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The Lodger

Kathy had left her last abusive boyfriend six months earlier by moving across the country and getting a new job and eventually renting a room from Ian in his house. Kathy had enough of attracting users in her life, since a teenager she had always gone for the bad boy and had ended up being used and abused. Kathy could not say Ian was the type of man she would usually be attracted to as he was quiet and shy and average looking. He did run his own business from home and they where both the same age and they sometimes flirted with each other but he never made a move on her. Kathy knew he was single but did not bother much with women. She knew he was not gay as she had accidently found a stash of adult porno DVD’s in the spare bedroom.
Then last weekend she had persuaded him to come out with her and her new girl friends and she found herself jealous as he talked to Jenny and Anna the whole evening and at work they both talked about him and how nice he was and was he available. Kathy actually lied to them and said he had a girlfriend although he did not say much at home which was true. They both admitted being attracted to him and well when they slow danced they could feel his cock pushing against them and well he was not exactly small and both wanted him.
Kathy looked at naked body in the mirror and though not bad, her legs were long shapely and toned, her ass was a bit on the big side yes, but her stomach was almost flat, her arms where well proportioned and toned, no double chin, her complexion clear and good skin. Then she looked at her boobs, god they were huge compared (38E) to the rest of her body and topped off with large areola and soft nipples, that once aroused stood out like tent pegs. Three weeks ago she had dyed her hair brilliant red and it seemed to catch his attention, and then she had it reshaped into a bob, which he complimented her on.
Kathy could smell the food down stairs he was cooking them a Friday night dinner for them and the weather was terrible outside so she had put off going out tonight with her new girl friends as she did not want to get soaked before starting out tonight and have every d***k idiot trying to pick her up, for a quick fumble or shag like they thought she would be gratefully for their attention as she was 34 and still single. He was an excellent cook she knew from past experience, and they would have a nice wine with the food and after two or three glasses after. Kathy had decided to seduce him before either Jenny or Anna got their claws into him.
So over the past few days she had been secretly buying lingerie and shoes that she seen on the covers of the DVD’s and was now ready to seduce him. Putting on the clothes she finally slipped on her stiletto’s and walked down stairs and into the kitchen. Watching him from the door way she could see he was concentrating on the food and did not see her. As always he was dressed in baggy shorts and a muscle t-shirt, she had seen him without a shirt and his body was ok, muscle in the right places, but no six pack, but a tight little ass and good strong legs and as always no shoes just bare feet. “Something smells nice” said Kathy.
Turning Ian took in Kathy’s clothes, shoes and cleavage, smiled and “You look stunning I hope he is worth it.” Before quickly returning to the food, before anything could burn and to try and hide the bulge in his shorts that had started to rise. Cursing his stupidity Ian knew he that women like Kathy were well out of his league and he knew he suffered a lack of self confidence around women any way, except when working with them and last weekend as the ladies had been d***k and talked to him and he was relaxed as he was not trying to chat them up and both Anna and Jenny where very nice. He had thought about asking Kathy for their numbers, but he did not have the courage just yet.
Kathy saw the twitch in his short’s and smiled inwardly to herself, so he did like what she was wearing and was attracted to her. “Oh I am not going out tonight I thought I would dress up for you to say thank you for the lovely food and company.” Moving forward she went to a cupboard and got out the plates, knives and forks and laid the table and watched him from. “So what are we doing after our food?”
Ian was trying to concentrate on the food but her clothes clung to her like a second skin and he could not stop himself, so when she asked what they were doing after the food he was struck dumb, for answer. As he swept the word “we” around his brain, trying to gain some composure he thought I have a couple of new DVD’s we could watch but one of those was definitely not for her, as well she would think him a pervert watching a porno together. “We could watch a DVD together if you want?”
“Ok but if it is a horror one I will want to cuddle up next to you to feel safe” said Kathy, but also thinking then I can touch that body of yours, and you will feel mine as well next to you. Without thinking she stepped up behind him and slipped her arms around his waist and hugged him, pressing her body against his. “Thanks for the food and being so nice to me.” Ian could feel her body against his and he turned off the food and turned around looking at her still holding him and slipped his arms around her waist.
