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A collection of notes about first milestones in sexual matters. We always remember our first occasions for everything , these notes are not always in chronological order. First ejaculation. This is where ones sexual life begins. That exciting ecstatic moment when for the first time your cock spurts forth your semen. I have already written about this but for the sake of completeness here are the details, In my bed looking at my favorite girl pics and rubbing hard and nearly there- But not quite. To change things I brought my long hard pillow bolster into the bed and pretending it was a willin… Read more

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The Tarts of Lesser Plumpton

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Jack went into the pub where he had seen the girl before hoping that she would be there again, if nothing else for a dodgy East London pub they did a nice single malt Scotch. Previously he had been home on leave and needed some company Charlie was a call girl but Jack found her fun as well as good in bed. In all he had seen her four times. Trouble was he had lost her number and the mate he got it from had left the marines and they had lost touch. As Jack sipped his double, he saw he was in luck, that mass of curly red-brown hair with hints owas unmistakable. So was her profession from her dr… Read more

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Neighbours Pantyhose


When I used to live at my old place I had some very good neighbours who would help me out with any things I needed doing as well as get me down for coffee and a chat on an evening. Both were in their early 60's and kept very active for their ages. The husband, Roger, used to work at the local airport while the wife, Carol, stayed at home and did odd-jobs. One day I was working out in the yard and saw them both just as they'd got back from a function. Carol was wearing a black and white polka-dot dress, which came to about 4 inches above her ankle, and black peep-toe pumps. From what I could s… Read more

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Friends Mom


This story is back from my teenage years and involves the same woman as my "A Friends Mom" story. When I was younger I used to go round to my friends house to play video games and have a laugh. His mom worked as an account manager so frequently wore business suits with skirts. She always wore either navy blue, smoky grey or black pantyhose with her suits as well. I enjoyed it when I was there and she came back in from work, usually finding an excuse to try and catch a glimpse of her in her suit before she changed into her tracksuit bottoms and removed her pantyhose. After she'd changed I'd tr… Read more

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My Neighbours Wife


One day my wife and I were invited to the birthday party for one of our friends sons. When we got there the family were all outside but our friends wife and sister-in-law were in the house getting everything prepared. His wife was wearing a lovely low-cut green dress with cream coloured nylons, that had a black tattoo pattern adorning each calf. She finished off the ensemble with some silver-white strappy sandals that showed off her painted toes encased in the lovely nylon. As the party wore on I kept admiring his wifes legs and the way that the nylon contrasted with the green in her dress. W… Read more

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A Friends Mom


A couple of months ago I went to visit the parents of one of my old school friends to see how he was doing as I haven't spoken to him for a long time and neither have our other friends from the school. When I got round his dad answered the door and invited me in so we sat down and talked for a little while. After about 10 minutes my friends mother came back home from doing some errands and we all continued to sit talking in the living room. This brought back a lot of memories as I used to go round and play computer games with him and try to watch for his mother coming home from work. She worke… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 108


It was pretty much a routine morning. Rick woke up at the first sounds of the family moving around. He kissed Sue, "Good Morning," and got out of bed, asking if she needed his assistance to use the bathroom. She was reluctant to put any more weight on her new cast than she absolutely had to, and took him up on his offer. She had another appointment in 2 weeks, and wanted this one to last the whole time. Rick assisted her up on her right foot, and helped her hold her weight so that her left hardly touched the floor. She sat on the toilet to pee, and Rick filled a bottle with her douche solution… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission in train :-P

Voyeur very well this videos I too had a good situation like in this videos in a nice commission trip by train with my sister. It was late summer, September, I remember, and there was a tepid weather, I'm very happy to take a trip with my sister for to can stay near to her :-P because it was from a bit of time that she makes me very excited to the maximum, not that I didn't knew before having sister hottie :-P, but in that last period I, without embarrassment, I had started to have good thoughts about her :-P, also caused by her of course :-P, which… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission in train :-P

Voyeur very well this videos I too had a good situation like in this videos in a nice commission trip by train with my sister. It was late summer, September, I remember, and there was a tepid weather, I'm very happy to take a trip with my sister for to can stay near to her :-P because it was from a bit of time that she makes me very excited to the maximum, not that I didn't knew before having sister hottie :-P, but in that last period I, without embarrassment, I had started to have good thoughts about her :-P, also caused by her of course :-P, which… Read more

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The Bully's Birthday and Making Amends

First Time

In my day to day life I was a very shy and reserved girl. I didn’t speak unless spoken to, I dressed modestly, which meant no sleeveless shirts or above the knee skirts or dresses. Halloween was different, though. Halloween was my time to shine. Every time October came around my heart would race and my mind would count down the seconds until we fell onto that glorious day of costumage. My outfits were always carefully planned and executed. I rocked the costume contests every fucking year since I was 14, just not anywhere I might run into someone I knew. Since I just turned 18, I decided to t… Read more

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The Life of Giving: Chapter 6 : Endings or New Beg

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As the time passed both Samer and I got used to the roles we were acting in. I was a good Christian boy and he was a person in need that couldn't be more polite and nice to everyone who had met him. Some of them suspected of us being a couple, but most were just ignorant about homosexuality and probably couldn't even get an idea of what they were looking at in this situation. At home, things got very quiet and as our cohabitation went on, we also progressed along the lines. Samer started to work part-time as a delivery guy, and visited the language course as well. I was working non stop as my… Read more

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Hubby at football.


