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Dogging tv slut

It was dark enough now I thought. It was about eight o'clock on a warm spring evening and I was ready. I had started getting ready about three hours earlier. I'd showered, cleaned all those special parts, applied my make-up heavily and dressed. I was wearing a skimpy flower print top over a black silk bra, my favourite suspenders, black leather micro mini skirt, black gloss stockings and high heeled black knee length boots. I peered from out behind the curtains. Yes the street was clear apart from some young lads on the nearby street corner. It was only about ten yards to the car. Quickly I closed the front door, moved purposefully to the car and got in. Safe now I thought.

The drive to the dogging area took about twenty minutes. All the way I was getting more and more aroused. My cock which, when I had dressed earlier, had been easy to pull in tight with my little white panties, was now beginning to swell and throb at a worrying pace. By the time I turned off up the lane it was now quite dark. The headlights of my car picked out a few others, some with occupants and some empty. As I went further into the tree lined lane I could also make out shapes in the woods. I passed one girl who was sucking off two guys both with their trousers around their ankles. Further on, by the picnic tables and older guy was fucking a much, much younger lad who was spread eagled over the table.

I went on a bit further and then pulled up and backed into a small enclave in the trees. Quite secluded, I thought. I was, by now, feeling quite horny and couldn't stop myself from easing my cock from my tight thong, pulling it to one side, and slowly wanking myself. It was warm night so I lowered the window. "That looks nice. I think your enjoying that". I nearly jumped out of my skin. At the window stood a tall athletic guy with, at the eye level that I was at, had a huge mound in his jeans. He lent forward through the window and felt my rock hard cock. "Let me see yours then darling" I requested. He quickly eased down his zip, pulled his pants to one side and offered me his large erect cock which I immediately began to suck and lick.

As I was sucking him, through the window, I saw, from the corner of my eye, another two men watching from the trees. I stopped sucking momentarily "Why don’t I get out the car. Lets go over the on the grass" I was well prepared and took the blanket, that I had bought, from the back seat and on reaching the grassy verge laid it out, pulled my cock from out of my panties and knelt down, my cock sticking out from under my mini at right angles. The guy again thrust his cock into my face and I eagerly started on his cock again.

One of the guys who had been watching now came over. He had his cock out. “It’s a bloke mind, dressed up like a tart. If you’re not fussy she does a fucking good blow job” he said to the guy who was advancing towards them. I beckoned him over and took his cock in my right hand. He had a really big cock with an enormous knob end and even in the diminished light I could see that the knob was glistening purple red.

I started to wank his cock and continued to suck the first guy. My bright red lipstick was leaving a beautiful red ring around his cock. I was wanking the other guy quite hard and could feel his prick throbbing and pulsing in my hand but I wasn’t ready for the eruption from his cock. Luckily most of the steaming hot jet of spunk shot over my shoulder but some of the hot white cream spurted over my neck and part of my cheek. I continued to milk the cock until the last droplets of spunk stopped cumming.

I carried on sucking the first guy who by now was really, really big and I was having some trouble taking it all in my mouth. The third guy had now come closer and instead of moving forward to replace the guy, who’d just spunked, knelt down beside me and started wanking my cock. I wasn’t again prepared as the guy who I was sucking exploded his load into my mouth. I tried desperately to swallow the hot creamy spunk but it was just too much and I had to open my mouth and let it trickle down my cheeks. The guy who was wanking me stopped and took pity on me, as my face was now plastered in spunk.

He took out a handkerchief and gently wiped my face. “Thank you”. “No problem” he replied and lifted me to my feet and walked my back to my car. My cock was now enormous and throbbing with want. The guy gently pulled me back against the bonnet of the car, undid his zip, pulled out his cock and they both started to wank each other’s cocks.

“Fuck me lads. Come over here quick. There’s a tranny and she looks up for it!” shouted a guy from the shadows and several guys appeared as if from nowhere and, undoing there zips, started to bring themselves off whilst watching the scenario unfold in front of them.

I looked to my right and could see that they’d just left a couple in the next car that’d just finished fucking. The girl was outside the car and wiping the spunk from her legs and stomach which some of the guys had shot over her.

One of the guys in the group shouted out “Why don’t you fuck her” to the guy who was pleasuring me. I nodded my agreement to the guy and moved back over to the blanket. I took off my skimpy thong, knelt down, pulled my tight skirt up to my waist and thrust my ass into the air. I thought to myself “Thank god I lubed before I left home”. The guy knelt down behind me and with one swift stab was in me.

“Argaaaah” it hurt a little but luckily he wasn’t that big so I was able to begin to enjoy it. He was fucking my ass really hard, probably spurned on by the watching group. After about ten minutes and after about three of the guys had shot their loads in my general direction, the guy who was fucking me exploded up my ass. As he collapsed in orgasmic pleasure he was quickly pulled aside by one of the remaining guys who hadn’t yet spunked and he thrust his prick quickly into my ass, which was now well lubricated with the spunk of the guy who’d just finished fucking me.

The guy again took me roughly and was soon fucking me with renewed vigour, again egged on by the watching crowd. My cock couldn’t take much more and it wasn’t long before I spunked my load over the blanket. Although I had shook with orgasmic pleasure and cried out none of the watching group seemed to have taken much notice. All they seemed interested in was how much prick my ass could take. I was now praying that the guy who was fucking me would soon spunk as the scene was now getting a little out of hand. Soon he did and as he pulled himself out of my ass, I started to rise to my feet but two or three of the guys had other ideas and grabbed me tightly and dragged me over to the bonnet of my car.

Two of the guys held my arms either side of the car whilst the third one kicked my legs apart, pulled up my skirt to expose my hole and f***ed his large prick deep into my by now ripped ass. I screamed. Luckily he was well aroused and soon my ass was again awash with spunk. “Come on guys, your turn” One of the guys holding on to my arms let go and whispered into my ear “It’s all right darling. I’ll be quick and then we’ll be away” True to his word he entered my gently and after only a few thrusts of his cock I felt hot spunk again filling my ass. They let go my arms and with not so much as a nod in my direction they disappeared into the shadows leaving me a dishevelled mess on the bonnet of my car.

My ass and legs were covered in sticky white spunk, which I wiped off with the grass stained blanket. I found my pants, pulled them on, brushed myself down and quickly got in the car.

I looked down at myself. My stockings were badly torn, covered in spunk and my pristine white boots were covered in grass stains. Although my ass was stinging and still weeping spunk I still felt good. I tried to work out how many cocks I’d had and guessed at about eight. I started the engine, turned on the headlights and drove back down the lane to the main road.

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