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The Beginning

“The Beginning” Part 1

This is a 4 part series that traces the life of a group of k**s as they experiment with their newly awakened sexuality and how it defines their lives from the mid 50`s untill now.

School was over for the year and we looked forward to a long break thru the months of summer.
In a small fishing village at the end of the world there wasn’t much to do. Here the summer nights were very short and the day almost 20 hrs long. The winters were a bitch. At the depth, the sun, when it did come out, was only up for about 3 hours.
Its not a place to live if you love a warm dry climate but it was all we had ever known back then so we just accepted it as being normal.
There were only about 60 k**s in the area, most of them descendants of god know what Nordic invaders who had raided these shore for countless centauries r****g and looting untill some of the finally settled here and those were our ancestors. We all looked the pretty much the same really with just enough differentiating features to tell us apart. We were mostly all tall, with every shade of blonde and ginger hair imaginable. Fair skin that tanned golden brown easily and lean muscular bodies that lived for sport.
Merg was my neighbor and best friend. We shared everything that k**s growing up did.
In 1956 we were both 14 and sure that the world was going to be ours to conquer…. as soon as we figured out how….but, it was just a matter of time.
Every afternoon at the start of the holidays to fill in time we would ride our pushbikes all through the town and out into the sl**py countryside.
There was only one road, less than generous and barley useable that lead to our houses. It ran along the banks of a large tidal river, which emptied out, into the ocean about a mile further on. The abandoned boat shed way out of town was always last stop off point before we rode home. There had been a house out here once but all that remained were the bricks of a tumbled down chimney and the belt of shelter trees planted to protect it from the savage winter winds.
Almost completely hidden by the trees, the old shed sat just above the high water mark except for Spring tide, which put most of the sloping floor under water.
This particular afternoon was unusual hot even for this time of year. The nearest house on the outskirts of town was nearly a half mile back the road. Stripped off, Merg and I wading into the cool water untill it was up to our waist. The only way were going to actually submerge in the cold water was to splash each other and so we did, accompanied by a great amounts of yelling and laughter. After only a few minutes the water temperature drove us shivering back into the shed. Our genital had long since retreated as far back as possible into our bodies to seek out any warmth they could find.
Naked and with no towels to dry off, we lay down on the old wooden boat ramp in the sun.
Before long our body temperature returned to normal and the sun felt wonderful on my skin. It was one of those summer days you were glad to be alive and without a care in the world
Merg didn’t say much for a while. I could sense something was troubling him.,.
When he spoke it wasn’t with his usual wild and boistrest manner, but tentative and questioning.
Yonnie, do you think about girls much? He asked.
All the time, I replied.
Merg digested that and thought for a while longer.
Yes he said, so do I.
His hand reached down, almost subconsciously to his cock as he was speaking.
I could see his cock was becoming erect and it made mine do the same.
What do you think it will feel like to play with one, I asked.

Merg put one hand behind his head and stroked his cock with the other and thought for a minute.
I don’t know, but I would like to find out he laughed.
I think I have a secret love affair with my cock. I love to stroke it, look at it and just hold it at any given opportunity.
My first erection was almost 3 years ago and I have grown fonder of it every day. I almost worship it at night when I lie in bed with it in my hand imagining all sort of dirty thought. MMMM it’s a delicious appendage to have so handy all the time. Seeing Margs cock starting to pulse in his hand I couldn’t resist
It became a race then to see who would cum first.
Masturbating by myself was nothing new, I do it at least twice or some times three or four times a day lately, but this was the first time I had done it with another person. I liked it. I watched Merg`s hand rubbing faster and so I kept pace. I think we both climaxed about the same time and the feeling of warm cum exploding on my hands and stomach was beautiful. This was so much nicer than at home in bed by myself. There I had to make sure I had something to catch the cum so I didn’t dirty the sheets and although it was a great feeling, it was nowhere NEAR as erotic as this. For the propose of catching my fluids, I had hidden an old hand towel under my dresser and had to scramble around in the dark to find it every time I made myself cum. This…. This was totally different and I felt a whole new world had just opened up.

