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My first sexual experience started off different. It wasn't with a girl, it was with a guy. My friend actually. We started out stroking and cumming together and then exchanging blowjobs and then him becoming a total bottom and letting me fuck him. All raw with no condoms and me coming inside of his tight ass on multiple occasions. It was the best sex to me. Pounding him from behind and watching his ass take my cock, I was hooked on gay sex. It was just straight up sex, nothing too gay, like no kissing or anything like that. We were still friends after all. I'd sleep over at his place from time… Read more

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I had a very bitchy "dance" teacher in my last year. She was always bitching about something which was annoying and most of the time I didn't even listen to what she said. Sometimes I'd just be thinking about what I would do to her. It was supposed to be a dance class, but everyone knew it was just an excuse to not study for an hour as no one learned anything from it. I always got to class first and she'd have to come in to get changed in the closet of the room we used. I got there sitting on the floor waiting, as she walked in and acknowledged me. She went ahead and got in as she started chan… Read more

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Fucked silly

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My dad fucked me silly. My dad overheard me and my BFF and he fucked my brains out. It all started with my BFF Tina. We're going into our junior year of highschool. Tina came over to my house as usual. Today we're sunbathing in my backyard. She had the skimpiest bikini. It was white, tie at the side thong bottom that barley covered her pussy lips and only part of her bigger nipples. I guess it didn't really matter you could see through it and it was only going to be Tina and me. Tina is thin, long thin legs, a little taller I'd guess 5' 8" redish hair, light brown eyes and pretty big tits f… Read more

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A rising star.

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... The three black thugs used my white bubble butt in turn. Each ramming their huge black meat deep inside. I had to use all my experience to make sure they got their money's worth. They took me hard, and my ass muscles worked overtime. Milking them dry. One after the other could not withstand my ass for long though. Filling their XXL condoms with loads of spunk ... A continuation of: Let me tell you how it came about that I was on a call-out with the 3 b… Read more

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She just loves playacting 3


Old Tricia and young Simon were well into their sexy role playing and they started to explore their bladders and shit holes. However, before they started playacting, they both really enjoyed kissing and very heavy petting. Usually Tricia started it by playing the upset granny. Simon would be invited around and found her sobbing on the sofa and would sit next to her and putting one arm around her would comfort her. ‘There, there, Gran. Don’t upset yourself, let me kiss those tears away’ She would look up at him and reply ‘Oh Simon, you can always make me feel good let me give a nice granny k… Read more

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30 Second Kiss Test Gay

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One minute I was sitting alone in the locker room, the next I was surrounded by five guys. I had no idea what was happening, but I was definitely scared. "What's your name?" One of them asked. "Eric." I responded, my voice shaking a little. "Well Eric, here's the deal, my name is Mike, and my buddies and I couldn't help but watch you while you were taking a shower looking at our cocks and you got such a pretty little body we just wanted to come over and say hi." "I'm not gay." I blurted out. "Well, neither are we, but anyone can see that your dick got hard as you looked at us taking a sho… Read more

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The Courtesan Empress - Chapter 5

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Thea was enjoying being spit roast, sucking on Alexandros cock with all the skill of her former profession as a courtesan and being fucked with enthusiasm by her husband. Anna her best friend and maid was being buggered by Lieutenant Sorros of the Palace Guard. Azeena now confirmed as ambassador for her country to the court of Byzantos was involved in a sixty-nine with Sisa, Thea’s lady in waiting. They switched around a bit and it was Sisa who was being spit roast. For a nicely brought up young lady she had taken to giving blow jobs with alacrity and growing skill. Thea on the other hand had… Read more

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My Tranny Teacher 1

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All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased. So I am 15 and just starting my sophomore year in high school. Like any teen boy I am horny as heck all of the time and cannot jack off enough. What may be a bit different is that since I was ten I have been addicted to wearing nylon, lace or satin panties whenever i jerk off, sleep at night or just lounge around the house. They are most often my sisters but some of my favorites are one that I kind of lifted from laundry piles while visiting friends and family members. I also have some bras that I… Read more

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How I find my luck in Orient_3

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Preparings The next days Baba was very busy. Fatmah told me he organize the wedding. She told me that an official ceremony is not possible, but Baba want´s a Bayram to celebrate. He asked a friended Iman for help. The Iman told him that an official wedding ceremony would not be possible, but he could bless Baba, Mustafa and me. So neither he nor the others involved in religious conflicts. Although the Koran forbids homosexuality but it is permissible that his followers dominate the unbelievers sexually. Yes, he even speaks that he will reward them for their actions. And gay is by defin… Read more

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How I become a model and more


I never even thought of being a model, ever even with my husband saying I could be a model, I thought he was just being nice. We have been married for 4 years now, and yes I was young when we married but, I loved him with my whole being and couldn't think of being with anyone else. We met when I was in Jr. high school and started dating soon after. I was in grade 9 and he was in 11 and such a dam good looker. We married in July after I finished grade 12. He was working for his dad's trucking company so we had some money, but not a lot. I found a job at a dress shop in the mall so we could pa… Read more

