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Mostly True Tales: My First Daddy

*The following is, as the title states, mostly true. Certain details have been changed so that this reads more like an actual story and less like a diary entry. If you enjoy this then please comment and or vote.*

I lost my virginity at a relatively young age to an older man and since then I have been more attracted to them. I have been with boys my own age but I always find myself coming back to older cock. This is how it all started for me, this is how I had my first “Daddy”.

It was late one night and I was on the internet chatting with this 34 year old man from the other side of the country. I was blatantly flirting with him and he with me so the chat quickly turned sexual. He asked me what I liked sexually and I was honest in my answers. When I asked him the same question he responded with a link so I licked on it. It led me to an “erotic story” site and the one he specified involved daddy/daughter sex. It was my first real exposure to anything of that subject and at first I found it disgusting. So much so that I quickly blocked him from ever sending me another message.

As I sat there I found myself wondering how anyone could get off on things of that nature and I guess my curiosity got the better of me. I half assed skimmed through the story and by the end I found myself with my hand down my panties and my legs spread wide. It was so dirty, so depraved and somehow so fucking hot. I had to read more so I found the index and read through a few more stories but none matched the intensity and a****listic lust of the first. When I went back to re-read that first tale of taboo I noticed a little link to the rest of that author’s stories. I couldn’t click it fast enough.

I spent the next hour or so going through his i****tuous fantasies as I fingered myself and came more times than I can count. When I was finished I figured I should take the time to send him a message telling him how much I enjoyed his stories. I figured it was the least I could do since he took the time to write them. It was a short message outlining how I had come to find his stories and how I had just fucked myself silly reading them. I clicked SEND and went to shower. When I came back I had a response from him thanking me and how he was glad that his words made me cum. This started an e-mail and eventual IM exchange where he told me about how his fantasies developed.

He lived about 3 hours north of me and he and his wife divorced when their daughter was about 12 years old. He was soon transferred over seas for his work and when he returned three years later she was not as he remembered her. She had obviously grown up and despite the occasional picture she would send him he wouldn’t have recognized her. The divorce was bitter and he had next to no contact with his ex-wife but his daughter would spend one weekend a month at his house and it was during one of these weekend visits when his image of her changed.

It started late one night while she was staying at his house. She was on the phone with her boyfriend and he found that the sound of her voice would travel through the heating ducts and he could hear her in his bedroom. It was an annoyance and he was about to tell her when he suddenly noticed that what he was hearing were not words but moaning, groaning and then dirty talk. She was having phone sex with her Bf and it was actually turning him on. That was the first time he jerked off to his daughter….but it wouldn’t be the last.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. He knew that he would never actually cross that line with her physically but mentally was a different story. He had accidentally walked in on her topless and once more completely naked. One night after she left he found a pair of her panties in the clothes hamper, a purple thong with the words “Lucky You” written on them. He admitted to having a slight panty/lingerie fetish and before he knew it he was stroking his cock with his daughter’s thong and dumping his seed into them. I found all of these incredibly hot and didn’t mind telling him so.

One night he sent me a copy of his latest story and after reading it I was so fucking horny I IM’d him my phone number. It was the middle of the day and I wasn’t expecting him to call so it startled me when my phone rang.

“So you liked the new story?” his voice was just as sexy as his words.

“I fucking loved it!”

“Shouldn’t you be at school?”

“No school today, PTA conferences.” I moaned a bit as I stretched out on my bed.

“So what are you up to then?”


“Yes of course.”

“Rubbing my pussy through my panties.” this time it was him that moaned.

“That turn you on Daddy?” it was the first time I referred to him as “Daddy” and it sent a shiver down my body to my needy little cunt.

“Oh fuck yes!”

“MMMM your cock getting hard for me Daddy?”

“You want to see it? I’ll turn on my web cam if you do.”

“Yes Daddy” I went to my computer and logged in. The “View Web Cam” request was waiting for me. I clicked on it as I sat down and there before my eyes was his swollen cock. It wasn’t the biggest I had ever seen, in fact the length appeared to be just above average but the man did have some width and really big head. I love that.

“MMMM Daddy! Such a yummy cock.”

“You like Daddy’s dick?” he was slowly stroking and precum was just starting to build at the tip.

“You’re making me so wet Daddy. Wanna see?” I sent him a request to view my cam.

“Oh fuck!” I stood up so he could see all of me. I was only wearing panties.

“You like my panties Daddy?” I could tell he reached for something and he held up a pair of pink panties then proceeded to wrap them around his dick.

“Who’s panties?” I had sat back down, legs spread wide and my own panties pulled aside as I rubbed my bald little cunt.

