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My Sex Life - Part 17: Uni part 5

This is part 17 of my ongoing tale of my growing sexuality from the age of 4 onwards. All these stories are true and the events herein actually happened. Please read my other stories and please feel free to comment. The events in this part took place in 1991 when I was 19 and studying at Queen's University Belfast.

I had often seen ads in porn mags for contact services in the form of contact magazines. While I was not desperate for female company (or male, for that matter, I had plenty of both at uni) I did want to find people with whom I could share my love of nudity, the outdoors, exhibitionism, dressing-up and anal play without all the faff of having to socialise first!

So one day I bit the bullet and phoned up to place an ad into one of these contact magazines. The girl I talked to on the phone seemed quite surprised that I would need their services when she found out my age, but when I explained to her my particular circumstances and needs she was very helpful. She took down my details, I paid the fee and my ad was in the next issue.

I waited what seemed like an age for any responses, but it was actually only about two weeks. The first letter to drop on to the doormat was from a middle-aged lady in the U.S. She seemed very nice from her letter, but was obviously too far away for us ever to meet easily in person and I was really looking for someone a little bit younger. So it was with some regret that I replied to her thanking her for her interest but declining her offer of future correspondence. I did send her a photo of myself naked as a thank you - I wonder if she still has it 21 years later?!

It was not long after that I received another response - this time from a twenty-something, dark-haired girl from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. This was more like it! She sent me a fully-clothed photo of herself and she looked pretty, thin and petite. She was called Vicki and had a job in an office, a really adventurous boyfriend and was looking for some fun. And she had sticky taped a lock of her pubic hair to the back of her letter! It was black, coarse and curly, and smelled absolutely wonderful!

I replied to her almost straight away, enclosing a nude photo of myself and I also stuck a lock of my pubic hair to the back of the letter. I told her all about my sexual preferences for outdoor nude fun, cross-dressing and anal play and asked her to tell me all about her sexual preferences and to give me a few ideas of things that I could do that I had not already tried.

It was with great excitement and a bit of trepidation that I sent it off, not knowing what would ultimately become of this new relationship. It was a few weeks later when I got my reply. It contained another photo and another lock of black pubic hair, but to my disappointment she was not nude in the photo although she was scantily clad and she was looked really nice. She wrote that she was excited to receive my reply, loved the pubic hair and really enjoyed masturbating herself while looking at my naked photo...and so did her boyfriend! That got me really excited!

She also gave me a few ideas, not really of brand new things to do but more of the same of what I was already doing but with a riskier element to it. I was determined to try some of these.

One of her ideas was to be more daring and blatant around the house and in the garden, to do things in places and times that were more likely for me to be caught. One day I put on my make-up and then dressed myself up in my full outfit - stockings, suspenders, panties, bra, flowery summer dress and high-heels. I went to the kitchen and got some fruit and vegetables and then went into the front porch of the house.

This porch was a later addition to the house and it had full-length glass panels on three sides, was where the front door and the post box were, and as such was a very exposed place to be. Although I was still indoors I was visible to anyone who was walking or driving past who happened to glance my way! Even more exciting, the postman usually arrived within the next ten to fifteen minutes. If he had anything to deliver that day he was going to walk right up the driveway and straight towards me - he could not miss me!

At first I was very nervous, but, as is usual with me, the more aroused I became the more daring I became! At first I hitched up my dress to around my waist, leaned back against the inner door so that I could see if anyone was around through the windows, lifted a leg, pulled my panties to one side and slowly but surely eased the length of a banana deep inside my tight asshole.

As I started to fuck myself with this fruit I became bolder, so I eased my dress down off my shoulders to expose my bra. Then I turned around and bent over, peering back over my shoulder to watch the street, while I pounded my ass. Once my ass was nice and wet I pulled out the banana and licked my juices off its length. I removed my panties and then I got a cucumber and slowly eased it into my ass to replace the banana. Five minutes of hard ass-pounding with this and I was desperate for someone to come along the street and see me!

My cock was aching by this stage, so I took off my dress completely and lay down on the floor of the porch to masturbate. I was not so exposed and obvious to the street from here, but I was expecting the postman at any moment and I did not want him to see me too early and maybe turn around and walk away - I wanted him right beside me when he saw me masturbating and fucking my ass with a cucumber! Also, from this position I could not see him approach and so it would come a big surprise for me too when he arrived!

I grabbed a tomato and squished it all over my loins - the feel of the soft, wet and slimy flesh of the tomato on the skin of my cock and balls was fantastic and I almost came there and then! I grabbed my cock through the slippery residue and started to wank, still thrusting the cucumber up my ass with my other hand.

My cock was starting to pulse and still no-one had walked up to the door. Was the postman late, or was he not going to arrive that day?! I was so close to coming now and I was desperate for someone - anyone! - to see me wearing my sexy underwear while wanking and cumming. In the end I could take it no more and so I stood up, pulled open the front door and without looking if anyone was around in the street I rushed out into the front garden, right up to the low fence by the road. There, stood in just my stockings, suspenders, bra and heels, overlooked by the houses on either side of mine and from those across the road, I masturbated my cock until thick globs of semen spurted from the end of my cock and onto the fence. As I was cumming a car drove past on the opposite side of the road, its passenger staring at me disbelievingly!

