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Wife arranges group fuck for hubby - Part 2 (Fanta

So far we’ve had a fantastic little suck session and I’ve swallowed loads from 5 guys while my wife looks on and all is captured on 3 cameras in case I wake up tomorrow and think it was all a dream!

As I return from the kitchen with fresh drinks for everyone, my wife has put the handheld camera back on the side table, facing the couch, and sat herself down between two of the guys. She has her hands in their laps and is gently stroking them both up and down, the 6” cock and 7” straight cock guys, talking among the others as they were when I first came down stairs earlier. Casually, like any ordinary dinner party one might attend, LMAO! I can’t believe what’s happened so far, but am looking forward to what I think is to come!

“These two are nearly ready to have their way with you honey; I’ll start on some others for you! Ha, ha!” She stands up, offering me her seat and moves over between the 7” bendy guy and the big guy. I sit in her vacant spot and as she sits down, she duplicates her earlier position and places a hand on each soft cock and gently plays away, no rush for them to get hard yet, and continues her conversation. The guys on either side of me each reach for a hand and place them on their stiff cocks to continue where my wife had left off. I’m quite happy with that, and take a firm but gentle hold on each and start sliding up and down. I’m surprised, when both guys also rest a hand in my lap, one high up on my thigh right against my balls and the other actually on my semi hard, and hardening cock! Mentally I remind myself to not get carried away; I’m not allowed to cum remember!

The conversation continues for a little longer, but everyone is distracted, and paying more attention to the action at my end of the couch. The guy to my right, 6” guy, takes his hand from its resting place on my cock and in a move like a teenager at the movies, makes an exaggerated yawn noise and places his arm around my shoulders across the back of the couch. Everyone has a quick chuckle, but it stops as he surprises me again and pulls me towards him as he leans in and kisses me. Full on, tongue down the throat, f***eful and quite passionate. Not what I expected when kissing a man for the first time! He breaks away, but maintains the pressure on the back of my neck and lowers me down to his lap and onto his waiting cock to once again suck his stiff cock.

The guy to my left adjusts on the couch to give me room to lie down a little, on my side with my ass exposed to the rest of the group! He runs his hands all over me, but mainly down my back and across my ass, squeezing my ass cheeks from time to time and moving closer and closer to my hole, but never quite touching it. Then he finally and teasingly runs his fingers lightly across my hole and away again. Back across and away, and then again. Each time he touches my hole I pause from sucking the cock in my mouth and as he moves away I start sucking again. “Get up on your knees.” He says, and I find myself ass up head down sucking away in earnest now. In this position I am totally exposed to the group, and the camera pointing down into the sunken lounge must have a great angle as well! I’m sucking away and the guy behind me is still running his hands all over my ass and then I feel his hot breath as he gets closer and he reaches between my legs and gently tugs on my hardon, just once or twice, as his hot breath gets closer and closer to my hole until I feel his hot wet tongue lick up and down my crack and across my hole! I take the cock from my mouth and groan loudly “Fuck that feels good!”

He goes to town eating my ass and starts using his fingers as well, running them across my hole as his tongue is going crazy and then he starts using his spit as lube and pushes a finger part way into my tight ass. I have started to be far too distracted from my cock sucking job apparently because the guy now rises up to his own knees on the couch and with me now up on all fours he proceeds to fuck my face himself. Meanwhile I have a spit covered finger working its way deep into my ass and I grunt around the cock in my mouth. “Time for some lube I’d say” I’m relieved to hear my wife say, I’m a big advocate for more is better when it comes to lube! She hands him a bottle seemingly from nowhere and I feel a small amount dribbled down my ass crack and around the knuckle buried inside me. As he pulls back his finger becomes coated in the slippery liquid and he pushes back in, much more comfortably this time. In fact he adds another finger straight away and proceeds to push in to the last knuckles again, in and out and then adds a third. I know three fingers are smaller than any of these guys, but it is still very tight and I hope he takes his time to loosen me up!