“It’s always easy being nice to someone as pretty as you are” said Ian. Lowering his mouth towards hers and trying not to think of anything as he knew his cock was trying to leap out of his shorts, and he did not want to scare her.
Kathy saw him lowering his head towards hers and did not hesitate she moved her hands to his head and pulled it down and kissed him hard. At first she was surprised he did not respond then she felt him kiss back and his hands slipped behind her back and pulled her closer to him and their kisses took on a greater urgency. Kathy could feel his cock push against her belly and she wiggled against it and made him squirm. Pulling back he looked at her “Food first as I am starving, then maybe we can continue this after if you want?”
“Ok” said Kathy, pulling away reluctantly. ”As long as you keep your promise, about more kisses like that and lots of cuddles as well.”
Ian blushed and turned away and she saw him adjust himself, so his cock did not show so much, but she did not care. Opening the wine she poured them a glass each, as he served the food. Instead of placing the plates at opposite ends of the table she placed them side by side so she could be near him. Sitting down she accepted the food and when he sat down next to her she laid her head on his shoulder and smiled up at him “I do not bite you know if you want to kiss me anytime, or maybe you like that then I can bite you if you want.”
Ian felt himself blush again but leaned in and kissed her again and pulled back “Eat before it gets cold.” His mind was in turmoil as he liked her but was unsure of how to continue.
“So why all of a sudden did you decide to hug me and kiss me?”
“Because I fancy you and you are not like other men I have been within the past you are sweet and kind and do not use people and this time I want a man who wants me for me and not what I have. In the past I would have laughed at you if you tried to pick me up, but living with you I have seen how nice you are and not tried anything on, although we both flirt with each other. Also you have acted like a perfect gentleman since I moved in with you although I was doubtful at first about sharing a house with a strange man. You set me my mind at rest with your behaviour and the way you treat people. You work hard but do not play hard or at all as I have seen and you do not have a girlfriend do you?”
“No I do not have a girlfriend as I am shy around women and hesitant and women like strong aggressive men, who seem to treat them like dirt and walk all over them just use them, me I want a lady I can get along with a treat as a goddess, but have her treat me has her God as well.”
“Also I am not as nice as you think, as I like to look at porno on the internet and watch porno movies and want to do what I see in those movies with a lady.” Kathy looked at him and smiled “I know you look at them, but I do not care, as I have seen them in the past and done most of those things as well, and I know how to please a man now go sit and watch the TV, whilst I clear up.”
Taking his wine he did as he was told, settling into his arm chair, Kathy came in two minutes later and put on a DVD. He looked down and saw it was one of his DVDs “Eden Lake”. “You might want to change the DVD as it is not very nice at all and quite horrific in places.” Kathy smiled at him “if it is bad I can always get you to cuddle me, and protect me.” After 20 minutes Kathy got up and offered to top up his glass of wine, but he refused so she went and got the bottle. He was right the film was not very nice, but she decided to go back and took the wine with her topping off her drink, she stood looking at him and bent over flashing her stocking tops and picked up the box and turned off the DVD and turned and sat in his lap.
Without hesitating she kissed him and felt him respond and his hands wrap around her waist and bum holding her close. Kathy kissed him hard and strong and chased his tongue around his mouth and urged him to hold her tight as she would not break. Ian had never thought Kathy would be so forward, but he was losing his self control and his hands started to seek out her breasts and stocking tops. Kathy could feel his hands on her body and found herself responding to his touch, with her own hands pushing up his shirt and playing with his chest, and squirming on his cock.
Kathy pulled back “Oh someone is pleased to see me” as she changed her position so that she straddled his legs and pulled off her top exposing her milky white bra and breasts to his gaze. Reaching back she undid the bra and threw it onto the sofa and offered him her breasts. Ian’s mouth found her rising nipples and sucked and licked her breasts as if they were the best things ever, whilst holding her back. Kathy was losing control and fast and she knew it, her pussy was dripping wet from feeling his cock against her ass, and now his tongue on her breasts was sending her over the edge. Then he was pulling her nipples very gently with his teeth and she lost it “Yes bite them hard make me your bitch and fuck me hard.”