“Katie’s. My daughter.” the faucet that is my pussy was now open full blast and I could feel my juices flowing. I was full on fingering myself to the point where I was almost literally riding my hand. He matched my pace and soon enough he started to shoot. Stream after stream flooding his daughter’s silky panties. When he was done he held them so I could see them then he refocused his cam so I could see him from the waist up and I was pleasantly surprised. Our conversation soon ended when my parents came home from work but the rest of the evening I couldn’t help but think about our cam session. I fully intended to do it again late that night but I fell asl**p. When I woke up the net morning it was 8AM and I was horny again. The images of that chat with my on-line “daddy” running through my mind, I went on-line to re-read some of those hot stories again. When I logged on I saw that he was on and I couldn’t resist messaging him.

“MMMM morning Daddy ;) “

“Well good morning there little girl. No school again today?”


“So what are you up to today?”

“I’m so fucking horny this morning!”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Drive down and fuck me?” My response was actually kind of a shock to me. I had had an internet hook-up before but that was after chatting with the guy for a couple months.


“Yes.” The conversation went back and forth for several minutes and basically revolved around me convincing him that it wasn’t some sort of set-up. I told him we could meet at the local mall and go from there. I sent him the address and waited for a response.

“I can be there in about 2 hours.”

“Yippie! Oh and Daddy? Bring your daughter’s panties with you.”

I logged off and started to get myself ready. I took a long hot soak in the tub and shaved. I wanted my little mound as smooth as could be. I had trouble deciding what to wear. I wanted to look sexy but not too slutty since we were going to be in public. I ended up choosing a short jean skirt and a rather tight tank top. I got a ride to the mall and just sort of roamed around waiting for his call. When it finally came I had butterflies in my stomach. We met up at the Starbucks and had a coffee then walked around a bit. I was fucking horny the entire time and it was a turn on to be walking around with this man, referring to him as Daddy and knowing that he would soon be deep inside me. We eventually made our way back to his car.

“So what do you want to do now?”

“I want you to take me somewhere and fuck the shit out of me.” I replied with a sexy smile and then grabbed his hand and started to suck 2 of his fingers.

“I think I saw a nice hotel on my way in.”

“No that one is expensive, there is a cheap little motel just down the road.” I had been to this motel more than a few times so I knew that it was fairly discreet and there is something about being fucked in a cheap motel that just seems so sluttty. Lol.

He went inside and got a room while I waited out in the car, teasing my little pussy through my panties as I anticipated the fucking that this older man was about to give me. When he returned to see me with my skirt hiked up and my hand slowly rubbing myself he moaned. Our room was around the back of the building which was good. As soon as we got inside I pushed myself up against him. I could feel his hard-on through his pants already.

“MMMM Daddy. This for me?”

“Every inch baby doll.” the fact that he called me baby doll was kind of hot.

“Did you bring something?” he seemed a bit confused at first but soon caught on and pulled a pair of black lace thong from his pocket. I gabbed them and told him I would be right back as I slipped into the bathroom. When I returned I was only wearing his daughter’s black thong and my purple bra. He was sitting on one of the chairs, his cock already out. It certainly looked bigger in real life.

“Well what do you think Daddy? Do they look better on me then they do wrapped around your cock?”

“Oh fuck!”

“Such a naughty Daddy, jerking off with your little girl’s panties” I moved towards him and straddled his thighs, my panty covered mound pushing against his throbbing cock.

“Oh Chloe, that feels so good!”

“Call me Katie.” I whispered in his ear as I ground my young cunt against him a little harder.

“Katie, you feel how hard you’re making your Daddy?” his hands slid up my sides to my tits, pawing at them through my bra.

“MMHHMMMM. You like those big tits Daddy? I bet you’ve been aching to see them.” I reached back and undid the clasp and let the material fall from my body exposing my young fleshly globes. He stared at them intently then pulled me to him, burying his face between my breasts. I felt his mouth lightly clamp down around one nipple.

“Bite it Daddy, bite it harder! MMMM your lil girl likes it rough.” his teeth clenched increasingly tighter around my nipple sending shockwaves of pleasure and pain through my body, causing me to grind my young mound against his throbbing cock harder. I could feel the wetness of his pre-cum against my tummy. I just had to have that juicy dick in my mouth so I pushed him back and slowly slid down to my knees in front of him and took it in my hand. I watched him watching me as I slowly stroked the length, teasing the head with my tongue.

“Oh god Katie! Do it baby doll, suck it!” starting at his balls I licked up to the tip before opening my mouth and wrapping my painted lips around it. His pre-cum tasted so good. I slowly inched my way down, then back up and then down again. Taking more and more until his entire length was buried in my throat.

