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Flying without wings

A smile appears on Anna’s face when I ask her about last night.
“It was great, that’s all I can say about it.”
I’m not satisfied with that answer. “Come on tell me more about it!”
Her eyes start to twinkle. “It was just so romantic, candles everywhere, red wine and red roses, it was like a movie.” I’m glad Anna finally found herself a boyfriend, she has been betrayed in the past and she deserves a sweet boy.
I smile at her. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
She stands next to me and looks at me in the mirror.
“So tell me.” she says when she lays her hand on my waist “when will you go ... Continue»
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Who Knew Renting out my Extra Bedroom would be so

This story is inspired by the an article I read about the online home rental business.

A few years ago the wife asked for a divorce. I had seen it coming. We still cared for each other but love just wasn’t there anymore. After the fairly amicable split, I just needed a change. I sold some stuff, quit my job and moved to Miami (well, not too far from it anyway).

I found a nice three bedroom place for rent a few miles from the ocean. I have a screened-in pool in the backyard, a nice patio, decent kitchen, etc. I set-up a home office in one of the bedrooms and used the other for vi... Continue»
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Taxi Drivers whore

This happened to me a while ago, thought I'd share.

It'd been a nightmare of a month so I'd gone clubbing and had a ball. Worn my best stuff, my loveliest undies, looked a million dollars! I'd gone into town and danced the night away with friends. All was well! At about 3 am, tired and happy I left and looked for my keys in my purse. Oh no! they'd gone! Still had the house keys but lost my car key!

It started to rain and I stood there in nothing more than a little black dress and a short jacket. Looking about the street was empty. None of my friends had cars either so it was going to be ... Continue»
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I'd been having a crappy day in work and by the time I got home was fed up and needed to chill out. So I set about getting sorted! Into the bath, shaved the legs and had a close shave of the face. I moistourised and did my makeup. Then the next question, what to wear?

By now I was starting to get a little horny! I had the chatrooms open and was talking to a few guys and girls and had a few meets possibly sorted. While I kept a weather eye on the PC I picked out a pair of black panties and a matching lacy bra, teamed them with some seamed holdups and my black killer heels. Over this my fave ... Continue»
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My s****r in law -part 1

I have the luck of having a s****r in law who is extremely fuckable. Luck and bad luck I would say. I guess 9 out of 10 men would fell in love with her just by talking to her and 10 of 10 would fuck her and would be dreaming of to fuck her again and again. She is about 165cm tall, blond, big boobs, and very athletic. She has a big mouth with beautiful lips which just tell me she is a big blowjobber. I envy her husband who fucks and does all the phantasies I do have 24/7. Anyways, lets come to my story. I began taking pictures of her with the bikini and masturbating when on business travels. It... Continue»
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The Condom Alway's Breaks! Blacken

Hi my name is Tami, I grew up in a small town where there was never any real excitement. I recieved an academic scholarship to a major university, I was always good in school.

I'm a Brunette, 5'7" tall, 36C-26-36 athletic build.

My parents were a little upset that I would be so far from home during my college years. After all I was their little girl.

My mother took me shopping for new clothes for my first year of college. She thought that some of the skirts I chose were a little to short. She should have seen the lingerie I bought when she wasn't around.

My parents threw me a going... Continue»
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I have had a girlfriend for almost 2 years now. I am 24 and she is 23. When I got involved with her I learned that she had had a black boyfriend previously. I was not so concerned, and then I found out that he had taken her virginity. Obviously this guy was special to her. About 6 months into our relationship he and she got together behind my back and hung out. I found out, questioned her, and she reluctantly explained to me that she felt horrible, but had made the mistake of kissing/groping with him that day. She assured me that no sex took place.

My feelings were very hur... Continue»
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Room Service Waiter Gets Great Tip

Jeanine is a very sexy and hot looking woman. Her long legs, nicely toned ass, tight abs, incredible breasts and gorgeous face makes any guy think about what it would be like to get her in bed. Fortunately for the last twenty plus years, all of those other guys could only wonder, while I got to experience it firsthand what a sexy woman she is in and out of bed. That was until a recent trip to a beach resort a month ago.

Jeanine and I decided we were going to take a few days off for ourselves while our older k**s were home from college for spring break. It was a chance for us to get a few da... Continue»
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Vitress Tamayo

I've always considered myself straight but I had come across the likes of Vitress Tamayo on xhamster and I had jerked off to her a couple of times. There was just something about her that I really liked and I thought that she was super hot. To my surprise I had found out that she was being photographed at a studio near me.

I had managed to get there and I had saw her as she entered the studio. I don't know what came over me but I thought that I'd go for a coffee at a nearby coffee shop and as I drank a coffee I was imagining what she was getting up to during the photo shoot.

As I wa... Continue»
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Smita Was Pure Lady But Her Husband?