Ian responded to her encouragement and pulled harder and felt her nails dig in his back and scratch deep and hard. Pushing forward her legs wrapped around his waist and he pushed up to stand with her legs wrapped around his waist and his cock pushing against her panties. With holding her ass he moved her so it was easier for him and moved towards the door. Kathy understood and whispered in his ear all the things she wanted him to do to her and his cock grew harder still. It felt like it was going to explode in his shorts, if her did not get a release soon, but he carried her along the hall way and up the stairs and past her bedroom to his and then very gently laid her on the bed and pulled off his top and laid on top of her. Kathy reached up and licked his nipples and bite them the way he had down to hers and was created with moans of pleasure, but she wanted his cock and so still biting his nipples she slid her hands down his body and into his shorts and took hold onto his cock and gently pulled it up and down.
Ian feeling her hand on his cock moaned louder and then said “Please stop or you cum!”
Kathy smiled “Good then you will be nice and stronger for next time when you fuck me.”
Ian looked at her “are you sure you can take it all?”
Kathy smiled “Yes this is nothing, I have had bigger.”
Seeing his ego bruised she looked at him “but not for a long time and not from a man I wanted in me.”
Ian rolled on to his side and in one move pulled off his shorts and boxers and threw them to the floor laying next to her nude. Kathy propped herself up on one elbow and looked down at his cock “Fuck I take that back that is the biggest cock I have ever seen. You will be gently with me when you fuck me with that monster won’t you? How big is it?”
Ian with his pride restored “It’s 12” and 5” in width and yes I will be gently, as you will ride me so you can take as much as you want in you.”
Kathy looked at him and his eyes and saw he was being honest and then looked at him “I want all of it in me.”
Pushing her on to her back Ian want back to her breasts as she pulled her skirt up and slipped two fingers into her panties and started rubbing her clit. Ian pulled back and saw what she was doing “Oh you dirty little girl.” Then taking her hand he put her two fingers in his mouth and sucked her juices from her fingers, “umm nice” and then he quickly pushed her skirt up and pushed her panties to one side to gaze on her shaved pussy. Then started to slowly make circles around her pussy with his tongue drawing moans of pleasure from Kathy, before slowly licking along her pussy slit and pulling her lips back and sucking on her clit, which drove Kathy over the edge and she orgasmed with a load moan.
Kathy was surprised that he was so gentle with her and was very good at licking her pussy. Even though she had orgasmed he kept on sucking on her clit which responded to his attention and then he slipped two fingers into her and slowly started masturbating her. Kathy knew he was trying to make her nice and wet for his cock but she did not care. Kathy was a little bit intimidated by its size but, she wanted it all in her and for him to fill her with his cock and cum, then she would try and fuck his brains out. However Kathy’s body had other ideas as she started to orgasm again she could not believe it she had never come so quickly in such a short space of time. Kathy did not just orgasm he juices exploded from her pussy in shower of clear liquid as Ian sucked and fingered her and she screamed in pleasure, at the feeling, no one had ever made her squirt before.
Sitting up Ian’s face was dripping in her juices and he had a huge smile on his face, looking at Kathy “Was that any good?”
Kathy heard his words but her body was still recovering from that orgasm. Finally when she had recovered she looked at him “Yes what the hell did you do to me, that was the best ever orgasm ever had and the longest.”
Wiping her juices from his face he swallowed them and just smiled “I just tried my best and your body did the rest for you, as you must have been missing sex.”
“I have not sex in almost 12 months, but I still want you.” Sitting up she pushed Ian back on the bed and held his cock in one hand so he was up right, and then squatted over his cock and slowly sat down in it. Kathy could feel his cock enter and straight away started pushing her lips apart wider than ever before. Kathy slowly rode his cock up and down letting her body get used to its size before slowly lowering herself again deeper onto his cock. Ian watched as she squatted on his cock and tried to think of other things to hold back his own orgasm. He heard Kathy moan out load as she took almost all of it in her, but was restricted by her heels.
