Press / xHamster announces relax room

Since 2007 xHamster, one of the world’s largest adult entertainment sites according to Alexa rankings has provided a huge variety of content catering to all preferences. Today they bring you an idea that’s sure to revolutionize office productivity and eliminate work-related stress: The Relax Room.

There’s no greater stress reliever than a quick round of masturbation and no greater source of material for that release than xHamster. Masturbation at work is frowned upon (or strictly forbidden, in all likelihood) in most workplaces, but what if it wasn’t? What if, instead of being fired for a quick self pleasure session in the bathroom your workplace had a special room where anyone could go and release the stress of the day by watching porn? Your company would have a Relax Room.

Since its inception xHamster has been dedicated to satisfying the needs of its users, and the Relax Room is its new mission. Every office should have one so that all employees feel comfortable to relieve any pent up tension. Some companies prefer massage chairs, foot baths, and free gym memberships, but the Relax Room will trump them all for employee morale.

"We’re extremely excited to introduce this video to our fans," says xHamster. "The Relax Room is the ultimate employee benefit and we’re dedicated to making it a reality!".

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