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... . “Two beds!” Victoria yelled out. “The room has two beds. And it’s Maddie’s eighteenth birthday and she ... isn’t she?” He asked Madison. “She certainly is up for more thing than I knew-“ “Maddie ... of pubic hair she had left above her cunt. “I don’t need a bra Maddie,” Victoria said after… Read more

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Becoming Madisons Daddy Chapter 5

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... I was relaxing watching tv as Maddi came into the room she had just got out of bed . All she ... there for a moment then started to thrust into her tight little boy hole " oh yes daddy fuck me " Maddi ... burning hole on my cock . My tongue was in her mouth Maddi tastes so good. Groaning in to my mouth… Read more

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My First Time With A Woman

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... right up to when I met Maddy and that became serious. After that I was convinced that I… Read more

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... wanted to go and see her again and spend a couple of nights there. Sue’s sister, Maddie, lives ... , drive up to Leeds on Friday, spend the night at Maddie’s, and then Sue and Maddie would go up ... to Carlisle (with Maddie driving) on Saturday and get back to Leeds on Monday, when I would drive Sue home. I… Read more

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... boşalmamdır. Küstahlığa gerek yok çekici biriyim. Ailemin maddi durumu ise baya iyi. Bende Özge'ye beraber… Read more

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... ' head snapped up upon hearing Maddy being referred to in such an indignant way. He glared at wolF ... . These days Chris had a huge crush on his neighbor Maddy. Crush may not describe the fixation ... years before. Even if Maddy waved to him and said 'Hi' he wouldn't reply somehow losing his voice… Read more

Posted by webborelly 6 years ago 1,653 100%

Night at the Oil Party - Part 10

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... “This should be fun to watch,” added Maddy. To our left, on the end of the couch, I watched ... covered in white sticky cum. “Did you like that baby?” asked Maddy. “That was hot, he shot ... that load all over her face,” I replied. “His first load was up inside my pussy,” responded Maddy… Read more

Posted by LASwingset 2 years ago 1,437 100%

The Downfall of Nick or Nick's fall into Glor


... . Her parents Frank and Jessica had moved to the area so that their youngest daughter Maddy could ... new found infatuation. Glory was a few years older than Maddy. Glory was just out of high school ... and Maddy had just started her freshman year. Both of the girls had a resemblance to their Mother… Read more

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Stepmom Flashes


... like to go back and teach a class with Ms Maddy as my model. Where do you want me to start… Read more

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... goes up to Sammy. He asks, “Where's Maddy? What's going on?” Betsy hands him an envelope of purple ... , pink and green, Maddy's personal stationery. All her notes to me about the service and reception, were ... . I sat with Jan in the kitchen. Jan spoke, “Ma, what now? What is Sammy going to do? He ought to go… Read more

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... ? That could be anybody. Taylor maybe, or Maddy Thomas. Except this body is even better than theirs… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 6 years ago 21 33,621 98%

The Neighbours Favour

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... Matilda or maddy our neighbour popped over to thank me for the help. she explained that her husband ... way. A voice spoke up and it was the maddy’s forth daughter Sarah the second eldest with some… Read more

Posted by JFizz69 6 years ago 2 4,125 97%

Dorm Room Fun

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... and her friends name was Maddie. I had always thought that his sister was kind of cute but not drop ... thinking about and fantasizing about. Maddie on the other had was absolutely stunning. She was a bit ... , it was Haley, and Maddie was right there with her. We chatted and made small talk for awhile, and again… Read more

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... Maddie was nervous, she hadn't seen her father in quite awhile and now he was coming to see her ... they hugged and he kissed her on the cheek, he stepped back, "Let me look at you Maddie, my how you've ... wanted for so long. He pushed her back, "Maddie, what are you doing? I am your father, why did you… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 6 years ago 3 2,696 94%

Ellen, Maddy and Hope

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... Ellen, Maddy and Hope Warning: lesbian scenes and intense sexual descriptions and language ... and anticipation. Maddy. She knew her, she'd been around a few times. She was a cheerleader from ... Will's school. Oh my -god-. Maddy shivered, wriggled her thighs down the bed to meet Robert's… Read more

Posted by boshcak 1 year ago 2,792 90%

"Your Mom is Passed Out?"

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... ? That could be anybody. Taylor maybe, or Maddy Thomas. Except this body is even better than theirs… Read more

Posted by altaff143 5 months ago 3 10,633 90%

girlfriend pays rent part 2

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... was very excited for What would I saw that Mandy's cell father was getting kind of winded and Maddie's… Read more

Posted by Guyverhawk86 1 year ago 2 3,277 88%

the cuckold fun


... . "It meant nothing to him when Bell told us how Maddy Reynolds pulled a train with all the groomsmen at her ... perform on his wedding night. I mean, Wendell had never met Maddy, so why should he care? He ... didn't even know Maggie's brother, who seduced Maddy's husband at that same wedding practically… Read more

Posted by leo11169 3 years ago 3 5,690 84%

Me and My Bestfriend Jake

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... breakfast and have a little friendly talk. He said "Hey Maddy I want to tell you something about ... not that attractive ? Huh? Tell me" in a raising voice. He said "Maddy, you are perfect I have never saw ... in heaven when I felt him Jake was almost close to Cumming Jake said in a loud voice "Maddy I-I'm… Read more

Posted by dianneforbes16 5 years ago 2 1,165 80%

Night at the Oil Party - Part 5

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... squirt again tonight honey,” added Maddy, an even bigger smile coming across her face as she began… Read more

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