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2 years ago
3 years ago
Muchas Gracias
Finger UP (◦'⌣'◦)
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
4 years ago
OMG so horny, please post more!!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
What fine action
4 years ago
It's very good!!!! Make some video!
4 years ago
Why the condom? Could she still get pregnant?
4 years ago
He saw her get out of the car and had to keep himself from rushing out immediately. As she swiveled to close the door, he saw a flash of the nails that he had told her to wear all this week. All week because he didnt want her to know exactly when he would be coming. All for the thrill of the fantasy, he thought, slinking up the driveway. He made sure to come up the left side so the wall of the garage would shield his body until he was ready to make his move. She started rummaging through her purse, or so he thought as he heard a mingled rustling and jingling right in front of the door. [Might as well go. Rough, but not too rough.]

He slipped around the corner.

Anne was excited yet nervous. As she parked the car she looked around before getting out. She couldn't see him anywhere in the garage, so he wasn't waiting for her, and against her better judgement she felt a pang of disappointment. She had even worn the nails as he asked. There was no denying her anticipation as all this week she had to change her panties, her juices flooding the fabric within mere minutes of closing the front door. The fact that she had no direct control over the situation made her even wetter. But it seemed that once again, the rubber dildo had to satiate her until her Daddy finally came to her. Rubbing her thighs together unconsciously, she started digging through her purse for the key to the interior door that led from the garage to inside the house. That was when he grabbed her wrist.

She spun around, a short shriek popping out. He had not gotten a good look at her in a while, and he was momentarily stunned by just how gorgeous she was. That almost cost him, as she yanked her hand free and swung at his face. He caught her right hand with one hand while using the other to spin her around and push her up against the door. He pinned her there with his body, letting her ass rub against his cock for a while, making it stiffen and grow as he felt her delicious butt grind against him, struggling. Her skirt, already short, rode up as he jammed her against the door, and he could see the edges of her beautifully round ass peeking from beneath the red hem. Meanwhile, at the door, the hand he had wound around her body was right below her breasts, and pushed them out. She was deliberately leaning backward so he could see them jiggle slightly as she struggled. Lifting out of the top of the not so conservative business suit, the two globes almost begged him to dip his mouth onto them and ravage them with his tongue. But he could not give up control of the situation so easily. He leaned down to her ear.

"Now look, all I want is a little fun. If you try to fight me, this could get really unpleasant. I mean REALLY unpleasant. Nod once if you understand me."

She stopped moving, sweating slightly. She nodded quickly.

"Are you going to r-"

"Im going to do whatever the fuck I want." He cut across her attempted speech rapidly. Had to maintain control. "Get that suit off."

She felt his breath drifting past her ear and shuddered. Her pussy, so tortured with anticipation these past three days, started gushing. She hoped he would see just how wet she was as she slowly unbuttoned the jacket and let it fall. Then the cami. He stood before her as the bra finally came off, letting him stare as her breasts sat perky in front of him. They were both breathing hard now, even though they didnt realise it and probably would not admit it right now. He grabbed her by the arms, both of her wrists fitting in his bigger hand, and bent his head down to the chest that had driven him crazy all week. She held her breath as his tongue darted over the tops of them, then swirled down the sides, deliberately avoiding the nipples that strained for his liquid touch, darker than the pink that surrounded them. He stiffened even more when he finally let his tongue touch them and heard the gasp it produced. She was shuddering in his hands, all ready for him. But he would not let it be so easy. She would have to beg.

She felt his tongue electric on her nipples and cried out, twisting in his iron grip. She kicked out feebly but only made contact with his thigh. He pushed up against her to bully her over to the car and she smelled him: Old Spice, coconut oil and sweat rising off of him. He pushed her back onto the car, still warm from the car ride. The faint odor of motor oil came up to her, but before she could focus on that she felt rough fingers going up her thighs, two of them pausing just outside her lips, wiping away the never ending flood of moisture from her pussy. He smiled. Then he slid one finger in roughly, and she started to scream. A full bodied, high decibel scream that only lasted until he could clap a hand over her mouth. The eyes that looked over the top of his hand back at him were liquid with lust, and they glazed over as he introduced a second finger, sliding deep into her warm wetness. His thumb, mischievous, brushed over her clit peeking out from beneath its fleshy hood, and her thighs jerked off the hood of the car. He decided that now was as good a time as any to make her ask. She could tell he was saying something, but his hands felt so damn good, she didnt want him to stop. Not realising she was stretching her thighs apart as far as they could go, she whimpered as his fingers found her g spot. About to climb into ecstacy, he stopped.

"Beg for it," he growled.

"Ohh daddy, fuck me, please, Ive been waiting so long..." she squealed.

He couldn't resist anymore, and rubbed her g spot as vigorously as he could. She lifted all the way off the hood, all the way up to where he was waiting for her, biting his neck as she shuddered and came all over the hood of the car and his hand. She undulated on the car as her vision went away and pure orgasmic enjoyment swept through her shaking body.

He watched her, shaking all over his hand, and he couldnt take it anymore. He fumbled with his belt, dropping his pants to the floor. His engorged cock sprang out facing upward, already dialed in on the target.. He leaned over her as she stared up at him, all pretense of fighting long gone, as she reached down and grabbed him. His eyes grew wide as he felt her electric touch, and seeing those nails encircling him almost made him come right there. But he had a better goal, a better place to lodge himself. He pushed up to her pussy lips and ran the sensitive head up and down them to get himself wet enough to slide into her. But she was past being teased, and she leaned down to take one of his nipples in her mouth, licking slowly. He groaned as he stiffened even more, if that was even possible, then she finally came up to his ear and murmured, just as he had done.

"The time for teasing is over, Daddy..."

As she said Daddy she took the lobe of his ear between her teeth and held it lightly, and he knew he could hold out no longer. He rammed himself inside her, a bit more rough than he had intended, but she was slick with juice and he knew it would not be a problem. She moaned, a sound that was like to drive him crazy if it continued, and tried to lift her leg so as to give him a better angle. Wordlessly, he hooked his left arm beneath her leg and held it up. Now she was completely open to him as he slid inside her, over and over again, warm and heavy and hard. she scratched at his back as she came again on him and he came inside her at the same time, their moans joining together to make a sound of pure lust. She felt his warmth spurting inside her as his cock pulsed in her pussy and thought that she could die now, having lived through this.

He slid out of her, panting, and lay next to her on the car, both of them staring at the roof of the garage, breathing heavily. Then he rolled over and kissed her, fiercely. He stared at her.

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