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Isn't it nice when ................

Well, here’s the thing, I’ve been so busy of late I haven’t had a chance to even think about Antonia being naughty.

But next week, I’m going to be hold alone for 6 days and nights so I’ve decided to make up for some lost time.

I’ve got two new pairs of shoes on order, one pair are the ballerina style pumps, very practical around the house and the others a pair of 3” heel court shoes which will go well with my rather classical style of dress. I much prefer the fitted skirts and blouses, the sort of thing that Mother favoured, rather than some short skirt that leaves nothing to the imagination. But each to their own of course, some girls have the legs to get away with wearing that sort of thing.

So, I’ve been preparing carefully. I’ve placed a couple of free advertisements on the French gay/travi sites and had two rather interesting conversations with men who want to meet up, the first on Friday afternoon for an afternoon of serious debauchery with a lot of anal fetishism and the second, with two guys, one 48 and his neighbour of 70, who want Antonia to visit them on the Saturday and use a strap-on on both of them.

So, of course, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it as they’re being so helpful.

The first guy has some very interesting ideas about industrial size syringes, a very large funnel, douche bags, fruit and vegetables and fruit purees. It all sounds deliciously messy so I think I’ll have to make sure that I wear my plasticised pinnie before I get to work on him. He also want me to fist him, insert a whole hand of bananas into his pussy and then oil and slip 1.5 metres of chain into him. He also has quite a thing about ‘uro’ (pee in French slang) games so I think he’ll be kneeling in the shower whilst I give him a (saved) pee enema. He does sound rather naughty but if he thought he would be speaking to somebody who was nervous about that sort of game, he’s going to be gladly mistaken.

I spoke to the second guy last year but we couldn’t arrange our diaries to meet. He has an fancy to be taken in the pussy by a travi using a strap-on, on a one to one basis and then he wants his 70 year old neighbour to get the same treatment whilst he spit roasts the neighbour’s mouth. The better thing here is that the younger guy also dresses, but doesn’t do the nails, make-up, perfume at all, but who knows, anything is possible. And I’ve decided to drive to him dressed so I can enjoy the feeling of stockings and lingerie on my legs and my new shoes as I’m driving. It will take an hour or so to get to them so I’ll have all that time with the tip of my clitty rubbing on my panties.

And the icing on the cake is that they both want photographs, so I’ll finally have some of me to post on here.

All that starts on Friday afternoon so I’ve got all of the morning to make myself as femme as possible, which will be even better.

On Thursday evening I’m trying to get together to meet the young man I met earlier in the year who just wanted to cum in my mouth. I’ll send him a message tonight, I’ve enough time to drop my visitor at the airport, get home, get girly and be ready to just suck him until he comes or bend over for him so he can empty himself into me, isn’t it nice to have choices?

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