The cock in my mouth is rock hard and my mouth is being thoroughly used as he thrusts backwards and forwards to his own rhythm. I feel like he’s working up to blow again, and I’m looking forward to another mouthful, when he suddenly stops and pulls away. The guy behind me also stops and moves away, and I am a bit lost for a moment, but quickly cotton on as they simply change ends! I’m now presented with a lovely 7” cock, and the 6” guy steps one foot up onto the couch behind me and leaves one on the ground as he pushes up against my ass, his cock nestled in my ass crack, and he leans his body down onto my back. He pushes my head forward a little as the guy in front steps forward and slides his cock into my waiting mouth. “Go on suck him! I love watching a cock sliding in and out of a hot little slut’s mouth like yours! But I love fucking that slut’s ass as well…” He grinds his cock against my hole and coats his cock with the lube in my crack. I hope it’s enough! He watches for a bit more and then pushes his hand into my shoulder and slides it down to my hip as he uses his other hand to guide his cock to my exposed hole. He rubs his cock head over my hole a few times and then lines up and pushes forward until the knob is pushing against my tight little ass.

As the guy behind me is pushing his knob slowly into me I pause from sucking the lovely cock in front of me and start sucking in a deep breath. I push back a little, encouraging him to push a little harder at my ass. I feel him sliding deeper into me and before too long I feel balls against my ass and he bottoms out. I sigh and it feels fantastic, and he just stops there for a sec allowing me to enjoy the full sensation and continue to suck the 7” cock slapping me in the cheek. I go back to sucking and deepthroating and licking his balls and the guy behind me just stays still and moves with me as I’m lost in the moment, sucking a cock with my ass full of cock! Then he’s had enough of letting me enjoy myself, it’s his turn! He places both hands on my hips now and holds me steady as he pulls his cock almost all the way out and then pushes all the way back in. He repeats this a few times, nice and smoothly, and then on the next in stroke he pounds in hard and fast and jams me forward on the cock I’m sucking, right down to the balls, and he jack hammers in and out of me and I am held in place, 7” of hard cock buried in my throat. He is building up and up and I wonder if he remembers my wife’s instructions? “In his mouth remember!” She says, about three seconds to late I’d say, as I feel him swell and explode in my ass! “Oh shit, I’m sorry, but that is one nice tight ass. I couldn’t stop!” he says breathlessly and stays firmly pressed deep into my ass still spasming inside me.

I can feel him softening in my ass and thankfully he has released some of the pressure pushing me forwards and I can come up for air from the cock buried in my throat. My wife stops gently tugging the cocks in each of her hands and comes over and slaps the guy firmly on the ass ”Naughty boy!” as she walks past to get the handheld camera from the side table. “Well don’t you move just yet! Wait till I get the camera, we’ll want this on film too!” She runs her nails from my ass to my shoulder as she goes past, and hurries back to point the camera down as his soft cock slips from my ass and a small amount of cum runs out and sits at the stretched entrance to my asshole. The guy I’ve been sucking moves around behind me and my wife continues filming as he steps up to my open ass, cock in hand. He uses his knob to push the dribble of cum back up and pushes it into my open asshole, using it to lube himself up as he goes. He is a bit thicker than the first guy from memory, and I’m about to find out as he puts the knob into my ass again but this time slams forward and slides his straight 7” cock all the way in, in one fast and hard thrust. I cry out, mostly in surprise, but also a little pain, he is a bit thicker as I suspected.

“I think he needs another cock in his mouth guys.” My wife says and pans the camera back to the bendy 7” guy and says “I think you’ll do nicely there buddy!” He hurries over and moves around in front of me as I’m getting pounded from behind. My wife leans the camera over my ass but grabs the guys curved cock and wanks it as he feeds it into my open mouth. Because he curves up, I can only really comfortably suck about half way down, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He has his hands on my ears, eyes closed and his head tilts back and he moans. I lick and suck and play with his balls, applying just enough pressure as I roll them around with my tongue. The guy behind me is still pounding in and out of me, but there is certainly no pain now, it’s all pleasure! I can feel the first load of cum still acting as lube and it feels great as he slams his balls hard against my ass. He pulls all the way out of me and says to the guy in front “You need to have a seat man, I’m just about ready to blow!”

