Hypnotic Queen Valerie [10 pictures]

Hello Love. I want to explore in your inner soul and go deep, real deep into your mind and inner body. You know how much you want a hot erotic woman to put you under their control while you are laying their helpless and not aware of your surroundings, wondering what will this woman do to me or even make me do once she has put me out of her spell? Funny you ask that my love because you will be surprised what a woman like me could make you do after I have released you from my control and try and cope with reality once I have brought you back from fantasy world. Just with the sound of my voice I can make you become that woman you wish you were dressed in the kinkiest lingerie and those stockings or make you cum without having to touch that cock of yours or just want to feel as if I am in your bedroom smelling the aroma of my sweet scent and taste the sweetness of my wet pussy inside your mouth and still wake up with that wonderful taste on your tongue. It's up to you if you obey every word I tell you and listen to my sensual voice to make your sexual desires come into reality. ~*~Ms. Valerie~*~ Call Me: (702) 410-8693
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