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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P3)

Talika slide her hand up Lord Omarion shaft to the tip. She pulled his cock back, so she could get to the underside of his cock. She leaned in and slide her tongue from the base, up his swelling vein, to his mushroom tip. Then she licked back down the way she came. Lord Omarion closed his eyes and tilted his head back, feeling his cock twitch at Talika wet tongue. She looked up seeing him enjoy it and slide her tongue back up. She got to the tip and teased it, flicking her tongue on his pisshole.

As this was going on ,Leandra was being lead to her cell that was across from Dorothy's. She was thrown in, along with her clothes. The gobkin slammed the door shut. "Enjoy your time while you can witch. Your lucky our Lady Talika took your place."

"Excuse me sir, over here." Dorothy was waving her hand through the bars to get the gobkin attention. "You said Lady Talika, I thought she was a knight."

He laughed walking over to Dorothy cell. "She is a knight but she is also Lord Omarion wife. She has been with us for I think a year now. She is a gift from The Kingdom of Ix."

"A gift?"

The gobkin leaned down closer to Dorothy, she was able to see his red eyes now. "The Kingdom of Ix gives sons and daughters ,of high ranking officials, to be betrothed to the many regions of Oz. This is their way of keeping the peace. If you war with Ix you will war with the rest of Oz."

"Why was Lady Talika chosen for your Lord."

The gobkin cleared it nose breathing hot air on Dorothy, seeing she had angered him. "Lady Talika was not chosen for Lord Omarion, she chose him by her own free will. All others candidates refused to be married to my lord. Lady Talika stepped up and said it would be a honor to be his wife. So watch your tongue when you talk about her."

He banged his spear on the bars making Dorothy jump back and proceeded to leave the dungeon for another part of the castle. Dorothy looked over at Leandra to see if she was ok and sat back down. She wondered to her self, did Talika love her gobkin husband.

Back in the throne room Talika opened her mouth and slide her mouth slowly over his cock head. She suck on it, while sliding her tongue between his pisshole. Omarion moaned, his cock rock hard from her touch. He looked down at her and slide his slimy looking fingers through her silky black hair. She looked up and opened wider. Pushing her face down his thick cock, her lips spreading wider around his girth.

She closed her eyes and took it all. Deep-throating his whole cock, down to his hairy base. His pubic hair rubbing against her fair skin, as she slide a hand up playing with his balls. Spit oozed out from the corners of her mouth, dripping down to his balls. Talika noise surrounded by his pubic hair, she smelled his scent and enjoyed it. He fingers played with his wet balls as she pulled her mouth off and gasped for air. Lord Omarion smiled seeing her lick her lips, savoring his cock on her lips.

She leaned up and kissed his. His chapped lips kissing her pillow pink luscious lips. She pulled away,"I love you my husband. I am yours in this life and the next." He held her face in his hands,"I love you my wife. I am yours in this life and the next. May no one be foolish enough to separate us." They kissed again enjoying each others lips.

Then Talika stood up and smiled, seeing that green cock sticking up. "Its all yours my Lady." She placed her feet up on the stone throne and position over his cock. He held it at the base, as she slowly guided down it. Her pussy lips started to spread, accommodating his thick rod.

"Oh god, your fucking cock feels so big in me." He let his cock go and placed his hands on her hips. He pulled her down, making her pussy stretch around his cock. Talika threw her head back moaning as he began to pick up the pace. Pulling her up and down, fucking her pussy on his thick meaty cock.

"Oh my god, oh my fucking god. Fuck my pussy, make me take it baby." Lord Omarion gripped his strong fingers around her waist and slammed her down all the way. His whole cock driving up into his wife's moist cunt.

She placed her hands on the armrest of the throne bracing herself. "OH FUCKKKKK", the scream echoing throughout the room. They looked into each other eyes, as she grind her pussy back and forth. His cock swirling around inside her, rubbing her ever wet pussy walls. Her curvy tan indian body stood out against his dark hunter green slimy looking skin. She leaned forward and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Feeling his long tongue pushing over hers into her mouth. He reached his hands around her and gripped her ass. He started to pull her up and down, fucking her. Her eyes went wide, then she smiled loving his cock.

He pumped her up and down harder, his hairy big balls slapping up against her ass cheeks as she came down. She placed her hands on his face ,"Cum in me my love, fill me my lord." He pulled her down all the way and exploded. Thick hot cum spilled into her. She kissed him deep.

"I love you. I hope this time we are lucky."

Lord Omarion held her on his cock as he looked up at her angelic face. "I am already lucky, I have you. A f****y would just added to my joy." Talika smiled and slide herself off his cock. She looked down shocked. "My god your still hard my lord."

"Its that witch, she has made my cock unable to come down."

Talika turned her ass to him,leaned forward and began shaking her ass. Her cheeks slapping together as she teased him. She looked over her shoulder,"I'm going to have to work harder to get that cock down."

He laughed,"You can try."

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