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A great Porn JOKE in a Hard WORLD

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3 years ago
deleteyour comment
4 years ago
Where are the Navy Seals?
4 years ago
4 years ago
veronica caine milk is one of the most good with Kelly Leigh and Lisa Ann Julia Ann and more videos of these sluts hard
4 years ago
veronica caine es una de las milk mas buenas junto a Kelly Leigh y Lisa Ann y Julia Ann mas videos duros de estas putas
4 years ago
loved the bit on 18 mins when shes getting assfucked and he flips her on top of him the look on her face he he she took her assfucking well
4 years ago
barett moore the hot milf
5 years ago
good and hot
5 years ago
uh chick though would fuck her as well
5 years ago
love the mens mutch , wish i can be a slave there all time round the clock a 'BDMS Slave to use extrem xD
5 years ago
What a joke of a video hahaha , Muslims doing Infidels , how hypocritical , whahahaha ... i am a jew myself , non religious ... but i would do a Muslim woman as well , and i wouldn't pretend not to , cause i just would , we all ppl :-))
5 years ago
reporter is sexy
5 years ago
2:15 mark.."oh, shit!..oh, Shit!.." funniest damn thing i've seen! roflmao
5 years ago
To the fanatic long winded Muslim: What the fuck are you doing watching porn to begin with? Hypocritical motherfuckers!! allah is pissed off cuz you're jacking off and shaved your pubes!!!
5 years ago
good very funny
5 years ago
she acts like she doesn't like it but she feels well all in all :D
6 years ago
great job osama:)
6 years ago
thay need to remake this he was never in a cave she needs to get fucked in his compound lol
6 years ago
what a reporter will do to get a story she got the mother off all fuckings anyone no her name ?
6 years ago
last 4 minutes are super super horny! Brett Rockman is my idol! I love his big curved cock!
6 years ago
fuck that people who make this video go to hell mother fucker
6 years ago
6 years ago
who is that girl
6 years ago
пиздец какойто
6 years ago
thats good that a bitch like this fucked hard like this the reason not good iwill fuck all pussys
6 years ago
I am Osama
I am a terrorist
6 years ago
I would like to know one thing though. I still get unlimited pussy right?
6 years ago
The Islamic religion is the true religion required of the people of the earth, God said: And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam will not benefit him in the Hereafter [1], and the Almighty said: The religion with Allah is Islam and the different people of the Scripture, until after there came to them science, including a prostitute and disbelieves the revelations of Allah, Allah is quick in account * the Hajok say converted to Islam and my face to God and follow a say to those who were given the Book and the illiterate Ooslemtem the bow was guided but turn back, it you need to author and Allah sees the servants [2] This has been described God the Jews and the Christians as infidels what they have said about God, and as Hrvoh and changed it in their books, where they violate the limit in speech and action accordingly to describe their tongues, and attractive to them, God said: I do blaspheme who say God is Christ the son of Mary Say, who owns something from God that he wanted to destroy Christ, the Son Mary and his mother is on earth [3], and he says I do blaspheme who say God is Christ, the Son of Mary and Jesus said, O children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord of the gods with Allah, Allah has forbidden Paradise to him and his abode is the Fire and helpers for the unjust * none who has said that God is three and a third of God but one God, but have not finished what they say to the blasphemers who disbelieve them a painful punishment * For Allah and seek forgiveness of Allah is Forgiving, Merciful [4], and the Almighty said: The Jews call Uzair the son of God and the Christians call Christ the Son of God by saying their mouths, resembling the saying of those who disbelieved before Allaah curse them! perverted * take their rabbis and their monks for lords besides Allah, Jesus son of Mary and ordered only to worship one God, there is no god but Him, they ascribe to [5], and the verses creams in this sense many, which teaches him that Judaism and Christianity have versions are reconciled law of Muhammad peace be upon him, and that which demonstrated the right of Islam, and the two of falsehood is the elite and letters, which will intervene according to their own; to buy a small price Evil is what they buy.
Debt owed to Islam is the true religion of the people of the land required, which is the religion preached by all prophets.
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Just as Jesus came again to the religion of Moses, and replace them with some of what they were forbidden, as in the verse: and certified to the hands of the Torah and to make lawful to you some of what was forbidden to you, and I come to a sign from your Lord, so fear Allah and obey me * Allah is my Lord and your Lord: Him therefore serve ye: this is a straight line [ 6]. It also will come down in the last decade to renew the Message of Muhammad peace be upon him: ((about to descend among you as the son of Mary as a just judge will break the cross and kill the pigs and put tribute)) Narrated by Muslim, Al-Nawawi said in his commentary: (saying: put the tribute, which does not accept However, Islam or the sword) a. e.
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The Prophet peace be upon him: ((Do not listen to me one of this nation, Jew or Christian, then dies not believing in Him who sent, but it was the people of Hell)) Narrated by Imam Muslim in his Saheeh.
6 years ago
Theory of nationality in Islam:

Consider Islam to human overview, seen as a body, mind and spirit,
Through the composition of mildew, and then it organizes his life and treat him on the basis of these

Islam does not consider the human materialistic view of exceeding the physical structure and requirements
The instinctive materialist schools while did not deprive him of his rights and physical needs

Islam was in the launch of Iibaiqoria Epicurien instincts and desires of non-
The organization does not adapt, as well as not Roakie Stoicien to impose ideals and execution of
Requirements of the human sensory (*).

And Islam on the basis of his vision of human nature and needs of wildlife and the need to verify
Ichaabaath balance in mental, sensory Libido is one of the energies
Inherent in the composition of the human that must be disposed of and use in the context of
Role defined for it, like all other instincts of the other.

There is no doubt that the extraction of this energy from the human body is very necessary, and vice versa, the
Banked it is very harmful and unnatural, but only if use and fulfillment of its purposes

When Islam recognizes the existence of sexual energy in a human being, it determines
For this object the right way to dispose of that energy is through marriage, which is considered
The only road leading to the sexual gratification of the individual non-damaging to society.

And imagine Islam and the relationship between men and women as a natural thing
It should be. He acknowledges that God has made in the heart of each of the other Hui
And miles to it. But he reminds them that they meet the goal is to save species. These
The fact of Anhsabha contested. It is recognized by the science that's sexual function
Target is known, and are not the target itself. Holy Quran says: "Your wives are
Till you "[al-Baqarah verse 223] identifies the goal of this relationship between the sexes
These suggestive images.

And possibly danger in the thought means to say: "The goal of the life of these desires is achieved
Whether to alert the individual or was immersed in a blind desire, what is the difference between
This and that.

But the fact that there is a tremendous difference between the two is in fact feeling. When
Believes that the human instinct to work is an ideal and it is not a goal in itself,
Reduce the overwhelming power of desire in a sense, do not take that picture unruly
Tormenting sense than allowing him to comfort and satisfaction. This does not mean that it reduces the
Traumatized for the physical, but the investigation to prevent the waste, which Aigv at the maximum

In the limits of the family and marital Islam allows sexual energy to its field
Natural sense, but to have Aitih field in the street illegally or in public,
He sees how his great dissolved Nations and fall while leaving their careless about the Underworld
Without taking Bhdzhm and prevent them from regression.

According to Dr. Frederick Kahn Frederic kahn that marriage is the right way
To discharge sexual energy is the only solution is the root of the problem of nationality. He says
Book (our nationality): "The people Vyalmadi marry at an early age,
This was a valid solution to the problem of nationality. Today, however, taking the age of marriage be delayed
, As there are people who do not hesitate to switch Engagement Rings many times.
Governments are noteworthy, because they discover that the greatest solution to the problem of sex in this age

And Islam, when the marriage is innate, which is investigating the way of sexual energy
Humanitarian purpose, as well as to achieve pleasure derived therefrom, it is going strong
To encourage and facilitate the marriage and to facilitate its causes.

And until we have opportunities for young people and the reasons for marriage, Islam calls for the
Abstinence, a treatment is acceptable and normal in the community to forsake human prey to the bombardment
Instinctive devastating, as witnessed today in all human societies.

Says the prophet peace be upon him: "Yamashr young men, whoever among you can afford
Married, it is lowering the gaze and guarding one's chastity, it is not able to fast it
According to him "[Bukhari]

He says peace be upon him: "If the person gets married he has completed half of his religion, so let him fear God in the other half" [Narrated by al-Bayhaqi]
6 years ago
Theory of nationality in Islam:

Consider Islam to human overview, seen as a body, mind and spirit,
Through the composition of mildew, and then it organizes his life and treat him on the basis of these

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