Kathy knew she had to change positions so got off his cock and then went on her knees, and lowered herself again, on his cock. Her pussy had grown used to the size, but she wanted it all and for him to fuck her as well. Finally she felt her pelvis hit his and knew she had all of him in her, and she was stretched like never before, he was fucking enormous and her own pussy was close to another orgasm. Slowly she started to fuck him and she looked at him “Please slowly fuck me back.”
Ian did not need to be asked and tried to get in rhythm with Kathy movements to enhance her pleasure, no one had ever full taken him into themselves and he was impressed that she had done that. He pushed up and she wrapped her legs around his waist again moaning in pleasure. Ian slipped his hands under her ass, and lifted and at the same time moved to his knees and finally stood up on the bed with Kathy’s legs around his waist. Kathy could not believe he had stood up and she was still inside him. Then he turned and put her to against the wall and was lifting her up and down and thrusting into her as well, she could feel her orgasm growing and bit down on to his shoulder as he thrust extremely hard and she knew he had shot his load into her, as his pace had slowed and with every pump he pushed hard against her.
Ian shot his load deep into Kathy and felt her bit his shoulder, but kept pumping until he was spent and then he slowly sank backwards pulling Kathy on top of him. Kathy could feel him still inside her and rubbed against his cock and slipped her hand down to her clit and rubbed hard and after eight strokes exploded into another mind bending orgasm. Before collapsing on his chest and laying her head there listening to his heart beat.
Finally Ian spoke “Well was it good for you?”
Kathy sat up and looked at him and laughed “Was it any good, was it any good, for fuck sake man I have never orgasmed like that or had a cock so deep in my cunt or had such a huge amount of cum pumped into me. No one has ever fucked me whilst standing up against a wall. You have made me cum three times already and you have only come once.”
Ian smiled “I was only asking in case it was not and well I could always try again and be better for you know as I have started to recover and you look so fucking hot in your stockings, stiletto’s and skirt around your waist. I am afraid your panties are ruined as I ripped them standing up, but I will buy you some more tomorrow.”
Kathy looked at him and smiled “If you keep this up I will fall in love with you and then what would you do?”
Ian looked at her and smiled that would be easy” I would love you back and maybe one day we would Marry and have a f****y if you want any, or just continue fucking that sweet tight pussy of yours.“
Kathy looked at him and saw he was serious, but she was as horny as hell and wanted more of his cock, before sl**ping. Turning away from him she took his cock in her hand and lowered her mouth to his cock and slowly licked his shaft clean of their juices, and sucked his balls deep into her mouth, before, trying to suck his cock deep into her mouth. His cock almost gagged her but her spit and salvia made his cock nice and wet and her own pussy needed filling again.
Turning her back she went down on all fours and told him to fuck her stupid. Ian not needing a second invitation got behind her and guided his cock into her pussy and felt Kathy push back and then scream into the pillow as her pussy was stretched out like never before. Ian slipped his hands to her sides and pulled her onto him and pumped her pussy for all he was worth. Kathy moaned as he pumped her pussy hard and she slipped a hand back and played with her clit as his cock filled her pussy. “Yes fuck me harder, fill me with you cock.”
Ian finally found his own voice “You dirty little slut you love my cock in you don’t you?” and with every word thrust hard into Kathy’s pussy.
“Yes I am you dirty little fuck slut and want you cock in all my holes, fuck me like you would those sluts you watch on your porno DVD’s I know you can.”
Ian slipped his hands down to her hanging hooters and pulled the nipples to her delight as she squealed. Then moving back he licked his fingers and pushed them down to her asshole and pushed at her ass. Kathy was caught unaware until his fingers touched her ass hole and by then it was too late as he pushed a finger into her up to the first knuckle. Getting up in her hands she looked at him and smiled “you like your finger in my asshole, how would you cock feel in it.”
Ian was shocked as he had never fucked a woman’s ass but he always wanted to. Pushing his finger deeper he could see her wince but she encouraged him to finger her harder. Ian pushed his finger up to the end and pulled it out and then f***ed two into her ass and started to stretch it out. “Yes finger my ass and gape it” begged Kathy. Ian leaned back and spat into her ass to increase the lubricate and fingered harder.
