horny mother get fuck anal

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1 year ago
My new fav vid
3 years ago
It looks like this hot, sexy mature blonde momma is getting her Mother's Day gift -- her young stud step-son!
4 years ago
Not bad in spite of her store bought titties.
5 years ago
5 years ago
Ricky got behind his mother and ran his hands over her buttocks.

"What a beautiful arse!" he commented, "I wanked over the picture of you this pose many times Saucy Sue, wishing I could get my hands on it and be able to fuck it."

"Well, now you can honey. My arse is all yours. Show no mercy. Ram that big motherfucker of a cock up my fucking arsehole and fuck me."

Ricky held the base of his pulsing member and guided the swollen head to his mother's well-licked anus. He began to push, feeling the sphincter he was attempting to penetrate resist a little before he began to make progress. Slowly his cock-tip pressed forth until it popped up into Susan's anus.

"Oh wow!" Susan moaned, "Oh yeah! Uuuuh, that's it baby, get it up me, get it up my fucking arsehole."

Concentrating hard, Ricky pushed onwards, gripping his mum's hips as he slid his cock onwards and upwards into her bum. He looked down and marveled at the sight of his long rod disappearing up his mother's shitter.

"Yeah, it's going up there," he declared, seeing that half of his shaft was wedged up Susan's anus.

"Keep going Ricky," begged Susan, shivering lustfully as her rectum filled with thick boy-cock, "Keep going, fuck it all up there, right up my fucking shitter. Get it up my shit-chute!"

With a final thrust, Ricky grunted and shoved the rest of his prick into his mother's bowels. The pair of them gasped ecstastically. Ricky knelt there for a moment, motionless as he savoured the feeling of his mother's tight sphincter round the base of his cock and the heat of her clammy rectum as it smothered every inch of his prick. It felt so wonderfully hot and tight up her bum.

Susan felt dizzy with pleasure. Dildos and fingers were no match for a real cock up the arse, and she'd never had one this big up her backdoor, or indeed any cock up her backdoor for over a decade. Her head swam as she had a long-delayed reunion with the intense and sordid pleasure of being sodomized.

Ricky then began to withdraw from Susan's arse, her colon sucking inwards as his cock retreated. When half of his prick had emerged from his mother's anus, the boy shoved it back in to the root.

"Ooooooh fuck!" Ricky moaned.

"Uuuuuuuh shit, God yes!" Susan cried.

Ricky slid his prick halfway out again, then shoved it back in. He repeated this, again and again, slowly but steadily. By the tenth thrust he had already decided that anal-sex was going to be his favourite activity. It was great!

"Your arsehole is magnificant Saucy Sue," he told his fuck-buddie, "It's so tight and hot! I love fucking it. I think I'm going to enjoy anal even more than vaginal sex."

"I'm glad honey," his mother said, bent over and squirming ecstatically as her son sodomized her steadily, "because although I like to be fucked in my cunt I prefer to be fucked in the arse, and by your cock in particular! Your great big fucking cock is so big and thick it feels the size of a baseball bat in my rectum. Mmmmm. It's so damn good. You're sodomizing me beautifully honey, that's it, keep at it. Fuck me deep and hard in my shitter. Fuck my shit-hole."

Ricky sawed away in Susan's arse, pumping his raging hard boner back and forth in her tight anus. Susan moaned with joy, her long hair hanging in her face, her big tits swinging beneath her.

"Fuck my arse," she panted, lustfully in a hoarse voice, "Oh baby, fuck me, fuck my arse you hunky young toyboy! Fuck my arsehole."

"I'm fucking it Saucy Sue," Ricky gleefully insisted, increasing the pace of his thrusting a little, "I'm fucking it and I'm enjoying it! What a fantastic arse you have! So hot. So tight. I love fucking your arse Saucy Sue, I love fucking it nice and deep!"

"That's it, fuck me deep honey, fuck my arse real deep! I don't want you to bugger me by halves. There's no point in having a nine-inch dick if you're not going to use all of it. Ram it right up me! All nine-inches I want, all nine-inches up my shit-chute."

Ricky ensured that, with every forward thrust, he buried every damn inch of his long rod into his mother's rectum. His pelvis clapped against her bum-cheeks as he buggered her lustfully, the bedsprings squeaking as mother and son indulged in this most depraved of activities.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh," Susan grunted, feeling her son's big prick slam repeatedly into the depths of her shit-guts, "Uuuuuh, you're fucking my arse beautifully Ricky my hot toyboy stud! That's it, fuck me, fuck my arse."

"Fucking your cunt was brilliant Saucy Sue but your arsehole feels even better. I'm going to bugger you senseless then spunk up in your shit-chute."

"I can't wait to feel your sperm pumping up my bum! It's been so long since I had a lovely enema of jizz. Fuck me Ricky. Good 'n deep!"

Ricky fucked his mother harder, holding her child-bearing hips as he pounded his rigid pole into her bum, her lovely round buttocks jiggling as his pelvis slapped into them. The depths of her bowels were lovely and tight and her stretched sphincter held his iron-hard cock-shaft in a snug grip.

"Holy fuck, I'm gonna cum soon," the horny teen announced shortly, "Fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum."

"Cum in me Ricky," his mother urged him, "Fire that spunk right up my bowels! Cream my fucking rectum motherfucker. OOOOOH!"

"Ah, ah, aaaaah!" Ricky cried, slamming his nine-incher right into Susan's rectum to the hilt and blasting forth his sperm. "Fuck, fuck, oh fuck!!!"

His orgasm was intense, just as powerful as the first, and his cock throbbed as it pumped forth great splashing wads of cum into Susan's bowels.

"Uuuuuh," the busty blonde bitch sighed as she felt Ricky's great big cock spurt it's load into her. She could feel the hot slimy sperm filling her colon. "Oh God that's good, I can feel it honey, I can feel your sperm filling me."

Ricky let out a long sigh as his orgasm finally ended, his cock belching forth one last squirt of semen. He took a deep breath, smiled with satisfaction, and then pulled his slowly wilting prick from his mother's well-fucked arse. When his spermy cock slid from Susan's arse he saw that the hole he had just been fucking was yawning and gaping open obscenely, sperm running out of it and down to Susan's cunt.

He lay back on the bed on his stomach, feeling tired but happy. Susan slumped forth, dishevelled and also joyful. They spent several minutes getting their breath back.

"Anal sex rules!" Ricky commented a few moments later.

Susan giggled in agreement.
5 years ago
5 years ago
Hot bitch!
5 years ago
buna rau de tot curvulitza.
5 years ago
sexy sexy milf
7 years ago
7 years ago
Nice baseball-size fake tits. Atleast her nice full-size ass looks real..
7 years ago
7 years ago
God I love this video ...
8 years ago
What a woman.I`m in love..!!
8 years ago
Lordy! Now she is what you mean when you say MILF. Yummy. She even makes fake titties look good!!
8 years ago
this is one of the good ones

8 years ago
8 years ago
fucking fuckable
8 years ago
jesus..what a nice pair of boobs
8 years ago
What a sexy mom! :)
8 years ago
great tits
8 years ago
i sooooo would, good vid
8 years ago
8 years ago
nice 1

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