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Meeting Tara again

First TimeShemales

... brown haired woman that has more confidence in her little finger than most have on their good days ... and unwind. I could feel my world disapear as Tara took more control from me. It was quite liberating. Tara ... are going to ruin you so that i realise that i dont need you in my life". Tara was getting more… Read more

Posted by b84bomber 8 months ago 1 2,609 100%

The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 1.

First TimeGroup SexMature

... wanted nothing more than to enjoy the quiet life while doing a bit of gardening. To me ... is too happy though." What? Screw my Uncle George! The man was a miserable and bitter old fart ... and was more stocky than the other two. Not stocky as in over-weight but stocky as in everything… Read more

Posted by Ian56usa 4 months ago 3 3,326 100%

Janet and me part 2

AnalFirst TimeMature

... it. “More lube” she said “It’s not like my snatch.” I rubbed some on her chocolate starfish and re-lubed my ... and slid my finger in. I put some more on my cock and nudged the tip against her arse. “Push ... she let out a fart. “Oops” she giggled “I’d forgotten that happens”. I laughed as well… Read more

Posted by PropboyGinge 2 months ago 2,827 100%

Selfie Incrimination!

First TimeTaboo

... with a different situation. A hot guy like Todd could would want more than looks. He would want sex ... wanted to curl in a ball and die "Funny thing about sluts...they do have more fun!" He laughed ... and as they kissed they began to rip each other’s clothes off. His hands roamed over her body as more and more… Read more

Posted by mooremike 1 year ago 15 15,544 100%

Amber The Teen Tranny Part 2

FetishGroup SexShemales

... in as the pleasure overtook our senses. She began to slowly fuck me, letting her precum lube me some more ... loud cum fart out, and listened to it vibrate against Amber's lips almost comically. She used her ... time, but I'm sure it wasn't more than a minute she rimmed and felched me in the stall before… Read more

Posted by panteeluvr 1 year ago 5,570 100%

Heels clicking


... couldn't I control the lust I had to abase myself at Jen's feet? Why was I more turned ... of the slop. "Perhaps we should be kind enough to add some more to make sure licky boy can do a proper ... the filthy slop off the sole of my shoe," Jen said. I needed it. I needed to get to Jen's shoe more… Read more

Posted by klammer 1 year ago 1,505 100%

Rob & I Have Sex On The Train:Written by Bigro


... i had a upset stomach and that she was rubbing it for me i f***ed out a fart that seamed to satisfy ... me and how incredible that sex was and how she got turned on even more seeing that other couple… Read more

Posted by dirtylatina4u 4 years ago 1,376 100%

Christen Twins - Holiday of Discovery


... that it's an option, when we travelled while you two were young, life in the car was a lot more challenging!" Judy ... there'd been no reason to. It was like when he was there she felt more alive, her skin more sensitive ... it to swell in response. "Really?" He thought to himself, "My s****r?" More thinking about it did… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 7 8,871 100%

Skiing Tights:Après Ski


... . ″Though that could be a good thing.″ The more she talked the hotter I got. My head swam and my ... heavily. ″Don′t move.″ I heard her feet on the floor and more rummaging and wondered what she ... reflexively. New Year′s Eve we had both made vague resolutions to do more interesting things… Read more

Posted by MFrederique 8 months ago 746 100%

My First Time In school(Based On A True Story)

First TimeMasturbationSex Humor

... asked her did she want more of this dick? She said just a little daddy, I gave her another inch. She ... is pussy farts and the sound of mac n cheese. She had my neck gripped tight saying it hurts ... may write about more of our sex stories later on. Some may include Alicia you never know. I hope you… Read more

Posted by EbonyLust 2 years ago 6 10,734 100%

Never Bet With a Witch


... on the couch and farted some more. So how do you like that my little pervert? I loved it my queen. Good ... back. Trish got up and this time she squatted down and gave me one more big fart before removing me ... them, but not for three or four more days. So, you would make me wait four days to smell them… Read more

Posted by toes2nose69 3 years ago 2 1,860 100%

Another Letter to My Friend Keith (About My Neighb

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

... neighbor so I wasn't expecting anything more to happen but he started texting me and texting me ... throat. In truth, I have never been face fucked before him. It is quite a bit more challenging ... and tasty, then he came again, and then once more. I had never experienced a guy cumming three… Read more

Posted by 2015pussyandass 2 years ago 2 1,682 100%

The f****y Road Trip


... More adventures of my hot New Step s****rs and New Huge Boob Step Mom Recap of previous Story ... , they tag along Buck?" said Cassie. "Yes! Sounds fun. The Kelly girls, one big happy f****y. More ... . I really did not know what to say. Was yesterday just a one time deal. Did they want more or just… Read more

Posted by lovethembigger 2 years ago 1 10,191 100%

Samantha's Breezy Shorts - The Fart Doll

FetishLesbian SexSex Humor

... !* She released another sharp puff of a fart into my face, which was slightly more audible than ... . She placed me back down between her legs, nestling my nose up against her farting hole once more ... a couple more, she pulled me out from under her so she could sniff her farts off of my face. Despite… Read more

Posted by LittleMissFart 2 years ago 2 1,892 100%

A Wilder Saturday Night in OKC


... around my nipples, pinching them and pulling on them, then once more between my legs and inside my snatch ... I unbuttoned my dress from the bottom to just below my waist then turned to look at some more films ... tease him a little more and stood up, walked past him. As I did I stopped and reached out and touched… Read more

Posted by kap007 3 years ago 2 6,669 100%

The pencil test; a story about Tom and Tina

First TimeHardcoreSex Humor

... Tina’s beauty shines brightest in June, and she was most certainly in season. She looked far more ... , perhaps a prelude to a more intimate relationship down the road. She thought Tom was handsome ... she really didn’t know Tom all that well, that she needed a few more dates with him before she decided… Read more

Posted by MaxMon 5 years ago 4 4,702 100%

my BF wife deserves me

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

... This is more an anonimous confession of my heated lust than a story of fiction. I introduced them ... me this horny. She'll have a few beers, try to fart at the bar so she can blame me, feel a little ... doesn;t even know..... I hesitate and ask for a moment to do a more thorough inspection, but she… Read more

Posted by tbmcgyver 4 years ago 2 2,207 100%

Bag of Lush all sorts


... him harder. “Does the bitch want more?” I questioned. “Yes please, Mistress." “Hmmm, pain ... bottle of hand cream; yes, Eric is a serial wanker, in more ways than one – slapped him on the ass ... , you just farted!" “Sorry babe, I was just adding to the ambiance,” I said in my cutest sarcastic… Read more

Posted by adel5000 6 years ago 1,846 100%

fraudsters punished 5 Sara's story


... . I also knew they both enjoyed bedding the more senior orphans. Jason greeted me and took me ... suggested you might like them," went on Jason. "He has more than enough for the time being." I ... girls clothing and treat him as one? He’s small enough and Jane hasn’t much more in the tit department… Read more

Posted by clearly 7 years ago 2 2,437 100%

Fuck Buddy Jane

First TimeHardcoreMature

... . The conversation got more a more risqué and the idea that Jane had a husband got a shake of her head ... bust. She had on a very short green dress that showed more leg than I expected with not a hint ... before the pumping motion had her pussy ‘farting’ and the sensations rippled through my dick and within… Read more

Posted by andrewsmd 2 years ago 1 3,363 100%