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IM GONNA SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO WITH THAT! This is A TURE STORY! I was ridding as fast as I could I was going to be late for dinner. One block to go down the hill a hard left and I was in the yard. My babysitter standing on the back porch your late again. Tell me something I don’t know! I dash in the house and before I can say hello to my mom she tells me no more bike for the rest of the week if you can’t be on time when it's your turn stay around the house until you learn to be ok? Yes Mam Dam (I think to myself) Mom I have to go to the bathroom! Hurry up and get back down here so you can set the table!! Up the stairs I go into the bathroom and let out my young black dick. It is big I was going to be 15 soon and had 3 good chances at getting some pussy but all the girls were too afraid to try out my clock’s I was still getting it on with my hand! Still a virgin!! Watching the last drops drain I look over my right shoulder to Kathy standing in the door way looking at My dick I could not move I just stood there looking at her she is my older s****r's (Jean) friend and she was FINE as hell 17 years old 5ft9 130lbs skin the color of honey. Curved like Greek Goddess!! So she finally says you sure do have more than a hand full!!! To this day all I can tell you is that I made some noise that must have meant yes I do! Just looking at her with that summer dress on the curve of her hips and the way her chest pushed at the fabric making my Dick hard as hell Before she could say another word my mom called up for me to get down here now snapped out of my sexual trans I holler out ok and tuck my hard as dick back in my pants and zip them up buckle my belt pull my shirt over my dick wash my hands and head out the door. Kathy who was still standing in the door way looks at me and says IM GONNA SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO WITH THAT! Tonight after your parent's go to work! Ok was all I could get out. I went down stairs to set the table for dinner and was in DAZE the rest of the night at dinner my hade to tell me twice to stop staring at Kathy. My baby s****r said he loves her!!! My dad told her to stop teasing and mind herself and leave me alone dinner took forever and I stayed hard the entire time! Both my parent's worked 3Rd shift at a now defunct auto maker AMC in Kenosha and with no school the rest of the week and this being Monday this look good for me. Kathy was staying over with my s****r's Jean (17) my too other s****r's Lynn (16) And Marie (13) always had friend's staying over. Me I liked it none of their friends were ugly and I had a wonderful choice from black as 12 feet down to light bright and dam near white!! I loved watch them dance, walk, sitting reading whatever I have made it a mission to see them in all manner of dress@ undress too!! (my s****rs too but that’s another story) so here I was sitting in my room waiting for my parent's to leave for work I just sat their staring at my commode 64 (that's was a computer) not doing a thing just waiting sitting thinking about Kathy was she just playing with me like my s****r's did some time! After what seemed like forever my Dad knocked at my door stuck his head in and laid down the law then said I love you mom came by and did the same as well as handing me the key to the shed telling me to lock up my bike!! Ok goodnight were all that was left to say. I had cleaned up my room made my bed and was now looking at the clock 1:15 I should have known my s****r must have told her to do it. So I got up and grabbed a hustler mag I had snagged from my Uncle James and was once again going to get off with my hand and then door opened Kathy came in and closed it behind her and once again all I could was stare she wore a small night pink blue with thin straps over here shoulders she looked amazing I dropped mag and said I did not think you were going to come she said take off your PJ'S I started with my top she walked over and sat on the bed and told me don’t stop I want to see that big dick of yours I moved as fast as I could finally I stood naked in front of her!! She are you still a virgin I said no I’ve had blowjobs and even eaten pussy too!! Don’t be silly GW that doesn’t count you have to put that big dick inside a pussy so have you done that? NO the girls I hang with won’t let me they say it's to BIG!!! No GW it's not and IM GONNA SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO WITH THAT! Then she kneeled on the bed and removed her nightie and I was amazed at what I saw her titts were Georges with the darkest nipples I had ever seen my dick jumped all on its own like what you see big boy? Yessssssssssssss was all I could work out feeling like I was going to faint she then pulled her pink@bule panties down and as she pulled them down I saw a long line of pussy juice stuck to the crotch of her pantie's she a small amount of thick black hair then she took her left hand slid it down her body right into her pussy I started walking to the bed she laid back and placed both her feet on my chest I grabbed her panties and pulled them off and put the wet crotch too my nose and could feel the wetness she laid back and opened her legs I climbed up between her legs stopping to lick her. To this day I love to eat PUSSY she was really loving it but pulled me by my head up to her and kissed my long and hard then I felt her move between us she grabbed my dick and I new I would no longer be a virgin she was soaking wet I slid all the way in.Slow down work with me and it will last longer she was right it was heaven we stayed like this for some time she said I’m almost their GW you lie on your back I’m goanna ride this DICK I did as I was told and she turned her back to me sung her leg over me grabbed my dick and slid down she started out slow the view of her ass moving up and down was wonderful she picked up the pace grinding herself on me then she started shaking and moaning saying yes she was Cuming and I loved the way it felt she was not moving so I grabbed her under her thy and pulled her back to me so her pussy was now on my face 69 and started licking she moaned low and long I worked her clit as best I could she came again and kept licking this time working all the way too her ass that drove her crazy and once more she started shaking I kept this up until I felt her once again take my dick in her mouth she was sucking on the head and licking my balls it felt great the way she sucked my balls and the head at the same time wait what is going on too set of lips I could not see who was helping her all I could do was enjoy what was going on and soon both mouths were at the tip licking sucking a soon after I started Cuming they kept licking and sucking that was it I was done my dick drained I just lay their Kathy slowly got up giving who ever helped her a chance to leave the room with me ever seeing witch one of my s****r's it was. She licked me all over my face tasting her juices. Then we started kissing I could taste my cum not too bad. When she broke away from our kiss I asked who was that helping you. You will find out soon enough you should open a window and change your sheet's I’m going to bed see you later. She was right the room smelled of sex so I did just what she said. The took a shower and went back to bed. I lay in bed wide awake wondering witch s****r it was thinking it had to be Jean she was Kathy's best friend that made since. Soon I drifted off to sl**p. When I did wake it after 8:00AM Mom @ Dad were both home eating breakfast I sat down after getting some eggs ham toast. My mother wanted to know if I gave the girls a hard time if she only knew.

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