The Geek (rare&cut) (edit.1996) xLx

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Runtime: 45:56
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1 month ago
the last girl has an ass like my mom. If i walked over the hill and saw bigfoot doing that to her i'd let him finish before chasing him off.
1 year ago
I have been searching for this one for years. Thank you so much.
2 years ago
Great one
2 years ago
awesome :)
4 years ago
Hell I just fav'd it.
4 years ago
Nice big ass on the last girl to get taken doggy style. Pretty good vid. lol Thanks.
4 years ago
4 years ago
The Geek (1971)
Something Weird Video bills this as The Geek and, surprisingly, that seems to be its only title. It could be described as "Three young couples hike into the wilderness in search of the elusive Sasquatch but the sex-hungry monster finds them first and attacks and rapes two of the women." And while it would be an accurate description, it would be misleading as hell, hinting as it does at brutal monster rape.
This movie is divided into three alternating sequences: (1) the nature walk, (2) XXX sex, and (3) Sasquatch rape. Fast forward to the 37:15 minute mark for the Sasquatch sex. The movie is only 50 minutes long, and the two Sasquatch rapes happen in the last 13 or so minutes.
So we begin with a nature walk and annoying narration telling us all about the legend of the Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, or, as it is referred to in this flick, The Geek. Three couples drive up in a VW microbus and start off hiking in single file. Nature walk time. They reach the campsite and set up camp. At the 11:30 minute mark, the first couple wander off and have XXX sex in the Great Outdoors. That lasts until the 18:30 minute mark. They wander back to camp. There is dialog. The second couple go into their tent and have XXX sex beginning at the 20:15 minute mark and ending at the 29:05 minute mark.
The next day they continue the nature walk until they find evidence of the Sasquatch. They walk up a slight hill and wait, like they are all hidden and out of sight or something but really, they are just hunkered down on the crest of a hill. Sure enough, the Sasquatch appears and I cannot even begin to describe how lame the costume is. Words fail me. The couple who did not previously have sex walk out to greet the Sasquatch. The guy hangs back. The girl walks right up and holds out her hand in greeting. The Sasquatch smells her hair, then gropes her, then pushes her to the ground and suddenly her pants are off and he is fucking her doggie style. She is participating, but no she's being raped, but no she's moving back against him, but no she collapses in exhaustion. I'm thinking there was confused direction and she wasn't sure what her motivation was for the scene. So technically she was raped. The whole sequence lasts about a minute from start to end, and there is nothing XXX about it.
The Sasquatch wanders off and the guy, who apparently just kind of stood there watching her getting fucked by the big hairy monster, rushes over and she cries in his arms. This is just another one of those instances where the girl is all for the rough and kinky outdoor sex but then cries rape afterward I guess.
The others walk down and one guy asks the other if he got it all on film. Okay, is it just me or does it kind of suck that these guys just sat up on the hill watching and filming the girl get fucked doggie style by a big hairy monster? Suddenly, the Sasquatch is back! They all flee, but the first girl to do XXX sex stumbles (ha ha) and the Sasquatch does her doggie style. He also fingers her and either smells her or licks her or just leans in close for a better view of her while she is bent over, patiently waiting for him to finish. Then he lays down beside her and cuddles for a while, then they take a brief, 20-second nap, then he gets up and starts to wander away when the three guys close in and an insipid fight scene ensues, but really they all just kind of run at the monster and he kind of dodges them, or sidesteps and pushes them away.
Finally tired of playing, the Sasquatch wanders off. The three guys regroup and male bond and one of them vows, "Someday I'm gonna get that filthy animal!" The girls return and help the most recently raped one pull up her pants, and they all walk off, presumably in the direction of the VW microbus, having communed with nature enough for one day.
So there were two rape scenes where the ridiculously costumed Sasquatch fucks two of the three girls doggie style (one at a time). Oh yeah. And Sasquatch has a little white limp dick, too, which we got to see once. No screaming or struggling. No real violence at all. This gets a D-. Also some XXX sex. About 16 minutes worth. But the girls are nothing to write home about. Give this one a pass.
5 years ago
Who ever Did the editing job should Be shot.By the way,why edited it anyway.It Might have been a good movie if they didn't edit it.
5 years ago
I've Been Looking for this Goofy Ass Moive for Years.Thanks for Posting.
5 years ago
who edited this? first 11 min of nothing

then nice to see real tits and hairy puss
5 years ago
and thats where aids came from
5 years ago
Yes, definitely 1966, not '96 - although Canadian girls didn't start to shave until 1997...

SO *that's* how Ron Jeremy was conceived!
5 years ago
This is great thanks so much for posting.
5 years ago
5 years ago
So glad the chick with the big ass got taken from behind at the end!!
5 years ago
Not bad, but more like 1966.
5 years ago
Awesome movie! Thank you!
5 years ago
1996 my ass
5 years ago
the best vid ever! great acting, astounding photography, powerful special effects, handsome guys. keep 'em coming.
5 years ago
not bad for low budget vintage monster porn

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