Kathy pulled away from his fingers and pushed him back on the bed “You want my ass then I take control just like last time.” Ian understood what she wanted and held his cock up right as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth and spat on it making it soaking wet, then squatting over his cock she guided the head to ass hole and pushed down. At first the head refused to enter, but final it slipped in and Kathy felt immediate paid. What was she doing with his cock in her ass, it was too big but she wanted it. She wanted him to fuck ass and stretch her out and fill it with his cum.
Slowly she sank on his cock and Ian watched fascinated as bit by bit sank into her ass, then Kathy slowly started fucking her ass with his cock. Kathy’s pain slowly grew to a warm feeling of pleasure and she started rubbing her clit and pussy again. Then looked back at Ian and winked “You can fuck me now, but please slowly as my ass is not used to this level of abuse.” Ian not needing any prompting now slowly started to push upwards and pulled back as he filled her ass as much as he could. Kathy moaned loudly and then pulled one breast to her move and sucked her own nipples.
Ian pushed her Kathy forward on to her knees and stood behind her pulling her ass cheeks apart looking at her gaping ass and then pushed his cock into her ass. Kathy cried out as he filled her ass and then pulled out again and pushed in again. Kathy was overcome with pleasure as her ass orgasmed and sucked his cock in deeper still. Ian felt her ass squeeze his cock and he could not hold back and shot his load into her ass filling it with his cum. Pulling his cock out he watched her ass hole wink and squeeze his cum from her ass and down onto her pussy. Kathy reached back and caught the cum and licked it from her fingers.
Ian stood up and went to the bathroom and washed his cock as it was covered in shit from Kathy’s ass. As he turned around Kathy dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and sucked him back to hardness. “How about a nice bath together?” asked Kathy.
Ian was willing and bent over and put the plug in the bath and Kathy took her opportunity and pulled his ass cheeks apart and started rimming his asshole. Ian was caught unaware but kept bend over as she licked his ass and poured the water into the bath and added bubble bath. Kathy was surprised that she was licking his ass as she had never done it before but he had made her so horny it was unbelievable. Kathy want to fuck his ass as well, but she needed a bath as well, and it was an ideal time to bath together. Slapping his ass she stood up and took off her shoes and pulled down her skirt.
Then before she could undo the suspender belt Ian had picked her up in his arms and stepped into the bath and placed her in the bath as well. Kathy looked at him and playfully slapped his ass now look at my stockings, but Ian did not care and kissed her hard.
Kathy was caught off guard by his kiss, but soon returned it and took his cock in her hand again and slowly masturbated his cock. Pulling back Ian sat down by the taps as Kathy stood above him and then slowly lowered herself into the warm bubbly bath. Ian moved closer and Kathy slipped her legs around his waist again and sat on his thighs. “Thank you for the best fuck I have ever had, that was amazing” Ian told her. Kathy blushed and looked at him “That was only the beginning we have the whole weekend if you want, as I have never been fucked like you fucked me before and I want more.”
Ian looked at her “Well I am ready when you are?”
Kathy who was playing with his cock again looked at him “I know” and she pushed back and up and slipped his cock into her abused pussy again. “Fuck me gently like lover’s this time.” Ian did as he was asked, but feeling daring he slipped a hand under her ass and found her ass and pushed three fingers in and Kathy smiled at him “You sure are one dirty fucker aren’t you?”
“It takes one to know one” Ian responded.
Kathy smiled and encouraged him to fuck her harder and finger her ass like the slut she was she wanted his cock, fingers, tongue anything he had in her. Ian obliged and tried to increase his pace but the soapy water mate it impossible so she slowly fucked him, until he shoot another load deep into her. Standing up she pulled her pussy lips back and caught his cum dripping from her pussy and swallowed it in front of him.
Then sitting down again they washed each other’s bodies and went to bed, exhausted. Kathy lay in his arms smiling and happy. Whilst Ian could not believe he had fucked such a hot woman as Kathy, and would be fucking her again tomorrow and if had his way the rest if his life.

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