Hi I am seema with a story. This story I am going to tell is not mine but one of my friend’s friend. My friend name is manasi and she is 36 years old married women.She became my friend 2 years back when I first came... Continue»
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Car Orgy With My Office Friends

Hi guys n gals!!! I am Kamini I am 26 years old. I am fair and 5’10” having a reasonably sexy figure of 32-26-34. Anyone who wants to have sex chat, role play, etc. you can connect to me.

Today I am going to narrate you all a fiction story. This story is completely based on f
... Continue»
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The Day I Lost My Virginity

Hi Every Body,I Am Going To Tell You My Story In Full Details .

My Name Is Nancy,I Am 16 Years Old,Blonde With Attractive Body,I Look Older Than My Age.

I Live In Small Apartment With My Parents,One b*****r And One s****r.Our Life Is Similar To Most Of The American Families.

My Parents Spend Most Of The Day In Their Work Locations,M
... Continue»
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Teasing my Hubby

My husband and I, not having much alone time since our daughter is three years old and only being able to make love to each other once she's asl**p at night. This Saturday morning my husbands parents wanted to spend some time with their grand daughter and take her to the park to play. We were rather happy about the offer and shortly after 9 we dropped our daughter off by them. We invited them over for dinner that afternoon telling them to arrive at about 3pm giving my hubby and I some alone time during the day. We got home just on 10am and straight to the bedroom we went.

We kissed and str... Continue»
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Sex Slave Application

I was very shy 20 year old when I was in my junior year of college. I still lived at home in my mom's basement to save money. I didn't have the highest self esteem at the time. The girl I lost my virginity to confessed she only had sex with me to steal my cherry. I had become obsessed with online porn. Everything was arousing to me, especially gay porn. I chatted with several guys online ...Exchanging nude pics, cam to cam, and roleplay. I usually sat nude on a towel masturbating while conversing. I got addicted to the attention older guys gave me.

One evening, I got into a chat with a man... Continue»
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ASIAN HIGH SCHOOL WIFE, part 3: Mexican Surprise

[[[This is part 3 of . . .probably a lot. The stories are inspired by Japanese idol Kanna Yume. You can see her galleries and videos on xhamster. Many of them are saved in my favorites. Here is one that I enjoyed tonight:]]]

Something happened last Friday that showed me how little I knew about my new wife. I picked her up at school and took her home to change. On Friday's we would usually go to the mall because she had rarely gotten to go there in her first 18 years. I would buy her whatever she wanted but ... Continue»
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MY ASIAN HIGH SCHOOL WIFE, part 2: The first weeke

My wedding night was not what I had imagined it would be. I was now married to an 18-year-old Japanese girl, half my age and still in high school. I had known her less than a month but saved her from her evil stepmum and bad home situation. I picked her up at school, drove her to city hall and after two brief but very intense romantic encounters, I dropped her off for her friend's slumber party, her first one, which she really didn't want to miss. I didn't blame her but it meant I had to wait another day to have her to myself.

I didn't want to drive home and be by myself. All I could... Continue»
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Early Sunday morning

I had finally finished my period on the Friday night. My husband, daughter and myself had a rather busy Saturday as we had friends over for a late afternoon lunch. After the late lunch around 5pm our friends had left, my hubby was a bit d***k from the number of drinks he had and went upstairs to shower and soon was past out. I bathed our daughter and then first watched some tv with her, before she fell asl**p. I carried her to her bed and then went to have a shower and hopped into bed as well, falling asl**p soon afterwards.

I woke up to my husband playing with my pussy. He started to make... Continue»
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Seduced by an o.a.p.

Seduced by an o.a.p.

My name is Martin. I recently turned 18, and drive an old pick up, because it's all I can afford at the moment. Last Saturday, I went along to my local car boot sale, and happened to notice an elderly lady interested in a wardrobe on one of the stalls, but she did not have anyway to get it back to her house. Sensing an opportunity here to make a bit of cash, I approached her, and offered to take it for her in the back of my truck for a small fee, too which she readily agreed.

It wasn't very far to her house, and it did not take long between us to get it into her bedr... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XXII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XXII

“Bi Follies 3 (Now With a Lady Too)”, with Isabelle (from ‘Sandra Bodyshelly’ comic), Oscar (based on a comic), Felicia (based on a pinup art) and Paulus (based on another art)


There is a time where you have the will to do something different, not just for the sake of that, but because you feel the ne... Continue»
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Riverside Pleasures

My wife has a good figure but is normally reserved about showing it off. She is happy to wear bikinis, as long as they cover her bits effectively.

She is quite sensual and likes to wear sexy underwear, but insists that it is purely for my benefit. I know that it makes her feel sexy as well (and possibly a bit naughty when she wears skimpy or transparent underwear).

I would like her to reveal more of her figure and have suggested outings to naturist areas or nudist beaches. I get a thrill from the prospect of other people seeing and enjoying the sight of my wife's tits and anything else s... Continue»
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