He sits down on the back of the couch; his legs spread apart, and directs the guy I’ve been sucking to sit between his legs. I’m lost again, but I’m sure these guys have practiced moves and positions they have used plenty of times before and they know what they’re doing. The bendy guy sits down with the other guy’s balls nearly resting on his forehead and directs me to straddle him. I’m a quick learner and place one knee next to his hips and throw my leg over his lap, his cock lining up nicely with my well fucked asshole! As I lower myself down onto his cock I think I start to realize why a bendy cock isn’t a bad thing at all! The curve while in this position rubs fantastically in all the right places inside me and it feels amazing! I bounce up and down and my cock bounces of the guy’s stomach and chest in front of me and my balls land in his pubic hair every time I bottom out. The guy at the back of the couch stands up and brings his cock forward and as I bounce up on the cock in my ass he shoves his cock into my mouth, still coated in the cum from my ass. It doesn’t taste bad at all, and I know I’m clean, so I lick and suck him clean and continue to bounce up and down as best as I can. On the next up stroke, I come right off the cock I’m riding and deep throat the 7” cock all the way down and the guy below me raises his hips and buries himself deep inside me again and holds me up while he pistons in and out, fucking my well used hole! I suck the guy in front of me down deep and he yells “Here it comes!” as he erupts down my throat and I pull back and take the rest of his load in my mouth, tasting every drop. I swallow the hot gooey, sticky mess down and continue to lick and suck the softening cock and empty balls like a man possessed while the guy below me continues to hammer in and out.

The guy sitting on the back of the couch gently pushes me away, and I sit back down on the cock below me and just grind back and forward for a while. “Oh shit that feels great” he says to me and pulls me in closer, hands buried in my hair as he kisses me hard, I’m sure tasting the cum still coating my mouth. I’m kissing a guy again and rubbing back and forward on his bendy cock rubbing my insides and precum is flowing out of the end of my cock! He pulls away and looks down at the sticky clear liquid between us and holds me still. “You better sit still dude, your wife will be pissed if you can’t take care of her later!” He takes a finger and wipes the fluid from his stomach and my knob and lifts it to my lips. “Lick em clean!” he demands. I stick my tongue out and lick it clean. I then take his finger and suck it in my mouth, making sure I didn’t miss any. “I’ve got something else you need to suck” he says and he pushes me backwards off him and to my feet, and holds his cock upwards as he wanks his cock up and down. I lean forward and take his cock in my mouth again and suck him up and down as he wanks. I grab his balls and tug and roll them around as I suck him and can’t wait for him to blow.

I’m standing there, legs slightly spread, ass up head down sucking away when I feel the big guy step up behind me. He rests his hard cock in my ass crack and leans over and wraps his arms around me and plays with my nipples, pulling and twisting them just a little, firm but not painful. The guy with the fat cock also moves over and sits on the back of the couch where the other guy had been, his soft but thick 5” cock hanging in front of him. I look up as he sits down, but keep sucking as I want another tasty treat down my hungry throat! Even the huge cock nestled in my ass crack won’t distract me from getting my reward! I move my mouth up and down as fast as I can and keep playing with his balls “Yeh, that’s it, I’m getting close, keep going, keep going, yeh, yeh, arrgghhhh!” He yells out as I feel the first spurt slam into the roof of my mouth and it feels like it comes out my nose! He keeps gushing; way more than his first load and I swallow and swallow trying to keep up, but it dribbles out of my mouth and down his shaft, even covering his balls. I have never seen anyone come this much the second time round, even in pornos! I continue to lick up the mess and bathe his cock and balls all over with my tongue, the big guy still behind me and the guy perched on the back of the couch, both waiting their turn.

