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Rough and Ready

He had his cock in her ass and three fingers in her cunt and he had been fucking for almost two hours. He had doubled his cock pills to make this young slut remember what a man was like. He had brought her back to his bedroom and stripped her naked and turned her over his knee and whipped her ass hard. He liked to see his hand prints on her white ass. When her ass was whipped good and hard he spread her legs and first finger fucked her cunt then her ass. Then he pulled her by the hair down to his cock to suck. He shoved his thick meat deep in her mouth and held it there as she sucked and gagge... Continue»
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My Third Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy

I wont bore you with going over the same waiting scenario of the next week, all i can say was the level of anticipation was even greater, and unlike the week before this time there were no doubts in my head about meeting him on saturday, now that id had felt, and tasted a cock, i knew even though in nthe future i wanted a relationship with a girl, i could see me always wanting to indulge in manfun, and although i craved for my first piece of pussy, i would always need some cock in my life.

The next Saturday dave was on his own in the pool, so i dived in and swam to the side of him, and b... Continue»
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Criminal minds

I was visiting one of my best friends, Mike. He was a skinny guy like me, with very long hair. We were school mates, nineteen years old tough guys. Problem was, he was a d**g addict and I went over to make sure he was ok once in a while. And usually he was fine. He shagged all the sexiest girls in school, and looked like prince. But a bit, or very androgyne ... I loved the guy.

As I arrived at his house, I spotted this perfect, big black Chevy Stingray outside. I thought it just was one of his d**g buddies and went straight for the door, knocked once and went straight inside. He used to be... Continue»
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We Both Love Having Sex While Dressed In Tights Pa

Hi Just wondering if anyone has had this experience and if not I highly recommend trying it.

As you all know by now me and my lady are both into having mutual tights nights,we both enjoy sitting around in tights, eat dinner watch tv and really just chill out in nylon, my lady even encourages it now and she knows how much I enjoy it, and gets a very good hard shag out of it so has no complaints.

Anyway we had had our evening of nylon planned I changed into my semi opaque tights when she got back from work, I dont usually wear sheer tights as I don't won't to shave my legs and I think it l... Continue»
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I Stole My Lady Tenants Tights Pantyhose

I did something today that i must say i`m a bit ashamed of doing and this is totally true,the last time i felt like this was when i stole a pair of my mum`s tights to wear many years ago as a young boy...please read and leave me feedback on how you feel about what I did ,whether its right or wrong.

The tenant who`s renting my flat Katie who`s in her early 20`s, she asked me to pop round as there was some of my mail to pick up from when i lived there, she`d been there 3 months and she is the ideal tenant, very polite, very pretty no problems at all and when i turned up at the flat it look... Continue»
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Can't Trust Crazy Chicks

"I think we should try a role play situation." she said a little too happily.
"What do you mean?" I asked, finishing my drink.
"Let's try a kinky first forty eight kind of thing, with me asking the questions and you trying to evade answering." she was way too excited.
"So, how will it end if I don't say anything." I replied, feeling tired. I hate drinking, she always says I'm too careful when I'm with her.
"If I can't get the answers out of you then we switch it up and you ask the questions." she was still too bubbly.
"Sure, when do we star…" the room spin out of control. She promised s... Continue»
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In the city I went to high school in there was three parks in walking distance of my home, I mean you could walk to the parks which was between one to two miles from my home. One of the parks is small with a basketball court and baseball, softball diamond and numerous walking paths.

Doing the weekdays this park is pretty much empty of people until about two in the afternoon. It was near eleven in the morning and I was bored at home so I went to this park to walk the trails and do a little running.

As I walked by the basketball court I noticed there was a basketball sitting in the cou... Continue»
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A little about us

Thursday night found us packing the cases ready for a very naughty weekend. It seemed to have taken forever to get here. We were now middle aged, without f****y responsibilities, free to do what we wanted and to please ourselves. Both still fit, good looking, me slim and blonde, Jamie tall and dark and both with a hunger for plenty of good adventurous sex.

Jamie came into the bedroom and looked at the piles of my sexy clothes next to the suitcase. "We're only taking one car," he joked.

I was already damp and excited merely getting my sexy outfits together and trying to decide which ... Continue»
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Initiation rite: The gloryhole


I strongly believe that a young girl's education should include a formal visit to a local gloryhole.

On her 18th birthday a man at least twice her age - and not related to her - would convene to meet at a local sexshop or private kink den. A sauna establishment is perfect for that. Saunas / Spas are better because men do shower before they pull out their cock making for a better experience altogether compared to sexshops or porn theaters.

There she would shower in front of a group of men, most of them bi, perv, hetero-flex... Continue»
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Me and scott

Back when I was young I'd get up early during the summer brake and explore, most of the time it ment I got in trouble.
I was playing behind the school when I heard someone ask what I was doing. I looked around and it was a boy I knew from class. I told him I was bored and looking for something to do. He said he was too,and we played for a while.
It was getting hot and he said we should go swimming in the creek. I said okay but I had to get my swim trunks first.He said we can go to a spot where no one goes and skinny dip. I was nervous about it because I never did it before. He said he d... Continue»
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i****tuous Glamour Photography Part 2(Cybering)


This is a follow up to my piece i****tuous Glamour Photography. In that, my eighteen year old son Peter persuaded me to pose for him in a variety of outfits and poses. These included nudity. We ended the session masturbating each other.

