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Dark Secrets

AnalBDSMLesbian Sex

... against her belly. After raining down fire on her ass, he slipped his thick fingers between her legs ... to give. Chapter Three - Naomi Later that afternoon, she called Megan, her best and closest ... she told Megan what had happened and how she felt, Megan had asked to get dressed in her most sexy… Read more

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"WHACK A MOLE" (My three daughters)


... , Megan, truth be told when I looked at Linda, unless I was totally aware, I saw Meg, if I ... having fun, far be it from me to interrupt them, rain on their parade if you will, no I wasn’t ... resemblance to Megan, they were my daughters, I’d do anything for them, I loved them unendingly… Read more

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... Megan O’Malley was one happy girl as she rode her school bus home. Friday, the final school day ... ride started. Megan’s was the last stop on the route, as they neared her home an abrupt change ... . With a clash of booming thunder the sky opened to a downpour of Biblical proportions. Megan jumped back from… Read more

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The Housewives Of Coxville County part 5

HardcoreInterracial Sex

... an answer, LD replied with, "Kerry Washington's face, Haley Berry's hair, Megan Good's dick ... my shoulder, and fighting off the flurry of blows she - in her own apparent madness - rained down ... of those Indian rain dances..." added Mindy. The twins were a fair bit passed tipsy, and by now… Read more

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My Wedding


... man; well I use the term very loosely!” With no warning she laid into my bottom raining down smack ... panties. I moaned and she called me a pervert. The fifth was a Latin looking knockout called Megan ... of the girls sizing up her choices before pointing to Megan. She looked like the cat that got the cream… Read more

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Sexy s****rs and Mom

Group SexMasturbation

... was driving me nuts and was tempted to kiss her rosy lips. “Heard you broke up with Megan…” She told me ... your “stupid bag without your gloves”?” My mom asked me and Katie broke out laughing. “Megan ... . It was raining heavily outside and I quickly stripped naked and got under my warm covers. No matter… Read more

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... and I soon had my new identity set up. So Jim Collins disappeared and Megan Collins came ... when I visited my old clients. I explained that I was Jim's s****r Megan Collins, and would ... to be more than that. To be candid, I'm sorry, Megan, the problem was you. You have to sell yourself more… Read more

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Megan's Mardi Gras Fantasy - Pt 11


... The ice was broken and Megan coolly slid from her stool and pranced back to the platform. Her ... displayed through her sheer blouse and skirt! She smoothly unbuttoned her dress and Megan's perfect breasts ... hard and swollen! Pulling her dress together, Megan sauntered back to the table. Then I had an idea… Read more

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Index of models' initials

Lesbian Sex

... ) MR: Melanie Rios MS: Megan Salinas ... DeBowe RDG: Rain DeGrey RDV: Roxy DeVille RJ: Randi James (da RJa) RJ: Riley Jensen (da RJe… Read more

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Mouthful for Mommy pt.2 of Over Mom's lips


... . Megan was giggling and laughed out loud when she said "I made Mommy Rain!" I couldn't last any longer ... !" Mom laughed. "I told Her last night...Oh! HuhHUMMmm! Yes, Megan! Huhhmmmmmmmmm,God! That's Wonderful ... -c-cow! Oh! Yes! Right there! Megan! UhHunghhh,Yeauhhh! Oh,Sweetie!" she exclained,digging her… Read more

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Sexy s****rs and Mom

HardcoreLesbian SexMature

... was driving me nuts and was tempted to kiss her rosy lips. “Heard you broke up with Megan…” She ... your “stupid bag without your gloves”?” My mom asked me and Katie broke out laughing. “Megan ... . It was raining heavily outside and I quickly stripped naked and got under my warm covers. No matter… Read more

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Collage girls. Taken

BDSMHardcoreLesbian Sex

... exposed chest. Louise moved on, Kayleigh, Megan, Vicky, Cathy, and of course Zoë. He looked us all ... their presence felt. Two studs. We all had. But why…………….. It was raining. “April in England, when spring ... !” Steph said. “All that sun, better than this bl**dy never ending rain,” I said, looking our… Read more

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Joe on the Road


... , Megan, my s****r was an English prof at FSU, I was a black sheep; I think I was also an oops baby ... on to steer, I lifted the seat, there was storage there; spare tackle, rain gear, towels and a blanket… Read more

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stuttering Jeremy

First TimeMatureTaboo

... ?" "Megan," he says, looking at me. "Are you sure? Do you think you can actually help me?" The way ... -Megan ab-b-bout c-c-calculus..." I cut him off. "I think it's premature to say for certain but I ... discussions without him stuttering. "So, have you talked to Megan yet?" I ask him when he's… Read more

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A Date with Megan Fox


... and started to jot down his answer. “Well, I’d love to take Megan Fox out on a date!” Bryan ... he walked home. The weather in New York was terrible as the heavens opened and rain started to pour ... . The rain started to tear down against the colorful skyline of New York. Bryan threw a few quarters… Read more

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Harriet Potter and the Ringpiecce of Fire Pt 2


... freezing morning shower……….. Two hundred nipples stood to attention as the icy water rained down ... of the girls started sobbing including little Miss Megan Brown who always said that she never belonged ... obeyed all the rules so far. No one seemed to know where Megan came from but she had quiet large… Read more

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Thanksgiving eve with my cousin

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

... Megan and her f****y spent the holiday with us. It was one of the most important and enlightening ... milestones of my life, and I will love Megan forever because of the ineffable joy to which she ... awakened me that night. Megan had always been my role model, even though we only saw one… Read more

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b*****r And s****r: MAY I?!?

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

... dreaming about?" Megan asked as she trotted into the room. "Um," I stuttered. "That hot guy I bumped ... . Megan had been after him for years, but he didn't seem interested until we graduated and moved ... . "Dunno!" Megan yelled from her room. "Joe is coming to fix it tonight." Upon mention of my b… Read more

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A walk in the park

AnalGroup SexHardcore

... offered his cock and Megan sucked the remnants out as cum still rained down from Ian. Gemma sucked ... . Megan your such a cock slut laughed her friend. Piss off Gemma ! We all know what you got up too ... couple of slags here to shag. Before Carl could respond Megan started sucking his cock. Mmmm your cock… Read more

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The Au Pair is in NEED of being PUT IN HER PLACE!

First Time

... and said "Welcome to our humble home". Mrs. Thorn was also nice, but reserved. "Megan" she said ... smiling as she shook her hand. Megan was the quiet type. Polite but straight forward. Hanna felt ... au pairs adhere to. From the beginning, Megan was always carefully observing Hanna, especially… Read more

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