We lay still for a few minutes afterward looking up at the sky and then Merg rolled over smiling at me and looked at my cock.
Yonnie, can I try making you cum? he asked.
I was not sure how to answered for a minute but the thought of another wonderful climax overtook any apprehension and I nodded yes. . My cock is longer then Merg`s but not as thick. He took it in his hand and started to work it back to erect. The wet cum from his hands and my own cum were a delicious lubricant.
Merg stroked steadily and getting up on his knees used his other hand to gently scratch my balls and around my arse hole. He looked at me smiling and spat on his finger. Suddenly he was sliding it gently up my arse. I moaned and pushed my cock up towards into his hand. I had never felt anything so erotic before. That’s what blew me over the edge.
This time my climax was even greater than the previous one. Merg continued to gently finger fucked my arse as I groaned and twisted in ecstasy. I was in heaven. There couldn’t be anything in the world as wonderful as this.
Eventually the shuddering gave way to a few quiet moans and the sweat on my body felt cool as a gentle breeze broke the silent stillness that had descended on the two of us.
Merg stood up. His cock beautifully erect. His balls were tight, obviously full and awaiting release.
Ok, my turn Yonnie, he said laughing.
Did you think I was going to let you have all the fun?
And so we began exploring our sexuality together. Every afternoon for a week we rode to the old boat shed and enjoyed the new found pleasures of our boyish sex.
When we weren’t finger fucking each other’s arse, just lying side by side and stroking the other’s cock was a pleasure that we had never experienced before.
Talking dirty became an instant way to arouse each other. Talking about fucking cunts and fingering girls arseholes, having them fuck us and to be able to watch them fuck each other was a sure way to guaranteed an instant erection closely followed by a massive ejection.

Rodger was one of the few k**s in our class who had dark hair. He was quiet, shy and seldom joined into the silly banter that k**s our age seemed to find irresistible and amusing.
On our way to the shed one afternoon Rodger tagged along having run into us as we rode out of the village.
Merg Looked at me and I just shrugged.
This was going to interrupt our daily session. Even subtle hints that we wanted to be alone seemed to go unheeded. Rodger just kept riding along beside us all the way to the shed.
When we arrived Rodger got off his bike and turned to face us.
I’ve seen you both you know, he said..
I looked at Merg and he looked at me amazed.
What do you mean? he asked
I’ve seen what you and Yonnie do here…. I want to join you
Please. I know everyone thinks I’m strange but really … I want to try this.
I looked at Merg, Merg looked at me and we shrugged,.
Ok with me, Merg said and I agreed.
Rodger beamed with pleasure. Thank you. Than you, he said and hurriedly parked his bike against the shed and walked inside.
We were only a couple of paces behind him but Rodger was stripped naked even before I had closed the door, well as best I could. It was almost falling off its hinges and I don’t know why I bothered, there were more holes in the walls where the old boards had fallen than there were stones on the beach..
I was still struggling with the door when Merg said, Jesus Lonnie look at this.
Rodger has a cock bigger than yours and mine welded together!
For fuck sake, You’d rip a hole apart with that thing.
Rodger smiled, went down on his knees and started to very slowly stroke his cock..
He was obviously very proud of his extremely large appendage, and who could blame him.
Merg undressed and knelt down in front of Rodger to watch and then took over and began to do it for him. He got Rodger to lie on his back and draw his legs up so his arse hole was exposed.
You play with that Yonnie he said.

Not only did Rodger have a huge cock, his arse hole was soft and much larger than either Mergs or mine. It was always a slow gentle process for us to finger fuck each other but not this time. My finger slid up his arse easily and I worked it back and forth as he moaned. Then I used two fingers and amazingly, they went in with out and trouble at all. I was becoming every bit as excited as both Merg and Rodger.
I had a sudden image in my mind….I had to try it.
Merg. Just a minute, I said
Rodger, get on you hands and knees I want to try something.
Sure he said and Merg looked at me with eyes wide open.
With Rodger on his knees I spat on my fingers and pushed 3 of them into his arse. He let out a soft groan as I continued to fuck him with my fingers. My cock was about to burst I was so hard. Merg kept stroking Rodgers cock and I shuffled forward on my knees. Slowly at first I put the tip of my cock into his arse and pushed. It went in smoothly and easily.

