Mature Hot Wife BBC Tryout

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2 months ago
Reminds me of my former mother in law
5 months ago
10 Facts About Semen That'll Convert You To A Swallower

Kimberly Resnick Anderson
October 22, 2015

Your man is rich — in vitamin supply.

A fascinating study published by Dutch psychologists showed that, when women are sexually aroused, their tolerance to disgust increases — not just regarding oral sex or other sex acts specifically, but across the board.

In the study, the group of sexually aroused women felt less disgusted when asked to touch a "bloody" bone (actually it was red ink) or put their hands in a bowl of allegedly used condoms (which were actually not used, but covered in lubricant). The study also included two other groups of women who were not sexually aroused first, who exhibited normal disgust and avoidance responses.
In my clinical practice, I'm always looking for ways to help women reduce their aversions to certain sexual acts or bodily fluids. As shown in the study, if they're able to become sexually aroused first before engaging in those acts, they need little assistance.

Unfortunately, for many of the women I treat, the flames of passion are all too often extinguished.

Based on my knowledge of evolutionary sexology, I have come up with a useful clinical intervention, and I see it working every day! It is based on the theory that seminal plasma (the fluid that provides nutrients and protection for sperm, consisting of a complex range of organic and inorganic constituents) may have many health benefits.

Yes, you read that correctly — semen is actually healthy for you!
The alleged benefits of seminal plasma are activated when a man deposits semen into a woman's vagina. Newer research suggests that the same benefits may be available if the seminal plasma is swallowed. Some theories even suggest that semen deposited anally will offer the same benefits. (The very existence of "butt plugs" suggest that some men may want to keep the seminal plasma inside.)

So here they are, the 10 reasons welcoming semen into your body (vaginally or orally) is actually GOOD for you:

1. Semen is a natural anti-depressant: Studies have shown that semen elevates your mood and even reduces suicidal thoughts (YES, really).

2. Semen reduces anxiety: It boasts anti-anxiety hormones like oxytocin, serotonin, and progesterone.

3. It improves the quality of your sleep: Semen contains melatonin, a sleep-inducing agent.

​RELATED: 18 Incredible Ways Having An Orgasm Can Change Your LIFE — Literally

4. Increases energy.

5. It improves cardio health and prevents preeclampsia, which causes dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy.

6. Semen even improves memory.

7. Improves mental alertness.

8. Semen prevents morning sickness. But only if it is the same semen that caused your pregnancy.

9. Semen slows down the aging process of your skin and muscles: 10. Reduces pain.
8 months ago
Only gets better each time I see it
9 months ago
Stunning mature , love her
10 months ago
So true. That and the makeout/foreplay part is a hallmark of her vids, and can be the best parts often.
11 months ago
11 months ago
I love love love Jackie!
11 months ago
Perfect little white mouth.
1 year ago
1 year ago
JACKIE is always hot.I can not believe that she went for an AVERAGE cock that is small.WHERE are the MONSTER BBCs? WEARING a condom is a no no,unless the cum is saved to shot in mouth.
Would love to see her wearing stockings and spiked heels.
NICE ass fuck and BJ to bad no CIM or creampie.
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
I like the very first minutes...are very exciting for a husband cuck see your wife get ready to meet another bman and to see how she is excited....
1 year ago
Would have been much better without the condom.
1 year ago
wow.... what a dream!
1 year ago
what a beauty!
2 years ago
The cock was neither big nor was just an average size cock that happened to belong to a black man. The MILF is exceptionally fine though.
2 years ago
bbc 4 that wife
2 years ago
you would think dude would have a bigger dick
2 years ago
She's fucking awesome, nice vid
2 years ago
My only problem here is how could a woman her age and with her experience with niggers let him fuck her with a condom? NEVER! What a goddamn waste and besides she's been fucked by a LOT of niggers! Her and her husband whore her ass out all the time to nigger men. Oh well some women just are plain fucking stupid...
2 years ago
1 of the hottest vids I've seen.
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
so nice to see a chick into the hotwife scene who doesn't have:
1. A hair style that was trendy in 1974 but now makes the chick look like she grew up in a trailer and the porn director gave her her first pair of shoes, OR
2. Hillbilly husband/producer in the background saying, "Tail eem hwat ye wawnt. Yee wawnt that there black baby don't ye?" and the chick barely listens to him and when she finally tears her attention away from getting the shit fucked out of her she's annoyed so she says, (to pander to the black-breeding affecionados in the peanut gallery. "um. Yeah, gimme a black baby." And the hubby again says, "gawn na - ye tail eem what choo hwont" "Ah wonna blackbaby. ya - gimme a black baby." Yawn.
3. She doesn't look like she hit the wall 25 years ago and has been going down hill since. Most of the amateur stiff is just fat hilljack women who are 40 and look 140 and belong in a circus beastiality video.
So yeah, the chick in this vid is a cut above the rest.
3 years ago
Small cock - She needs to be fucked by a real cock.
3 years ago
My Jackie is sexy.
3 years ago
Too bad she had to fuck that small ass dick..
3 years ago
Very sexy very real love the hubbys commentary very genuine :) all the way around great job !!!
3 years ago
Is she lovely !

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