I met up with Camille again last Saturday as her husband Rob was out with his friends at the football. During last week, Camille had told me that her husband Rob would be out on Saturday at the football with his work friends. Camille had told me that Rob was a big non-league football fan and that he had tickets for a match which was outside of London. Camille told me that he would be leaving early with his friends and that she was going to be home by herself. On Saturday morning I waited around the corner to where Camille lived. As always I waited for Rob to leave with his friends before… Read more

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Wife's dirty lies


My wife had never been that much into sex but when in the mood I could fuck her arse and everything else except a blowjob but I was happy as I was getting 'regular' ass sex. My sex life took a massive upturn On New years eve last year this year when I got off with a friends daughter and still am servicing her as and when she is in her late teens and totally opposite built to that of my wife who is small and cuddly and my young friend is tall, slim and just a dirty cow. I arranged to go down my local town drinking with some mates and bumped into our friends daughter Chloe. We chattered for a bi… Read more

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Pantyhose wish come true.......

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PANTYHOSE SEX I've never written a story before but some things just NEED to be told and, after reading the following story, I'm sure you'll understand why I need to tell this story and why it's anonymous. It all started the day I met my friend's family friend. She was a good looking woman in 50-is, she look's like goddess. Her name was Nada. After few month's my friend geting married and she will be guest at party. She was FREE woman, divorced. I kept dreaming about getting her alone. It was my greatest fantasy and one I was sure would never come true. As luck would have it one day, Nad… Read more

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Stealing tights pantyhose panties etc from manager


This is a new fictional/fantasy story to add to the tights pantyhose nylons foot fetish etc stories that i wrote last year (receptionist, neighbour, dept store, bus, housemate etc). When i worked in a large office for a number on years in a large building based on a few floors we were in teams and every now and again we had to change teams and change managers/supervisors to keep things freshened up. One of the managers Julie was a bit of a nasty bitch and didn't like me much. She was never very helpful when i had to ask her a question or ask for help on behalf of a customer etc, I don't know w… Read more

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An old friend comes to stay and gets more hospital

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I married Jane when we were both still in college, a little over ten years ago. They have been a great ten years. I just had my 32nd birthday, and Jane’s is in a couple of months. Jane still looks fantastic. We walk or cycle almost everyday, and she teaches an aerobic class at the community center. He body is firmer and tighter, now, than it was when I met her. She is 5’6″, weighs about 110-115, and measures in at an eye-catching 36-24-35. She has deep green eyes, a great complexion, and bright blonde hair cut in a short, stylish bob. So, when I tell you that just looking at her still makes m… Read more

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Our Game, Part 3

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The three of us left the jazz club, our sole purpose to get across the 3 blocks to our hotel room and get naked as quickly as possible. So far tonight, I’d had a couple of orgasms with a stranger and the evening ahead promised more. Our two encounters with Chase had me finally feeling I could step outside the normal lines of our sex life and enjoy something new and exciting with my husband. The out-of-this-world fuck we’d just shared in the club, bent over that table, had my legs trembling still. Anticipating another round quickened my pace. Tipsy and excited, I thought maybe we could push th… Read more

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The Cock Sucking Chronicles - The Final Mouthful.

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Greetings, salutations and felicitations fellow fellatio fans permit me to bid you a hale and hearty welcome to the final instalment of The Cock Sucking Chronicles! You may be wondering what more could I possibly say on the subject of the oral veneration of the erect phallus, right? Well, just saying the word, ‘Cock,’ still elicits a frisson of excitement. I love to whisper prurient breathless encouragements to my benefactor, as I obediently nudge him closer to his release with each gesture of my bobbing head. If you have been following my story up to now, you will already be familiar with… Read more

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Hot and dirty

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Hot And Dirty Sex I was bored. I was fifty six years old and my boobs were beginning to sag and my waist to thicken, and the first streaks of grey were showing in my once luxurious blonde hair. My c***dren were grown up and had left home, and I had two lovely grandc***dren, but I was missing something, as if life was passing me by. I had a lovely husband, but he was often tired from working too hard. He was everything one could wish for, caring and considerate, and he made me feel safe and adored. We still had sex, but only at weekends or on vacation, and although he always made sure that I ha… Read more

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HardcoreTabooFirst Time

My Dad is letting me put right about what we got up to and occasionally do now and again though it,s difficult now. Not down to my lovely father as he,s just as sexy as he was forty years ago. It,s just that I,m married now with daughters of my own and usually on good terms with my hubby of ten years. I feel sad for Dad as. Mum went off sex years ago so now Dad get Nothing from her not even a hand job. I try to help when I can, but I don,t get much time as it,s two hundred miles between where I live and where my parents live. Yes it,s true that I seduced my Daddy on my eighteenth Birthday! We… Read more

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