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Becoming Me


This is the story of how I became who I am today. Once upon a time, I was married to a good man. We were a good, fun couple. The kind of couple that most people thought would never have any problems at all. I've always had certain thoughts, that I would put away to the back of my mind, because I thought they were wrong, too kinky, that I had to behave a certain way in order to be considered a good wife. I never begged for sexual attention, but I needed more. I had had a few flings before getting married, but still had only really experienced most orgasms by my own hand. I had started to t… Read more

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Becoming Me


This is the story of how I became who I am today. Once upon a time, I was married to a good man. We were a good, fun couple. The kind of couple that most people thought would never have any problems at all. I've always had certain thoughts, that I would put away to the back of my mind, because I thought they were wrong, too kinky, that I had to behave a certain way in order to be considered a good wife. I never begged for sexual attention, but I needed more. I had had a few flings before getting married, but still had only really experienced most orgasms by my own hand. I had started to t… Read more

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Saturday’s = Play Date

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I know I’m not alone in looking forward to Saturdays, from youngsters to most working person dreams of its comings. For me it marks a play date with friends. Last Saturday wasn’t the best of them nor the worse, there’s never really any bad ones. But what’s freshest in mind and I thought I’d share. I arrive right at seven, let myself in having a key. I didn’t sing out that I was there as there’s no need, I’m expected at any time. There in the entry laying over the stair rail was my silk robe waiting for me. I undressed laying my things on the bench there by the door. I quick look in the mirr… Read more

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* Jeff and Lyn joined forces to find just the right guy for their mom. She was very shy. They came up with a plan to ’inspire’ her to overcome her shyness. Unlocking her shyness released something none of them expected.* __Talking with my sister Lyn, we figured mom needed a boyfriend. Dad was gone now and she didn’t date or even try. She had a hot body and sexy looks just going to waste. Lyn said: “We’ve got to make her real horny.” That was bottom line, get her real horny and she would go looking for a hot guy. Our plan was simple to us but….we never figured mom had some hidden desires of… Read more

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Stepmother and Stepdaughter Discover Wash

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Kara catches her Stepmother, Monica using the washing machine in a most unique fashion. Her discovery leads to the most beneficial solution for both. For Monica because of her lack of attention from her husband and for stepdaughter Kara because she explores her passion for other women thanks to a most understanding stepmother. Monica got up and made some coffee before starting the laundry. She had a couple of big loads to do so it would take the better part of the morning. She thought about asking her stepdaughter Kara to help her but she was still asleep so why wake her. She was studying for… Read more

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My GF's Birthday too Me Gay

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It took a long time for Steve to wake up. He slowly came out of a dirty dream, unusually thick-headed and groggy. Two things immediately grabbed his attention. Firstly he was tied down. This was new. The ropes looped around his ankles and wrists, his legs spread apart and his arms above his head. There was no way he could get up. Steve may have panicked but for the second thing he noticed. Stacey his girlfriend had her hand on his lubed up dick and was slowly stroking him. This would explain the smutty dream he thought. "Happy Birthday baby" Stacey whispered. She continued to work her hand u… Read more

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My Wife is Finally Fulfilled -Part two

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Part Two Kay emerged from the shower wrapped in a towel that just about covered her modesty and sat back down on the edge of the bed, she used a second towel to dry her hair and the rest of her body. Right said Dimitri the food is already and while you guys carry on drinking, I will get my shower out the way, without hesitation and I am sure for my wife's pleasure he just dropped the speedos and walked into the shower. Now given where Kay was sitting, she must have had a perfect view of Dimitri and his olive-skinned body, I then noticed Kay was definitely looking in his direction but trying… Read more

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The Resort Part - Rachel's Odyssey

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Rachel entered the large room through two heavy wood oak doors that opened in the middle. The sign just outside the door said Spa Retreat. "It was just as the brochure had shown," she thought to herself, but only nicer. Rachel had never been to a resort before; and was surprised by the spaciousness of what she imagined a simple spa room might look like. "This room is bigger than my entire house," she said softly while standing in semi awe. She thought it reminded her of pictures she had seen of celebrity homes; or maybe something out of a magazine spread for "Architectural Digest." The room… Read more

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A Driving Lesson


BARRY LAKER rolled his eyes when his daughter strolled into the kitchen. “Tash,” Barry said, exasperated. The girl looked at him, fists on her hips and her head tilted to one side. “What?” Natasha replied, knowing full well what her father was about to say. She knew he was about to make a comment about the brevity of the hemline on her skirt, and would also probably have something to say about the clingy little top she had on. “Those shoes,” Barry said, nodding towards the strappy silver heels. “You can’t drive in those shoes, babe.” Natasha blinked, thrown by her father’s unexpected angle… Read more

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Laundry Day


*** She walked in on him stroking his cock. “Jesus, Billy,” she said through a gasp. Billy didn’t say a word. Didn’t flinch. Didn’t scramble in panic to cover himself, to hide it from his aunt. Just kept running his fist over his length. “God, will you just stop it!” she cried. He was on the narrow bed. It was halfway between her and the window which faced over the front garden. The curtains were open. Mid-morning, close to eleven. She could see every detail. Billy lay side-on to his aunt. He swivelled his face to smirk at her, his long cock leaking pre-cum so the head was all shiny and… Read more

