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Belted nd Ass Fucked, Raelynns Sexual Fantasy!

I had just gotten home nd walked through the door. It was just like any other normal day, I hung up my hoodie nd put my keys on the key-rack. I was so tired from a long day of work, I took off my shoes nd started to go up the stairs. Little did I know there was a man in my house. He had followed me up the stairs nd as I got to the top, I felt someone grab me from behind. All of a sudden everything went dark, he had put something over my eyes nd tied it behind my head, I couldn't see anything! Next thing I know I'm being dragged somewhere by my arms. He finally stopped, picked me up nd stood me on my feet. I felt his hands caressing my body. Up my shirt nd under my bra, groping my breasts viciously. Then he stopped nd undid my bra, all I could think of was oh my god what is happening? Finally he ripped off my shirt along with my bra nd I felt a warm sensation on my nipple, then the next one. Thinking to myself, is he sucking on my nipples? Suddenly he just stopped nd I felt him grab my ass, he smacked it so hard, that I felt the sting under my skirt. Then he shoved me forward, I started to fall, luckily I had hit something soft. It was my bed, I was face down nd I felt him climb on top of me. He grabbed one of my hands nd tied something to my wrist, he then had pulled it tight as if he were tying it to something. It was the same fate for my other hand, as I was laying there half tied up, he reached under my skirt nd ripped off my thong. Next thing I knew he was tying up my feet, just as he did my hands. For a few moments there was nothing but silence, then I heard him start to undress, his clothes hitting the floor. Then I heard, what sounded like him taking his belt off of his pants. I was thinking what in the hell is this man doing? My thought was soon answered, when I heard a loud crack from the leather, a sound I used to hear all of the time. Though it always made me wet, I myself never got to feel the stinging sensation of the leather across my bare ass. As I prepared myself, he had come up to my ear nd whispered are you ready for me? At that second I knew exactly what I was in for...a good spanking. He then said I plan to give you a lesson long overdue, then I am going to fuck nd destroy your sweet little asshole nd your going to love it! See its already nd waiting for me so patiently. He started yelling, now you count every stroke until I am finished with your naughty little ass. If you stop or lose count you will not be sitting on your pretty little ass for weeks! I mean it you dirty little slut! Then I felt the first sting on my ass, I didnt say one. Boy my ass really regretted not counting, because he then continuously hit my ass over nd over nd over, every stroke seemed to get harder. I received at least about 20 strokes until he had said you count bitch I was not fucking around with you! Now I dont just want to hear you count each stoke, I want you to count nd after each number you will say thank you sir! Do I need to repeat myself again?! You better hope not, or the consequences will be severe. I then said no sir, thank you sir, at that moment I knew I was in a lot of trouble. One, thank you sir...two, thank you sir...three, thank you sir...four, thank you sir...five, thank you sir...eyes beginning to water. I swear I had counted to 50 before he finished, my ass throbbed. He said dont you cry now unless you want some more. I said no sir, thank you sir I will be good I promise! I was extremely wet at this point, I had hoped that he would not be angry at me for it. Next thing I knew he was playing with my overly wet pussy, I thought uh oh. He laughed nd said you dirty little slut, you enjoyed that! As he was playing with my pussy he said dirty girls clean themselves nd he put his hand to my mouth. He said clean my hand slut! I licked it until it was completely clean, then he said okay slut you ready for my huge cock? Without warning he shoved his dick right into my pussy nd said mmm, so tight nd dripping wet! He then pulled it out nd brought it to my mouth nd said dont forget to clean my dick as well slut! I sucked it clean nd he shoved his dick deep into my throat over nd over until he came nd said swallow it! I did as I was told nd got rewarded with a slap on the ass. Next thing I knew he was laughing again, then I felt this orgasmic sensation. He had just shoved his huge rock hard cock straight into my tight little asshole. I started to moan loudly, which just made him fuck my ass more viciously. He said your ass is so tight little slut, when I am finished its going to be destroyed! He then started to go faster nd harder, I couldnt hold it in any longer I screamed yes sir harder..please!! At that moment I realized that I had just came all over the place, over nd over I couldnt stop! It felt so good in my ass, as I was screaming he grabbed my throat nd started chocking me, which made him fuck my ass even harder. It made me squirt everywhere, he wouldnt let go either I was gasping for air, I had never felt like this before. I loved all of it, what was wrong with me..I wondered. I just couldnt believe what was happening to me, why does it feel so good, clearly this is very wrong. Then he had released the grip he had on my throat nd he started to slow down, all of a sudden I yelled please sir dont stop! I had no idea what I was saying, he laughed nd said dont worry slut I can go for hours! I could feel the pulsation coming from his cock, he started to moan loudly, I knew I had pleased him. I said thank you sir, I only wish to please you. He then began to fuck my ass again, which made me cum again nd again, until my sheets were soaked with my cum. Then he pulled his dick out of my ass, only to replace it with his fingers. He started with only two fingers, then he spit on my ass nd stuck a third finger in as well, nd then a forth. I started to scream, it felt so good, I said more sir, please put it all in my ass. I am your dirty little anal slut! He did too, without hesitation, I screamed yes, oh my god yes! He had his whole fist in my tiny little ass. He began to fist fuck my little ass harder nd harder, until I screamed out an orgasm. He laughed nd said yes, you are my dirty little anal slut, I told you by the time I am finished with you, your tight little ass will be no more. I have now destroyed your little ass nd you loved it! I then felt a sting on my ass nd he said ready for another spanking? I said yes sir, he began beating my ass with his belt yet again. He said I cant hear you counting slut! I said sorry sir, anything for you sir! One, thank you sir...two, thank you sir...three, thank you sir...four, thank you sir...five, thank you sir...six, thank you sir...this time I swear I had counted to 150, my ass is now on fire. He then got back on top of me nd shoved his huge rock hard cock back into my ass, I screamed! It felt so good, I guess the pain didnt bother me everything felt too damn good. This time he fucked my ass harder nd faster then before. My ass still throbbing from my beating made me cum even faster this time. Before he was finally done, again I felt that same pulsation coming from his cock. He came yet again, nd as his cum was oozing from my ass he asked, have you learned your lesson yet slut? I said yes sir, thank you sir I deserved every bit of my punishment! He said good slut nd removed my blindfold, I was surprised to see it had been my boyfriend the entire time, I said untie me! He did nd I kissed him passionately. I then said thank you sir nd laughed! He said your welcome my dirty little anal slut, I love you. I said I love you too, even though you welted my ass nd I wont be able to sit for at least a week! I then said lets do it again sometime nd maybe you can invite some of your friends for a gang bang, he said with pleasure!

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