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Touched for the Very First Time....

This is hopefully the first of many stories. Before I begin I want to make it clear that all these stories are 100% true and if I ever make a fictional story it will be clearly marked as such. So... to this story. At this time I was 16, so yes i was legal to be doing it before anyone thinks different. It was my first time with a guy but its a little complicated since he was once considered my uncle although legally we are not related and never were. He was 36 at the time. To describe him he was 6', fairly well built, average body definition, slightly hairy... ill get to describing him more later. So on with the story.

At the time Mark had just split with my auntie. They had been seeing each other for a few years but never got married or engaged. Despite them splitting up I remained close with him and at times he was more like a b*****r than anything else. At the time I often stayed over at his house some weekends since my school friends were closer and I could spend more time with my friends. It was a fairly nice august evening and it was pretty warm outside however I wasnt out. I was constantly texting my friend who was having man troubles and thats when it started.

I was talking to Mark about my friends problems and it was sex related. I felt comfortable talking to him about it all and he was giving pretty sensible advice. However he then shocked me alittle and asked me if I had ever done anything. I told him no but he said he didnt believe me because I was way too good looking and cute not to have done anything. I insisted I was a complete virgin and I had never even seen a naked guy up close before, let alone done things with a guy. I joked and said I wouldnt even know what to do anyway and that I would be a disaster in the bedroom. Thats when Mark shocked me and said something I never expected in a million years... "you can practice with me if you want".

He laughed after it and I figured that he was joking. I laughed along with him although part of me was thinking "Yeah, I would love to". Mark moved over and sat beside me on the sofa. He told me that he would show me things if i wanted to but he wouldnt f***e me. I wasnt sure what to do at the time. He then said that he thought I was cute and that hes often admired my bum when i wasnt looking. I was a little embarressed at the comments. No guy had ever told me things like this too my face before.

I asked what would happen if people found out but he told me no one would find out if we never let on. It could be our little dirty secret he told me. I was sorta turned on by the idea of having an older man teach me how to be good in bed and to experience things that most of my friends probably havent. So I said I would like to but I wanted to take it slow to begin with. He assured me that we would take things at my pace and would only try things if i wanted to and if i was ready to. I was then left with the dilemma. Do I do things with him and risk people finding out, or just leave it and lose a chance to experience alot of things..

I gave him my answer... YES! He smiled and asked if I would be up for starting right now and hinted that the chat had turned him on. Looking at his jeans, I did notice the bulge as he got hard. I said yeah and he moved in and kissed me gently on the lips. I moved back into a more confortable position and he kissed me again, this time more passionatly. I felt tingly as he kissed me and moved his hand down my side and to my leg which was now finding itself wrapped on his back. His hand then slowly moved back up my side and his hand went underneath my top as we kissed until his hand was at my breast. No man or boy had ever touched my breast before, especialy like this. He rubbed his hand over my nipple making it hard before he asked me if everything was okay and wanted to do more.

I nodded my head and he told me it would be good just to finger, wank and maybe try oral sex on thsi occasion and leave the heavier stuff till when we were more comfortable. I didnt know what was beset and agreed to go along with his plan. Mark then told me to take my clothes off and he closed the curtains so that it was more private. I took off my top and my jeans. I had never stripped infront of a guy before and was realy nervous. I took of my bra and stood up and took down my pants. I stood there not really knowing what to say or do as he began to take off his clothes. As he took down his pants his cock, bounced up and was bigger than i expected. I asked how big it was and he told me 7'5". It looked impressive although it was the first real cock I had seen.

He moved up close to me and his cock rubbed against my stomach as we kissed. I didnt touch it just yet, my nerves getting the better of me for now. He positioned me on the sofa and opened up my legs. He told me to relax and enjoy it but I was perhaps a little too nervous to fully enjoy it. He started rubbing me and I had a feeling like i had never had before, He moved a finger and pushed it in slowly and began to finger me. BEfore long I was breathing alot heavier and really enjoying it alot. He moved his head up close to my wet pussy and gave it a lick. He commented on how "pink" it was, at teh time I didnt know what he meant. I was really getting into it, my nerves fading until he stopped and asked me to start doing things to him.

I wasnt sure what I was doing. I gripped the shaft for the first time and he grabbed the back of my hand and simulated it for me so that I knew what i was doing. Within seconds I was wanking him and I could tell he was liking it. I started faairly slow and picked up the pace gradually until he told me to "suck him off". I wasnt sure and asked him what I do exactly, still playing with him as I did. AFter he explained it I moved my lips to the head of his cock and slowly put it into my mouth and gently sucking the head and I began pushing down on his cock. Within a few minutes I was really enjoying it. The taste wasnt as bad as i expected and I was in to really good rhythm. I kept going and going until he said he was close to cumming. He told me that I could either take it in my mouth and either swallow or spit it, or he suggested he could cum over my body. I wasnt too sure but opted for him to do it over my body.

He positioned me on the sofa and straddled me with his cock aimed at my chest and face. He let out a groan and another before it exploded out of his cock onto my chest and chin. He kept going and there were 3 good loads that came out onto my chest. He moved back and I just lay there looking down at the hot white mess on my chest. I didnt expect there to be so much. I sat up and it began to dribble down my stomach around my belly button. I grabbed a tissue and mopped some of it up however he suggested I should go take a shower. I stood up and said I would go for the shower. We kissed again and I got down to pick up my clothes to head up stairs for a shower. He asked me how it was for me and Itold him I loved it. Before I left him he asked if I would do more in the future and Itold him yeah, but aslong as it was at my pace. He smiled as I headed up for a shower, still a little sticky with cum and with no clothes on. If this was just a little fun, I couldnt wait for the full thing....

Note: To be continued.. This is the first of many, hopefully I get good reviews and comments

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