I look to the end of the couch where my wife is sitting and see her dress is pulled up and bunched a little at the waist and her hand is between her legs. There is definitely no underwear there as she clearly is rubbing her pussy and I hope she is as wet as I picture in my head and I can’t wait to taste her later, but hopefully not too much later. She is flushed and looks so fucking horny, I love it and I love her so much and tell her so again.

The cock I’ve been sucking is going soft and he slides sideways down the couch and smiles a knowing smile at me as he looks over my shoulder at the big guy behind me. I’m pulled up straight and the big guy is right behind me pressed firmly against the back of my whole body. I can feel his big hands all over my chest and stomach and the occasional touch of my cock and balls, and his hot breath against my neck. As well as his solid cock resting between my ass cheeks! I feel very helpless in a way, and don’t think I could stop him doing what he was doing, even if I wanted to, which I certainly don’t! He moves me forward to the couch and I didn’t even realise I was walking, but maybe he’d picked me up? He guides me forwards and I kneel on the edge of the couch, putting me again in just the right place to lean in and suck the guy perched on the back of the couch. Also it has my ass at a pretty good level for the big guy to bend his knees and place his uncut cock-head right at the entrance to my thoroughly fucked little hole. He just teases me though and runs it up and down my crack, coating it with some cum and a little lube. My wife again passes the bottle of lube from nowhere “You may need this” she says, pausing from her self pleasure, and he dribbles some more down onto his cock, not actually moving it away from my asshole.

I have all these amazing sensations coursing through me and I can’t ignore the big, hard cock knocking at my back door, but I also have a cock in front of me. I lean forward and suck on his balls while stroking his fat little cock up and down. I am glad he’s in front of me and not behind, and I lavish his cock with my tongue and suck as much of his shaft into my mouth as he gets harder and thicker in the process. I keep my tongue and mouth working all over him and the cock at my asshole pushes forward and into the entrance of my fuck hole. I have no idea if it’s going to fit inside me, but I’m gagging to try. I push back and he gets the message pushing his hips forward and his cock enters me past my first tight little ring, and I gasp around the cock I’m sucking. “Faaarrrrkkk” I moan, as he slides into me, and he doesn’t stop as his meaty cock pushes deep into me, where I haven’t been touched before and it feels so incredibly full, and magnificent! And I haven’t felt his balls against my ass yet as he keeps pushing forward into me seemingly never ending.

Finally he bottoms out and I feel his large hanging nutsack swing into my ass, he is all inside me and I suck the cock in front of me like a mad man as the feeling of being chock a block full wash’s over me. The big cock in my ass is like nothing I can describe, but all I can say is I don’t want it to stop and I have no idea how I’m not going to blow my own load all over the couch in front of me. I don’t even need to touch myself to know I am harder than I’ve ever been and I’m leaking precum like a faucet! I reach down to my cock head myself to catch some of the tasty liquid and when my fingers are coated I reach up to the cock in front of me and coat it in my precum. I then suck it down my throat as I stretch my mouth wide to try and take the fat cock as far down as I can. The big guy is moving back and as his cock slides out the sensation is new again, like my ass doesn’t want to let him go yet. He pushes back in again and waves of pleasure wash over me as I am filled up once more. He starts a steady rhythm of sliding all the way in and almost all the way out and slowly fucks me for what seems like ages, but is probably only 10 minutes. Then he starts coming all the way out, leaving me gaping open, and then he plunges back inside balls deep in my ass. He repeats this a few more times and starts to build up a steady pace, making my ass his own!

