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How I Fell In Love With Devorah

This beautiful, amazing girl was my uncle's girlfriend. She's Jewish with beautiful thick curly chestnut-colored hair, a pretty figure for a late-thirties chick, about a 34C bust and running to the hairy side, as I was to find out. We both lived in Cleveland at the time and she was six months preggers at this time. I was an innocent little shit studying undergrad business at the university.

I stopped by their apartment one day as a favor for my dad who had some papers for my uncle to sign. My uncle was in the merchant marine and away at the time. "Aunt Dev," although home, was not expecting me. She was wearing a dark blue cotton just-above-knee skirt, showing quite a bit of tummy and a tank top with no bra and her "high beams" were on. OM goodness, did she have pert, pretty little nipples. She was a total hippy chic and their apartment looked like it was right out of the 60s. She is an excellent chef and was just taking some sort of blintzes out of the oven, inviting me to sample. I was mesmerized by her breasts but terribly shy to sneak a peek.

She was sipping a glass of white wine (at 3p.m.) and we sat down at the small dinette set off the kitchen. I'm sure she noticed that I was trying to catch a glimpse of her tits, but hey, she was a free spirit and I'm quite sure couldn't care less. She must have sensed my young excitement and she mentioned teasingly that in her twenties she had done glamor photography work and offered to show me her portfolio. She went and got it and showed me and to my shocked amazement the photo shoots were super sexy -- pornographic -- where she began fully clothed and disrobed to complete nude! I didn't realize this until I began moving through the first photo set. OMG the clothing started coming off and I was like "Aunt Dev -- are you sure it's ok for me to see these?" She was like "It's fine, Jake, I'm comfortable with my body."

So here comes this clothing off off and off and (I'm a panty nut) we get down to the delicate little underthings and I'm getting terribly excited. She's like "You're trembling. Excitable boy," she said amused at my youth. "I've totally lost my figure now with this pregnancy." and I said "I think you look great Aunt Dev!" (she was only about ten years older than me.) "Really?" she asked. And she stood up and raised her skirt hem to riiiight below her panty crotch and said "But look at these legs! They've gotten so big!" (They hadn't) By this time I guess I'm shivering pretty good and she says "Gosh I doubt I can even kiss worth a damn anymore." I sit there with pie eyes just oggling.

"Kiss me!" she says. She knows she's driving me crazy. "Well I um uh, he, he..." and she leans over and gives me a lip smack. I smile, shivering with arousal. She leans over and kisses again, this time pressing her moist lips against mine. She walks around the table and stands me up and totally, totally french kisses me. By this time I'm absolutely shaking with... I don't know what, and she. is. interested. in all this. She says "You adorable, excitable boy. Calm, just calm down," smoothing my arms down. I'm shaking.

She says "Why don't YOU take some pictures of me. That is if you're not too put off by my 'condition'." I'll shorten the story and say that I attempted to take pictures as she teased for the camera (my god what a woman), but I sucked because I was shaking so bad. We looked at the pictures as I proceeded (and they were blurry and sucked) and she said "Well, just pretend you're taking the pictures." and she continues modeling (MG what a natural she was, just soo full of sensuality OMG) and I didn't really know what to do. She says "Just pretend you're phtographing" and holds my head in front of her crotch as she begins moving her white shimmery panties slowly slowly aside showing her rich brown bush. Well at this point I just can't carry on.

She says "Hey you -- you need to be just calmed down." (She's loving life right here) She kneels in front of me, unbuttons my jeans and whips out my um, yeah, and slips it right into her beautiful, lush mouth. "Unng" I say, or something like it. I wasn't really fully hard (just kind of freaked out) and she slowly, adroitly, expertly works this growing member in and out of her sweet mouth. Her gorgeous brown curly head is moving back and forth. All I can keep saying is OMG OMG OMG. By this time both superb breasts are resting on the lowered bra cups revealing her FANTASTIC erecet nipples. She pulls her shimmery panties partly down and says "Young man, it's time for you to fuck your Aunt Devi," and slips my now-erect young cock between her thighs.

She says "Look:" and gently brings my hand up to her woolly crotch. She's soaking wet with this milky, creamy sex, um, stuff in her pussy, and she tilts her pussy up, lines me up and backs right the hell onto that throbbing member. "Ooooh," she says, full of pleasure. I'm like a stupid broken recording OMG OMG. And she starts to rythmically shove back on me. "Is this ok?" I ask, "I mean we're going to disturb anything are we?" "Oh God no, you're just great, Jakie."

I spunked I'm afraid all too soon, or at least much sooner than I should have, and she was just fine. She didn't come herself, but seemed totally happy to have been boned by a young college boy. She invited me to lie with her on the rug in the living room and we just talked, whispered, cuddled and kissed.

I was pretty intrigued with this girl by this time. We didn't get it on again until after she had her baby. In her last trimester she got HUGE, but amazingly after young Ariel was born she recovered amazingly. No stretch marks, no loose tummy skin, beautiful figure again (I repeat, God what a woman). The only telltale sign was a dark line running up the front of her pretty tummy.

We fucked often after that and I fell totally, deeply in love with this young woman and was ready to die for her, but to sum up, she was just too much of a free spirit to be tied down. Plus her boyfriend had an awesome, well-paying job and she was probably not willing to give that up. The little boy was followed by a little girl a couple of years later. They're still unmarried co-habitants raising a couple of great k**s. I was so heartbroken at the time. You can't imagine how heartbroken I was -- crying, miserable, pining for this amazing Jewish girl of my uncle's. I was f***ed to move on and I am now pretty happily married, but me never ever forget beautiful Jewish girl. You'll never find more woman than this girl -- never.

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