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Tgril who wanted more...


... submissive girls who just want me to control the room upon entry, but I knew talking with this girl ... and wanted my time and attention, the feeling was mutual. Most encounter I have are with totally ... beforehand that she wanted more... she wanted to get too know me. Unlike any other encounter I was hungry so… Read more

Posted by sbucks 4 years ago 1 3,023 100%

the wife who wanted more

First Time

... bothered who was listening i was fucking for England. I grabbed the butter dish stuckmy fingers ... and her hubby who knewthat this wasa problem had told her to join this site and "get"it out ... this morning but how he loved her being sexy in the morning. She said that she was not alone and he asked who… Read more

Posted by man_o_kent 8 years ago 1 1,699 86%

Who Do You Want

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

... would love to fuck you right now, Em. Want his nice cock?" Donna asked her. "Yeah, yeah, mmm, fuck ... like it so far? She's told me you've really wanted to fuck me," Emma giggled. "Oh, are you k**ding ... My wife told me she always dreamed about me fucking one of her girlfriends, then she made it happen… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 1 year ago 1 10,774 100%

The Librarian Who Loved To Fuck


... was no boy, but a young man. A young man who was ready to fuck. "You seem to be very caught up ... , yes! Lick it! Lick my fucking hot cunt, David! I don't care if you are only sixteen. I want you ... wanted to do ever since we started our fun and games. I'm going to let you fuck me right in my cunt… Read more

Posted by wastedaway 7 years ago 14 13,123 100%

Ladies who love to fuck in a girdle


... We would all love to think that there are mature ladies out there who just love fucking ... . But, in truth they are very few old ladies who still want sex. So we have fantasies. I have several. Here ... is one in story format. Hope you enjoy. The fantasy fuck store for mature ladies who love wearing… Read more

Posted by writinguy 6 years ago 4 5,667 100%

How I want to be fucked.


... thank you after each one like a good little fuck toy. Somehow I manage to keep up but he still wants ... to open my mouth and keep it open, then I get throat fucked for a bit, pulling my hair, gagging ... , everything. He keeps telling me what dirty little slut I am, asks me if I think having my throat fucked… Read more

Posted by suckmyclitgurl 3 years ago 80 9,445 100%

Everyone wants to fuck Pinky

AnalGay MaleMasturbation

... an ass fucking for all of us to watch, but....... It was Jerry who leaned over the massage table ... fuck boi! When I got to work at the bath house early that day, changed in to my bath robe and headed ... was having a private fuck session with his other boi toi but I knew I was privileged and knocked on his… Read more

Posted by kwhagie 9 months ago 4 2,347 100%

Want to fuck your Mother

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

... in the place wanted to stick his cock up her cunt and fuck her. Not something a son wants to hear from ... before, well, they told me not to bottle things up and stew over them so there. I want my son to fuck ... to start on you as well, I want a hard clit to suck when I fuck her." That was it. Lou let go her clit… Read more

Posted by chchboy 5 years ago 10 11,616 97%

Wanting To Be Fucked Like a Whore


... of the time, I want to be taken and made to feel like my purpose in life is to be getting fucked. About ... his hard cock all over my face, and fuck, I wanted it so bad. I took my right hand and started ... it filled my pussy. "I want your fucking cock Damon, Im a filthy whore for your cock, now stop fucking… Read more

Posted by adel5000 7 years ago 5 3,463 54%

I want to FUCK!


