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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P5)

Now before Dorothy lay dying, Lord Omarion and Talika were busy making the most of their time. Talika stood bent over, showing her round indian ass to Omarion. He pulled himself from his throne and walked up behind her. For a gobkin of his size he was rather agile and quick. He slapped her ass, then knelt down. His hands reached up to those plump cheeks and pulled them apart. He smiled seeing her hot tight asshole and pussy. He leaned in and ran his tongue back and forth on her pussy lips. Talika moaned feeling his long gobkin tongue lapping at her cunt.

She looked down and saw his cock sticking up between her legs. She reached down and started stroking his cock up and down. He pushed his lips around her pussy and began sucking her juices out. Her hands were shaking as she stroked his thick green cock, her pussy was on fire from his mouth. She stopped stroking and just held it, holding it so she wouldn't fall over. His tongue slide in her pussy swirling around, tasting her pussy walls. Every so often he would use his tongue to go deep and pull her juices into his mouth. Talika legs shook and she let loose the build up of juices.

"Oh my god, fucking god." She pushed back on his mouth and exploded cumming down his throat. He tilted his head back catching it all. He locked his lips around her pussy, drinking her cum down, hydrating his thirst for pussy. He made sure not to pull away until her spasms stopped. She stood straight up and breathed in and out, catching her breath.

She turned to Lord Omarion and kissed him. He pushed her juices into her mouth, swapping the sweet flavor between their lips. She then pulled away and walked to the throne. She climbed up on it, sitting on her knees, pushing her ass up into the air. She placed her hands on the armrest and looked back. Lord Omarion had already stood up and was standing behind her again. He slide his cock head up and down her pussy teasing it. then held his cock steady and slide in.

His cock head pushed in slowly, pulling her tight pussy apart. Her hands gripped the armrests tight, feeling that girthy gobkin cock begin to fuck her. Lord Omarion grabbed ahold of her waist and began to pump. Thrusting into Talika harder, until his whole cock was inside. He kept it in her, letting her feel his whole meaty thick cock.

She looked back,"Oh my god my love, your cock is so fucking thick. I love you."

"I love you too Talika." He leaned down over her back and kissed her. His rough gobkin lips pressed against her soft indian lips, moaning into each others mouth. Then he pulled away and began pounding her. His strong hands gripping her waist tight, pulling her back and forth on his cock.

She threw her head back,"Don't stop.....don't stop." He reached up with his right hand and pulled on her silky black hair. Yanking her back on his dick,forcing it all in once again. Then he slide his cock almost all the way, then slammed it back in. Talika eyes rolling back into her head his cock making passionate love to her pussy. He picked up speed, his hips rocking back and forth, throwing himself against her. As his cock fucked her, his hairy hanging balls slapped on the top of her pussy. Talika looked back licking her lips,"I want to taste myself on your cock."

He was all to willing to oblige her. He slide his soaked cock from her pussy, dripping in sticky pussy syrup. She turned around and got on her knees. Her mouth went wide and swallowed his meat. She moaned up and down tasting herself all over his shaft. She pushed all the way down, then slowly pulled her mouth up, each inch bringing more flavor down her throat. She got to the tip and pulled off, moving down to his balls. She pushed her face against his cock and ball sack. Lord Omarion cock laying across her face, as she sucked on his balls. He smiled down at her, his cock laying on the left side of her face, as her right eye winked at him. She ran her hands up and down his thighs as his balls swirled in her mouth.

"Oh I'm cumming." Lord Omarion moaned as a lava of cum spilled out his big mushroom head. It didn't shoot out, it flowed out and down, spilling across her face. She felt the warm gooey cum dripping over her brown skin, not stopping once while sucking his balls. He put his hands to the side, letting his cum come out by itself. She pulled her mouth away and smiled up at him, her face covered in thick stings of cum.

"How do I look." He pulled up on his cock and thick string of cum poured out onto her forehead,"Always amazing." She licked her lips of cum, as a gobkin guard came barging through a side door. He saw Talika face sloppy with cum and diverted his eyes quickly. Looking down, he walked up to the throne.

"My Lord Omarion, the witch and Ms. Gale have escaped. They killed one of our guards. I have called out the guards to look for them."

Talika grabbed a cloth and wiped her face off. She stood up and walked over to her armor. She slide her cuirass on and struck it three times,"I am the Black Knight, from birth to death." They armor started spreading out from the cuirass, covering her arms, legs and torso. She picked up her sword and helmet. She slide her helmet on and hooked her sword around her waist.

"My Lord I know where they are." She turned to the gobkin guard. "Get some guards and meet me up at the chamber. The witch is going for The Broom."

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