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Kim does strip tease for coworkers

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My wife Kim is an exhibitionist. She has never come out and admitted as such, but you only need to look at her face when her tits are exposed to others to know that she enjoys the attention. Sometimes she made it look like an accident. Sometimes she blamed it on an alcohol-induced loss of inhibition. Either way I think she has just wanted to maintain a certain innocence in the process and I figured that was a good thing. It's not like I was entirely opposed to her exposures. They always provided me with quite a rush from some odd combination of embarrassment and excitement. I loved thinkin… Read more

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Kim and coworkers rent a cabin

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I've written previously about my 24-year-old wife Kim (see Curtains Removed for Painting and Wife Hosts BBQ for Coworkers). The barbecue that we hosted for her coworkers definitely got out of hand. I was a little worried about possible repercussions as four of her coworkers got to see her private parts. It had started innocently enough with an accidental exposure when Kim removed her sweater, but it evolved from there. Anyway, I was worried that they may talk about it at work and cause her to be uncomfortable there or even get fired. About a week after the BBQ she told me that my fears were un… Read more

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Van Trip


I've also got this story on a different site under a different name. I havn't nicked it!! Its my first story. Hope you like it. Van Trip We're heading along the motorway from the northeast of England where we live towards the county of Lincolnshire which is further down the east of the country. My travelling companion is Gemma. Gemma is the eighteen year old daughter of Laura. Laura and me have an open relationship based on two conditions. The first being that when we shag someone else it’s only to be for sex, the other being we always tell each other. No secrets. Gemma is entertaining h… Read more

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Kim, curtains removed for painting

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Kim, my wife of 2 years, had been hounding me to paint the bathroom. She was right, it needed it, but painting is just not the most exciting home improvement project. One weekend I decided it was time. Of course I had to take down the curtains in the bathroom before painting, which is the only reason that you might care about my painting project. Our neighbor Alex was a recent divorcee in his mid 40s. While we got along fine with Alex, we never did anything socially with him. We were all friendly but otherwise kept to ourselves. I knew that he thought that Kim was hot. There had been a numb… Read more

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Kim and the pool party

First TimeGroup SexVoyeur

The following is another Kim story. You don't need to read the previous stories about Kim to follow this one. However, if mere hints of indiscretion by a married woman upset you, this story is probably not for you. As always, feedback is welcome. This is another story about my 24-year-old wife Kim. I don't know if it's correct to call her an exhibitionist. She would certainly deny the label. But after a series of incidents in which she was seen naked by others, I guess it's an appropriate term. Sure, some of those exposures were accidents and some only the result of a d***ken loss of inhibi… Read more

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Elise, employee of the year

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Graduating college and joining the real world turned out to be less stressful than I anticipated. There were lots of changes, like my girlfriend Elise and I getting our own place together and starting to make a life for ourselves. Luckily money wasn't an issue for us as I got hired on full-time at the same company I worked for while I was in school. At first Elise and I worried about keeping in touch with all our old friends, but that turned out not to be an issue either. We still see them all the time. In fact she even works with two of them now. After finishing school, Elise struggled… Read more

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Elise and my roommates Chapter 3

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Weekdays had a way of wearing me down. School work was killing me this week, it seemed every class had a major paper or project due at the same time. It was Friday again and I was actually looking forward to the weekend, even though that's when Elise seemed to get in the most trouble. Over the last week she had been wearing less and less around the house, if that was at all possible. Last night she was walking around in just a bra and a tiny thong. The back of the panties was basically just a string so her whole ass was on display as she walked around. I even caught Jeff staring a few times… Read more

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Elise and my roommates Chapter 2

Group SexSex HumorVoyeur

Things quieted down after the weekend. Classes and part-time jobs kept us busy during the days and most evenings. The times we were all at home together I kept a close eye on Elise to make sure nothing funny was going on with my roommates. Elise's new favorite thing seemed to be taking selfies and I'd receive them at random times throughout the day. It seemed like whenever she had a free moment she'd slip off to a bathroom, store changing room, or who knows where, take a quick pic and send it to me. Don't get me wrong, receiving a nude pic from my hot blonde girlfriend was a really nice… Read more

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Elise and my roommates Chapter 4

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I guess you could say the day after the "pretend girlfriend act" was a little tense around the house. Although I told Elise I was okay, everyone could tell I was pissed and stayed out of my way. I'm a pretty easy going guy and don't hold onto things for long so by Sunday I was already feeling better. Jeff apologized for the whole evening, but conveniently claimed he was too d***k to remember much of what happened. He said he remembered Sara and Elise making out for a little bit then the next thing he says he remembers is waking up naked in bed with Elise. He fully agreed it looked bad but h… Read more

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An unusual birthday ptesent

First TimeTaboo

Anything can happen rite. 10 years ago I was single. I had been recently divorced. So one spring it was hot and was out cleaning gutters out. I met the new neighbor. She was 5 foot 5 and long brown hair. She was a thick girl. Very attractive. She was admiring me. We got to know each other and started dating She had a 12 year old daughter that was very similar looking to her. One day I was minding my own business and taking a shower. I get out and grab towel to dry off. I look up and her daughter is there staring at me. She didn't move at all. She completely froze so I walked out of b… Read more

