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Indian Wife and the Nukkad Guys chapter 1

First Time

I am trying my hand at a long multi-part story like aurelius1982 and bdrew86 are known for. It will start off slow and progress slowly. Will take weeks, maybe even months to complete. I am posting as I write. I will try to update whenever I get time but there may be long periods of inactivity. Please bear with them. I do have a life outside erotica after all, and it can be demanding sometimes. So with those words, here goes. It was about 11 in the morning on a Wednesday. I finished my chores around the house and the short assignment I had been working on for my online course. My husband Vinay… Read more

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Vignettes of Family Life - Volume 4

TabooFirst Time

Ben woke up the next morning and stumbled to the kitchen, greeted by Mindy and Beth, who were in not much better shape than he was. His sisters were clearly hung over from their pussy eating frenzy of the night before and had no interest in heading off to classes or work either one. They were groggy, but otherwise in a good mood and looked at each other and smiled occasionally sharing what they thought was a secret between them. When Ben entered the kitchen they greeted him with a sleepy "good morning" and a kiss on his cheek from both of them. "So," said Ben, baiting them first thing out of… Read more

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Fucked My Office Colleague

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

Hi all. I am Achyuth from Bangalore and working at a software company. Anyone interested in secret relationship in Bangalore contact me at I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories. Let me now come to my experience. When I joined the company I saw two more girls joining on the same day. One of those two was really attractive and I kept eyeing on her often. Her name is Swathi (name changed). Let me describe her. She is 28 years old. She is about 5’5″ tall. Plump lips always in dark red lipstick. Very busty must be at least 36 and stiff. Awesome huge and perfect ass. S… Read more

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Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

I was sent a message to meet up and fuck from a black guy. At first I didn't think much of it, but he tempted me on by sending me a picture of his big black ass. It made my cock rock hard instantly. It was so big and round. Probably twice as big as my gfs. I wanted it. I went ahead and decided to respond and after some messages , I went on my way and found myself standing outside of his place. A really sketchy neighborhood and that itself made me almost turn around. I saw a group of guys standing outside where I was supposed to go. I got out of my car and headed over thinking he could be one o… Read more

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At the big House by Golden Gate Park

Group SexTabooHumor

I soaked in the tub and listened to some woman singing about "Try Trans-Love Airlines, gets you there on time..." I was still on my back in the tub. I'd had had several intense comes, had watched Ida and Dulce get DP's a few inches away from my face, so close I could smell it and taste it, too. I was relaxed, I didn't need any more sex. Ida came to see me in the tub. "You have tits that float, Sylvia, that's really cool. Are you totally done? I'm still buzzin' from that fucking I just got. Damn, I could get used to coming that hard every day. If you've got the energy, I want to show you someth… Read more

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Michelle becomes Michael


While this story is completely fictional it is directed at an era when dressing or acting of the opposite sex was considered taboo and thus it forced many people to be closeted. I hope you like this story and all comments good and bad are appreciated. Michelle was by all accounts a tom boy she loved to partake in activities normally associated with being a male . Michelle hated to be dressed in feminine attire and on every Sunday she hated having to wear a dress and fancy shoes as she would be going to church and have to socialize with other young ladies. Michelle's grandmother made sure Mich… Read more

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Jane’s new world develops.

First TimeAnalVoyeur

All afternoon Jane felt as if she was a bomb, about to go off. Sex with Suzy had been a totally new experience, Brian and her had talked about it, Jane often wondered if Brian’s enthusiasm wasn’t more about seeing another woman naked and possibly getting the chance to fuck her, but now she realised how erotic it would have been to have her husband watching while Suzy made love to her. Twice during the afternoon Jane had to retire to her bedroom, using her vibrator to bring herself to orgasm while she remembered the sensations Suzy had created in her body. By five o’clock she was getting despe… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Lannie


While almost everyone in our neighborhood has a pretty healthy attitude about sex, and an openness about it, some people just keep to themselves and don't feel the need to join in our sexual games. Our next door neighbors Fred and Lannie are one such couple. Fred travels all over the country for his marketing business, while she is a retired professor from the University, who occasionally fills in as a substitute teacher at the local high school. They're both rather quiet, but very nice people. She stopped over at my house o… Read more

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So horny after gay orgy

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There I was in a room full of guys just taking turns fucking this gay slut in this beat down motel room. Not sure if the guys in the room were actually gay or if they were like me. I wouldn't exactly call myself gay, but I love fucking a hot tight ass. And nothing was more hot to me than shoving my cock in another guy's asshole. There were about 5 guys in there, me included. We all took turns getting our cocks sucked, also taking turns fucking that now loose and stretched out asshole. No condoms were allowed as we all fucked that ass raw. Some guys really taking the time to enjoy fucking that… Read more

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The calves of my sister


An afternoon i am in the car with my father, he drives and I'm sitted next to him at the passenger seat, at a certain point we stop at the edge of a square because we pick up my sister that is exited from that square, we were in the late spring toward end of may i remember :-P, the climate it's enough temperate, and my sister has a jacket at half sleeveds with a long black skirt that ends under the knees, naked legs and black shoes open with feet nude, after that she's got into the car (on the posteriors seats), for talking, she leans a little with the bust placing a bit herself behind the fro… Read more

