Ruski First Time

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Runtime: 26:46
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26 days ago
Клсное видео
9 months ago
Ой как бы я тебе засадил.
1 year ago
интересней слушать чем смотреть
2 years ago
3 years ago
I love the transition from when they're trying to play hard to get and when he comes up their arse
3 years ago
well it does look like fartypants00 has been toasted on copyright infringement, pity, we all love Pierre Woodman work
4 years ago
Pierre Woodman, doing itagain, certainly at it's best.. again.. brilliant work with 1 camera, no extra lighting, no crew, no make up.. all viewers should take lessons here if you want to make a short film with your lovely wife or girlfriend, or a 1night stand to remember..
4 years ago
luv this vid
4 years ago
Woodman actually make the girls come. To their own surprise!
4 years ago
как страстно и энергично ебёт этот француз)) все у него стонут как похотливые шлюхи))
5 years ago
love his concept. get em young, beautiful, as inexperienced as possible. Especially new to filming, and anal. Eat em till turned on, lube em up in the ass, then use that ass for us to see.
5 years ago
hes so nasty, but lucky
6 years ago
Wish he'd fuck the hell outta my wife.
6 years ago
Nice ATM.
6 years ago
6 years ago
why so much viewership ???

nothing special in this video, shud hav avoided this !!!
6 years ago
"Maybe they meant first time for anal??? The way he was using that lubricant would make you think so. "

They, (ie me) meant first time for anything!
6 years ago
6 years ago
Woodman, el Destripador!!!
6 years ago
Ps, If you would like to see Woodman in a very early
scene (complete with hair), see "The Sorcerers Apprentice"
on my channel, a new upload, same day as this one.
6 years ago
Maybe they meant first time for anal??? The way he was using that lubricant would make you think so.
6 years ago
"the guy can't even get it hard. What a worthless video."

Well, if you were any kind of expert on Woodman, you would know
that it is one of his "tricks" with virgin girls, to introduce
them "softly", and "let it grow, inside".

"first time? for him,yeah",

again, if you were anything less than a complete novice,
you would never had uttered such complete twaddle.

"First time? That girl has more miles on her than a South American
VW Beetle."

Actually, more twaddle. Lyudmilla was a complete newbie,
which is obvious from the casting part of the initiation,
that has been omitted.

Woodman, was the primary casting director for the Private empire
and it was his job to hunt out new faces and drag them in off the
street. He got some of his girls from agencies (sometimes eg
fashion agencies, by mistake), but a lot (most) of his girls were
just picked out from the crowd and asked if they would like to be
models. It was usual for Woodmans assistants to make the initial
contact and arrange an interview, Woodman would then see them
himself in a hotel room for the casting. If it turned out they had
no experience in such matters, Woodman would selflessly give of
himself to initiate the girls so as to prove that they were
both willing and capable working in the business. This is a practical
thing to do, no good finding out on location, (complete with film crew
etc), that the lady declines.
The casting and initiation phases were recorded by Woodman just as a
reference and personal keepsake, and never intended to be published.
Later, it seemed prudent to keep such records, after the Mike Tyson
case became big news.

After many years of accumulating such material, Woodman thought that
there might be interest in the acquired castings, and released DVD's,
each with a single virgin/ass virgin, known as the "Sex Initiation",
it is this single scene from each of the DVD's that has boosted the
success of the entire casting series which currently stands at about
85 DVDs.

One of the clinchers, in getting the girls to cooperate is
the "off camera talk", where he will (by all accounts) offer them up
to $3000.00 to take part in the initiation and that alone is enoungh
to get many to agree. He also sometimes does the initiation, hidden
camera style, if he feels that there is no way it can be done without
it. This is to both protect himself from allegation of rape and also
with intent to persuade the newcomer to give consent later. Woodman
will NEVER publish an initiation without full written consent from
the girl (illegal without it in France). Monica Sweet AKA Jo, is one
current Porn star who did an initiation scene with Woodman, but who
has refused to give consent for the scene to be shown, as long as
this remains true, the scene will NEVER be published.

Many porn directors dislike Woodmans methods and think he gives porn
a bad name, other directors get their girls from agencies where the
girls have put themselves up for auction, Woodman goes out and
"waylays" the girls, it is this that other directors, dislike, but,
no one forces the girls to give concent or accept money, and they are
after all, grown ups.

Most of Woodmans Castings are solely talking with a get naked scene,
followed by the girls first shoot on location. This is what a real
casting looks like (excluding the first shoot on location). Most
"Casting" type scenes you see on sites that specialize in such,
are complete fabrications, the girls have come from an agency and
are therefore most likely quite experienced and so do not require
any kind of "initiation scene". These sites are cashing in on the
genre created by Woodman, but without any of the reason or truth
that the originator provides in his offerings.

Woodman has no need whatever to produce fakes, he has as much of the
genuine stuff as he can handle, with a quite enormous backlog waiting
to be published. Some of his castings do not get published until eg
6 or 7 years after filming, perhaps longer. Also, in many cases, the
girls manage to escape and return at a later date, sometimes 3 interviews
before finally agreeing to the initiation. One girl (Magdelana I think),
left a gap of about 18 months before finally agreeing to do the scene.
Also note, very precise records need to be kept to comply with
"18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance".

The Woodman "Two Hungarian Girls" scene where Woodman and crew go out
onto the street and pick up two girls, with a casting and initiation, is
a "Set Up". A little artistic licence was used here as the two girls had
already both gone through a casting (and agreed to do a scene). This is
freely admitted by Woodman to be a setup, but was done this way because
of the difficulty and expense of having a full film crew wandering around
the streets in the hope of turning up a goer. I dont know, but suspect that
the Adrienne Klass scene is also a setup as it also does the full film crew
thing wandering around the streets.

Lastly, sometimes viewers complain that the fixed camera is less that
optimum, and seem to think is a full film crew complete with makeup girl
and tea maker is required, well I can just imagine the reaction of the
girls if that were the case, they would all be running out of the door
and no mistake. If you want a full film crew etc, I suggest that you
look the the sites with the fabricated castings, they are suited to
your tastes and contrived just for you.
6 years ago
nice fuck
6 years ago
I really enjoyed this vid!! He fucked her all ova that bed, then he hit that brown eye..Yeees!!...GREAT FUCKIN!!
6 years ago
6 years ago
Two futher ups on my profile today, both Woodmans.
6 years ago
6 years ago
"If your a dude and love anal, Your "Gay" period. "

Anyone who feels the need to go out of his way to
write the above, seems to have one or two issues
6 years ago
I don't care who he clearly is a time he had a chick talk her way out of that days shoot...came back..she was clearly wearing a tampon with string and he still nailed her for a one camera shoot with no edits except maybe for a motel room I'd say it's pretty damn good!
6 years ago
great girl

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