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Waiting at the airport (Victor's point of vie

That cold winter afternoon my loving Anita gave me a ride to the airport.
I was flying on a quick business trip. While we were waiting for my check-in I looked at my beautiful wife’s face and could see a sad look in her eyes.
I knew I had not fucked her in the last ten days. My office job was killing me; I was too much stressed and tired every time I came home late evening.
I made my sweet Ana promise that she would not fuck any stranger during my absence. She laughed and replied she would stay there at the airport after my departure, because her naughty girlfriend Helena was arriving bac... Continue»
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Tales from the Pussy (Part 1)

I've been in the swinging lifestyle now for 15+ years & this is a true story
based on one of my absolute favorite experiences!! (Bonus if this makes you cum!!)
Names have been changed to protect the parties involved..

It all started when I casually mentioned to my husband one night
after we had the most intense sex we'd had in awhile, that I thought
that Patrick (not his real name) was really sexy & that I'd love to have him
at least once.. Now mind you, I'm 35, & Patrick is roughly 25-26 years old @ this point
& built like an Adonis on two feet!! By looking at his package, I'd s... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

"Mmmmmm.... please help me...." I begged my younger cousin. He was 3 years younger and when he watched me pull down my shorts his eyes bugged out in excitement. I took his hand and gently placed it on my nylon panty cock that was leaking precum through the fabric....

"OUuuuu whatja want me to do?" he gurgled, slowly going up and down my throbbing hardon in my wet panties.

"Oohhh fuck that feels so fucking good!" I moaned.
... Continue»
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******VERY TABOO*******

Matt was just fifteen the first time he fucked his younger s****r. It started as he walked by his mom and dad's room and the door was ajar and he watched them fucking. His dad was licking his mom's cunt as he twisted on her nipples then the dad pushed his cock deep in mom's fuck hole and fucked her hard as she moaned and said harder. Matt's cock was rock hard and he went into his s****r's room and pulled the covers back and pulled her gown up and her panties off and he began to lick her pussy and push his tongue in her cunt. She did not stop him and he then got on to... Continue»
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Wife experience in reunion graduate party

This last year was my wife's high school reunion. She had been to a couple before and the attendees numbers were getting smaller every year. There was the core group of people and most had gotten over the one upmanship but there was the group of bitches that still had that high school mentality. Laura was not one of the "in" crowd and always felt shunned by them. What made her feel good is most of these bitches had let themselves go.

Laura decided last summer when talk of the next reunion came up that she was going to be "hot". She joined a gym and worked hard at toning her body. She alway... Continue»
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school submission recruitment

I loved the new school. I am pretty, smart and charming enough to be part of the cool crowd, but not too much so to be a threat to the Mean Girls. As a matter of fact, I sort of liked most of them. I soon became BFF’s with the leader. She was a tall redhead with amazing tits. She was not shy in the girls locker and I knew that recruiting her would be great fun.

One evening I invited her for a slumber party – just us two. I made sure everything was just right. I made sure I was waxed and had lots of fun toys for us to play with. I made sure my camera was right and ready and even the video ca... Continue»
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An exhibitionist wife - A treat for the builders.

Last week, Mrs O. had to go away on a business trip which meant an overnight stay in a hotel. Usually these are incident free but this time she found time to do a bit of teasing and i thought i might share her latest adventure.

The story began the morning she was due to leave for home. She was staying in a hotel that was opposite a building that looked as if it was undergoing some major renovations and had been awoken early by the noise coming from the site. When she got up she opened the curtains to the balcony doors and was greeted by the sight of two guys working on the scaffolding. She ... Continue»
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Catching Chinese Cuties #1

Peters ponder for fertile hot hunting ground to grind down dear cute Chinese cunning cunnies in camping comfort
Probably you all know both Peters very well as they are as famous for writing as seducing any tasty teasing teens

Peter Dyke and Peter More share a love for sunshine, warm water, some seductive slits with warm open orifices
Planning a proper pause from frolic and frantic fornication and eroticism in Europe, they take the train to Teenolia

Together they trail the randy route, seek silk tease trial through the Ural into Siberia to the muddy Mongolian mist
Their taste is f
... Continue»
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Every part of this story is 100% true. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.... lol

The movie started before I had an opportunity to sit and get comfortable. I had pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees. IN my haste I forgot to lock the door or perhaps I didn't want to lock it....who knows at this point....

L. came in and locked the door. I was a little surprised but not really. I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been caught with my pants down and my dick in my hand stroking it softly. L. walked up to me and nodded in approval. I am well endowed but not humongo... Continue»
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Santa Clause Woke Me Up

It was late Christmas eve, well by now it is Christmas day like maybe 3:00 am was the last time I looked at the clock at least so I had gave up waiting to see if Santa was coming. I checked my sack at the end of the bed with a little kick to find it was empty, I don’t know perhaps I dozed off for a while and missed him, I thought it was worth checking.
Any way 3:00am had passed and my eyes started to shut. Then I heard the squeak of my door handle, I shut my eyes tight a prayed “Please let it be him”.
As my bedroom door opened I felt the cold air from outside brush against my face gently, ... Continue»
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Another glory hole adventure

I answered my first ad on craigslist about a month ago from a guy who was 64 years old and was looking for someone to come to his house and suck his cock. In my response to him I told him I could get there in about 30 minutes if he gave me his address. I got a quick response back from him saying that he could not have me over that day and would tomorrow work. It didn’t work out that way so here I was already to suck a juicy cock and no cock to suck. I decided to go to Newport glory hole instead and see what I could find.
I was able to get there about 11:30 am and thought by the number of ... Continue»
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Swim team

We moved to a large city went I was younger. Starting a new school, I wanted to check out the sports they offered. I wasn't big enough for football, didn't like baseball, and unable to hit the basket most the time in basketball, but I did enjoy swimming. I talked to the coach and he said I had the build,so he gave me a try out. I changed into my swimsuit and got in the water. After a few laps he said I made the team.
I met the rest of the team and we got along well.

