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Julie and Debra.

BDSMLesbian Sex

... and with Sandra and Andrea approaching marriageable status then Debra was likely to become more isolated ... than ever. The negotiations for Sandra and Andrea’s marriages were likely to be protracted moreover so ... to me afterwards and bought me a present the next day for being so good. She takes Andrea and Sandra… Read more

Posted by Mikebasil 6 years ago 3 3,855 100%

The Sibling Diaries P03

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

... . But the obsession is there. It’s not like I’m hard up for sex. My current girlfriend, Sandra sees ... from the coffee shop, I heard small footsteps overtaking me and looked down to see Sandra by my side ... yourself” Sandra’s unmistakable voice came back. “Sandra?” “The boy has a memory… Read more

Posted by sexykamel 5 months ago 8 5,100 100%

Part 7: Matric holiday: Fuck a MILF

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

... was messaging my girlfriend Jessica as well as my sexy holiday bitch Sandra, I ended up fucking horny ... for the day. I decided to message Sandra and see if I could maybe meet up with her but she was busy ... to fuck her. She instantly started screaming as I pounded in and out of her puss and she soon reached… Read more

Posted by canev8 10 months ago 2,409 100%

On Tour with Mrs. Dolly Part..


... and screaming. I got out holding the door open. Sandra got out first. I then put my hand down to hold Dolly ... . I'm Sandra. Dolly's Manger. Your not allow to talk to her. Just smile and drive. Any problems ... with that?" said Sandra. She directed me to pull the limo up to the side of the plane. A few… Read more

Posted by therealbk 3 years ago 2 1,870 100%

Youngsville Part 8: Kira


... to fuck more openly around the family. Catherina and I had more and more anal sex. Sandra loved ... , that was not my first threesome. Catherina had found Sandra riding me in the stables one evening. My cock had ... been thrusting hard inside Sandra’s pussy and Catherina enjoyed watching her sister get fucked. We… Read more

Posted by drfleisch 4 years ago 2 2,355 100%

Flawed Red Silk - 12 linked stories

FetishSex Humor

... to make love I think he will scream in pain.” “I’ll treat him like a new-born baby with delicate ... are a close knit team. As I opened the padded envelope Edwin walked in behind me. “Hello, Sandra ... to me, hands behind your back.” “Yes, Sandra.” I tied his hands with one leg of a pair… Read more

Posted by oggbashan 1 year ago 5 4,266 100%

The Sibling Diaries P02

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

... the door and my hand shot to my mouth. I almost screamed. Out of his thatch of brownish-blond hair ... . In the meantime, I want you to meet Sandra Hawkins.” He got up, speaking into the portable. “Sandy, I want you ... done that to me, I would have probably screamed. Heck, I almost did scream. I grinned and closed my… Read more

Posted by sexykamel 6 months ago 5 6,661 100%

Visit from the Pastor

Gay MaleShemalesTaboo

... – something he rarely had an opportunity to do. This weekend his wife of twenty years, Sandra, was out ... b*o. Jackson. “That’s good to hear!” “Where’s the family,” b*o. Smith quizzed. “Sandra and Alia ... call you ‘Rev. Mack’?” “Oh! My bad. I’m Russell. Or Russ.” “I like ‘Russell’! It screams ‘brut… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 8 months ago 2 5,930 100%

The Berkeley Coed's Assault

First TimeHardcoreSex Humor

... more in and then Jess let out a shrill scream as the massive cock invaded her to a depth and breadth ... if they heard her initially scream and came to find out what was going, to help her, only to see her ... screamed as she felt the cock slowly push past her cervical entrance as the knot swelled and than… Read more

Posted by qudduse 2 years ago 5,346 100%

My Aunt


... this, but it was that or the streets, and he understood. I’m sure my Aunt Sandra would have let me come and stay ... rhythmically over it causing screams of pleasure. At one point my movements were too quick and my ... hole. My head pushed in slowly, stretching it out. The screaming and moaning got even louder when I… Read more