Rodgers pleasure was very audible as he moaned. I couldn’t hold back a. I rammed my cock in and out in and out…. tooo fast…. too soon….. too late. I exploded into him. My cum was like a jest of hot water from a tap. Merg was stroking Rodger with one hand and himself with the other. It was all over is a few seconds. We all came within a few heartbeats of each other. In and an absolute frenzy I drove my cock into Rodgers arse and screamed as the last of my ejaculation erupted into him.

That afternoon was one I will never forget. Rodger was ours and we took him everyway we could think of and he loved it. It never occurred to us that we were now fully-fledged homosexuals. We were just k**s who were horny and had found and outlet for all that pent up frustration that went with screaming hormones at our age.
Rodger came out of his shell in the next few days. The urgency of the first couple of encounters was overtaken by a curiosity to experiment with all sorts of things that young fertile minds conjure up.
I introduced fruit and vegetables into the act, taking turns at sliding them into Rodgers arse before fucking him. Merg tied a piece of string around Rodgers cock and balls so stop him Cumming and when he released the string Rodger almost fainted from delight… and I think, partly from relief. Merg and I now solely concentrated on Rodger. We no longer felt the need to finger fuck each other, except on a few rare occasions when the urge arose to give the other one a bit bigger lift over the top.
Rodgers arse was our complete universe for a couple of weeks. We stopped riding thru the countryside or the town; instead, we just headed for the boatshed and Rodger.
One afternoon Rodger lay naked on the ramp in the sun with his hand extended into water below. We were spent, each having just cum again for about the 3rd time.

My s****r knows, he said.
That got our attention.
Knows What? I said in surprise
Knows you fuck me, he said as nonchalantly as you would say the sun is shinning.
How did she find out? Merg asked
I told her, he said
You What? Said Merg, his voice rising in astonishment
You are out of your fucking mind! Shit if she opens her moth we are all dead! .

Rodgers siblings consisted of his older s****r Selena who was nearly 17 and Dana, 13.
Like Rodger, they were dark haired with olive skin. All three of them had beautiful large brown eyes. I had always though their looks exquisite, probably of Spanish or Asian origin.

They were neither it turned out. Their great grandfather was a slave captured in South America and was washed a shore near here when the ship he was Shanghaied on to sunk during a violent storm.
There were several of his descendants in the area but only Rodgers f****y lived in our town.
Selena was very similar to Rodger. Seemingly quiet, shy and striking to look at in an unusual was. Dana, on the other hand was a real fire ball. Always the first to laugh, the first to jump into the water the first at everything. She was 13 going on 30. Her long legs and long raven black hair marked her early as a future beauty. Her young breasts were becoming more prominent by the week. Whilst yet nowhere near the size of Selena`s, she showed every sign of becoming equally as curvaceous as her elder s****r.
The parents ran the local store and it was open from early morning untill late in the evening so the c***dren spent a lot of time in each other’s company.

Why? I asked
Why not Rodgers said.
He thought for a minute as is weighing up the next sentence and then, having made the decision said:
Selena and I don’t have any secretes.
She usually waits untill I’m in the bath them comes in and sits on the toilet and watches me. At first I was embarrassed watching her sit there and listening to the sound of her peeing into the water but now its like second nature to both of us. I like to watch her wipe her pussy dry and stand up.
Just before she pulls up her pants I get a glimpse of her. I’m sure it’s deliberate. I can’t help it, I go hard and she always smiles and then leaves. She knows what I am going to do. I have to cum. I’m sure she watches thru the door because I always see a shadow move across the mirror in the bathroom after I finish.
The night before last she didn’t leave, She came over to the side of the bath and looked at my cock that was swollen and in my hands. I though she was going to reach in and start to stroke me but she just looked at my cock and asked me what I was doing at the old boat shed. Apparently she followed me one day but didn’t want to embarrass me by being seen. So I told her. She wanted to know every little detail too; it really turned her on. I know it did. I could smell her wetness it was so strong.
Selena asked if you were gentle of rough lovers. I told her you were both wonderful and I couldn’t ask for more. That made her smile.
That night I listen with a glass up against the wall, several times I heard her masturbating.
I joked with her about it next day and she just laughs and said
Well we both have needs to take care of don’t we!!