This is what followed.

Author's Suggestion

Read the first part before this.


It was early on a Friday evening that Peter had photographed me and had ended up cumming all over my tits. When I recovered from the orgasm he had given me with his fingers I was mortified. I went to my room and showered. I washed his cum from my ample ... Continue»
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My Mum, the slut stripper

We parked the Mercedes in the car park, and walked up to the entrance. It was impressive. Looked the part of a country club. Linda welcomed us. She and I had been friends for…..well a long time. She poured us both drinks at the bar. I looked around. The interior was high end, leather sofa’s, worn, but chic. A log fire was made up, but hadn’t been lit. We sipped our drinks.
“You’re looking fabulous Kelly,” Linda said, “who would believe you’re Sara’s mother.”
“Come on, show us the rest of this place,” I said, taking her arm, and kissing her cheek.
It was all there, main bar, with booths fo... Continue»
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Laura, a Fantasic d***k Fuck

I had contacted Laura through a popular online dating site, she was 41 and great looking red head. She seemed to have a lot things going for her, working on a PhD, driving a Hummer and a well placed administrator at a Community College. She was quite determined to meet and wanted to meet soon! I told her I had a commitment on the night she was insistent about meeting. I offered to meet the next day. I asked what's the rush, the tone of her voice changed and she said it's my birthday today and I don't want to spend it alone. I said OK when I get out of work where do you want to meet. ... Continue»
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My Wife Jessica- Tricked into becoming a BBC Whore

This is the story of how my wife Jessica first had sex with a black man/men. My wife Jessica is 33 years old, 5’6 and about 120lbs with a very fit tanned frame complimented by her store bought tits and assortment of tattoos.

Over the past two years, my wife had begun cheating on me with various men because of all the cheating I had done over the course of our relationship. My wife had always been faithful despite being very wild prior to our relationship. In her teens and early twenties my wife had a very well known reputation as a slut in our small town. Jessica was semi famous for her ... Continue»
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A girl, a dog and two boys

A Girl, A Dog and Two Boys
by Gail Lewis (

A young girl is 'playing' with an excited neighborhood
dog when she is 'caught' by two high school boys.

It's a warm July afternoon and Kathleen Karashevik is
walking though the park near her Colorado home. She is
on the way back to her house after spending most of the
morning and part of the afternoon at her friend's house
swimming in her pool. She is cutting through the park to
a trail that leads through the woods to her
neighborhood, and is enjoying the warm summer day. There
are not very many people i... Continue»
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A night out with Friends

I met a Couple and we decided to spend the evening together. They had asked me since I was new at role spielen if I was sure that I wanted to be submissive the whole night? No matter what and I said of course I wanted to go through with this the whole evening. He said he was the Dominant person most of the time in this relationship with his wife. I wasn't sure of what he meant by most of the time but as a slave you don't ask questions.

After we got back to the house his first words were to his 1st slave (his wife) was get over here and make yourself useful. Then he said to me (slave 2) get ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday, Grandad!

Grandad was in a wheelchair when I was just 16, but that didn't stop
him from getting his dick sucked or driving around the house in that shitty
little automated chair of his. He was a real terror and the older he got
the meaner he got. My dad on the other hand was just the opposite. He was
gentle and kind and more like me, in the fact that I think he was afraid of
his own dad. He never said so of course, but I could tell in the way he
tip toed around grandad or did all the obscene things grandad told him to
do. He always made the excuse that grandad was just old and senile and
di... Continue»
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A night in a Sex Cinema

I wanted an evening with a awesome film that I could relate to my Fantasy (even when it was only in my mind) the film was about a dominant couple, with their Sissy nephew that they were still training and their best friend (Bi-Sexual) who surprisingly turns up (all in the film).

Although I have been straight (Hetero) all my life, I started Dreaming and Fantasizing about wearing Women’s clothing. It was about 6 Months ago, and for no reason at all I was at my s****rs and when she went shopping I tried some of her clothes on. The stockings and tanga felt so good on my skin that from this m... Continue»
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At the Baths

If you are of a certain age you may remember the public swimming baths we used to have in the North of England , they were usually big stone built affairs with slippy floors and changing cabins on either side of the pool , you had to get a basket ,put your cloths in and hand them into the attendant.

Our school had our swimming day on Fridays as last lesson , I was one of the chubbiest k**s in the class and was always being ribbed about it , but in the water I was brilliant , shortly after the start of our second term a new lad joined our class from a different area , he too was a big lad ,... Continue»
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Alice and I, the neighbour and Us

How does a girl start to confess to something she did, when she feels she would like to do it again?

We all have that something dark dwelling in us, especially when sex comes into it and if I am honest, I can't help myself, my orgasms depend on it.

Dirty in mind and thought, unforgiving in actions and reactions, I love to fuck, most girls do, only with me, it just has to be on my terms.

I started Uni at eighteen and having surrendered my virginity three years earlier, sex by now was more masturbatory than bonking every guy with a hard-on for me and there were many.

I had a refreshi... Continue»
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