... , grabbed Matt and started to pull him out of the car. “I want to fuck you! Now! I don’t want to make ... love. I don’t want to have sex. I want to FUCK!” They nearly fell over themselves getting into the house, but that’s a story for another day…. ... into sports. That had been fine, until she met Matt, who loved sports. They got along well in all other… Read more

Posted by adel5000 7 years ago 3 1,852 96%

I Want to Fuck Linda


... here, I wish I was kissing you and fucking you. I want to hold your hands behind your head as I ... anymore. It's just scribbles... "Oh, Linda let me fuck you!" I want to get deeper in you. I want ... to cum in you! I want to look at those eyes. I want to hug you so hard.. Oh, I want to fuck you harder… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 2,239 67%

women who want


... I don't understand women who want sex, pine, dream of sex, want debauchery, games and pleasure ... shame, complexes, confusions, uncertainty, shyness! YOU WANT, I WANT and let the whole world has ... and a nirvana without which not мыслима life! Don't play for time in vain! Who was pleasant… Read more

Posted by serjio1978 6 years ago 569

I Want to Fuck You! (Pegging)

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

... to be passive during sex. I have never wanted to be a woman who just lies there, passive and moaning ... seem desperate. But I didn't want someone who was out on his own trying to pick up women, either ... with a wicked smile on her face, fingers still in me. "I want to fuck you, Steve." "God damn, I want to fuck you… Read more

Posted by 425olds 2 years ago 12 7,196 100%

Mother wants to fuck my buddy!


... who have had the pleasure of fucking their mother's would know how impossible it is to say ... up her ass and ejaculated a huge load in her ass. Any one want to guess who my mom wanted to clean her ass up ;) ... fantasies involved watching me suck my best friend, Nathan's cock and get it hard to fuck her. Those of you… Read more

Posted by denvershrink 6 years ago 8 3,377 86%

Girls Who Like To Watch Men Fuck

FetishGay MaleVoyeur

... his slick hog as I snatched up a few quick breaths. "Ah, I want more of that fucking cock!" I ... ...I want my ass fucked," I begged. "That was fucking hot! What a mess of his face you made ... slut and obviously loves cock. Look at him begging for it," Mary agreed and said. "Fuck him. I want… Read more

Posted by 425olds 1 year ago 4 4,878 100%

Diary of a School Slut who fucks Mr.Tom

First TimeHardcoreMature

... guys just want to muff drive me, Suck my boobs, and fuck and eat my pussy. I was not very good at 1 ... was the only one who had failed and he wanted me to do better, because he knew i could. I was close ... , Fuck i've wanted this day so bad since months. Ahhhh yeah, EAT ME.” i moaned as i was getting excited… Read more

Posted by Ashley1991 7 years ago 16 4,013 99%

My Cousin Who Fucked Me Hard

TabooHardcoreFirst Time

... is about how my cousin brother fucked me hard hard hard. For those who don’t know me I am 25 and I ... him. I laughed and asked him if he really wanted to fuck me. He said he was always fascinated about ... of me and he was dumbstruck. He said he wanted to fuck me. We were sexting for a while when he became… Read more

Posted by sweatyniki274 1 month ago 1 2,718 78%

Mature's and Step-sister - who could want mor

Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

... asleep. This had been at the request of Laura, who wanted to watch the two of us together, whilst she ... on get naked and show us both what you’ve got. You know you want to fuck us both, so stop messing ... around”. I liked this dominant Jen, and looking at my step-sister she mouthed to me “I want to fuck… Read more

Posted by UKricky 2 years ago 2 6,869 100%

My friday night sub training. Who else wants to se

AnalInterracial SexMature

... is getting fucked regardless. But her appearance up close pleases me; I know she wants to be fucked ... My Friday, 26 July 2013 It was set. I had agreed to push her hard. She believed she'd fuck me silly ... is a milf. A very pretty blonde one at that. Who dresses to accentuate her assets. And they are wide hips… Read more

Posted by smilingsun373 5 years ago 2,177 100%

I want You to fuck me with Strapon

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

... tenderly. "You’re sure you want this." "Yes," he whispered. "I’m sure. I want this. I want you to fuck me ... on the broom (though, oddly, it didn’t help Draco Malfoy, who had no arse to speak of). She would often ... , fucking him in the same rhythm as she sucked him, and it wasn’t long before he was shouting her… Read more

Posted by malesub01 4 years ago 4,715 100%
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