Press / xHamster to Use 1Account as the Age-Verification Solution in the UK

For the last year xHamster has been working hard to find an age-verification solution for the UK users which will be free and protect their private data.

We’re the third most visited adult site in the UK, and with great power comes great responsibility. We know how sensitive data around sexuality and adult content consumption is, so we did not rush into it.

We are pleased to announce that we will use 1Account, an innovative tool that we believe is the most convenient and least intrusive of all options. What’s more, since 1Account was built with non-adult use in mind, such as mobile payment and sign up & sign in functionality, there is no stigma associated with using it.

The 1Account AV system:

• Does not track users browsing history

• Does not pass any of its users’ information to adult websites

• Is 100% free to use (like xHamster)

• Allows choosing the easiest and most comfortable verification method

1Account provides any of the following methods to verify for free:

• Mobile phone number (EE, O2, Vodafone and Three)

• UK Credit card

• UK Debit card

• UK Driving License

• UK Citizen Card*

The verification process takes less than a minute. Once verified, users can choose to remain signed in so that they can access any of the age-restricted sites integrated with 1Account without the need to log in separately.

Users will be able to verify their age using 1Account,and the consumers registration will be available via the 1Account App or on the website from 1 May 2019.

“We are anxious to educate our users about the new regulations,” says Alex Hawkins. “Earlier this year, a study of our visitors showed that nearly half were unaware of the law. Many planned not to comply. We hope that our partnership with 1Account, with its extensive privacy protections and no-touch data helps people become more comfortable with the law.”

“1Account has seen massive traction with adult publishers since we launched earlier this year and currently, we cater to almost 40% of the top 150 UK adult websites. We are proud to be able to service xHamster, one of the most popular sites in the UK,” says Ben Keirle, CEO of 1Account.

“By taking users to our application, we enable them to create their 1Account in isolation so that when returning to adult sites, they simply login to our secure widget and no information about them is passed.”

xHamster is embarking on a massive awareness campaign for users ahead of the July 15th deadline, to help users enjoy as seamless transition as possible.

The xHamster 2019 Age-Verification Compliance Study can be found here.

*1Account expects to add Citizen Card as an age-verification method before the July 15 deadline.