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Naughty little secret

This is based on a true story involving a friend of mine. he had been seeing his girlfriend for a while at the time of the incident and they were getting along very well. they had been on holiday together and, as 20 year olds, had enjoyed exploring each others bodies to the full. thier sex life was varied and exciting and they used to take off together when ever we were in a gang to find a quiet spot to fuck. he used to tell me about her and their sex lives and i would become aroused at the thought of her tight little body, impaled on his cock and the look of lust in her eyes as she came. i was still very inexperienced at the time and used to rush home to wank over the thought of thier sex. one day he rang me to tell me something but wouldnt say waht. i was very interested and pestered him for half an hour or more. he told me to meet him on the park and all would be revealed. when he arrived in his car he told me to get in. i did and he started to drive. he asked me if his car smelt funny? i said 'no, why?' he said 'because i shagged her mam in your seat last night!' ' bollocks' i said. he insisted it was true and this is how it went: earlier that week his girls grandad had been admitted to hospital and her mam was spending a lot of time there looking after him. her dad had been ferrying her mam backwards and forwards but this evening he had to work so she rang him to ask if he would do it. 'no' he says 'im off out with the lads, she'll have to walk' 'please' said his girl. ok but im not hanging around, ill drop her off then go pick her up. his girl said thank you and she would reward him later on that night when she finished work. anyway so off he goes to the hospital and drops her off. she was alright looking, not great, but she was slim with firm tits and a proper nice little arse. she did have a way of talking to you though that was very erotic and used to turn me on. anyway she rings him at half seven when visiting time was over and asks him to pick her up. he was well pissed off. he pulls up and she gets in really quiet and she seems upset. on the way home he asks if everything is ok? she says 'no, not really.' and proceeds to tell him all about the grandad whos in hospital ill. she doesnt think hes coming out of there. he asks if she wants to talk about it and she says yes. she tells him to drive to a local lane where its quiet. when they get there she starts telling him all her troubles then bursts into tears. he feels a bit out of place but puts his arm around her to comfort her. she leans into him and begins to sob. after a couple of seconds she calms down and looks at him. she says hes such a mature boy for his age and would he like to be treated like a mature boy? he says he didnt really know what she meant but said yes anyway hoping for some kind of reward. she leant in further and started to kiss him. he pulled away but she went with him and soon he was kissing her back. she felt for his zip and undid his jeans. pulling his cock out she knealt down in the footwell and had a good look at it. 'so this is what you feed my daughter on is it' she said. she started sucking his cock and licking his balls whilst wanking him in her mouth. just as he was building one she stopped and told him to get in the back. as he did she quickly pulled her titties out of her top and jumped in with him. 'right, before we go any further, youve got to promise me your not going to get nervous and tell my f****y about what im about to do to you. deal?' 'yeah' he managed to get out before she was sucking him off again. he was just getting there again when she stopped and slid up his body till her tits were in his face. 'suck my nipples baby' she commanded, still tugging on his cock. he started to and quick as a flash she had her panties to one side and was rubbing his bell end up and down her minge. he said he could smell her fanny from then on. she pushed herself onto it and started riding him right there in the back of his motor building a rhythm and momentum.'tell me when your gonna cum' she said. he wasnt far off so she pulled him out of there and wanked him off over her tits.she laid there for a minute then said she needed to come as well. whilst he drove her home she sat in the passenger seat with her skirt hitched up around her waist whilst he fingered her to an orgasm. she didnt say much on the way back but when they stopped she asked him what he thought of her. he said she was sexy as fuck and wanted to go again. she said she meant about her fucking her daughters boyfriend and what type of person she was. he said he knew it was wrong but he had really liked it and the thought of doing her again was in his head. he asked if he could fuck her arse in the future and she said maybe. when he got home that night his bird was waiting for him and asked if everything was ok. 'yeah' he said 'no problems.' he said that night he came so quickly he thought she would get suspicious but he loved the idea of his bird sucking and licking her mams pussy juice off his cock when she gave him a blow job for a reward. when hed finished i said 'what a load of utter bollocks' he said 'oh really' and pulled a pair of dirty knickers out of the glove box and threw them at me. i dont know if they were her mams or hers but i didnt care cos i took them home and sniffed them whilst i had a wank that night.

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