Press / xHamster Among First Adult Companies Moving To Secure HTTPS Protocol

Getting access to the best adult content online is only really exciting if the overall experience is safe and secure for your computer and your identity. That’s why xHamster is taking an important step in the right direction to announce their digital presence to be HTTPS secured from now on. The move is in sync with major tech firms like Google and important digital security advocates like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF.og) who are also working diligently to provide the safest and best experience of online viewers.

HTTPS is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network using HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within an encrypted connection via Transport Layer Security (TLS) to provide maximum protection of user privacy and to maintain the integrity of all data exchanged to and from their computer with a website. Sites that do not use HTTPS protection may be vulnerable to malicious code that can pass on viruses or malware to a viewer’s computer, or make private transactional information accessible by third-party hackers without consent of the site owner or computer user.

“xHamster offers the best free adult content for our fans, and there is no excuse in 2016 for anyone to be using HTTP without the proper protection upgrades necessary for full HTTPS compliance” said Alex Hawkins, spokesperson of xHamster. “When someone visits they can watch whatever they want with complete confidence and peace of mind because our security team is the best in the world.”

ISPs, governments and even hackers may use annoying widgets, code injection, redirects, iframes, viruses, malware, browser infections, content replacement and a wide range of other deplorable methods to confuse, attack or annoy people online. HTTPS together with HTTP/2 and other technologies protects you from all of that while also unlocking massive performance enhancements. It is faster and more secure than the older out of date versions of HTTP it is intended to replace.

“Why do other sites still use HTTP? There really isn’t any good reason” explained Hawkins. “HTTPS is better according to every security expert on the planet. So much so that Google and others are advocating a requirement that all sites make the switch to HTTPS in the future. At xHamster, we don’t want for something to be required, if it’s clearly better for our fans we always do it all right now!”

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About xHamster

Founded in 2007, xHamster is one of the world's largest adult entertainment sites, hosting a huge variety of content to cater to all preferences.
xHamster`s goal is to raise awareness in the community about safe sex and the health of men and women around the world.