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1 year ago
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to rosenthaler: Fair enough amigo. I think this puto was hired for his appalling look and demeanor.
to Juan_Sum_Sex: I try to view all the videos I select to watch with a critical eye. I hope my comments are constructive.
On nearly every occasion l express positive comment, but sometimes it is impossible to do this, as in this case.
I can make a comparison with when you drive past a road traffic accident, you know you should not look, but somehow you do. I suppose l should have turned my gaze away when it became obvious that this video was a complete stinker. I hope my comments prevented others from wasting their time, and feeling as appalled as l was.
to rosenthaler: Amigo, then why did you watch it? I agree the guy is a zero.
This was so bad! First off there was one of the worst porn actors of all albeit much younger. He spent the whole time either grunting and gurgling or talking away with no hesitation. The old lady - how old was she ffs? Who persuaded her to this and then to have to perform with a jerk like that. Was she trying to top up her old age pension or something?
He treated her so roughly, pulling her here and there, has he no respect for age?
The only light moment came when he was lying down behind her and started pissing on her pussy. The expression on her face was of utter boredom and uninterest. The whole sorry episode was topped off by her sad little whimpering.
This clip does no credit to anybody, and l feel ashamed and soiled for having watched it.
1 year ago
1 year ago