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... parents were fast asl**p, which added to the taboo thrill of making love to my well hung b*****r ... wettest pussy in town and loved threesomes with John and me or just twosomes whenever I went to hers ... all I was presently receiving attention from two lovely cocks each one different and enjoyable in its… Read more

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OHGirl & Velvet: Horny MILF's

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

... relatives were privy to my sexual antics, they now knew how far I had gone. Brandy, the former stripper ... before Mikey put them down for a nap and we fell into bed to make love. We fucked for quite some time ... after the first song and they were loving it as I gave each of them nude lap dances… Read more

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Enslaved Chapter 18


... long brandy whilst Julia fingered the golden chain, a look of despairing misery on her lovely face ... brandy and soda, then seated himself on the edge of the bed. Julia remained precisely where she had ... , continuing to sip his brandy. He felt very, very good. What a thing it was to have complete power of a young… Read more

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Enslaved Chapter 2


... ...“ It was amazing to think of some fifty lovely young women all being held captive on this very ... . Dr Heine drank a rather too large brandy. „I think I'll have a doze,“ he announced. „I expect you… Read more

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Enslaved Chapter 41


... on the four-polster. They were asleep... an excess of brandy having finally overcome them. A senseless Julia ... as Melissa continued her ministrations. “Oh lovely... lovely... mmmm... lovely...” Melissa continued ... . For a moment, there was a f lash of fear in her lovely eyes. “Oh... what’s that?” she asked cautiously… Read more

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OHGIRL and the Rapper 2

AnalGroup SexHardcore

... everyone how much you loved it last night when I busted a nut up in that sweet ass of yours Brandy ... friends from the night before and a handful of new people too. “Hey Brandy! Why you leaving so early ... figured that I was done for the day. “Preston gave you a lot of money to spend the night Brandy and I… Read more

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AnalGay MaleHardcore

... an after dinner complimentary brandy, the sitar music dreamily accompanying me. I asked for the bill ... is still here, but he will go in a few minutes. I will give you another brandy and tell him you want ... room." He went to the kitchen to speak to chef and then went upstairs himself. I sipped my brandy… Read more

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The Beardsley School for Girls 7 - Ashley and Bran


... through her head. How did they get into this? "What lovely girls, Brandy and Ashley, I presume?" Dr ... and the silk of their naked flesh. Brandy moved her hands up, cupped the lovely twin mounds of young ... Ashley was nervous, but not Brandy. Brandy seemed to have enjoyed herself too much… Read more

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Santa Baby


... , a pretty face, and lovely lips. He said to her, ‘You have to grab their attention somehow ... and grinned, ‘Sorry love, your money's no good here.’ ‘No, please let me pay.’ she said over Tina ... , by the way, you've got lovely eyes.’ She went pink and ducked her head away. Luke smiled to himself… Read more

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Slavegirl Island 4.2


... of slave mouths zealously at work a little later on! Jason and i both had brandy and black coffee ... of terror? Perhaps thrill of terror would have been more appropriate. It`s lovely to be on the outside… Read more

Posted by Victor-Bruno 4 years ago 5 3,093 100%

Velvet's Secret Life

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

... I had been working with my mom and fellow e****t, Brandy, for over 4 months now and I was loving ... ourselves as the mother and daughter duo of Brandy and Velvet for a couple of weeks and we were only ... wondered if there were others that were born without a jealous streak, whom could love me for who I… Read more

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I'm coming, dad!


... -five years old , short, fragile, dark-haired . Roman thought it was brand new accountant working all ... swallowed a pill to end this ocean of pain ... and told me , in the name of our love , stay and live ... . - Suppose we satisfy each other now, it's only temporary. I love my wife , even if she is far away… Read more

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A Si ster’s Lust chapter 6


... nervous to confront her s****r without something to bolster her courage. There was a bottle of brandy ... a drink?” “Love one, baby,” Frank smiled. “But only if you have one too. We really ought ... . . . thank you, Mr. Harris,” Gail stammered, blushing at the compliment. “I hope you like Brandy… Read more

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Early experiences- following 2nd flogging session

BDSMGay MaleHardcore

... surprisingly I was also given one ; a large Brandy ; to fortify me for the coming events he advised me ... I cried out with pain but also pleasure , how I loved it and he also sensed the enjoyment I ... in my ear that Val loved seeing my cock grow bigger with each stroke , if I could take the full extra… Read more

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Mature's are best

Lesbian SexMature

... – apparently she cared about me, it was just that there was no love anymore. She told me she had dinner ready ... room was nice, with a large king size bed. It was a lovely afternoon so we had a walk down ... probably have taken us for a couple in love as we cuddled and kissed – not realising there was over 40… Read more

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Part Two Concluded: Teacher's Pet

Gay Male

... athletic man was so aggressive and powerful. He was in total control and Patrick loved it. The fact ... was now convinced he loved it, having his penis harden and his balls constrict as he just held ... gladly complied to the man's more loving tone and quickly sat on the the big cock as he faced his new… Read more

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Ella's Story-3-Bisexual Stirrings

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

... . Well, you two have fun and tell me all about it tomorrow. Right, I will. I love you daddy! Say ... suggested. I sat and watched as my lovely Ella jumped into her black spandex shorts and white sports ... , I made her try on each dress. I was of no help, because I loved seeing her in all of them… Read more

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Julie and Debra.

BDSMLesbian Sex

... ! I’d love to have you as my s****r!” Julie laughed in pleasure “Come along then or ‘er breakfast’ll ... !” Eleanor turned to look at her two young attendants with great pleasure. They looked lovely this morning ... actually rejected Debra but said “Oh Debbie love. Y… yer’ll think I’m barmy but I… I can’t! Don’t get us… Read more

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Mrs Henderson's problem 4. Enough? Never.

Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

... was loving this. She clung to Jim like her life depended on it, and the wonderful feeling of Jim's cock ... thought you were in your early thirties.” Claire shrieked “Oh you darling man. What a lovely ... and loves.'” Then she French kissed him again as he slammed his massive organ into her again… Read more

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can i dance for you?

Interracial Sex

... . Limbs flowing she turned and swayed making love to the pole in her hand grinding against ... routine then with ease her body whirled and extended encapsulating the men in her sights. Kelly loved ... this bit; she loved the time she spent away from the stage as much as she liked her time… Read more

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