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My life as a prize wife (Chapter 1 and 2)


It is the confession Hello, I am Christine and I live near Trier. I am 39 years old, married and have two c***dren. I am a European woman, wearing shoulder long brown hair and my eye color is also brown. My body weight varies between 73 to 75 kg. My breasts fit in cup size 95 C and my Po is not big, not small, not fat and not flat. Body Mass: Size 165 cm, chest, waist, hips 95 cm 110 cm 108 cm Fetish: i love it when my husband gives me strange men and women. This is my story. At the age of 24 on a Thursday in July 2004, I married my current husband Peter. Since the household coffe… Read more

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Masturbating in the toilet


Secondary school was a period where my precious time alone was further reduced. My brother and I are in the same school and thus our schedules are fully synchronized and we would always be at home at the same time. My mom would drive to pick up my dad from work in the evening and that would leave me with approximately an hour to masturbate but with my brother now in the way I was unable to. Going into my parent's bedroom fro an hour would invite suspicion. 1 wrong question from my brother to my parents and I'm finished. I was distraught, am I now unable to satisfy my perversions? One day whe… Read more

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Melissa's first time

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Finally the day that Melissa had dreamed of for so long had come. She had been chatting to Sara online for several months and they had hit it off from the start. They were so alike in many ways, both had been dressing in private for years and both longed to meet another dresser but had not yet taken that big step of meeting in real life. They had planned the meet carefully, it was to be in a hotel mid way between their respective home areas. Sara had made the booking and would check in first and get ready before Melissa arrived. Melissa would go straight into the bathroom to get dressed when s… Read more

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The Dentist Visit


It was that time of year that I dreaded, the old dental check-up. It’s not that I dislike dentists but it’s the needles, I don’t do needles and always have to opt for Valium or Gas to help me through the process. My old dentist had retired so this was my first visit to the new set up which was just a short walk through the park. I showered and put on a pair of dress shorts and a button up shirt, no point in over dressing and headed off through the park for my 9am appointment, at least the dentist will be fresh and mine would be the first mouth of the day, how do people do this job” I was the… Read more

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Innocence Corrupted.


“I want a baby Grandad…..l want your baby.” Jack was not completely shocked by Emma’s announcement, he had a feeling this was coming. He sat in his chair looking at the pair of them, his daughter and granddaughter seated on the sofa, both naked, sat there as if they were all having a normal family meeting. He thought to himself how this was the complete opposite to normal, how many men his age could possibly hope to have two such beautiful women eager to have sex with him, that was fantastic in itself, but when one was his daughter and the other his granddaughter the situation just turned int… Read more

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BBC for two Japanese hookers

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Alright so this is story/ question (for other black guys out there i need some negroe advice). So here is the situation: I love my asian bitches but whenever i get one they always quit on me halfway through fucking. Now is this a trend? You guys pick up a girl who quits halfway through? Worse if a hooker quits and does not finish the job the way you want because "Too much" should you really be paying in full? So here is the scenario... The first time i ever hooked up with an asian girl was in from a club. Brought her home, laid some nice ground work (i split my foreskin when i lost my virgini… Read more

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swathi– the slutty housewife

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I am a newly married housewife aged 26 years with a 34B-26-36, enjoying and satisfied with my husband’s love making in bed, but still yearn for a feminine body touch which I am missing from collage girl friend during our golden collage days. Hindi Sex Stories I loved the soft hands of my girl friend roaming and caressing my body and especially the soft hands pressing my breasts instead of my husband’s rough hands.The story I am going to write is of my… Read more

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swathi– wife whored in train-1

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It was a Monday & Mohit (my hubby) & I had gone to attend a wedding. Hindi sex stories. I was dressed in a silver colored sari & a matching sleeveless blouse. My silky brown hair was tied up in French knot & only the narrow back of my low cut blouse covered my back. The front was also equally low cut but my pallu was covering my cleavage (at least at that time.) Hindi Sex St… Read more

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Unsatisfied Wife and Group sex

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I am a housewife. I was 21 when I was married to a 39 year old man. My parents forced me to marry this man because we where 6 sisters and we belonged to middle class family. My height is 5 2″ and my figure is 35 28 34. My husband name is Yasir. He is a rich man with cars and a big bungalow, servants. Since my wedding night I understood that he will never be able to satisfy me as it took… Read more

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Grandma, Grandpa and me. Begining


When I was 7-8 years, I was given to my grandparents for summer holidays. Nothing much, living in really small village, mostly old people, just few younger then me. Same as me left for summer. Shortly about me and my family. My mom is very nice woman, small tits very wide hips, fat lips, nice big mouth. My father, he passed away when I was 16, average guy, short, small cock, seen him when he was naked. But let's talk later about them. My grandparents. Granny, old woman, fat, huge tits, unshaven, loose pussy. Grandpa, big belly, big hanging balls, not very big cock, quite hairy. And me. At that… Read more

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