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Big Sex for a Small man

First Time

I just love sex, and it funny, because I am a small man, but I have been told, you may not be tall, but you are not a little man. I am 5' 3" tall, I am black with beady eyes, that are very shifty, I have a very pointy nose, that seems to attract people to me, I also have a milk chocolate complexion, I have thighs to kill for and a Cock that is just the perfect size for fucking all asses. I am funny and cocky at the same time. I have had so much sex in my life in the last 3 years, it is unbelievable. I love having sex with white men, and they seem to love having sex with me, although I am a sma… Read more

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My girlfriend Elise, gets naked for my roommates C

First TimeSex HumorVoyeur

My beautiful girlfriend Elise and I had been going out for about six months and things were going really well. So well in fact that we were even considering moving in together after we finished college. Elise is a complete knockout and every day I thanked my lucky stars that I found someone like her. She was fairly short, just a little over five feet tall and very slender. Elise's boobs weren't huge, but they were definitely a handful and matched her petite frame perfectly. They might have been her best physical asset if it wasn't for her great ass. Long dirty blonde hair and bright blue ey… Read more

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Best orgasm for a little Sissy Faggot!"

Gay MaleGroup Sex

I showed up at Timmy's after shaving my goatee, moustache and ass as he had instructed. Timmy's World of Warcraft playing geeky 20-something virgin friends were already there doing tequila shots, getting d***k and watching Porn. I went into the bathroom and changed into crotchless nylons, pink panties, negligee and a wig. I came out and Shawn said we don't want to see that hard cock poking out of your panties and grossing anyone out, so he sprayed the whole bottle of numbing spray on my cock which made it shrivel into a 3" very soft version of my cock. They poured me a shot of tequila and t… Read more

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My "first time"

AnalInterracial SexFirst Time

For my "first time" I was 18 years old, in a biology class sat next to a dirty girl (Mel) and she was nice. A few of us knew M dirtyness. Mel was cute, brunette, thin and tall with large hips. Mel used to play soccer with us. She was a TOMBOY because of the way she was dressing and talking to people. She grew up with her four older brother. The others guys did not care about M but me, I did. Because I saw what she truly is. Once we were at Mel's house Boys and Girls were there. I was not Mel closely friend at this time. Everyone was drinking, playing video games, watching movies. Then I he… Read more

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Wife gets all the Cock and I get all the Cum

FetishGroup Sex

When I was 25, I married Lana a 19 year old geeky beauty who had just inherited a large amount of money. She had very limited sexual experience before me so the fact that I could only last 4-5 minutes didn't faze her. I have always cum fairly quickly, even if I thought about other things. Early in our relationship, I could last 4-5 minutes most of the time and occasionally longer. Unfortunately, as I have aged the amount of time I can last has decreased. By the time I was 32 I could only last 1-2 minutes. It is really unfortunate because I have a fairly thick 8" cock but can't perform well.… Read more

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Sex with EX Pegged, Gay

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

I will start out by telling you I am a mid 30's married male who has a pretty good sex life but one day I got the urge to call my ex and see if she was interested in seeing me again since I would be on a business trip in her area. She said she was and could I come over Friday night but I would need to come up to the back door and to make sure I took off all my clothes on the porch before I walked in. Wow, I was going to get some of her hot ass and I was excited. I finished my business Friday afternoon and left to drive up to her house. I pulled up to her house and walked to the back porch.… Read more

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The ‘Under Wraps’ project is described in the book ‘So I Like To Get Tied-up ... So What!!?’ In a letter prior to a Restraint and Physical Endurance workshop, I explain ... "This is a Project I’ve been working towards for quite a while. Basic premise is that most ‘bondage’ photos or commercial video footage are of people only recently tied, wrapped or strapped. I’m interested in the subtle variations of body language and the progression of psychological/physical changes which happen when the human body has been restrained for different lengths of time. My plan is to establish a standardised… Read more

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I get More Cock than I Asked For Gay

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

I told Nikki about an upcoming business trip to the Las Vegas area, and how I'd be interested in meeting with her for a strap-on and simulated forced bi session and that I would be willing to be generous. Nikki started out with one dollar figure, which then increased she said, because Jenny her friend wanted to play too. Then when I asked about rules, she said, rules, what rules? There are no rules! I had to beg for condoms and lube for anal, my only rule. At first Nikki refused. Then she said she'd talk to Jenny. Then she came back to me and said no, saying that she and Jenny have been assfuc… Read more

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FWB Dresses Cheri Bomb


When I as in my last year of grad school, a FWB called and needed a date to a Halloween dress up party. A few days before the party we got together to get “ re-aquinted” and discuss costume ideas. Jan suggested we go as sisters, meaning I would dress up as her sister. I’ve had a fantasy about dressing up albeit not exactly just to be seen as a Halloween custume. Jan who is a sexy 5-8, athletic brunette with one hell of a sex drive, even offered to help me dress up. I agreed to the idea. Jan went with me shopping, picking out a color coordinated red cocktail dresses from the consignment shop.… Read more

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Caught in the Rain


"Damn it!" She cried as the rain was starting to pelt down now and Helen cursed again as her hair started to get wet and limp. She was hardly 50 metres away from her car when the skies opened and torrents of rain poured down, soaking her to her skin. Shivering slightly, Helen ran the remaining distance to her car and quickly opened the car door, throwing her briefcase in before she swung herself into the drivers seat. The windows started to mist up with her body heat and the difference in temperature outside. Helen turned on the heater, watching as the windscreen started to demist. Her feet… Read more

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