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Description: The classic mind-wracking puzzle game is now online! Make all boxes and rows contain the numbers 1 - 9! Complete with a scribble pad to help you out!

Select square - Use the mouse.
Switch between pencil/eraser - Spacebar
Input number - 1 - 9 number keys
Categories: Board Logical
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1 year ago
1. need reset button instead of starting another game. 2.count of numbers used until all used up 3. instead of toons have top rated or recommended videos
2 years ago
hahahahahaha. . .shoulda seen the look on my wife face(so don't mind the porn but does have a problem about how much time I sometimes am on here) stopped her in her tracks tonight!!!
3 years ago
Nice, Sudoku!
Hard mode might be a little too easy, but I'm not going to complain about that (°ε°)
3 years ago
This game is better than a lot of other sudoku games on other sites.
3 years ago
Oh no, I slipped into the 80's, again!
Welp, might aswell make the most out of it, while I'm here~
4 years ago
Pretty good; just wish you could use the ten-key pad. Would make the game a little faster.
4 years ago
it doesend go on macbook pro.. i cant write the number in the field
5 years ago
i like this :P
6 years ago
above avrage for here
6 years ago
Love Sudoku!
But, where are the naked people?! LoL
6 years ago
they should ad something more erotic to this game
6 years ago
pretty cool.
6 years ago
nice game
6 years ago
Ok game
6 years ago
ich mags