“MMMM yes! Deep throat your Daddy you little fucking whore!” his words wee so rough. His hand found my head and soon he was fucking my mouth causing saliva and pre-cum to drip from the corners of my lips down onto my body. I felt him start to swell and I knew he was close. I desperately wanted him to cum in my mouth but I also wanted to get fucked.

“Oh my god Katie, you’re going to make your Daddy cum so fucking hard!” I pushed him back and pulled his throbbing length from my lips, still stroking it.

“MMMM do it! I want you to cum in my fucking mouth Daddy?” I stroked faster as I continued to suck on him until I felt that first spurt start to erupt from his swollen head. I opened wide and he jerked himself off into my mouth. There was more cum than I expected and I had streams of his cream dripping from my face by the time he was finished. I pushed the errant cream into my hungry mouth as Daddy watched. He pulled me up to him and kissed me deeply, tasting his own seed.

“MMMM you’re turn now baby.” he smiled then picked me up and dropped me onto the bed. His hands pushing my thighs apart, his breath hot on my skin as he pushed the thong aside getting his first look at my young, hairless mound.

“Fuck, such a pretty little pussy. Daddy has been wanting a taste of his little Katie for so long” I felt his tongue licking up my slit to my swollen clit.

“Oh god yes Daddy! Do it! Eat my little fucking cunt Daddy!” he focused his tongue and mouth on my clit as he pushed one finger, then another deep inside my snatch. I was in heaven as this older man devoured my young teen pussy and I had no problem telling him so.

“Oh fuck yes! Right there Daddy! Fuck you’re going to make your little whore daughter cum!” I was grinding myself against him hard. Profanity and dirty talk spewing from my mouth as he brought me closer and closer. When my first orgasm hit my back arched and I held his head between my thighs until it passed.

When my orgasm subsided he came up and kissed me again. This time it was me that got to taste my own juices from his lips. We kissed like that for a few minutes and I started to feel his reawakened cock against my panty covered gash. I looked down between us and watch is it rested against the thin fabric. I thought about taking them off but decided that it would be hotter if he fucked me while I wore his actual daughter’s thong. I reached down and pulled them aside again, his thick swollen head now laying against my tight teen fuckhole. He looked so much bigger then he did on his web cam. He began to rub the head up and down my soaked lips.

“MMMM Daddy, your cock looks so big. Oh put it in me Daddy, please. Make me take it all Daddy!” I winced as his thick head slowly entered me. Inch after inch until he was ball deep in my young hole.

“Ohhhhh Katie! You’re so fucking tight!” he moaned as he started to piston in and out my little cunt.

“Oh god yes Daddy! Yes! Fuck me harder Daddy! Fuck me like a dirty little whore!” I was loud. I could hear people fucking in the next room and I wondered if they could hear me begging my Daddy to pound me like slut. It made it so much hotter.

“You’re Daddy’s little whore Katie, Daddy’s little slut!” he was on his knees, holding my leg open as he slammed his cock in and out my tight pussy. My tits bouncing wildly each time he f***ed himself in hard.

“Yes yes yes! Daddy’s dirty filthy little fucking whore daughter! Use me Daddy! Use your little daughter’s fuckhole!” his speed and intensity were building.

“Such a dirty little fucking whore Katie. You’re going to make your Daddy cum so fucking hard!”

“Do it Daddy! Cum! Cum for your little baby doll fuck toy!” he fucked me even harder.

“Tell Daddy where you want his cum!”

“Oh fuck! Cum in my little girl cunt Daddy! Shoot your load deep inside your daughter!” I was on the pill but had never had a guy cum in my pussy. Something about the thought of Daddy shooting into his daughter seemed hot.

He grabbed my hips and drilled into me faster, harder, rougher until he started to explode inside my teen cunt. I felt spurt after spurt erupting into my sloppy hole as I began to cum with him.

We laid there for a while, staying in character the whole time. Me calling him Daddy, and him calling me Katie. He fucked me again, this time from behind, and deposited another load into my dripping cunt. We showered and I sucked him hard and let him bust on my face. I would have fucked him again but by then my pussy was sore. It started getting late and my curfew was fast approaching. I was naked, half bent over and checking my face in the mirror when he came up behind me and started to caress my ass. I felt his finger nudge against my virgin asshole and he asked if anyone had been up his little ass yet.

“MMMM no. Not yet Daddy.”

“Well maybe next time you’ll give that up to Daddy.” and the next time that is exactly what I did.

He became the first to ass fuck me and truth be told he was there for a few of my sexual firsts. He was there the first time I had two cocks at once. He was there the first time I got with another girl as well. We got together regularly over the next couple of years until he was transferred again. I always called him Daddy and he always called me Katie, even to this day when we talk. I’ve had many “Daddies” since but I’ll never forget my first.

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