Wei Tang - Lust, Caution

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Wei Tang first seen on top of a guy as they have sex. She is then shown fully nude as she wakes up in bed. Then we see her in rough sex with her from behind. From Lust, Caution (AKA Se, jie).

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2 years ago
haha, the hairy armpits really does make it look like it took place in old time
3 years ago
@5:23, u can see his cock's going in her pussy
3 years ago
4 years ago
To say that "the sex scenes in 'Lust, Cautious' are unnecessary" is to deny the whole essence of the film. Even though the background is set in the 30-40s, but Ang Lee has brought us to the light that is also applicable in contemporary world towards views on sex. In this film, sex is definitely more than just the 'lust' part in the title; it contains rich layers of description on the characters of Wong Chia Chi (Tang Wei) and Mr. Ye (Tony Leung) as well as the relation in between.

Wong Chia Chi's tragic destiny to self-dissolution begins when Mr. Ye shows his affection to her by letting her to win the mahjong game. Both Wong and the Resistance has discovered the only way to get close to Mr. Ye, who is highly cautious due to the nature of his job and identity, is affection. It is affection that determines Wong's fate: her affection towards Kuang Yu Min (Wang Lee-Hom), thus joining the assassination, and; the affection towards Mr. Ye, which leads her to the road of persecution when her feeling towards Mr. Ye overrides her mission. The saddest thing about Wong's life is she has never been in control of her own life - her life has always been determined by others, not herself. The only moment where she could have chosen to have control is when she pulls out the suicidal pill. The reason she decides not to take the pill is because if she takes it, she would betray her heart and also herself by saying that she is really a spy. She then leaves the decision to Mr. Ye, so that she would always be "Mak Tai Tai."

For Wong and Ye, sex is not about sexual pleasure, but fear and consolation. In Wong's view, it is merely a tool that attracts Mr. Ye to let down his guard. There is nothing but violence, fear and pain in sex. In Ye's view, sex is the way to vent out all the fears and horrors in his real life. There is a scene when Wong Chia Chi sees a gun hanging on the edge of the bed, she is so fearsome that she covers Mr. Ye's eyes with pillow as if she is trying to suffocate him. Mr. Ye is frightened as he mentions before about his fear to darkness. Within a few seconds, they reach orgasm in the midst of fear. Therefore, fear does not only manifest itself through sex, it also leads to satisfaction.

The sadism in Mr. Ye's sexual behavior is due to his incapability to trust and love anyone. When we break down every human emotion, the two basic feelings are love and fear. These two feelings distinguish us from machines. Therefore, the only way to express himself and assure that he is alive but not merely a cold-blooded machine is to observe fear by inflicting pain on others, since he cannot observe love from anyone. Through having sex with Wong Chia Chi, he finds consolation of still being alive.

One of the most intriguing part of Mr. Ye and Wong Chia Chi's relationship is their changes in sexual behaviours. In their first sexual encounter, Mr. Ye uses violence to penetrate to Wong's body. He avoids her eyes, and has to brutally pushes Wong's head down so that there is no eye contact between them. This is because when we use our eyes to see, we comment on things involuntarily. Mr. Ye doesn't want this dark side of him to be seen, or rather, to be commented and judged. As their relationship becomes more concrete, Mr. Ye starts to accept looking at each other when having sexual intercourse. The stare of Mr. Ye, however, does not contain any emotion. When Wong tries to embrace him, he deliberately pushes her down so that she is always in her vision (a sign of lacking in trust - he needs to have an eye on her). However, when Wong finally captures Mr. Ye's heart and earns his trust, it is Mr. Ye who embraces Wong. His body is shaking and he holds Wong tightly as if he finds the person to provide him security. Their changes in sexual behaviours, from violence, emotionless to passionate, signify the progression in their relationship.

Ang Lee's decision to portray characters with their behaviors on the bed is in fact a brave one. It is the moment when you reveal the most You to your couple (assuming you're not one-night-standing); you are completely and literally naked in front of him/her. To say the sex scenes are unnecessary is in fact mistakenly looking at them in a pure erotic sense and ignoring all the intentions and meanings behind them, hence becoming unnecessary. However, one should always take one step further before they jump into conclusions - to ask the question "why?"
4 years ago
4 years ago
I love unsimulated sex in mainstream movies.
5 years ago
5 years ago
Hot girl
5 years ago
Looks like one very hot Asian lady
5 years ago
what was the name is this chinese movie?
5 years ago
yeah hot
5 years ago
I love her very hairy bush and her hard and perky nipples...
5 years ago
I saw this in the theatre and I agree with Hangdog90. Great story and some hot scenes. Some controversy because some say Wei Tang and Tony Leung were actually having intercourse.
5 years ago
5:01 my god I love ths scene, her hairy armpits and those amazing bullet nipples. The whole movie is worth watching because of the sexual tension in it, once she esablishes the relationship with him - and fucks him under the noses of his wife and her friends, while spying too. Deception on multiple levels and lust too - her initial sex with her fellow conspirator bores her, but then when she is tied with a belt, struck and taken from behid with her panties still on, she learns what it is to lust.

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