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My Crazy College Sex Life Part 4

I went home and got myself together. I talked to Amber for awhile and felt awful about what I had been doing the last couple days and while I wanted to tell her I just couldn't. Christy had been texting as well and telling me to go to this party soon and she was getting mad at me because I was trying to get more fucked up by taking shots and smoking joints. She was nagging me to hurry up, so I left and found this sorority party.

I knocked on the door and a girl in a sexy nightie answered the door and said "Hi, I'm Sara, Christy and Karen's Friend, come with me. She grabbed my hand and took me through their house. When we walked into the main house, I was immediately stunned. It appeared to be some sort of sex party. I saw all kinds of people doing all kinds of sexual acts. I saw everything from gangbangs doggystyle, and strapons. I was immediately very concerned about why I was here and what was going on. Where were Christy and Karen? I was just confused and anxious, but this girl was smoking hot. She was basically a blonde, big breasted, bigger assed Christy. Her tits were absolutely pooping out of this nightie and her ass was showing through the see through part only covering her was a sexy ass thong.

She walks me into a room and there is a guy on the bed. I guess cause of the way I did not care about girls sometimes and did not do much with girls until now made some people think that maybe I was gay. My mom had questioned me before and I honestly was not in any way. It was more me not being confident in myself to get girls and not wanting the rejection. Well this being I said "FUCK NO." She then grabbed me and said "What's wrong," she grabbed my hand "Listen this is my boyfriend and he is my submissive cuckold and we have these sex parties so we can fulfill our sexual needs and he is here to serve us." I was still confused I asked her what a cuckold was and She told me that it was someone who let their girlfriend/wife fuck other guys, because his penis is too pathetic and he cannot please them. This was so wierd, but I had a pretty fucked up mind, but I just made sure "He cannot touch me, I am not gay and I do not want that, but he can watch I guess." "Thank you," he said, "Please fuck Sara good, she needs it, because I cannot satisfy her, she is your slut and will do as you say, because I know you will take good care of her."

This all comes to the point I guess where is why I cheated on Amber and this moment made me realize why, it was exciting. Sex with Amber was well sex. It was great and I loved her so much and really made me happier than anything ever had in my life. I wanted to marry her and be with her forever. The way being around her made me feel when we kissed and hugged was awesome. But the sex was different. She always bitched about how much it hurt her and she was a virgin and had an incredibly tight vagina for how big she was, so it was good when we did do it. But still, we really only did it a couple times a week, but mainly when were d***k. She often bitched about not feeling well and I did ALL Of the work when we fucked. I have a hard time cumming when I fuck, which is partially because of how much I jerkoff and I think partially I think I just have good stamina. Amber just seemed most times like she wanted it to be over with asap and was half hearted alot. From all the time we spent together I could read her body language, how she kissed me...etc about how in it she was. Those times were very rare. With this all being said I still was absolutely crazy for her and she was for me too. The sex was still good as hell, it just could of very easily could of been much better, because I can fuck she just couldn't. She just fucking pissed me off sometimes too. This was all thought in my head in about 5 seconds in my head and thought fuck and grabbed Sara and pulled her on top of me on the bed.

We took my pants off and we kissed. We touched each other and I felt around her whole body. She gave me full access to her body and I did anything I wanted to her. I had her ride me and she was going crazy honestly and came at least 3 times. She had her boyfriend lick her feet and her ass at various times while we fucked. She said things like "Look baby how he fucks me like you can't." She told me to fuck her harder various times and she would get off and blow me for a couple minutes when we got tired, which was nice. I was so d***k as well, so this was lasting awhile for me as well. I was pretty close, so I told her to ride me and make me cum. She kissed me so passionately and told me to cum inside her, she begged me over and over which made me so hot as we kissed I came so hard inside her and she screamed as I did and we layed and continued kissing. She then had her boyfriend lick the cum out of her pussy and they kissed and she let him cum on her feet and then she licked that off too he left and thanked me. Sara put her robe on and I got dressed. She was very sweet after and told me Christy and Karen were in the other room as she kissed me goodbye and thanked me. I walked through all kinds of wierd sex, which was honestly pretty hot, but so weird. I found Christy and Karen getting eaten out by 2 boys that had lived above them. One of them tried to hit on Amber one time and know he is a cuckold, what a loser lol. I asked them what the fuck was going on and they said they wanted to give me that present and asked if I liked it. I told them how awesome it was and they kissed me and left those boys there. They said they were house cuckolds not even good enough to be a boyfriend. They told me how lucky I was to able to fuck well.

We went back to their apartment and they took me home the next day. We all had sex one more time in the morning and we said wed never talk about it again and christmas break happen. Amber and I spent a nice christmas together and her f****y seemed to like me and they were nice. We had no sex though and for the 2 weeks after that we did not see each other. We came back from Christmas Break and were still madly in love. We did have some of the better sex weve ever had and from there we spent all semester living together. Ill save all of you the drama, but as I stated earlier Amber had social disorders and other social problems. Her dog died and she emotionally took it out on me. She ended breaking up with me the day before the first day of school and I was pretty emotionally crushsed and I had no idea what to do.

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