Posted by moneysex23 7 months ago 3 9,907 100%

Prisoners of cum


... and asshole. Kathy struggled and screamed. Sandra cupped her hands, filling them with the sperm on the sheet ... clothes?" "That's a lot of questions all at once." The woman said. "My name is Sandra. And you ... are in sperm jail." "Sperm jail?" Kathy said. "What the hell is that?" "You'll see," Sandra said… Read more

Posted by pr0nhunta01 3 years ago 21 5,712 100%

I Love Men to wear my Satin Panties

BDSMFetishLesbian Sex

... hand - Sandra now had access to her pussy. They were both sighing and screaming loudly as they played ... with her fingers deep inside her pussy. Sandra pushed Penny against the wall as she screamed in orgasm ... ... "Oh, FUCK ME...FUCK ME!" Sandra kept wanking Penny off, as she screamed in ecstasy of the orgasm… Read more

Posted by Manndee 1 month ago 1 1,772 100%

Corporate Assets (Chapter 10)


... helpless captive's ass. Sandra felt more of the dildo enter her ass. Carmen was shoving more of the rubber ... monster into Sandra's bowels. In a fairly short time she had about half of it, six inches or so ... , stuck in Sandra's ass. "Man this ass fucking is hard work", she said. She leaned back to admire her… Read more

Posted by wastedaway 7 years ago 3 1,473 100%

Awayday (chapter 8).

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

... to lift off the floor. Suddenly, Sami screamed, she was there, she had reached the point she ... at him, he thumped back at her. She screamed at him, he growled back at her. She was up on her ... as they were making out. "Yea, all right then." said one of them. "Sandra!!!", said the other… Read more

Posted by pinks43 5 years ago 8 1,052 100%

Sissy Downfall

BDSMFetishGay Male

... but if you scream I will gag you. Is that understood". You leave without waiting for my reply ... tells me to kneel in front of her to receive my orders. "That was Sandra. She is mine. You ... that is forbidden you are her slave. Understood?" "Yes mistress" I whimper. Sandra returns… Read more

Posted by klammer 2 years ago 3,664 100%

The Taming of Amy IV- Sandra

Interracial SexTaboo

... and I felt Sandra snuggle up to me on my other side. Sandra is Amy's mom and if Amy had been ... "available". Sandra on the other hand had not been confronted with the choice of my wish verse what her ... Sandra was a closest racist who viewed black people as inferior and beneath her. I thought about… Read more

Posted by mooremike 2 years ago 6 6,121 100%

Another Night Together- Our Beginning

First TimeTaboo

... and more. And just as I was cuming, she let out a loud scream! She was cuming right with me ... , Ging met Sandra and they fell in love. They are still together today. I'm a dad with a beautiful… Read more

Posted by abigfan 3 years ago 5 5,096 100%

Beech Mountain 4 --Donna


... and headed for Sandra's place. As soon as I got inside Donna motioned for me at the juice bar.. I seen ... her page Sandra.. “Sorry, but she told me to let her know the minute you arrived.. Can I get you ... of Jack.” I put two twenties in her hand and told her to be sure it was black label. Sandra came… Read more

Posted by dano29692 3 years ago 1 1,362 100%

Part 3 Matric holiday:fucking Sandra

HardcoreLesbian SexMasturbation

... my moaning. Sandra replied saying he's just that good and made me scream from the pleasure. We ... on Stacy and that in a few years time she would be a good fuck. As the morning went on we texted Sandra ... to the cottage where Mark and I made final arrangements with Sandra and Kyla. We then played a few… Read more

Posted by canev8 10 months ago 1,714 100%

House-sitting 2

Group SexMatureVoyeur

... a deep purple number that leaves very little to the imagination and Lucy,Sandra's next door neighbour ... standing?" "Cheeky bugger" replies Sandra,"Why don't you join us and get yourself a drink ... , it is something I haven't seen" says Sandra,loudly. "Sorry I forgot that!" says Lucy."Any way Stu,take off… Read more

Posted by stupot61 7 years ago 2 1,871 100%