Pleasuring myself while my wife was out [11 pictures]

I put on my hold up stockings and pulled my foreskin right back and then coated the head of my cock with my wifes red lipstick. Then I used a long lace that I used to tie tightly round my balls. Then I took one of my vibrating cock rings. I pushed my swollen balls through one ring and my erect cock through the other ring which made the vibrator rest against my balls and the base of my cock. Then I took the other vibrating cock ring and put it just under the head of my cock with the vibrator against the sensitive part underneath my cock. Then finally one of my wifes hair scrunchies round my cock. I then took two of her hair grips and placed them on my erect nipples (painful but lovely). I turned both vibs on and loved the feeling as I looked at many of the photos that I have on my laptop, particularly of females that I know personally like neighbours, work colleagues and female relatives. As I got more excited I got some of my wifes face cream and smeared the head of my cock. Soon I was spurting jet after jet of white hot cum all over the table. A very satisfying time.
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