My ex and I at an amateur swing party

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A rip from a VHS put out by a now-defunct web site. I'm in there, as is my then-gf. For me, the highlight was when the photographer's then-gf joined in -- one of my most memorable partners, ever.

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24 days ago
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3 months ago
I'd love a full-length copy, too. Unfortunately, all I have is the clip you've seen, which came from a compilation tape entitled "The Best of [Her Now-Dead Site]." As best I recall, all the site ever offered from this party was this single clip. I don't think the party was live-streamed, either.

Speaking of live-streaming, the tape *I* want but never managed to get was one shot during a live-streamed daytime threesome. It seems Alexis's East Coast subscribers were complaining all of her parties and events took place on West Coast time, often starting after 1 a.m. EST. She asked if I might be able to come over in the afternoon some day for a special East Coast webcast. She figured, as her boss and owner of the company, I shouldn't have any trouble getting the time off.

Coincidentally, two escorts had moved in with my gf and I a couple of days before, and they both knew Alexis from her work at the paper. As I'd not slept with either, I figured this could be an excellent opportunity to indulge myself while appearing to be generous, so I let it be known that if neither was busy that day, Alexis could use some help with her site. One of our new housemates had tentative plans, but would join us if she managed to get away early enough; the other was free.

The afternoon of the show, one of my employees gave me a ride to BART; at the other end of the line, 'Dru' picked me up, and we drove to Alexis's. (Our other friend called to say she couldn't make it; she'd ended up spending a full day with a client that included a trip to Half-moon Bay to go horseback riding... and to shoot hardcore photos on the beach. I've got the negatives around here somewhere.) While the three of us played, with Alexis's husband manning the camera, my gf watched (and cracked jokes) from back at the office.

The irony is that it wasn't all that much fun, as 2/3s of us were tired and sore. It seems the day before, Dru had spent the afternoon with another escort entertaining a couple of guys aboard a yacht in SF Bay. Afterwards, the two of them came back to my place -- and tumbled into bed to tell me about their adventure. One thing led to another, and the sun was up before we managed to sleep. The next day, you would think *we* were the ones who'd gone horseback riding, and I fell asleep on BART and nearly missed my stop.

Still, I wish I had that tape....

(Oh, about the party where this video was shot: A year or two later, we received a review copy of Dr. Marty Klein's book "Beyond Orgasm," which deals with the sometimes sticky process of telling your partner about your sexual needs. Flipping through it, I was amused to discover all the photographs used at the beginning of each chapter were from this party.)
4 months ago
I have gone through about a dozen phones, but this video was on everyone of them, I would like to have a full length of that movie,, love the blonde,,, thank you
4 months ago
She weny by 'AlexisXXX.' We met her at a sex party and hired her to work for us at the newspaper -- where we also ran this cover story about her:
4 months ago
I never get tired of watching this video! What's the name of the blonde woman?
8 months ago
Looks like my kind of party
2 years ago
2 years ago
Lekkere muziek d'r bij !!!!!
3 years ago
Oh, just saw that it was! I lived in the same complex! Came over and fixed her computer one day. She told me this story of doing a photo shoot in a cemetery with all kinds of dildos!
3 years ago
To the best of my knowledge, condoms *were* used for all penetrative sex -- with the possible exception of one married couple, who may have chosen not to use them together. Condoms may or may not have been used for oral sex, though, depending on, um, current workflow. (For instance, if one was moving from pussy 'A' to mouth 'B,' one might choose to keep the condom on if the anticipated endgame was pussy 'B.' If one was rejoining the group after a break, though, the condom probably wouldn't go on until absolutely necessary.)

Keep in mind, though, this wasn't a club or public party: everyone there already knew everyone else, and we felt comfortable enough with the others to accept the rather minimal risk posed by unprotected oral sex. In other circumstances or with a different mix of participants, I would have used protection throughout.

Actually, there was a fourth woman present -- the photographer's partner I mentioned in an earlier comment -- who wouldn't allow herself to be filmed,[1] and she and I used a condom for oral sex, as well.
1. More's the pity, too: She was a truly *amazing* playmate, and it was definitely the best first-time-sex-with-someone experience I've ever had. of my life... and, oh, what wouldn't I give to have it on tape!
3 years ago
at the parties the guys don't use condoms? where and how do I find parties like this?
3 years ago
thanks for the link, nice pictures
3 years ago
Hmmm... I see xHamster might trim that way-long URL, depending on font size and the like. If it does, you can try reducing your font size a point or two until the entire thing appears and can be selected, or you can tack on whatever bits you're missing. (After "/1218/" you should append "pages/1218_alexis.html" .)
3 years ago
Yeah, she is, isn't she. ;) That was the hostess, AlexisXXX. Her site is long gone, but you can find a brief write-up (and some photos) at . (That's an archived article from the newspaper I once owned; Alexis actually worked for us for a while.)

My gf at the time and I first met her at a 'Black Sheets' play party in San Francisco, and we all quickly became good friends. As I recall, the first time she and I actually had sex was at my place the evening before the SF LGBT Pride Parade (1999? 2000?); my gf was with us, and Alexis and I were on speakerphone, with her Significant Other on the other end of the line, listening in.

A while later, I left work early one day -- I owned the company by then, so it was allowed -- and went to Alexis's, where I met up with Drew, a hot young escort who had recently moved in with my gf and I (along with Krissy, another escort, whom we had recently rescued from an abusive pimp). There we had a threesome, streamed live over her site; Alexis's S.O. was the cameraman, and my gf had us up on her monitor at work, so folks could watch. (My only regret was that Krissy couldn't be there to make it a four-way, but at the last minute a client called for a session -- mainly because at the time, she and I hadn't slept together, and I kind of liked the idea of our first time being on a webcast watched by my gf. Drew and I *had* fucked previously -- the previous night, after she and my gf returned from a two-girl escort call.)
3 years ago
that blonde girl is stunning!
4 years ago
4 years ago
mmm hoat and sexy!
4 years ago
@Maverick56 - armband tatt on left upperarm; eye-in-the-pyramid tatt on back. As I recall, last 1/4 of vid is the hostess, 'Alexis,' and me.
4 years ago
Who are you in the video?
4 years ago
I like the one who`s tied up = would like to see more of her, tied hands and feet, and fucked again.
5 years ago
With such hot looking men and women you just can feel you are getting the best free sex and let your sexual desires be teased and satisfied by all you attract.
5 years ago
Love hearing Underworld playing in the background, some late 90s stuff there for sure!
5 years ago
I love real amature swinging parties...MMMMMM.. Which one is your ex? Which one is you?....5/5 BEST ACTION AMATURE VID!!!!!
5 years ago
this is great!
5 years ago
very good
5 years ago
Amazingly hot. Love swing parties and love video from them. Thanks for sharing.
5 years ago
To think the blonde says, "this is great" before she even had her clothes off. Nice to watch how great it turned out through the movie. Excellent vid!
5 years ago
Blonde looks a little like former amateur blonde webmistress, Alexis X.
5 years ago
Hot and sexy, Teri
5 years ago

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