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My Mom Spying #2

Well after having such a thrill of my mom watching me I started to think of ways for her to have a look. A few days passed by and one plan I had was to walk around in just my boxers. I cut the slot out just a little bit more so I would be exposed a little more.

One instance I remember was one night me and my mom were watching a movie and about half way through I noticed her yawning. I told her I was going to take a shower but I would be back. I finished my shower and put on my boxers and went back in the living room. She had moved and got on the couch where I was sitting. So I sat next to her, that was my place where I always sat. We continued watching the movie and I was trying to expose my dick and balls but without making it like I was doing it on purpose. I was noticing her taking small glances down at me but I was pretending not to notice. Every few minutes I would readjust my boxers sometimes showing nothing and sometimes showing even more. When I was showing more of my dick and balls she would look even more. That went on for a while and another movie had started but I noticed she had fell asl**p on the couch next to me.

After thinking back when my mom watched me jack off and her sneaking peeks at my dick I got a hard on. I looked over at her and she still looked asl**p. I couldn't help but to pull my boxers down to my knees and start stroking my dick. I couldn't believe I was doing this right next to her but I coudn't stop. I was really going at it and not too far from cumming when I saw her move alittle. I froze and hope she wouldn't wake up and catch me, but then again I think I might really want her to wake up. She didn't or atleast I don't think she did. That got me going even more and within seconds I came all over my self. I got up and went straight to the bathroom and cleaned up and when I returned to the living room my mom was gone. I went straight to bed and starting thinking if she knew what I had done.

This is a true story and I have a few more if you are interested.

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