a good time for each of us to indulge in our bisexuality. Half the year, she’s gone three days a week, and half the year I’m gone three or four days a week. We miss each other when we’re gone, but it’s a perfect arrangement that we’ve got worked out. Recently, our neighbors who lived in the house across the street moved away and their house was sold to a guy named Julian,… Read more

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My Mother’s Friend II

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After Deb and I had sex the first time (I won’t call it love...yet, but there was a lot of like there), to say I followed her around like a love sick puppy would be an understatement. She’d taken a virgin boy and made him a … well certainly not a confident, mature, well rounded lover, but I was quite an enthusiastic young fella. The second time was almost two weeks after the first. I’d been over to the house numerous times, sitting in the kitchen in the morning, holding hands and kissing and a little petting, but nothing beyond that. The weekend arrived and so had Indian Summer. The temper… Read more

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Loving Wife Becomes a Slut Ch. 01

VoyeurFirst TimeMature

Often in the throes of passion I had suggested to my wife that I wanted to see her naked on a beach, legs open, people gazing at her wet glistening cunt but had given up all hope until that fateful year. It all began with bedroom sex talk, the sort couples have where one is serious and the other gets turned on by the chat but has no intention of ever actually taking it further than chat. Then one chance set of events set things moving. We were on a holiday with friends in Spain who had hired a large private villa with a pool. Our friends had all gone out walking and were not due back for hou… Read more

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Second Honeymoon Ch. 04

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This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Please read the previous chapters to enjoy this story. Hope you will love the story. The trip reaches a wild end. As much as neither wanted to admit it, both couples knew their vacation was nearing its end and they would be flying home the day after next. Part of Jon wanted to stay in the room all day and do nothing more than fuck, but he knew that as willing as the mind might be the body needed to rest. They spent all day Friday shopping and touring the island. They stayed there all day and didn't return to the… Read more

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The Teacher - Part 01 -Beginning-

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Hi today i am going to tell you a story about me and my teacher, She was a small women but her tits were big comparing to her slim body. her skin was brown. eyes were black and also the hair. her tits size was dd i guess. her tits were round and perfect, her ass was round and perfect too. her age was between 25-35. One day i had to stay after school because i got in to a fight, it was around 5.30 pm, i was at school, the worse part is there was a train stick and there was no trains to go home,at that time i met the teacher and she asked me "arent you going home ?". i said "i want to but ther… Read more

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Mica's Sissy Cum Dump


Dani’s arse jiggled in her pink bikini bottoms as Mistress Mica spanked it firmly. “Good gurl Dani, you’ve got a very nice arse” Dani giggle and jiggled her arse some more, trying tease her Mistress and show her how slutty she could be. “Thank you Mistress Mica” was Dani’s response as she lowered herself in a seductive manner on to her knees and bit her lip gently, looking up at her Mistress, “Please may I suck your cock Mistress?”. Running her fingers through Dani’s deep red hair, Mica replied “Yes, you sexy sissy, you may”. Dani inched closer and placed the tip of Mica’s cock inbetween her… Read more

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Friday Afternoon with Turtle on the porch


It was a Friday afternoon, my girl and I always looking forward to the weekend when we can actually have sometime together. It started a few days before lots of text flirting with more then an innuendo or two and it was building some lust in each of us. While we do find time for intimacy as well as having some hot lustful moments they are harder now with my teenage daughter living with me again. Now if that were not the case it would have been a wild and quick encounter when we were back together. Well once Turtle arrived I was excited and would have enjoyed taking her once she arrived it wa… Read more

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She was a he

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“Gosh she’s hot” That was my first thought seeing her dancing and laughing at the club I visited late one evening on the road. She had a lean taut body, long legs, pixie haircut, and a big smile. Cute and sweet and feminine. I’d been driving for hours and wanted just a little noise and activity before bed in the motel beside the bar. The beer and the music were good, and the crowd seemed relaxed and friendly. I was happy just to sit at the bar and watch for a while. She had other ideas. After a dance number ended, she came over and said ‘Hi, I’m Faby. You wanna dance?” Her voice was low an… Read more

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The Wedding Day 14 - 15 pm

MatureSex HumorHardcore

As we stood outside the church posing for photos in the various family groups that Abigail sister wanted us in, I tried my best to smile and look loving towards my girlfriend when really all I could think about was the two hot women I had fucked in quick succession. Then as we stood for another group photo I suddenly noticed a young petite brunette standing beside me in a little red flowery dress, and as I glanced at her she smiled back at me. "Hi" she said "Hi" I replied back, before trying to put on my best smile for the photographer. "So do you always fuck other women at weddings?" she then… Read more

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True story: married Mormon fucked in mattress stor

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I recently got divorced having had to move out I was looking for a mattress. I went to one of our local mattress stores in the store clerk there was with someone. I was forced to look around the store for a while without help. The girl there noticed me and said she would help me when she was finished up with this customer. So I’m going bed to bed laying on them trying to figure out what I liked while I waited for her. The whole time that she was helping that person I noticed that she was watching me. Finally when she came to me she was all smiles and seemed excited to talk to me. She had… Read more

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My boyfriend should have stayed home today

HardcoreLesbian Sex

My roommate from college,Sabrina was coming to visit me, she’s a flight attendant now and she’s stunning. Her long blonde hair flows down to her hips, just above her perfect apple shaped ass at the top of her long muscular legs. She’s always been the girl that every guy wants and every girl wants to be. On top of all that she’s bisexual, and her and I used to take care of each other whenever we didn’t have dates back in college. The three of us went out to dinner and her and I had a secret plan to fuck him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Unfortunately, we all drank a little too much… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 13

Interracial Sex

Out of Afrika A fantasy created by International writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 13 The Church of The Black Staff sat on the edge of Hawksville. It had once served as a Baptist Church but with a continuing drop in attendance the church had fallen on hard times. When the elders were approached by Pastor Erasmus they eagerly accepted his most generous offer to sell the property. “It is the will of God,” the elders said as they mentally divided the profit. What the Pastor didn’t reveal to them during the course of negotiations was that he was actual… Read more

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