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Mister Durrant's Fuck Photos


<b><i>Prologue</i></b> Darren just happens to be facing the right way when the door cracks open. He’s in bed, awake at God knows what hour, thoughts running round in circles. At first he thinks it’s imagination, the product of a troubled mind – a <i>very</i> troubled mind – when his tired, scratchy eyes see a lighter sliver of dark where the door jamb should be. Unsure if he’s functioning fully or not, he decides to ignore it. But the lighter shade grows wider, a shadow moving within, a sort of flicker which makes him blink and strain harder to see. The t… Read more

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The Teen Whore 2.0 part 1


Hi all this is my first attempt at writing a story so any constructive criticism is appreciated. This is part fiction based on true events with some changes to make it a perfect fantasy. Sam was sat at work on another Monday dreading the start of the working week. He had began to spend less and less time on work activities for the past year since a change of role gave him limited supervision and few deadlines. Sam was an unhappily married man in is late 30s and due to a lack of sex at home he had began spending hours of each work day trawling the internet. He began on the usual sites looki… Read more

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I was Tied up and Fucked up my Arse


My Early days 'Friday the 13th', I wrote into my diary, today Lorraine took the blame for a crime I had done and she is now to face the punishment, that would normally have been meant for me. I was caned once, over my skirt, so it was more a dull thud feeling than anything that could be considered painful, 'Humiliation', was the word they used, but if you were a repeat offender, well then, it was the bare ass then, that was Lorraine's field of speciality, she was into that sort of stuff and proudly bared her backside for all of us to see her stripes. Catholic schooling usually means s… Read more

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Before my daughter Christina got married as a bit of fun she sometimes hosted parties for a well known sex lingerie/toys firm and her close friends would attend and usually buy something to enhance their sex lives and the small amount of commission Chris got from sales helped a single girl sharing a rented house with three other career women. At one such party the firm had recently introduced a range of “fucking” machines, rather expensive items at 200-1,000 pounds not including various attachments. Of course there was a video to demonstrate how to use the device, but the representatve seemed… Read more

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Broken Bliss


I couldn't believe it. What was she thinking? And with Jones, of all people! I needed to get away. Jumping on my motorcycle, just a modest Honda 500, I took off out of my neighborhood, away from my cheating girlfriend. Images of walking in on her fucking that douche, Jones, refused to leave my mind. I never saw the car, before it hit me. * * * An annoying beeping sounds wakes me up. My eyes are slow to open, and even slower to focus. What happened, and where am I? "Ahh, Mister Dickens, glad to see you are finally awake. Do you know where you are?" My eyes finally focus on a figure in whi… Read more

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Bindu Sadanandan To Bindu Pranav


I left home by 2pm and reached pranav’s home by 2:15. He was at his room and I entered to his room . He was so excited that I can see it on his face. He welcomed me and offered a beer . I joined him and we chatted some random topics and we never talked about my mom. Actually we both where excited . I thought that may be my mom will be dressing up for pranav right now. I imagined my mom in… Read more

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4 Days Of Sex With A Beautiful Indian Wife


We planned everything for our meet. I told her to buy 4 new lace bras for our 4 days meet. She brought 4 lace bras of my favourite colour. On the first day, I told her to wear a black lace bra. That black bra was having red laces on it. She sent me the pics of all the 4 lace bras which she had brought. In the morning, I went in my bike to her home. On the way, I brought a packet of condom from a medical shop. I reached her home and rang the bell. She ope… Read more

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Frank and Harry Green


Harry Green and I had been exchanging text messages to arrange that beer we had promised, we decided that he would pop round that afternoon, I certainly wanted to find out more about the situation with Danni and hoped that he would come clean and be honest. He arrived just after 2pm, Lisa was out with friends and he caught me on the hop as I had just got out of the shower and had answered the door in just my boxer shorts, “Hi Frank” he said, “Sorry for being a little early, I hope I haven’t disturbed anything” he continued looking up and down at my half naked body, “Not at all, I just had a s… Read more

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First TimeTabooHardcore

358 PLEASE(ING) MUM (1) Sheila arrived home tired and footsore, her 5ft 7inch blonde, 10 stone frame Sheila, had traipsed the streets of the seaside town, looking for a shop with the perfect gift for her only son Ian, whom she doted on …16 on Saturday. Tall thin and gangly, a keen swimmer, mid-stream academically, shy and backward when it came to girls, though he was her pride and joy, her only c***d, to her perfection! She put the kettle on and kicking off her shoes collapsed in her chair, till the kettle sang, she rose wearily, brewed the tea and cutting a piece of homemade cake sat to enj… Read more

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The Sissy Journal - Vol 001

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The Sissy Journal Vol. 001 by Lady Jayne Hills Detroit Sissy Society CEO and True Boss Bitch Day : 03/13/2019 Time : 1:30 PM How : Gr****r Where : His Place - House Name : ? 001 ? He hit me up on gr****r. We chatted and swapped pics. Sent girly pics first, then boy pics. He wanted to meet up right away. I went over to his house in boy clothes. He lives only a few blocks away. I walk in... As tall as me. Olive / white skin. Chubby Hairy Daddy Bear. Glasses. Cute. We sit in the front room and I light a joint. We puff it once before clothes start coming off. I s… Read more

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