Moms dare to seduce younger lovers

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Runtime: 37:21
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1 month ago
Does anyone know the title of the move, or the names of these actresses? If you do, please send me a private message. Thanks.
?( ' _ ' )?
Thanks again, BigWillyBoy, for this most extraordinary upload !!! I never tire of watching these two babes bop. One MILF is alluringly chunky-thick and buxom... the other has got that scrawny thin but sexy look, with low hangin' boobs, so soft and supple, quiverin and shakin and they flop about, in reaction to her stud's hammer blow thrusts. Yow-SAW!
!(◠ 。◠) !
The girls are probably celebrating their tubal ligations. And when a woman stops taking birth control pills, there can be unusual side effects on her mood and libido. Enjoy the emotional turmoil, girls !!!
( ͡° ͜ ͡° ... )
2 months ago
Yes, indeed Horney003... wish there were more... each girl got humped in just about every position, EXCEPT lying on her side, with the guy spoonin' into her, from the rear. IMHO, it is soooo intense to see a MILF get plowed, that way... 'cuz you can see her entire body... including any sexual flush, every twitch and shiver, her wet and juicy cunt... and that facial expression of "agony yet ecstasy". Best of all those soft, droopy boobs hang sideways, into SCHWABy shapes, all crooked and assymetric... jigglin' and bouncin'... to the rhythm of the boppin'. Yow-ZAW!
( ͡° ͜ ͡° )
But no harm done to those gorgeous mammaries. As soon as the lady sits up... her twin girls pop back into symmetry! Wow-zaw! A wonder of Mother-Nature!
!(◠ 。◠) !
AND... I loved the fashion show. At the start, they two MILFs are so cute, dressed all prim and proper, with elegant brassieres that lift and shape their bosoms, for an elegant and modest appearance. But later, those saggy-soft boobs start bouncin' around in the bra, gradually creeping out of the cups, and finally... fall down, hanging low, in soft, elegant curves. Don'cha love to see the side boob creases? ...on those soft and floppy, tear drop shaped tits? Yummo! Anyone care to share your opinions? Do MILFy boobs not rock and roll?
?( ' _ ' )?
2 months ago
YES, indeed, AZNative! We need a translation... if only the gist or premise of this most fascinating encounter.

What do you guys make of the relationships? this most thrilling sexual encounter?

I suspect this video is another one of those very kinky & outre' Japanese incest themes. In this case, it's "Horny moms' meet-up, to swap sons". Each of these MILFs kept bangin' away on the same young guy, never swapping... but engaging in other very kinky behaviour. That is, each MILF was often reachin' out to kiss or hold hands with the other dude, who was plowing the other gal... her best friend for life. Why? I suspect, that very affectionate behavior was maternal. Oh my! And motivated by the erotic idea that her son might give her girl friend enuf baby batter (and pleasure) to make a grand-child. What do you guys think? Probably each MILF really did NOT want a very awkward conception to occur... BUT, in the lusty heat of the moment... it's the thought that counts... and thrills one's libido, by kicking the kinky action up a notch. N'cest pas?

On the other hand, it is possible that something else was going on. The MILFs might have conspired to have a blow-out, orgiastic four-some, in order to celebrate their recent tubal ligations. Now incapable of conceiving, they no longer need to worry about gettin' preggy. The girls are burning with unconstrained lust... eager to try out their new sexual freedom. Consequently, they are auditioning young men, for a steady date relationship, as in weekly fuck-dates. Wow-ZAW! (That's a waste of sperm... but the boys will just make more! LOL!) In the heat of passion, each MILF could not focus on only one guy. Each gal was toying with the idea of taking on both guys, in a MFM threesome! ...but holding back, not wanting to spoil her GF's fun. How devilishly kinky! Might that high concept create sequels to this video? Two MILFs shed their inhibitions and try out ever more extreme sexual hook-ups... to satisfy their growing, animalistic lusts.

What'cho all think?

I gotta find a translator. On the other hand, trying to imagine a story line can often make the video more exciting, than it was, with the actual, intended script. Have you ever felt that?

Thanks again, BigWillyBoy, for this most extraordinary upload.
2 months ago
Good point, OurPleasures! Glad you mentioned that. Asian women ARE so delightfully demonstrative, when enjoying sex with a good lover. Their passionate body language and vocalizations give me a thrill. It's an Asian girl's way of telling you that she is enjoying your lovin'... as much or more than you are enjoyin' hers. In this particular video these two MILFy babes are so thrilling to watch.

Don'cha love the way that the slender MILF carries on, when cock-drunk with pleasure? That's the long legged beauty, with those scrawny but sexy buns? Yum-moh! And, with those gorgeously soft & saggy breasts? ...that hang down so low, and flop around so flirtatiously as she gets banged from behind, in standing-up doggy? The way she raises her eyebrows upward, in a cum-face of bliss... is sooo cute... adorkable!!! Makes me wanna' suck face with her, as I wood hump her cunt, to make her cum again, and much as she wanted. My cock can last a long time, in a MILF's loose and sloppy wet cunt. LOL! Is that Mother Nature's intention? reward horny MILFs?

After she's sexually satiated, I wood love to see that MILFy doll get cleaned up (LOL) and put on a halter-top evening dress, showin' off center cleavage and side boob crease, as she walked down the red carpet. And, how I wood savor the satisfaction that the cute babe had some of my spunk in her cunt. Oh my!!! Or mebbee my cock could never feel enuf sensation, to spawn in her loose love canal. But, as an experienced MILF, she would know how to get me off her back (literally...LOL). She could quench my lust, completely, by suckin' and swallowing. That's even better! Dunno why,that is so outre'.

And the buxom MILF with the stocky-thick bod is so different... yet also a thrill to watch. Her boobs are nice sized, but smaller in proportion to her gorgeously thick, broad-shouldered bod. Don'cha love it when her legs tire out in cowgirl, and she asks her stud-boy to take over, and mount her in doggy? As soon as his young cock enters her hungry cunt, she telegraphs to him (and to us) how good it feels. She arches her back in lordosis behaviour, frantically claws at the carpet, and throws her head back, with a sublimely beautiful look on her face, a mysterious combination of torment and bliss... the legendary look of "agony yet ecstasy". Yow-ZAW! And then she starts flexin' and stretchin'... strainin' every muscle in her thick, buxom body, showin' off her fitness for mating and child-bearing. Oh-my!!! Her shapely toned limbs and torso are so fit and firm! ...while in stark, erotic contrast, her soft, MILFy boobies hang low, and flop around, swayin and jigglin' in complex and confused movements. Fascinating! Her saggy breasts seem to be strugglin' to get in sync with the rapid rhythm of her scrawny, stud-puppy's thrusting. She craves his cock, as much as he lusts for her cunt.A magnificently sensual woman!

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it
2 months ago
I'd Love too be Fucking Asian. So sexy, erotic, passionate, and submissive. I'd Love too Cum in their Sweet, pink Cunts and mouth.
2 months ago
Thanks for the upload, BigWillyBoy !!! These gals have got chemistry!
2 months ago
Yes indeed... please send me a PM, telling me where I can subscribe, to see more! I wanna offer the producer some $, to encourage him to make more.
3 months ago
fucking so hot
4 months ago
Nice 1 , Shame it didnt go longer
4 months ago
Very nice!.. hot mom!!.. what are their names? PM me, thanks..
4 months ago
Awesome! Thanks!
4 months ago
Sexy Vid
4 months ago
very nice
4 months ago
I Do not speak or understand a single word, but I want what these girls Need.
4 months ago
so your an asian american?
4 months ago
This really needs a caption translation.
4 months ago
Geil! Superb!

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