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My first gay experience

Gay MaleFirst Time

My first gay experience came when I was a teen, a guy I was being weirdly flirty with at the time. ( I knew he was gay, he told everyone, everyone was cool with it but I'm not sure why I was being flirty with him, I didn't really see him as attractive and at the time I thought I was completely straight and being gay never crossed my mind even a year after this all happened haha ) His parents worked late so we went over to his and chilled out. Next thing I knew we were rushing upstairs to his bedroom I remember throwing folded up clothes which were sat on his bed, directly on the floor and… Read more

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Neighbours son


My wife comes across a very uptight and frigid type however when she is horny she is insatiable and normally stops in that state for a long time. She is only 5ft tall with massive tits and she has one of the most sweetest and nicest fannies I’ve ever seen or tasted. The only problem is that she is so bloody frigid, and It could be months between sex sessions which tends to lead me to shag around where and when ever. Again this stems back to my youth when sex was literally chucked at me and I’ve never really got over it. I’m just a sex mad pervert. Now I am not the only person my wife has shagg… Read more

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Orcs and Elves


The fires roaring around Griffin's Nest could be seen for miles as could the celebratory shouts echoing throughout the valley. The largest gathering was over one thousand strong centered on a bonfire reaching twenty feet into the sky. Drums filled the air with the rhythm the victorious army stamped their feet to. Every kind of meat imaginable was roasting over one of the pits and the warriors gorged themselves. There were barrels stacked upon barrels of liquors and ales the empty ones thrown into the fire to keep it going. The things dancing around the fire were not men. No man has ever grown… Read more

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Nudist neighbor


Years ago, I lived with my parents in a subdivision. It was summer, and we had a strong thunderstorm one Sunday morning. The sky cleared completely afterwards, it ended being a perfect sunny day. The thunderstorm, however, moved our TV antenna and my father was not getting reception for his afternoon football game. So he handed me one of my toy walkie talkies, a screwdriver, took me to the back, put on a ladder, and told me to get up on the roof and move the antenna sideways as he gave me instructions. I cautiously got up and walked up the roof towards the chimney, where the antenna was fixed.… Read more

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owned life

Interracial SexShemale PornGay Male

It was just fantasy , just fouls play , stupid to think there was no consequence buying myself such cute little pink panty, cute pink camisole and a nice pink 7inch cock dildo that vibrates and there i was after month of looking at sissy hypnos, one of them showering and shaving my new fucking too cute pink sissy underwear waiting for me in the delivery box on my bed getting out of the washroom in a towel , smooth and girly smelling taking the panty up the crotch less back so perfectly making me feel the cold air on my smooth little cherry hole i was going to train as a cunt like so many… Read more

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the old chapel


A few days ago, Elayne received orders to patrol a remote part of the county. She arrived and found only empty villages, abandoned a long time ago. Some buildings were burnt to the ground, and she wondered why she was ordered to come here, as there isn't much of anything left at all. There were no villagers, no a****ls. It was all just ruins. Orders are orders, and she must obey them as they came down from a member of High Council. There had been many rumors that dark minions were moving around the human realm and attacking small villages. The rumors were no longer rumors, as the destroyed vi… Read more

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We FINALLY fuck and it's an EPIC session!

First TimeHardcore

The rest of my weekend (Sunday) was busy with menial shit and lots of prep for work on Monday. Beth reached out at one point, told me she wanted to see me again soon, the usual shit. I was still struggling with what had happened, how vulnerable I was, stroking for those women I barely know, etc. Undeterred I moved one, leaving it all up to the universe I guess. Beth and I were still very very hot for each other and were both dying for our third date, by no means a simple thing. We decided on meeting for dinner at a popular downtown place, conveniently only a block from my place. Prior to our… Read more

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first time as a cd (real story)

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

this is a true story of the moment i first crossdressed to the moment i first had sex with another man dressed as a woman. i was 18 the first time i dressed up, had been watching sissy porn for a while and fantasised about dressing as a girl and inviting a man over to fuck me. i went on amazon and ebay and looked at clothes, makeup, wig and heels. i would often do this, try to put together an outfit that looked sexy, slutty and most importantly feminine. i had just started the second year of uni and was living on my own, i had just received a lot of money for my birthday and decided that was… Read more

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If I asked if she was a slag, she'd have said


A more recent experience happened about two years ago… I was advertising for an assistant for my business. Someone who could come in to the setting and do some of the basics to free me up for client contact etc. I work from home so I’m acutely aware of how women could feel threatened by this sort of setup. A few mates joked about it and I couldn’t see the funny side of my bed being a few rooms away from the office. I had to be strict with myself even on talking about it. The woman, Claire, met me at a coffee shop. I quickly knew that she wouldn’t get the job on offer but when I mentioned tha… Read more

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Dee's Big Boobed Mom - the prelude


One Friday night Dee and I partied with her sister Paula and her boyfriend, Tom. We played strip poker and Dee took Tom into her bedroom and Paula and I stayed in the living room. 4 hours later Tom and Dee came back in the living room, Paula and I had smiles on our faces, and we were all totally satisfied. Tom had to leave early the next day, Dee and Paula went shopping, and I hung around for a while before heading back to my place. I was ready to jump in the shower when I heard a knock at the door. It was Dee and Paula’s mom, Maryann. Maryann had the tit genes that she gave her daughters. Onl… Read more

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