When my cock was finally spent I turned to go back into my house. It was then when I saw my neighbour (the one who before had heard me yelling during my anal orgasms in the bath in a previous story) peering out of her front window at me. I was so glad that someone had seen me today at last, and this time it was someone who knew me, knew who I was and where I lived! I waved at her as I walked, basically naked except for women's underwear, and with a softening cock, back into my house.

I went straight to the study and wrote a letter to Vicki telling her of all the things that had happened and asking her for more suggestions. At this stage nothing was going to be too risky! I was disappointed that I had not got the postman to see me, but I had plans both for him and the window cleaner!

The following day, I was sat naked on the stairs with the inner door to the porch wide open so that anyone who came to the door would see me. I was masturbating my very hard cock and had my 10" dildo buried deep in my ass when the postman arrived. As he approached he was looking down at the letters in his hand and so he did not see me at first. I turned my head away, pretending that I had not seen him, but I was looking sideways through my eyelashes at him and so I saw that he looked up as he pushed the mail through the letter box and his eyes opened wide as he caught sight of me on the stairs in all my naked and hard-cocked glory. Not long after we got a new postman. I never found out if that was at his request or not!

And not many weeks after that I saw the window cleaner walking up the driveway with his ladder and buckets. He was never the most reliable and it was a bit hit and miss as to when he would turn up so I could not plan for him arriving, I could only hope that he would turn up one day when I was "at play". This day, unfortunately, was not one of them, but I was horny. I knew that he always started at the front of the house and made his way finally around to the back of the house where my bedroom was.

So when he knocked on the door I pretended that I was not at home and I did not answer it. When he decided that the house was empty, as it usually was when he arrived, he extended his ladder and set to cleaning the windows at the front of the house. I snuck up the stairs and down to my bedroom. There I stripped naked and grabbed some of my dildos. I knew that I did not have a huge amount of time before the window cleaner got around to the back of the house, maybe ten minutes in all, so I reckoned I did not have enough time to get all dressed up for him. Instead I lounged on my bed, which was right beneath the window, naked, with some of my dildos and started to play with myself.

I stroked and rubbed my cock until it was hard and then I started to slip one of my dildos into my ass and began to fuck myself with it. I was just starting to increase my rhythm when I heard the unmistakable sound of a set of metal ladders being placed against the wall just below my bedroom window and the noise of someone climbing them!

However, I pretended I had not heard a thing, and lying on my back naked, my eyes half closed, one hand gripping my cock the other thrusting an 8" didlo up my ass, I waited for his face to appear just feet away from me at my window. My heart was beating fast and my pulse was racing at the thought of such a close encounter! His curly head of hair appeared first followed by his face. I turned my head away as if I had not seen him and continued to masturbate both my cock and my ass. I knew that he had seen me though, because his feet stopped on the ladder. He was no longer climbing but neither did he go back down again - the randy bugger was watching me throught he window from just feet away! The thought of that really turned me on!

I began to moan and writhe on the bed in pleasure, giving him a show, and not all of it was put on. I was really enjoying being watched! I got on to my knees, thrusting my ass in to the air towards where he was watching, pounding my dildo in and out of my ass all the while. Then I turned around, opened my eyes fully and gave a gasp, as if I had just seen him for the first time and realised that he was there watching me!

He looked a bit embarrassed, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was disappointed too, because he thought that his show was over. He was about to climb back down the ladder when I grabbed my cock again and started masturbating it with him just a foot away on the other side of the pane of glass - that was all that was separating us! I lay back down on the bed again and he climbed a few more rungs of his ladder to get a better look and then I really started to masturbate in earnest.

This was the first time that I had a willing audience, as well as the first time that someone was so close to me while I was masturbating and I was exhilarated , thrilled and excited by the whole thing. I really pounded that dildo deep and hard in and out of my ass and I wanked my cock furiously. My moans became louder and louder and reached a crescendo as my ass muscles tightened up around the dildo and my balls tightened up in my scrotum and my cock started to jerk furiously as my balls squeezed great gouts of cum in high arcs out of my pulsing cock to splatter down all over my naked body - all of this watched intently by the window cleaner!

I lay back spent and exhausted and looked at him langourously. He mouthed the words "Thank you" to me through the window and then proceeded to clean it, all the while with me lying naked on my bed beneath him, my cock still hard at the thought of what had just taken place. When he finished cleaning my window he climbed back down the ladder and I got up and knelt on my bed and watched him as he gathered his things and left without a backward glance. However, he did not charge us that day!

That became a bit of a pattern. If I was not at home then he would clean the windows and charge us for his services. But if I was at home when he rapped on the front door, then I would wave at him through the door glass and then head upstairs, strip off and wait for him to come round to the back of the house and see me lying naked on my bed. The I would put on a show for him, masturbating and using a variety of dildos on myself while he watched from just the other side of the glass on his ladder. We never spoke to each other and he never charged us when I did it for him. I felt like a real slut, selling my body for the price of clean windows!

More than that, his voyeurism really opened the exhibitionist in me! I wanted people to see me more than ever now and not just in the home and the garden, but everywhere I went I wanted to be naked and be seen!

This pattern with the window cleaner was never a regular thing, as his visits were never often, regular or predictable and so I was not always there when he arrived. However, over the course of my three years at university, I think I must have given him about eight or nine sex shows, each one as horny as the first! And I never found out his name!!

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