18yr old wears a 32DDD bra [1 pictures]

A busty, 5'5, 105 pound 18yr old freshman wears a 32ddd bra. This is one of the best ads/emails ever! I was talking to this busty 18yr old hottie for almost 2 days trying to get her to send pics of her wearing her 32ddd bras. While I couldn't get her pics, I got a ton of info=) Here's her ad and story: 34D Victoria's Secret sports bra and a 32DD Shock Absorber Level 4 High Impact . I had gotten these when I was doing gymnastics and ballet and needless to say I quit before I ever got a chance to use them. I am in college now and really don't need them plus they are a bit too snug for comfort. They are both new with tags. The Shock Absorber was special order as I guess skinny people cannot have boobs, LOL. Both are new with tags!!!! Hi, I attached a couple picture of the two I am selling. The black Victorias Secret one is 34D and the Shock Absorber one is 32DD. I have a shock absorber that I still wear sometimes when I go for a jog or do anything athletic and nothing moves in it it is great. Unfortunately I have a lot of new clothes that I have never worn that really dont fit anymore especially bras. I am now a ddd so I have no use for them anymore. I meant that I had one or two other (non sports bras) in ddd. These are the only two non sports bras I have they are both 32ddd. They are made by Bali who makes great bras. They are both minimizers which are really nice for wearing under shear shirts and dresses. I actually have one just like them I wear that fits great, but I am selling them because I could use the money. Let me know if you have any other questions. Sorry the pic isn't that great I took it with my camera phone. :) Yeah unfortunately I have been big boobed since I was young, I am 18 now. So I am kind of use to all the bouncing lol. Yeah the black is nice, they are super comfy bras. I am not sure a white shirt with it would be the best idea, it may show through. As you are probably used to it is a 4 hook bra (a lot to hold up). Yeah I am 5'5 but I am 105 pound so there is not much hiding them. Let me know. I have class tomorrow from 10-3 but I could meet you anytime after that. You want me to put the bra on? Is'nt that kind of gross. I mean why do you want to get a bra someone else has put on. I am actually at my friends dorm right now and we are drinking so I couldn't do it until later. I am pretty sure that it should fit you fine. It sounds like we are very similar size. If the price is too high I could probably do $12. Are you interested in anything else? I have a couple nice leotards and dance costumes...lol money is tight... Sorry I was not able to get to it last night. I drank more than I should have. Which bra did you like? I am unsure what you want a picture of.... The bra will fit you if you are a 32-34ddd. That is what I am and I wear the same size and style:)
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