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Smelling my nieces panties

About 4 years ago our 23 year old niece had decided to stay over our house during the week because we lived 40 miles closer to the city. She just announced that at a f****y event. When I heard that I was thrilled, you see I've always thought she was a piece of ass ever since she grew into her sexiness ( of age of course) She would be sl**ping in the guest room in the lower level. She would generally come home in the evenings around 630 ish and leave around 7 am. I always made a pot of coffee every morning before anyone else woke up. In the begining I would just lick her coffee cup where she would put it to her mouth. I would also sneak into her room when no one was home and look in her little basket that had the dirty laundry in it. I would carefully sift through her clothes looking for a frilly or lace garment. Finally I found a purple thong. I put it to my nose and I took a glorious hit of pussy musk in. I felt so excited by this lewd completeley perverted act that I got an instant hard on. I returned the clothes to the original pile and left. This would eventually escalate to me putting her musky panties on over my face while I layed on her bed and jerked off. I even had stuffed some in my mouth and licked the insides of her sexy heels while imagining that I was licking her asshole on her bed in my house and she was loving it. In my fantasy I would be on the couch and she would call me down stairs and she would get me in a corner and she would grab my cock and balls and ask if she could lick my sack and asshole. she would tell me that she loves ass.Before I knew it I had a raging hard on and I was furiously cumming all over her panties, her bed in her shoes on her pillow. I came everywhere in that room. I would go in there sometimes when she was upstairs and grab some panties and stuff them in my mouth while rubbing one out. It got to the point where all I wanted to do was taste her. and I knew that would never happen. But I tell you what, I can definetely feel sexual tension between us. Especially those extra long hugs that are so so close to the whole body rub thing. Anyway, soon after I was rubbing my cock and putting my balls into her great big white coffee cup. Wow, what a thrill, my balls are where her tongue will be in about ten minutes. I would blow my load into the cup and rub my cock head in and all aroumd the entire huge cup. Dry it up mostly than put it where I had a fifty percent chance that she would grab the cup that I had christened for her.YES, she grabbed my sack infested, came in and on and was licked by me cup. Perfect! seeing her enjoy her hot morning cup. hahaha. This infatuation started when we were all on vacation and were staying in a condo. She and her cousin shared a room,. They left before the week was up After they left, I went into their room and opened the drwaers to be sure they were empty. Thats when I saw three thongs in the drawer. I asked my wife if she thought they were her nieces or the other cousin that lived in the same house.She said yeah they're hers. Oh yeah, I thought. I kept those thongs with me for months. I would take them out and put them to my face and I could still smell that wonderful smell in my memory.Oh yeah. I wwould jack off all the time. so when she moved in, I was in sex heavan. too bad I was alone/ haha. oh well. That's it. So every time I seee her wering those shoes, I say in a low voice as I walk away. Directing it to her boy friend in the room." Hey, I came in those three time and I licked the insides of your fiances shoes" Fucked up right? guess so, but Im a perv what do you expect?

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