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Kate Gets Blitzed


... that Kate got onto the express elevator that didn’t even stop until 19. "Snap out of it, Sarah ... sexually since I was a young teen playing around at those notorious sl**povers. Oh, I had some ... . "I’m Kate. I work in IT with Pyramid Corporation up on twenty-five." "Sarah," I answered… Read more

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Letter from America


... and his wife Sarah were lying in bed . It wasn’t late in fact it was hardly dark but they had decided ... English if there is such a thing and the beautiful Sarah said that indeed there was and it must have ... been true because Sarah was an American Yankee from Connecticut and said he was . They had met eight… Read more

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A Young Witch Meets Her Maker


... All beautiful young women believe they have a power over men, but just for that reason ... , he must fall back on his wisdom and experience. My stepdaughter, Sara, was a young woman I had ... had to or wanted to. I never thought marriage would cure my insatiable lust for sweet young cunt… Read more

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Tricked with a Treat


... Rabbit or Loony Luna, sl**ping Beauty or Sarah Conner. Lily's costumes were always specific and complete ... , avoiding his eyes and looking nothing like the spunky Lily that he'd watched grow up into a young woman… Read more

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... as guests and cooks for us all to a very high standard. Sarah, had recently visited, and I had had ... patients that come here, like that Sarah lass what came last week.” I asked if she” knew why and how ... I had treated ‘Sarah’ ?” she smiled and said “she was sure she didn’t know the half… Read more

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My 19 year old s****r has some workout regime!


... to someone popular, I'd say she resembles the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, from Sex in the City, only ... . Hopefully someday she'll model all of them for me. For years I've watched this young girl develop ... was always an instant hard-on for me. I was constantly getting a throbbing hard-on seeing her sexy young… Read more

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soldier boy chapter 5


... me young lady.” As she heard the door being unlocked and then closed as the two men left Sarah was left wondering. What the fuck had just happened. ... Sarah stood by the bar later and wondered if it was to late to go home and hide under the duvet ... Sarah had ever worn. Placing the leather peaked cap on her head and the aviator glasses on her face… Read more

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Fucking Sarah and Dave

AnalGroup SexVoyeur

... the place to ourselves, and loved the way I could make Sarah laugh with stories about some of our colleagues ... her jacket to eat. Sarah shared some stories of her home life with her husband Dave - a Scots lad ... really need to release some tension this weekend. I could do with a good shag, to be honest." Sarah… Read more

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Jock Strap by loyalsock


... "Sarah, can you please lock up for me today," Mr. James asked while putting on his trench cost ... , "I'm meeting my wife for dinner down town, I'd really appreciate it!?!" "No problem, Mr. J," Sarah ... for the back door, "and thanks again, see ya manana!!!" Sarah went directly to the cash register and pulled… Read more

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Sarah acts out

FetishLesbian Sex

... A/N: Another story featuring submissive Sarah and her Mistress, Rebecca, from my earlier stories ... after Sarah received her permanent collar from her Mistress, about seven months after their first ... . "Choosing Corner time" depicts the dynamic of Sarah's and Rebecca's relationship a couple of years… Read more

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Sarah and Kimberly


... bodies of these two young girls wishing that I were young again. Sarah starting stirring and she ... The sun was taking its time coming up as Sarah dashed from my car to knock on Kimberly’s door ... . The waiting was over; our holiday was here and we were making a good early start. Sarah had invited… Read more

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Best Fuck for the Month of March


... fucking this young little vixen’s snug pussy, getting in some fine titty fucking, getting my cock sucked ... . And, then the young woman, still talking on the phone, walked out, glancing back at me—yes ... . To my right, a young couple sat at the opposite end of the bar. Behind me, three business men, neck… Read more

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Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

... and a drink. He looked so young, she thought. He was cute as fuck though; baby face, blue-green eyes ... 5-10 with the same afro haircut as her daughter. At a young 50 years old and the founds that came ... ' at a friend's house." "I was... But then I changed my mind, so I had Sarah's mom bring me home. Guess I got… Read more

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A fan meets Mila Kunis at a concert

CelebritiesFirst TimeHardcore

... said. "Why didn't you say she was from Forgetting Sarah Marshall?" "Jacky is her characters name ... . "Young love." I heard him say as Mila closed the door behind us. "What was that about?" I ... young and I should be getting laid, so I decided to avoid all that crap by saying that we're together… Read more

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Tina O'Brien has lesbian sex

CelebritiesFirst TimeLesbian Sex

... remembered for their roles as Sarah Louise & Candice rather than anything they've done since. Tina ... tongue caused Tina to scream and the fastest orgasm of her young life exploded as her body jerked ... of her young life. Tina could not see what they were preparing for her but she soon felt her pussy… Read more

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MILF in training Part II


... Sarah drove away smiling and extremely happy, even with her ass still stinging from the caning she ... been fucking and playing for almost three hours. Sarah burst out laughing, Sarah thought of her ex ... strange, but very happy. Leaving she managed to flash one of the young men pushing the trolleys… Read more

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Corrie babes get their brains fucked out by women

CelebritiesHardcoreLesbian Sex

... . Magdalene was very popular and she loved the life, especially when fucking lovely nubile young ... week," she smiled at the girls. "They like to perv all the naked young actresses which I guess ... as Sarah Louise & Candice rather than anything they've done since. Tina had left her little… Read more

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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1


... inaccurate, Sarah." "That's why I used 3..." she muttered, sinking into his chair. "All came out ... ." Sarah sighed, looking all around the room, which had been her safe haven and an escape from her ... at the young boy chasing seagulls with some of the locals. "You can thank Steven's late br*ther Keith… Read more

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Group SexLesbian Sex

... and comments. This story was written for a young woman who had dreams, but no way of expressing them ... suspected anything was wrong. She followed the young woman down the hallway and into Brenda's hotel room ... it was At The Movies, Susan's Request, Controlling Sarah, A Teacher's Past, An Email to Jennifer and a copy… Read more

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Little Black Bikini

First Time

... I've known Sarah for a number of years now. She'd gone a bit of a challenging start when she ... pursued Business and now worked in the world of investing. Sarah followed her passion and became ... . They moved into our neighborhood about 10 years ago and Sarah taught at the same school as my wife… Read more

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