My wife then appears by my side and she says “I hope you don’t mind baby, but I am going to have a little taste of this big cock in your ass for myself.” I am still sucking the guy in front of me and she leans in and shares a few licks with me. I smile, a little surprised she has lasted this long without some attention directed to her. She is such a little horn bag! She moves from the couch and drops her dress to the floor, she is naked as the day she was born, and the big guy pulls his cock from my ass, leaving it gaping wide and feeling empty. He wipes his cock clean on my shirt he picks up from the lounge room floor. My wife steps up to him and they kiss in a passionate display in the middle of the lounge room floor. She starts to swoon, and leans back as he puts his big arm around the small of her back and takes her weight, slowly laying her to the floor. They continue to kiss as he lays her to the floor and his whole body covers hers as they lay together, kissing like they are the only two people in the room.

I’ve lost interest for the moment in the cock before me, and I drop to the carpet to watch my wife and as the big guy pushes his arms up straight I lean down to kiss my wife and we whisper between ourselves how great we feel and how much we love each other. I break away from this intimate moment as my wife sucks in a breath “Oh my, that is a nice big cock!” I grab the handheld camera from the side table; it’s my turn to film for a sec. I run the camera down her body from her bliss covered face to her wet pussy as the big cock slides deeper and deeper inside her. I can’t help myself and kiss right down her body and lick her clit as he pushes that big weapon in further and further and I lick his shaft as it disappears inside my wife. She is moaning and sighing and I don’t even notice the guy with the fattest cock I’d ever seen, get down behind me and take hold of my hips. He is hard and fat now, and he has me held firmly and he pushes his fat head up hard against my still gaping asshole.

The big guy sees what’s happening and while his cock is buried inside my wife, he is on his knees and holding my shoulders as the huge cock pushes forward into my ass. I don’t believe there is any way he’ll fit into my ass, no matter how well fucked and lubricated it is! But it doesn’t hurt so far, and I am so fucking horny with everything that’s happened so far and watching that big fat cock fuck my wife up close while I lick her dripping juices from her pussy and his cock, I’m lost in the moment! Pain suddenly shoots through me as I feel a fifth set of balls slap against my ass as he buries himself inside me and I am pushed forward onto my wife as the big guy fucks in and out of her juicy pussy. My head is still down at her entrance and as I grimace I continue to lick both my wife’s pussy and the big cock sliding back and forth, and as the pain subsides, my wife bucks and shakes below me as she comes for the first time of the night and the big guy continues to fuck in and out for a while as my wife comes down from her orgasm. Then he pulls his cock from inside her and spews his load into my face and over her pubic mound and I continue to lick and slurp that hot sticky mess as the huge fat cock pounds away at my ass.

Just as I think I can’t take any more punishment my wife reaches between my legs and slides one hand to my ass to feel the hugely fat cock pistoning in and out of my stretched hole and the other cups my balls and plays with my cock. I can’t take any more pleasure and my cock explodes to my wife’s touch and erupts the biggest load of my life onto the carpet and my wife’s hand. She keeps stroking me as I pump shot after shot from my cock and the fat cock pushes deep into my ass and I feel it swell as he shoots his own load deep into me. “That was very naughty husband…lucky for you that was one fantastic orgasm and for now, I’m satisfied.”

We collapse into a heap as the four of us are spent, sweaty and content, all four orgasms within 30 seconds of each other and no one moves for a good 5 minutes or so. All you can hear is heavy breathing and soft laughs and then all the guys join us on the floor and there are seven naked bodies in a heap, huddled up on the floor of my sunken lounge. It’s a good 10 minutes more before my wife moves around the room stopping the 3 cameras I had completely forgotten about and then she comes back to the pile of naked flesh in the middle of the room.

I’m sure it’s well into Saturday now, but somehow I know there is more to come. I hope these guys aren’t charging by the hour! My wife takes two random hands and pulls two guys up to their feet; she then leans down for a third. She has the bendy 7” cock, the fat 5” cock and the nice 6” cock on their feet and leads them away down the hall to the spare room. I think she is going to have a little fun of her own, but she is back quickly and helps the rest of us up to our feet as well. She then leads the way upstairs to our bedroom and we all collapse into the king size bed. I guess we all need the rest and it’s not long before we all drift off to sl**p dreaming of what could be to come…

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