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very hot :>
26 days ago
very exciting!
2 months ago
to Bossing_Vic: Sex Roulette (1977)

Also Known As
- Roulette (original German release by Beate Uhse)

Scene 1. Agnes Ollard, Robert Le Ray
Scene 2. Joelle Lequement, Robert Le Ray
Scene 3. Claude Janna, Unknown Female 229550-C, Carmelo Petix, Unknown Male 2593-D
Scene 4. Micky Love, Desire Bastareaud
Scene 5. Micky Love, Robert Le Ray
Scene 6. Nathalie Morin, Robert Le Ray, Unknown Male 229550-B
Scene 7. Siegried Cellier, Unknown Female 229550-D, Véronique Maugarski, Unknown Male 229550-C
Scene 8. Nathalie Morin, Michel Maubert
Scene 9. Véronique Maugarski
Scene 10. Unknown Female 229550-E, Louison Boutin, Unknown Male 229550-E
Scene 11. Marion Webb, Jacques Gatteau
Scene 12. Véronique Maugarski, Robert Le Ray
Scene 13. Unknown Female 229550-F, Desire Bastareaud
Scene 14. Barbara Moose, Erika Cool, Nicole Velna, Véronique Maugarski, Hubert Geral, John Oury, Tony Morena, Unknown Male 229550-F
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Lord de Chamoiz is an old sex addict and his niece, Veronique, is a roulette addict. Lord de Chamoiz gets sexual favours from his female servants and his black dwarf servant, Balthasar, films sex orgies for his lordship's pleasure. On a trip to Monte Carlo Veronique is gradually enticed away from roulette to sex and finally demands that the roulette players gang bang her on the roulette table at a private game. Meanwhile Balthasar finds the (very large) girl of his dreams at the same party
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