White South African Wife Joins The BBC Party

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7 days ago
Post more videos of Negro Lynchings
9 months ago
Pretty, but I'm having difficulty with the "South African" part.
10 months ago
She looks like a twin sister of a South African woman I have met.
Maybe its her...lol
1 year ago
lol, and you being a British guy knows this how?
1 year ago
No way is she South African
1 year ago
Nice home made
1 year ago
A good whore like me
1 year ago
This is awesome!
1 year ago
Hummm very nice and sexy Cuckold ;-)
1 year ago
1 year ago
definitely not south african
2 years ago
one of my fav time ago
2 years ago
so fucking hot
2 years ago
I love fucking married white pussy.My black dick cant get enough of them.
2 years ago
that the end of apartheid for sure
2 years ago
She needed that buck! That was her first but not last time getting hammered by a bull!
2 years ago
You are so right... Went bareback soon after this
2 years ago
and her hubby eric at target store

As Eric pulled into the Target parking lot he reflected on stories he had read on the internet or heard in popular culture about "gay hookups" in public restrooms. He chuckled to himself about it as he walked across the parking lot. As if he'd ever get that lucky.

Eric had always been a little bi-curious but never done anything about it. Oh sure he watched and masturbated to gay porn some times and he'd even had a small dildo in is ass a time or two but that was about it.

Eric wasn't a big guy. He was only about 5'6" and 145lbs but it was mostly muscle. He worked out 5 days a week and killed it in the gym, but his diet wasn't where it should be.

When Eric entered the Target he swung to the right and entered the men's room to relieve himself. Eric noticed a young guy nervously fidgeting while leaning against the far wall. The boy smiled shyly at Eric as he walked in.

The boy was young, late teens, blond and skinny. He was wearing those stupid tight jeans that kids liked these days and a striped t-shirt.

As Eric finished he turned to the sinks to wash his hands and noticed the boy in the same place still smiling a funny little smile. It crossed Eric's mind that just maybe this could be one of those things he had read about. Could this kid really be hanging out in here waiting to suck or fuck a stranger?

To hell with caution for once Eric thought. He turned to the kid and jerked his head in the direction of the stall to see what the kid would do. The kid smiled shyly again and grabbed the stall door.

Eric had had all the prancing around could take. if he was going to take this risk in a public place and screw around with another guy then he was going to go all out and just hope no one ever found out.

As Eric caught up with the kid he shoved him all the way into the stall and locked the door behind them. Now or never Eric thought to himself.

He practically growled at the kid "Get on your knees." All the while not really believing this was happening to him. Still half expecting the kid to resist or scream he was actually surprised when the kid complied with a look of lust in his own eyes. This was what the kid had come for after all.

Eric pulled his rapidly hardening dick out of his pants and the kid eagerly swallowed every inch of it. Right from the start Eric knew this would be the best blowjob he had ever had. The kid didn't need any coaxing, he was deep throating from the get go.

That didn't stop Eric from grabbing the back of the kids head and driving his now fully hard 7" cock down the kids throat. Eric worked the kids mouth like a pussy as he fucked himself into the subs warm and wet mouth. He pulled out a few times and made the kid suck his balls too.

For his part the kid seemed to be enjoying himself. Apparently sucking off strange men in public places was a real turn on for him.

Eric was both thrilled with what was happening and horrified that someone might come in and he would be caught. It was like he was in another world as this submissive young guy sucked him off in a Target bathroom. His brain wasn't firing on all cylinders anymore. All he cared about was getting off down this kids throat.

The fear of being caught and the nastiness of what he was doing were both driving him over the edge. Eric was amazed at how long the kid could stay on his cock without coming up. Most of the girls he had been with either couldn't deep throat at all or could only take him all the way for a second or two at a time. But not this kid, he stayed down as long as Eric wanted to hold him pressed against his stomach.

As Eric drew closer to blowing his load in this kid he pulled him fully onto his dick and held the kid there. God, Eric thought, it was so warm, wet and nasty in this kids mouth.

Eric whispered to the young guy, "when I come, I want you to swallow every drop." The kid looked up at Eric through watering eyes and Eric knew he would do as told.

Eric let the kid do the sucking himself for a while and only occasionally pulled him all the way onto his dick. He was getting close, really close.

As Eric's orgasm began to hit he tried to hold it off as long as possible to get as much pleasure from it as he could. But as the pressure built he knew he had to let go and give the kid the load of cum he had come here for.

Eric pulled the kid back down onto his dick all the way and began to squirt his load right into his throat. Eric told him, "swallow it all bitch." The kid tried to come up for air as Eric filled his throat with cum but Eric held his head down on his cock and pumped his load of hot salty cum past his tongue.

As Eric's orgasm subsided the fear hit him like a freight train. He had just had sex with another guy in a public restroom. He had to get out of here before someone saw him.

He pulled his cock out of the kids mouth and turned to leave when the kid said, "hold up a second, let me give you my number in case you ever want to do that again."

What the fuck Eric thought, another few second wouldn't change anything and that had been an amazing blow job.
2 years ago
You are so right.
2 years ago
Absolutely NOT South African!! The idea that even one white SAer would have sex with a black is insane!!!!!
2 years ago
She will become pregnant.
2 years ago
good !!!
3 years ago
anyone know any other videos?
3 years ago
Glad to see my video has some fans...
3 years ago
Muchas Gracias
Finger UP (◦'⌣'◦)
3 years ago
3 years ago
This vid is HOT!
3 years ago
South Africa my foot! That's Hotwife Jan from Pekin Illinois! She LOVES black dick!
3 years ago
Fine ass girls loves black cock. I love when she pulls her own legs apart with her hands on her feet. Fine long haired white bitch gonna have some black babies soon.

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