After a few meets one of the guys suggested that I shave my arms and legs for less drag. I noticed that none of the guys ... Continue»
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For the first Time all the first time stories amon

Well here begins the story of sex lust and all other things,

One day it was raining and me and my friend was spending a day chatting and messing about me in my short shorts and a really low cut top and she had an amazing little skirt and low cut top revealing her panties and bra my god her boy was to die for. She had amazing small but perky boobs at a 32c and just an amazing bum too, my i was so in love with her body and wanted her we was laid listening to music in her room on her bed no one was in but us, i got up and locked her door just in case her mum and dad came home, i said lets have... Continue»
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My wife's 44 but she can still turn men on. When we go out she gets more than her share of lustful stares. When I'm not around, guys hit on her left and right. When I first told her about my fantasies of seeing her and other men, she didn't believe me, but it wasn't long before we were both getting off pretending there was another man in bed with us when we had sex.

Thinking about it really got me hot, but not as hot as the real thing did. The fantasies were nothing compared to the reality. The first time I saw her spread her legs and her lips for a well hung blackman was the most erotic ex... Continue»
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Twice as Nice Pt. 2

There I was, naked on my knees Joes hard cock in my hand and realizing his neighbor Bill was standing next to him naked. Joe smiled as I looked up at him without saying a word he took my other hand and placed on Bills semi-erect cock. I started stroking both of them at the same time. It only took a few strokes and Bills cock was fully erect. Unlike Joe, Bill was completely shaven and uncut his cock was huge, I later found out he was 10 1/2 inches and thick. Suck his cock Joe says as Bill stepped closer, his big dick now inches from my face I could see a drop of precum glistening in the light o... Continue»
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Abused Stepdaughter - Teaser

Abused Stepdaughter - Teaser

This work is a fictional story….it’s a little more intense than what I normally write, and it’s intended for adults only. This is the continuation….be sure to look through My List for all the other parts. Also, check out my other stories. My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to Read….so send me Friend Request, and I will consider adding you to my List of Friends.

The characters in the following chapters are fictional….whether real or not, it’s a fictional setting with fictional characters, not intended to be interpreted to be an actual incident
... Continue»
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Alan responded to our ad and he really appealed to us. One thing led to another. When he wanted to bring his older cousin with him when we met, we were so hot to party with him we decided to live dangerously and agreed. So, I had seen my wife naked with other men before. I had seen her sit on other men's laps before, too. She likes facing me when she sits on other men's laps like that. She wants me to see it all when she lowers herself down on another man's hard cock. She likes how hot it makes me.

But this time it was different. Alan, the horny black stud sitting in the chair beneath my na... Continue»
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Wife last year on holiday - true story

My wife is 46, 5'2" slightly chubby b, ut not fat, brunette with a hairy fanny which she doesn't bother trimming, unless on holiday and even then never manages to cover her bikini line properly. She has 36c tits. This year was the first in 18 years we were on holiday alone together. So I had planned that I would insist she sunbathe topless. I hired a gite in Southern France which had a secluded garden shared with the owner's house next door. There was a pool which was private and only shared with the owner's, a nice French couple who are in their late 40s. The first full day there I decided we... Continue»
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Story of Erin Part 2

So Jody felt bad, and decided to hook me up with one of her friends. First one up was a woman named Amber. She was short brown with matching eyes, who was thick in the hips. Our date went well, talked all night. Second date went the same, talked all night. Third date, I pushed to see her boobs, and got a Big Fat learned that she was a 24 virgin who wanted to wait until marriage. I was cool with that but the talks grew boring, and so did her.
Second woman, was well older but younger. Amy was 33, and living at home with parents at a trailer park. She was the type of woman who fucked... Continue»
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Mummy Ka Gangbang Part – 1

Mummy ka Gangbang - 1

Hi, ye bas ek fantasy story hai jooki kaafi lambi hai. Abhi main ek part post kar rha hun. Aage ka baaki baad mein karunga.

Mera naam rajat hai aur main delhi ka rehne vala hun. Meri age 20 saal hai. Main virgin hi tha is kahani ko likhne se pehle.

Humara ek bengali parivar hai aur hum bahut saal pehle delhi mein settle ho gye the. Mere parivar mein main aur mummy hai jinka naam seema hai. Papa ka mummy se bahut saal pehle divorce ho gaya tha. Divorce ke baad mummy ne kisi aur se shaadi nahi kari.

Ab main apni mummy ke baare mein btata hun. Unki age 42 saal ha... Continue»
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