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1 month ago
5 months ago
good pussy eating for sure
10 months ago
Hot scene
1 year ago
HOT !!
1 year ago
Great vid. I would certainly love a 3 way with 2 hot mature women just like those.
1 year ago
Nice lesbian scene!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Nothing compares
3 years ago
3 years ago
Would someone please PM me Lisa's full name. I'd really like to see more of her. Thanks.
3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
I love such games very much!
3 years ago
nice spasms when the mom cums and shoots her juice in the younger girls mouth..mmmm
3 years ago
What a dream!
3 years ago
hot MOMs!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous, thanks for posting.
4 years ago videos...high production values, earth shattering orgasms, foxy babes, what else could you ask for?
4 years ago
4 years ago
brown haired is sexy
4 years ago
Well, thanks for posting this. It really got my juices flowing Alison xxx
4 years ago
4 years ago
A lot of fake moaning and bad quality clip!
4 years ago
Love lesbians, mature is also favorit!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Awesome orgasm at 5:50! So hot!
4 years ago
the brunette is a mature Zara White? you can tell by the bad front teeth
4 years ago
What is the full name of the blonde please?
4 years ago
Hot lesbian action.
Nice video!
4 years ago
"I believe you've met Nurse Walker, she's going to be assisting me with
your examination."

Angela got a better look at the girl whose butt she had admired on the way
down the hall. She was very cute, with short red tussled hair and very
delicate features. She looked about fifteen. The girls breasts were
outlined against the `V' necked top with clearly erect nipples. While they
were no match for her own melons, Angela judged them to be more than
grapefruit sized.

"If you'll just sit up on the table for me, we'll begin." Doctor Peters

Using the small step up the uncomfortable patient perched her derriere on
the paper covered steel platform. The paper crunched under her butt as she
wiggled a little further back. The doctor inserted the ear pieces of her
stethoscope in her ears.

"I'm going to listen to your heart and lungs first. Jennifer would you help
Ms. Meyers lower her gown."

The nurse moved to Angela's side and undid the gown's tie behind her
neck. Moving to he front she grasped the shoulders and began to pull the
rumpled pale pink cover off.

"Just relax." the girl whispered as she lowered the cotton covering to
reveal Angela's chest.

Jennifer felt a delicious tingle in her pussy as she got her first
unobstructed view of her patient's magnificent Maries. The nipples looked
as large as shot glasses and were a puffy pink colour. Jennifer laid the
gown on Angela's lap as doctor Peters stepped forward and placed the metal
disc of her scope on the patient's chest just above her left breast;
stepping across the top of the chest finally placing the instrument
directly between the woman's breasts. Turning her wrist she put the scope
on Angela's rib cage below her left breast. Feigning difficulty she turned
to her nurse and said:

"Jennifer, I need you to lift Ms. Meyers' breast so I can place the scope a
little higher."

With a look of sly delight the nurse placed her small hand on under the
pliant flesh and gently lifted it up and away from the rib cage. A sweet
tingle coursed through her pussy as her warm hand contacted the cool
softness. Angela had a quick intake of breath at the intimate contact then
she concentrated on trying to relax.

"That's better." Doctor Peters acknowledged, moving the slim metal disc

Jennifer's fingers supported the weight of the breast. She casually relaxed
her hand muscles, letting her thumb rest on the puffy protrusion at the tip
of the breast. Glancing up at her patient's face to gauge her reaction, she
saw only a slight tightening of her facial muscles. Allowing her thumb to
wander across the flaccid pink skin, she shifted her eyes from the
engorging nipple to the woman's face and back. The metamorphosis was swift
and quite remarkable. The softness contracted and darkened distending
outward almost half the length of Jennifer's thumb. The nurse thumbed the
newly risen rubbery peg. Angela's face now bore something like a grimace,
and Jennifer thought she heard a stifled groan.

"OK;" Cynthia announced "other side."

Jennifer took half a step backward positioning herself to lift the right
breast. By doing this she was able to press her mons against the corner of
the table; sending a thrill through her pussy. Jennifer's right thumb
collapsed in again on the woman's supple nipple and she watched again as
the fascinating transformation began. The erotic caress was directly in
Dr. Peters line of sight as she looked down at her stethoscope. The right
nipple was stiffening and distending exactly as the left had done a minute
ago. Cindy could feel her pussy throb with desire; she so wanted to suck on
the beautiful teat.

Angela felt sweat forming along her hair line. The first time the nurse's
thumb had been in contact with her nipple, she'd felt the tightening of her
pussy muscles as a hot wave had washed over her. She thought it was
accidental and blamed herself for having such sensitive boobs. This time
she wasn't so sure. She could see how intently Jennifer was studying the
turgid peak of her right breast. Was she actually playing with it? She knew
this much; she couldn't remember when she'd been this turned on. If it
continued she was going to have to say something.

Cynthia realized that her focus was shot. She was trying to summon her
professional detachment and listen to her patient's heart, but the
magnificent bosom so beautifully displayed kept her loins churning. She was
at least reasonably confident that the woman didn't have any serious
cardiac problem. Other than enjoying the show her nurse's thumb was putting
on fencing with the stiff nipple of Ms. Meyers right breast there really
was no good reason to continue the sham of listening to her heart.

Would you like to read more? Go to Lulu Dot Com and search for the title
Doctor Peters by JW

Would you like to read more? Go to Lulu Dot Com and search for the title
Doctor Peters by JW

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