I agreed and Merg, who was listening as intently as I was, nodded his ascension.
Rodgers story has us captivated as he continued:
Selena told me Dana has started masturbating to. Dana came and asked her if there was anyway she could get a Dildole. Selena said she almost fell over when she heard that.
Dana wants to experiment with toys apparently but as yet she’s not sure what to do.
She read about them in a book somewhere one of the k**s at school had pinched from their parents.
Selena and her both play with a length of rubber hose that she found in the shed and some Vaseline.

Shit Rodger. You house is a fuck trap in stilts Merg exclaimed. I gota come over more often he laughed.
Yeah, shit yes, met too. I chimed in.
Rodger only got up, smiled, dressed and said goodbye. Merg and I were left alone with our thoughts. Both no doubt thinking of Rodgers s****rs and what this might mean to our newly discovered unquenchable sexual appetites.
Next day Rodger didn’t turn up. Both Merg & waited and after an hour, decided to head back home. It wasn’t the same with out Rodger.
We were just getting on our bikes when Selena rode up on hers.
Rodger can’t make it today. Dad wants him to work in the shop for a while.
Merg & I looked at each other and it was obvious we were sad.
Selena looked us both and laughed.
You should see your faces you two.
It`s like the pair of you have been hit with a brick.

Don’t worry
Rodger asked me if I would stand in for him. Would you mind? It was not a question, more a statement and she laughed even harder at our astonished looks.
WHAT, I croaked after a few seconds stunned silence.
Merg`s bike fell out of his hands and on to the grass as he stared at her in disbelief.
Nnnnno , I stuttered…. of course we don’t mind.
Walking into the old boat shed Selena looked around and then said.
Well what happens now?
Merg didn’t hesitate, his clothes were on the floor in the blink of and eye.
I wanted to enjoy this a bit more. Walking over to Selena I kissed her gently on the lips. I had never properly kissed a girl before and this was the perfect opportunity to get in some practice. Selena put her arms around my neck and as she kissed me, I felt her tongue slide into my mouth as her body press hard against my cock. Her nipples were sticking into my chest and I was having trouble breathing. I fumbled with her top and managed to get it over her head and after a few clumsy attempts; her bra came away revealing two beautiful large round breasts with delicious dark brown hard nipples.
Undoing her belt and shorts was easier and quicker. Standing there naked, her pussy was almost totally shaven and the glistening moisture of her small clit stood out. She was as turned on as we were.
Slipping a finger into her wet cunt she took it out and drew small circles around my lips and under my nose.
God I thought was going to faint the smell was soooo erotic. She did the same for Merg
.Then, after re-inserted it back in her cunt, reaching around, she pushed the same finger into her arse and then drew more circles on each of us in turn..
It was all over for Merg is less than a minute. The exotic show coupled with the sight of her body had him Cumming all over the back of Selena`s legs and arse. Turning around to face him, she went down on her knees and licked up the remaining cum from his cock them taking him in her mouth, slowly started to suck him.
It was too much for me also. I only lasted about half a dozen strokes and then BANG. I exploded all over Selena`s beautiful tanned back. She stopped sucking Merg`s cock and took my pulsating, dripping member in her mouth and sucked me clean.
Standing, one either side of her, she knelt with a cock in each hand and began to lick the tips and stroke us both untill we were almost too weak at the knees to remain standing.
I don’t remember how much time passed but I do remember Cumming onto her face and down her breasts more than once and Merg was equally as abundant in his fluid contribution. Selena licked sucked and swallowed while she stroked untill eventually we all collapsed, completed sated

Selena was the first to speak:
Now boys only one rule, you can’t fuck my pussy. Its too dangerous but everything and anything else is fine.
I think Dana might like to watch sometime as well if that’s ok with you

That was “The Beginning”.

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